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Nightmare Fuel / Vinesauce Tomodachi Life

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  • This art about Levi, BonziBUDDY, and Walrus.
  • Vinny played a ROM hack called Super Sponge Bros., which is a retread of Mario's original adventure, only with little to no environmental color besides monochrome and red, ramped-up difficulty, minor-keyed music, and the game's enemies and NPCs being swapped out for either depressed ghosts, Mario and Luigi, or even a few cameos of other Vineland characters, all telling Sponge that "no princess will ever love him." When Sponge reaches the final castle, he finds out why the princess seemingly left him — she died waiting for him.
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  • When Two Faced was present for a Girls' Hangout session at the café in Episode 46, she didn't contribute much to the conversation, instead staring at the screen most of the time. Southbird played up just how unsettling this looked.
  • In Episode 48, the Jahn invasion plot is becoming more and more evident as HOTDOG, Ghoul Cont, and Lolly have disappeared without a trace. Not even Vinny seems himself.
  • In Episode 49, things have gotten worse, as it seems readily apparent that Vinny has snapped.
    Vinny: What do you mean, you want Reg to save me? Oh, my sweet summer child, if you only knew...
    • To give you an idea, when playing Quirky Questions, not only was a majority of the participants Jahns, and the questions related to Jahns and fucking Elder Gods, but near the end, Vinny just kept chuckling.
    • There's also the matter of Vinny nonchalantly entering the Delete Save Data section in the Options menu, and hesitantly exiting out of it... only to change the island's name's pronunciation to "Jahnland Island".
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  • The Jahnpocalypse trailer is a mix of funny, awesome, and scary.
  • This horrifying work of fan art depicting one of the Jahns as they might appear in real life, or to the inhabitants of Vineland. Really amps up the horror of the Jahns by showing that everybody seeing them as normal is very much wrong on so many levels. Fortunately, the blow was softened when it turned out that the Jahn depicted wants to be a human and a lumberjack instead of an invader while the others left.
  • In Episode 52, Isaac exhibited several oddities. He asked Vinny who does the planning when on vacation, remarked that he always looks out for "the little guy" while "the big guy" helps himself, and, most disturbingly, talked about aliens and memes while using a fan. Vinny was mind-controlled into giving him a travel ticket, and Isaac went on vacation with Satan and Little Mac. Vinny and Captain Southbird wondered if Mac was "the little guy" and secretly in league with Satan ("the big guy") all along.
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  • DK scared Vinny when he remarked about having a short temper and wanting to fight him over it. Southbird's edit makes it scarier by having the screen zoom in on him and turn red.
  • Episode 53 includes confirmation that "eviction" is a euphemism for death, as Vinny remarks to Two Faced that "it's a 50/50 chance. You're probably going to die... or not. We'll see." She ends up evicted in the very next episode.
  • Isaac in general is inexplicably terrifying. Vinny's first attempt at adding him to the game in Episode 28 crashed the game, erasing everything Vinny did that day up to that point. He's heavily implied — by that, and other events — to be some sort of Humanoid Abomination — and possibly, as Vinny brieflynote  theorized, at least partially responsible for the Jahn invasion — is aware of his own game and, in Episode 54, either he or Jesus crashes the entire 3DS while playing a game with Vinny. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
  • This lovely bit of art from around episode 54. (This version is even better.)
  • In Episode 54, Vinny shows off a bizarre piece of artwork depicting Vlinny and Two Faced... and the music in the background changes to "Ceremony" from Secret of Mana.
  • In Vinny's streams, Satan isn't very intimidating and The Devil Is a Loser is in full effect. In Southbird's videos of the European version, his voice lacks the exaggerated deepness of his American counterpart but keeps the monotone, resulting in his voice essentially having an Evil Brit accent with absolutely no inflection. Because his QR Code was made using the North American version of the game, this was completely unintentional on his creator's part.
  • Southbird's Totally Normal Island, which is generally just goofy and weird, contains a few unsettling moments. Sponge seems to be wary and states that he wants to move to another island, Gaben spontaneously says "They're watching us" when Southbird is visiting him, and Dolan claims that Southbird is the only one who "doesn't know what's going on" shortly after stating that he isn't the mysterious ⍰⍰⍰ person everyone keeps mentioning. In addition, the stores' mannequins, which usually just stand still and pose, are now constantly crying.


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