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  • Approval of God:
    • Vinny has shown off fan art at the end of almost every later episode. While he doesn't like all of it (for example, he dislikes stick-figure drawings), he's still happy that the series gets so much art.
    • Vinny loved Super Sponge Bros. so much, he made it canon to Sponge's character. He has also acknowledged Sponge's mustache's Art Evolution from arm-shaped Prehensile Hair to a more realistic long, droopy mustache, which was inspired by the one his Mii has (which was made that way due to obvious technical limitations).
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    • Before starting Episode 50, Vinny showed off two of Captain Southbird's videos (a "Roster" video and a "Memories" video) that were made in anticipation of the milestone. He promoted Southbird to an official editor not long after.
    • The creator of Clown on, "iluvpuppies123", promoted Vinesauce in her bio on that site.
  • Ascended Fanon: As of the Sponge fact video, Super Sponge Bros. has been accepted by Vinny and Southbird as being Sponge's backstory.
  • Author Existence Failure: After examining the results of a January Strawpoll, Vinny decided to release David Bowie from the island in light of the real Bowie's death on January 10, 2016.
  • Bonus Episode:
    • Because the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream contained islanders from the main Tomodachi Life streams, Southbird ended up treating it as an episode of the streams of the latter game, albeit numbered separately.
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    • Most of the videos in Southbird's "Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Derivatives" playlist consist of compilation videos, promotional videos, quick gag reels, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS fights between the Miis.
    • Super Sponge Bros. (which was eventually made available to the public by Southbird at its creator's request) isn't considered an episode by either Vinny or Southbird, but it contains an important part of Sponge's backstory that is considered canon as of "Did You Know [Vinesauce] - Sponge" (which itself was made after the series technically concluded due to Sponge taking first place on Episode 55's popularity poll).
    • Southbird made videos that showed off the European ("Euro Vineland Island") and Japanese ("Vineland Island Japan") versions of Tomodachi Life, featuring the classic islanders and starring a new clone of Vinny, BootlegVin. They're featured on his derivatives playlist.
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    • Southbird made a video featuring randomization and text hacks of Tomodachi Life ("The Totally Normal Visit to the Island"), which is also filed under his derivatives category and features BootlegVin. It's also the first of Southbird's Tomodachi Life videos to feature actual voiceovers instead of exclusively using text-based commentary.
    • Southbird's "Metadachi Life" video replaces in-game text with YouTube comments and is the second of his Tomodachi Life videos to feature vocal commentary.
    • The crossover with the Mayor Vine series ended up being a bonus video for both series, as Southbird's highlight video doesn't follow the episode numbering of the rest of the Mayor Vine series, coming between Part 8 and Part 9.
    • Southbird made an Episode 1-57 Extended Special video that condenses footage from all of Vinny's streams into a video that's about an hour and a half long. While it's derived from Southbird's highlight videos, it was uploaded to Vinny's main YouTube channel.
  • Colbert Bump: Vinny's playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix led to his discovery that it was made by a Vinesauce fan, followed by his discovery of the SB Edits. As a result, the SB Edits found a wider audience and even influenced the TV Tropes pages.
  • Cut Song:
    • Southbird accidentally left Jesus's rap out of his compilation of songs. This led to the title of the video being changed to reflect the fact that not all songs were actually included.
    • Vinny himself tends to ignore Walrus's ballad and Alpaca's musical when going through the islanders' songs, likely because they differ very little from the defaults and didn't get changed like Ben's techno song and Witch's rap song (which were originally like that, but were later changed to mostly gibberish).
    • Southbird didn't include Vineschnoz's second enka song (the one Vinny himself, rather than Steve, made) in the SB Edit of the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream. However, Vinny did include it in his (this being the only stream to have a dedicated condensed version from Vinny himself).
    • There are two other songs made by Vinny that are entirely absent from the SB Edits: An imitation of the DK Rap sung by Donkey Kong (with some references to him stealing Two Faced in it), and a group musical made in Episode 55 as a series sendoff. While the former was a self-admitted catastrophic failure due to Vinny not understanding the meter the game uses for rap songs, the latter didn't have a real reason to get cut.
  • The Danza: According to Broccoli's QR Code, he was created by Broccoli.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Vinesauce's name is often written as "Vinésauce", in keeping with its pronunciation.
    • The Jahns aren't properly named in-series (other than the Captain) due to names defeating the point of them, but fans have named them for convenience's sake. They're mainly called Jahns #1, #2, and #3 (after the order they arrived on the island), and more specific names for when Vinny outfits them differently and makes #3 the captain.
    • "Jahn Trahn" for the male Jahn who moves into the Wii Fit Trainer's apartment after Vinny kills her.
  • Fan Translation: Tomodachi Collection is a Japan-only game, so the ROM of it that Vinny corrupts has had a translation patch applied to it. However, it's incomplete (the buildings' labels, which are stored as graphics, are still in Japanese, as only text has been translated) and tends to come across as a "Blind Idiot" Translation.
  • I Knew It!: Many fans believed that Two Faced was a Jahn/Jehn because of their facial structure resembling the Jahns' blank faces. Come Episode 53, Two Faced begins speaking in the Jahns' language, with Vinny openly questioning her on how she knows this.
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • The very first stream of the game was on the day Tomodachi Life was released. This is less because it's meaningful and more because Vinny brought the game that day it came out and started streaming it the same day.
    • There was a Christmas stream. Very little other than music changes in this game, however, unlike the day before in Animal Crossing.
    • Episode 48 was streamed on April Fools' Day 2015. However, the assimilation turned out to be no joke.
    • Episode 50 was streamed on Vinesauce's fifth anniversary, which was one day before Vinny's 30th birthday.
    • Episode 57 was streamed on April Fools' Day 2017, the "joke" being that there is no joke, but rather a straightforward revisit to a game Vinny only streamed regularly from 2014 to 2015. Unlike Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which received more regular streams after its 2016 Welcome amiibo update added several new features, Tomodachi Life's only update fixes bugs instead of adding new features.
  • Milestone Celebration: Episode 50 was this in an "episode number" way. It was also held on Vinny's Mii's birthday, during which he turned 30 (which is also the fifth anniversary of Vinesauce itself). The real Vinny's 30th birthday was the next day.
  • Missing Episode:
    • Southbird didn't start editing the streams until July 2014 with Episode 16, so plenty of earlier streams didn't receive SB Edits at first. This was later corrected, with Episodes 1-15 being edited in January 2015 during the waiting period for Episode 42.
    • Super Sponge Bros. was mistakenly kept private until about a year after it was streamed, leaving parts of it completely unavailable to the general public. It was given to Vinny with a request that the creator be kept anonymous and Vinny mistakenly interpreted this as the creator not wanting to make the hack itself public, and missed the email the creator sent to him correcting the misunderstanding. They eventually emailed Southbird the hack, who in turn published it here (in the form of patches for either a vanilla NTSC Super Mario Bros. ROM or an NTSC ROM of the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt bundle) in 2016.
  • Name's the Same: Jahn is coincidentally the name of a character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, in addition to being the name of an alien race from this series. Said character is a non-human (specifically, a dragon) with a low opinion of humanity and a desire for his kind to overtake them as the dominant race.
  • No Export for You:
    • Part of the humor in the streams comes from the odd voices of some of the islanders. However, the game's text-to-speech engine varies by region, which means that only owners of the North American version will get to hear the exact same voices in their own copies. Similarly, clothes aren't transferred across different regions, so if you, say, scanned Witch on a European game, she would lack her witch costume. The clothing limitations showed up briefly in Vinny's copy of the game; Skeleton's creator, who owns the European version, warned against removing the character's skull mask because it covers her true face, which is bizarre-looking, but regional differences meant that Vinny never received the mask in the first place. Later on in the series, Vinny didn't receive Gordon Ramsay's default outfit, which resembles a chef's uniform, because he also came from a European copy.
    • As BootlegVin's all-time favorite food doesn't exist in the North American version (which most Miis from the main streams came from), he won't have an all-time favorite food when his QR Code (which came from the European version) is scanned into that version.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: In addition to fan art that gets featured, Vinny eventually started picking his islanders by looking through a Vinesauce forum thread filled with people's Tomodachi QR Codes. The thread itself was lost along with the rest of the old Vinesauce forum's data, though the QR Codes (with the exception of Bub's, which was uploaded directly to the forum as a post attachment, though it was later reuploaded to Imgur) are hosted elsewhere. There's also Super Sponge Bros., a ROM hack addressed elsewhere on this page.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Captain Southbird, the person who condenses the streams, was recognized by Vinny for his efforts after the latter played Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, an unrelated project Southbird worked on. He's also a big reason for Cling On's sudden popularity. His position was made official shortly after Episode 50 (during which Vinesauce actually hooked up with Cling On), and now he is part of the Vinesauce YouTube network.
    • Teckworks, who was previously known for his art of Cling On in a Playboy Bunny outfit, would later act as the graphic artist for Southbird's redesign/rebranding of his YouTube channel and social media pages. He was later commissioned to do several thumbnails for Mayor Vine. In 2017, he replaced the first three episodes' thumbnails' generic group shot image with separate art.
  • Recursive Adaptation:
    • Some of the Miis are based on fan art. Since the Miis spawn fan art themselves, this resulted in fan art indirectly based on other fan art. On the plus side, this had the result of codifying the appearance of Tucker and the Bootleg Mario Bros., who didn't technically originate from fan art, but first appeared in visual form that way. Vinny himself found it amusing when this happened to Vineswole, who previously appeared in a fan-made webcomic.
    • Art being based on Miis instead of the art that inspired the Miis in question has affected the facial hair of both of the Bootleg Mario Bros. Sponge's mustache was originally arm-shaped and prehensile, while his Mii's more realistic mustache would later become more widespread among artists. His brother, Pretzel, was first drawn with a small mustache and a goatee (not counting Vinny's blind scribbling), while his Mii lacks a goatee but has a much larger mustache, which stuck, though CookuBanana's Mario & Luigi parody (which predates Vinny's addition of Pretzel) had previously depicted Pretzel this way.
    • The Episode 1-57 Extended Special video Southbird made for Vinny's main YouTube channel is derived from the videos on Southbird's own channel despite not being located there, so it still contains additions Southbird made, such as his text-based commentary.
  • Running the Asylum: Anything that isn't directly from the game or from Vinny's or Southbird's mouths is left up to fan interpretation, meaning that fan artists have large control over how certain events are portrayed, and even the TV Tropes page is filled with what the editors conclude. This results in the "canon" and "fanon" of the series having a very thin line between them.
  • Schedule Slip: After consistently getting Survivor Edition episodes once every other week, Episode 55 took a long time to be released, primarily due to Vinny considering Episode 54 such an extreme case of Tough Act to Follow. He eventually decided to keep it simple (in particular, no characters were voted off and that episode's Strawpoll was merely a popularity contest) instead of doing something extravagant.
  • Talking to Himself: Since Vinny is the only actor on the show, this pops up when he does impressions of multiple characters talking to each other. Particularly when he imitates the three-man cast of The Ricky Gervais Show whenever Karl does something odd.
  • Throw It In!: Enforced by the series' style; the game leaves many events to the Random Number God, and Vinny is streaming it to a live audience, which means that a number of odd happenings are simply accepted by Vinny. Usually, this manifests when he attempts to mess with the text-to-speech program (most famously "Vinésauce"), and sometimes even when he's not (e.g., "Grawce").
  • Trolling Creator:
    • As the series goes on, Vinny gets more and more chances to mess with the viewers, which is helped by the fact that he's streaming to a live audience. The Jahn arc as a whole is basically Vinny seeing just how much he can freak out his fanbase by acting like he's Not Himself, doing several things he normally would've never dared to do, and building up to an Anticlimax. During the David Bowie special, a chat member commented that an extremely tense moment was like Vinny "having five thousand people by the balls".
    • Vinny's comments about the odd voices he gave to islanders early on inspired viewers to do the same when they made Tomodachi Life-specific QR Codes for these streams, such as how Seabiscuit and Dheerse have bizarre voices. Of particular note is Regaulity, a Vinesauce mod and infamous troll, who created Cling On as an in-name-only character to annoy Vinny, and presumably the audience. It didn't work out as planned.
    • Weinerless Steve's tendency to mess with Vinny in the corruptions he sends to Vinny showed up in the Tomodachi Collection corruption stream. For example, Vinny's Mii is in a Sailor Fuku, several Miis have strange voices (especially Seabiscuit, albeit in a different way from the main series), and one of the Miis is Kappa.
    • After word filter changes made the official Vinesauce QR Code unusable, Vinesauce viewer and fan artist Breadotop, who had been able to use the official one, made an alternate code for others to use. (Unlike the replicas on the character pages, this keeps traits like taste in food intact.) In addition to changing Vinesauce's catchphrase to make the code usable (which was necessary), he was given Two Faced's fashion sense (which wasn't necessary).
      Breadotop: "Also, sorry not sorry about the outfit. It's just what he was wearing at the time. :^)"
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the first episode of the series, while looking through his Miis, Vinny states that he's going to add Mike Stoklasa to the island as the second islander. Vinny decides to add Witch first instead, and proceeds to forget all about Mike. The next time he's brought up, Vinny has added at least ten islanders to the island and has experienced the game more, deciding that Mike would be completely out of place on his island (which is mostly populated by freaks). Vinny ends up adding him to the Vinesauce Miitopia streams, but he ends up having second thoughts due to considering him out of place in that game as well, so he's replaced with Lumber Jahn.
    • In addition to Mike Stoklasa, there were several other Miis on Vinny's 3DS that he never added, like the Pringles mascot, who ends up appearing as the Roving Gourmet in Vinesauce Miitopia, albeit without being added manually.
    • Far more Miis were posted on the Vinesauce forums than are ever actually used. The only ones Vinny has explicitly said he will not use are ones of other Vinesauce streamers, as he thought doing so would be playing favorites.
    • At one point, Vinny said he would've added Guy Fieri if he had continued to add islanders. While he did add more Miis in Episode 57, Guy Fieri wasn't even considered despite jokes about him appearing in other 2017 streams (such as Part 16 of Mayor Vine and various streams of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), with Vinny adding Rick and Johnny instead, reflecting his obsession with Rick and Morty and frequent jokes about Tommy Wiseau. Guy Fieri makes a proper appearance in Vinesauce Miitopia, which Vinny directly connects to this series after the defeat of that game's final boss.
    • Southbird's "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video, which covers his Tomodachi Munger Game Mod tool, mentions that there were plans to do a second Tomodachi Life text-hacking video using YouTube comments (the first such video being "Metadachi Life"), but lost interest because he ended up thinking the result wasn't funny enough. Clips of footage recorded for that video appear in the "Southbird Tech" video.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Enforced by the live nature of the series, so no Save Scumming or the like is allowed. This means that Vinny will be as surprised by any of the developments as the viewers are. Even when he does start manipulating things offscreen and generally planning episodes starting around 47, there are still random, strangely appropriate events happening on the side. He ends up assuring viewers that Episode 50 wasn't prerecorded and admits during the episode itself (after Vinesauce and Cling On get together) that there are some things you just can't plan ahead of time.


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