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  • Askeladd is a direct descendant of King Arthur. This is a series where the mangaka DID do the research, and yet the main character is practically a Viking Ninja. It's got Vikings hauling their ships across dry land to assault a fortress in the opening chapters; the legendary King Canute starts off as a sheltered pretty boy, then Took a Level in Badass and calmed The Berserker with sheer charisma. The berserker achieves that state via hallucinogenic mushrooms. And then there's Thorkell the Tall, a Boisterous Bruiser who is completely insane even by Viking standards, sinks ships by tossing logs at them and kills a charging horse with one punch. One. Punch.
    • Vikings hauling their ships across dry land is historical fact, and eating hallucinogenic mushroom is one of the proposed theories about berserkers (though at this point it's not considered terribly likely and no contemporary sources have indicated it).
  • Chance is the Author did do the research, but mixed it up. Askeladd(en) is the main hero name in Scandinavian Folk Tales. He's the protagonist and /or male Cinderella (Askeladd meaning Ash Lad. The Other Wiki can tell more about it.'' ) But the Askeladd's friends in the folk tales are usually Bad Asses.
    • No mix-up. The manga's Askeladd may also be a great warrior, but he's much more characterized by his cunning - much like the folkloric Askeladden.

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