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"Art is never understood
Especially when it's good"
The Foremen, Who Needs Art?

"Jack knew exactly how to flatter authors: Always say you admire their least-popular work. Jack praised one of Tennessee's less successful plays, Summer and Smoke, and [Tennessee] began to find him presidential."

"We all make mistakes. I shall now rededicate myself to my old ideals."
Walt Disney on Fantasianote 

"In the beginning, it was not a hit. I remember when I went to New York to do P.R. for the picture. I went to a restaurant and the doorman said 'Hey, Mr. Knotts. Welcome back top New York. Hey, I understand you got a lousy movie in town.' Anyway, it was re-released...It started to pick up, it started to do better, and as time went on, it just seemed to build and build until, as I understand, it's become a sort of a perennial favorite."

"If I had seen “Revenge of the Sith” in real time, in a theatre upon its release, in 2005, I think that, at the moment when Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), sizzling in the blue lightning that Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) reflects back at him, cries out to Anakin (Hayden Christensen), “Power! Unlimited Power!,” I would have leaped out of my seat yelling with excitement. The entire movie is filled with an absolute splendor of the pulp sublime, and that moment is its very apogee. Lucas reaches historic heights in the filming of action: the martial artistry of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s double duel versus Dooku, the gaping maw of outer space and of the airshaft into which the heroic duo drops, Obi-Wan’s light-sabre fight with the four-armed Grievous, and, above all, the apocalyptic inferno of the confrontation of Obi-Wan and Anakin (which, regrettably, cuts back to Yoda and Emperor, a much duller battle). I watched these sequences over and over...and was repeatedly and unflaggingly amazed by Lucas’s precise, dynamic, wildly imaginative direction."
Richard Brody, "What the Seven “Star Wars” Films Reveal About George Lucas", January 06, 2016. The New Yorker

"The epic, 10,000 year-long story of a man stuck in time who must cope with immortality and his own dickishness. Although it wasn't appreciated at first (our brains weren't fully evolved back in 1993, as evidenced by The Nanny's inexplicable popularity), Groundhog Day is now seen as the turning point in Bill Murray's ascension from funny actor to mythological figure. This movie is one of the greatest accomplishments of our culture."

"EarthBound, the 1993 SNES JRPG that attained cult appeal, but initially sold in America about as well as oily rags sold to people who are on fire."

"This is a good enough Doctor Who story to be made for television in the modern era. It was good enough to get a Hugo nomination a decade later, and for a version of itself that wasn’t even as good as this book. In a better world we’d just skip the intervening decade and bring Doctor Who back now while frantically waving this book around and saying 'Look! Look! See how good it can be!' We can’t. We didn’t."
El Sandifer on the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Human Nature

"Ironically enough, Kirby's high-concept surreality has weathered the years better than most material from the period. One of the benefits of being out-of-sync with the times is relative immunity from datedness."
Andrew Weiss, on Jack Kirby's '70s work

Dante: So you must be the secret ingredient.
Gaming Brit: And who the hell are you...?
Dante: My name, by the way, is Dante!
Gaming Brit: Nero... Buddy... I'm-I'm sorry. I-I take back everything I said. I was wrong. Come back to me, please! We made a mistake! You're not that bad! You're not that bad...
Nero: Too late for regrets.
The Gaming Brit changing his mind about Devil May Cry 4


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