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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Vinny made some light casting changes during the series, generally with Miis based on real-life people. The Prickly Husband NPC role was originally filled by a Satoru Iwata Mii; since Iwata is considered a huge Unacceptable Target after his death, Vinny exchanged the Mii for Batman at the start of the sixth stream. This is also why Mike Stoklasa was replaced with LumberJahn after a single stream, as Vinny wasn't comfortable with having a "local" online personality in his main party, even if he didn't mean any harm by it.note 
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    • Many characters were considered for party members, but never got in for various reasons:
      • David Bowie as a Pop Star. As much as Vinny likes Bowie, he falls into the same category as other real-life people Miis, and coupled with his Author Existence Failure, Vinny thought it would just be disrespectful (which is why he previously removed Bowie from Vineland Island).
      • Rick as a Scientist. At the time he was playing the game, Rick and Morty was getting a decent amount of Hype Backlash, so Vinny didn't want to anger the chat even if he liked the character himself.
      • Guy Fieri was a strong candidate for a Tank and won by a large margin when the chat was polled on what character should be the Tank, but ultimately lost the second poll when Scoot was added as an option. Guy Fieri does end up appearing later in the game anyway, albeit as a randomly generated NPC and not because Vinny chose to put him in the game. Ultimately, Vinny does end up adding Guy to the party in the postgame, but as a Chef.
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    • Vinny originally intended to add Cling On earlier than he actually did. He held off on it and added Mike Stoklasa instead after being told that she would have a better job available later in the game.

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