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  • Alpaca finally finding a sweetheart in BonziBUDDY after over 20 episodes of her struggling with relationships and drugs. After he gets evicted, the same goes for Walrus.
  • Vinny feeling bad for Walrus, after Two Faced dumped him for Donkey Kong. He gave him a sausage to cheer him up, and also gave him a new apartment.
    • The act of giving him a sausage means more than it seems at first glance. As summed up in a YouTube comment by Southbird's brother, Zydelski:
      His old life was built from a relationship that ended just as swiftly, which caused his life's foundation came crashing down on him. But the sausage represented a new keystone, a new foundation in which he can rebuild his life up. A connection that brings two formerly bitter rivals together. A sausage... to begin anew.
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  • After Vinny deleted BonziBUDDY, Walrus stepped in to act as a father for Levi. Although, Levi doesn't appreciate the change until Alpaca and Walrus got married and he showed up to their wedding, clearly accepting of his new father.
  • Sponge, despite having a very dull and flat-toned voice when speaking, sings in an expressive baritone, which is surprisingly easy on the ears. His song, "The Ballad of Sponge", is all about his rejection by everyone else, but his hope that one day, 'maybe I'll find my fame'. Double heartwarming when you realize thanks to all of this, Sponge is probably one of Vinny's most popular original characters. He did find his fame.
  • After Sponge gets a rather brutal rejection from Alpaca (she doesn't bother to show up), Vinny cheers him up by giving him his favorite food. Later, while caring for Pretzel, Vinny admits he really likes Sponge.
    • In the following stream, Vinny plays Sponge's song near the end, and allows him to get his applause instead of interrupting it.
    • Episode 50 shows that Sponge has become the island's spokesperson, and moreover this exchange:
      Sponge: I strive to be a good person.
      Vinny: You are a good person, Sponge, you know that? You're a lovely person.
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  • Amidst the changes brought about in episode 49, a game of Quirky Questions asks Jack & Jill, Alpaca, and Karl if they're afraid of the end. They're not.
  • The 50th episode could be seen as this, just knowing that Vineland Island is saved, Vinny is no longer under Jahn control, and the islanders that survived assimilation can live peaceful lives again. In fact, the 50th episode brings about the following heartwarming moments:
    • Vinesauce and Cling On finding love, and Vinny being okay with it, especially after the former losing Balegdah to the Jahns, and the latter breaking up with Small Face.
    • Jahn #2/Lumber Jahn starting a new life, putting behind the negative associations with his race.
    • Wario's return, albeit a little bit messed-up in the head, could be seen as this for Waluigi, provided they are in fact, brothers.
  • Several comments on how Episode 50 serves as a turning point for the destiny of Vineland Island's residents.The first  The second 
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  • In Episode 54, Alpaca and Walrus decide to have a baby. They do in Episode 55, the series finale.
  • Episode 55's credits, chiefly the use of "To Far Away Times".
  • From the David Bowie special, we have Walrus saying that Jocelyn will always be his little baby. It goes to show just how much he values his family (particularly after all that he's been through).
  • After Jocelyn grows up, she tells Vinny he's been a good friend to her family, despite all they've been through (particularly Vinny's past mistreatment of Walrus).
  • During the David Bowie special, Sponge lost Bowie, his best friend. This created a ton of sad fan art, but things began to look up when Sponge got together with Clown Lady.
    • This becomes even more heartwarming when you realise that the whole reason why Sponge is friends with Clown is because Clown is dead, and Sponge's depression-absorbing powers mean that he can see spirits of deceased islanders. Maybe Sponge isn't without his best friend, after all...]
  • This compilation of David Bowie moments.
  • Southbird's European game test is mostly just humorous, but two moments with Cling On manage to be heartwarming. First, when she's first visited, Southbird makes her happy by rubbing her head. Later, Southbird is sifting through the apartments and spots Cling On shivering in her apartment. What does he do? Immediately gives her an outfit with a sweater, which she loves.


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