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Nightmare Fuel / Vinesauce

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A lot of Vinesauce members are known for crossing the line when it comes to their streams; that can't be said the same towards the games they play. There are moments they witness during their streams that are so frightening, even they find it messed up.

    Streams with their own pages 

  • A lot of the imagery in the corrupted version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Most of it puts Ben Drowned to shame, like Link having mouths instead of eyes (which later became Weinerless Steve's avatar).
  • The Legend of SEN, a corruption of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that opens with the background and objects completely black except for Link, a glitchy "Sen" appearing everywhere that eventually swarms Link, the game-breaking down in a mishmash of noises, the castle guards holding Link's uncle's disembodied head, and a recurring merchant with blank eyes whose presence usually kills Link. Needless to say, even Vinny found this corruption unsettling.
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  • There's a lot during Vinny's exploration of The use of The Mars Volta doesn't help matters.
  • Cave "No" Story, a Cave Story mod that removes the story and all else. The music is completely silent until you get the Weapon, which then triggers "Quiet", the Abandoned Mimiga Village theme. Vinny, however, is more annoyed than scared most of the time though.
    • When he tries to get to Mimiga Village the first time, the blocks prevent him from getting through at all, but after he explores the other way and comes back, one of the blocks is gone, allowing him through. The question is... how did it disappear, especially when there are no characters besides the protagonist?
  • Joel's stream of a DOS game based on All Dogs Go to Heaven. It goes downhill after the title screen.note 
    Joel: Y'know, this game should possibly just be left alone... and we should never talk about it ever again. Okay? I think we're all gonna die in 7 days.
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  • Joel plays Super Mario World on the NES and he enters a certain code. What happens? This happens. To explain, Joel inputting the code in the unfinished bootleg version of the game causes a distorted image of the JY Company (the publishers of the game) to appear, which originally looks like this. What makes this scarier is that this isn't the worst the logo has been corrupted.
  • Joel playing a corrupted version of Facade, as that version has a great amount of Body Horror.
  • Rev playing Vampire Anna Resurrection during his Frozen Flash games stream. Even though it's another surgical makeover game, Anna's face is surprisingly unsettling. Even Rev thought her appearance was pretty fucked-up.
  • During the end of one of Vinny's corruption streams involving Scooby-Doo: Classic Creep Capers, the music becomes distorted to the point where he says this...
    Vinny: I've never been more afraid of Scooby-Doo in my entire life.
  • In contrast to the silly weirdness of most of the Chinese bootlegs Joel has played (such as Super Mario 7 with its Mario/Fred Flintstone hybrid), some of the Russian bootlegs he has played come across as more creepy than funny.
  • rev.jpg — a short video celebrating Rev's birthday that's actually a Screamer Prank.
  • "Blood and Bones: A Skeleton Scorned", one of the Doom wads for the Vinesauce Mapping Contest that Joel showcased, ends with A fight against a horrific, swaying and stretching, VERY FAST Grand Dad with an enlarged fist it uses as a club. The main character, an otherwise Doom Marine tier badass, is visibly afraid of this thing and backs away once it notices him.
  • Joel reaches Red in Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, and decides to cheat so he won't have to level grind. One of the cheat codes ends up doing this.
    Joel: Okay, so stuff is bleeding now, huh?
  • Vinny's journey through Sonic Dreams Collection. It started out rather innocently if a bit boring with the Make My Sonic game having some amusing broken physics. Once he enters the Sonic Movie Maker portion, the game took a sudden abrupt and dark turn to the nth degree. SMM goes from having baby Sonic getting crushed by a car in the tutorial level to a prom date with Rouge that ends up becoming an orgy with Shadow and Blaze, to a torture scene with Sonic where he ends up getting inflated with everything he eats (including Tails). That's as far as we can go without getting into the more disturbing segments. It only grows more frightening from there once he starts My Roommate Sonic and later enters the code in SegaNet to properly access Eggman Origin.
  • On a similar note, anytime Vinny does a "Getting Weird With It" stream, where he streams a bunch of bizarre free games. These can range from anything between to lighthearted Surreal Humor to insanity-inducing Surreal Horror. What makes the latter creepy is not only the games themselves but the way they sometimes hit Vinny, usually causing him to either go silent, spout nonsensical things, or Laughing Mad.
  • During a Mario Paint stream (specifically, #3 on Vargskelethor Uncut), while fulfilling a request to draw Paul Blart, Joel shared a story about a strange dream he had. In it, a movie theater screen constantly displayed a solid red image, accompanied by a droning noise that was interspersed with a demonic voice ordering the audience to laugh. After commenting that he wondered if Paul Blart: Mall Cop had a similar humor value to that, he ended up painting "Paul Blart's" eyes red, followed by doing the same to the rest of the drawing.
  • As funny as it is to watch Joel deliberately destroy a Windows virtual machine with all manners of malware, culminating in ransomware that overwrites the master boot record and forces the user to pay to unlock their machine, imagine if you were actually tricked into downloading and executing such harmful files on your computer without it being contained in a virtual machine.
  • Vinny during one stream, decided to go on an Active World server similar to the one he did for his infamous SEN video. The difference was that this server was much older and was pretty much dead save for him. This in itself is creepy, especially when he goes into this fantasy medieval world but when he gets stuck in an area he cannot escape from, he soon finds out he is not alone...What follows defies description. The fact that the beginning of his venture into this world is accompanied by the masked ball theme from Eyes Wide Shut (then later Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore by The Mars Volta) doesn't help.
    Hitomi Fujiko: Goodbye.
    Vinesauce: (to Hitomi Fujiko) goodbye
    Hitomi Fujiko: Vinny.
    • However, much of the nightmare fuel is mitigated with the revelation that Hitomi Fujiko was, in fact, Human All Along, and the entire thing was just her messing with Vinny the whole time. Here's the revelation right here.
  • Vinny playing CHKN. Highlights include "Jerome", who has a Tropius-esque neck and head and spider-like lower body, that eats everything in sight including the player character, and the catman with prominent "beaknipples". Half his chest flops over when the left nipple is applied. Vinny never fixes this.
    Vinny: "Yes. Yes! Yes— Blood! Go~re!!"
  • GPM made a randomized "GPM_ebooks" Twitter bot, akin to the infamous "horse_ebooks" Twitter account. It ended up with a bizarre tendency to tweet about murder and an apparent desire to kill and replace the real GPM, which was played up as Black Comedy. However, in June 2016 it claims to have succeeded.
  • During Vinny's playthrough of a Teletubbies game for the PlayStation, he starts going mad from the vapid nature of the game. As a result, he eventually starts making edits to the cutscenes to make them more Satanic-looking (including a visible pentagram shown in the center of the screen, as well as audio distortion that made a little girl saying "I'm Cindy" sound like "I'm Satan" at one point). Eventually, the effects go beyond cutscenes and later end up affecting various parts of the game. Vinny later brings up "missing Teletubbies" Creepypasta images to further add to the effect.
  • Joel's stream of California Games, an Olympic-style DOS game where you can surf, fly on a hang glider, and smash yourself against a wall in the most gruesome way possible.
  • By the end of GPM's second Youtubers Life stream, GPM becomes legitimately scared when a flood of Twitch accounts supposedly made by Chet appear. At least one person in chat compared it to The Dark Half.
    • GPM's playthrough of the game in general. By the end, his commentary is an unhinged and chilling Creepy Monotone, and he says that Chet jumped off the roof of his apartment house.
  • During Vinny's playthrough of a corrupted Nintendogs game, the dogs look very distorted, often with extended and/or twisted body parts. While some of these were rather amusing, this corrupted icon of a Pug looks extremely disturbing, and looks like it has blood on its face.
  • Vinny's stream of The Museum Of Anything Goes was a standard Sunday stream for the most part, but during a rather morbid segment involving a funeral, he is subjected to a cadaver being handled in a moratorium, much to his shock and disgust. Although the horror is lessened by it apparently belonging to a pig, it was nevertheless censored for the Full Sauce upload.
  • During one of Joel's streams of Harvester, he was repeatedly told about Steve's little sister in the game. While it was considered a bit bad, it felt like it was nothing compared to the infamous scene in the third part here. While his reaction helped lessen the effect in question, the initial shock involved with the scene definitely affected Joel in a way that wasn't seen since Felix the Cat's Game Over screen. What makes it even worse is knowing that in one of his previous streams, he mentioned harm to the eyeballs as one of those things he doesn't like seeing.
  • In contrast to how most of the MP3-to-MIDI songs made in 2015 ended up sounding like drunken piano playing, several of the image-to-MIDI songs ended up being terrifying, especially Scoot's.
  • Rev's Medical Flash Game stream, in which Rev tries out a series of flash games intended to teach doctors (or anyone else interested in medicine, for that matter) about performing certain operations has the game where you have to treat an eye cataract. Eye Scream abounds. Even if you look away, Rev's screaming/whimpering does not help.
    Rev: "Now create a tear in the middle of the lens"!?
  • Vinny's recent playthrough of Terminal 7, a Source Mod made by Vinesauce viewer Nooke. The mod is an extremely elaborate psychological horror game depicting Luigi's descent into madness as his "terminal 7 brain cancer" takes hold, eventually leading to him discovering that Mario locked himself in his room and committed suicide.
    Vinny: We did it. We beat the final boss of Vinesauce. I'll just retire now.
    • When Vinny discovers Mario's body you can hear his voice muffle. He actually put his hand over his mouth and screamed. The only other time we saw that happen in Vinesauce history was Joel discovering the Felix the Cat game over the screen...
    • After that, Luigi goes to Princess Peach's castle, which is just a decrepit old house in the middle of nowhere, to discover her skeleton in a bathtub. Even worse, it's heavily implied that Luigi had a psychotic break and killed Princess Peach in a fit of rage after Mario told him the truth about his brain cancer, and that's why he's in prison at the beginning of the game.
    • Vinny's Luigi impression stops being funny by the end and just devolves into depressingly terrifying screaming. The only remotely funny thing is him declaring that he's going "Terminal 8," but even that sounds less funny and more psychotic.
      Vinny!Luigi: I don't even fucking care anymore. Everything that I've ever loved, it's GONE! Mario. The princess. Brooklyn. I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY! Everything is gonna die! You hear me, Mario?! THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME, MARIOOOOOO!
  • Rev plus Planet Coaster equals The Pit, a pit where nobody can escape or would want to escape.
  • During Vinny's final stream of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion he tells a story of how shaken he when he was driving alone in the pitch dark while listening to a podcast that then played an intercepted recording of a Russian cosmonaut reentering the earth's atmosphere that burned alive. Vinny stated that with the already eerie and quiet atmosphere of driving in the middle of the night and the recording getting more and more intense as it went on it was enough to throw him into an existential crisis that stuck with him even by the time he was streaming.
    • Also during one of the streams as he is going on a tangent and pulls up a web browser, forgetting to pause the game and accidentally triggering the infamous Stalked by the Bell mechanic, which he notices just before he dies. He even admits that it got him.
  • Vinny's stream playing around with Image to Image is very unnerving, in a surreal sense. The images he creates are made from photo collages so they look realistic, but the proportions are just off, and the warped, blurred effect on the textures makes everything look like it's rotting. The eerie randomly generated music playing in the background doesn't help either. And then there's the Clown Building...
    • He later does a stream using the Pix2Pix Face Generator, a similar program that translates the crude drawings into realistic face paintings. Needless to say it quickly devolves into Surreal Horror with plenty of Body Horror and Nightmare Face.
      Vinny!Mr. Dink: Every day, we rot. Our flesh becomes more and more... broken! It degrades, Douglath! For flesh is only temporary, but the love of a dog is eternal. That's why it's good that you have Porkchop. We degrade, Douglath. Our bodies do not last. Our bodies, Douglath!
  • Vinny playing a bootleg Android game called 3D Neighbor House Escape. At first, it's nothing more than a shitty game like the others, with Vinny even proclaiming it's basically a rip-off of Hello Neighbor. Things begin going downhill with the introduction of the neighbor in the game; when Vinny unlocks the door to his house and returns to the neighbor's house (of course, to find the previously present planks that blocked the door missing), he soon gets greeted by terrifying music that plays when the neighbor is near you (which also played while Vinny was examining the neighbor through the planks). Then the neighbor begins chasing Vinny - in a straight line yet relentlessly - all while his model rig doesn't move at all and only jumps every few seconds. Vinny gets attacked a few times and keeps respawning in his bed, and each time the neighbor is even closer to him than before, at one point even being right at the window of the bedroom (and another, at the door). He eventually gets stuck in the ceiling and Vinny goes to the neighbor's house to explore it... but then he finds that the neighbor somehow escaped and went after him, attacking him once more. Vinny even says it's genuinely scary.
  • Joel's video in which he manipulates an NES controller to play various MIDI notes. At first, it seems rather amusing as Joel spams all of the buttons to create a cacophony of noise, but then he decides to sample his own voice, which begins to get deeper as he continues playing until it becomes the epitome of Hell Is That Noise. It gets even worse when Joel decides to sample the Seinfeld theme song, which devolves into rapid-fire horror as Joel tries his damndest to play Contra. This whole experiment then crescendos straight into Hell as Joel uses the entirety of Loud Nigra as the sample, at which point Joel wails on the controller to create what can only be described as complete and utter oblivion.
  • Super Jelly Mario would be just another stream of a weird game, other than Vinny managed to change the pitch of his voice so deep it almost sounds demonic.
  • When Vinny was streaming some corruptions of Final Fantasy VII, he managed to come across a few frightening scenes.
    • The first decidedly horrifying moment started with a heavily glitched menu screen before leading into Cloud being stuck in an Eldritch Location with eye textures scattered about and the occasional loud, distorted noise amongst the blocky background. Then he speaks to the various Non-Player Characters in the area and they blurt out what appears to be a glitched Starfish Language.
    • Later, he eventually finds a corruption of Cloud with Empty Eyes staring right at the screen with "Those Chosen by the Planet" being played in the background. It happens again later in the corruption stockpile, except this time the space around Cloud starts to distort and the music goes corrupt until Cloud's face textures become discolored, although this time the horror factor is lessened due to how silly the music sounds. Even Vinny himself, who was almost unfazed at the World of Eyes, gasped in fear of seeing Cloud with blank eyes.
      Vinny: Stream is confirmed cursed. Leave now... or you'll never be able to sleep again.
  • Bad Mojo was such a disturbing and uncomfortable game for Vinny to play that not only did he continually express his discomfort, he actually lost about 1,000 viewers during his brief playthrough.
  • Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, a game that not only terrified Vinny more than Bad Mojo, but actually made more than a few viewers extremely anxious.
  • As Vinny was going through a collection of Touhou fangames that was sent to him, a video simply titled Pussycat was in the collection for some reason. With the jerky, claymation movement, gruesome and violent imagery, and Vinny even wincing at certain parts, it was certainly a mood change from the Touhou games he was playing.
  • During Joel's last stream for the 2018 Vinesauce Is Hope Charity Stream (the one for Windows 98 Destruction), Joel mentions that he found the worst DOS game released called Big Bang. When he played it, the game featured horrifyingly ugly visuals, including a character that plays like a worse Sonic The Hedgehog clone that looks like it has a face that it shouldn't have had and levels that looked like the player took acid. While the rest of the stream never got as horrifying as that game looked (in fact, some of the best moments from that stream came afterward), it was fair to say the game left some viewers a bit tense with what they just witnessed.
    Joel: I told you we wouldn't be the same. Not after Big Bang.
  • One Joel stream had him playing Shoddy Knockoffs of Slender. One of these, which is themed after Crash Bandicoot and the "Woah" meme, included footage from Vol. 3 of "Banned from Television" showing a black bear being electrocuted and falling off a power line as part of its Game Overnote . To make matters worse, some in the twitch chat who were unfamiliar with the clip thought it was a human being at first.
    Abridged/paraphrased Joel quote: "Well... *interesting*. I'm definitely not going to have that on YouTube..... It's actually a bear? That... that's uh... that still doesn't make it OK. I don't want that crap on my streams... So apparently there was a bear who climbed a power line...that's gross and disgusting."
  • Vinny once found a game in a compilation called Stream Frasier Online Free, seen here. It's just a Visual Novel, where every member of the show's main cast is nothing but a Talkative Loon. What begins as nothing short of Word-Salad Humor delves into Mind Screw, slowly the main cast keep bringing up facts about sharks and Eddie speaks Spanish detailing the Sanity Slippage of the world around Frasier. In a few Dream Sequences, it reveals that the plane Frasier gets on in the show's finale is actually crashing into the ocean, leaving him to contemplate what will likely be his last moments. The game then asks Vinny if he wishes to wake up, or keep living with the hallucination. When Vinny chooses to stay in this warped reality, the game continues ad nauseam, as everything seems to go back to being a world of gibberish, keeping Frasier trapped. When Vinny chooses to wake up, Frasier wakes up in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks, and decides to let himself die, though it's not clear whether or not he drowned or was eaten alive. And then the game ends with the TV show's upbeat ending theme. It's all Played for Laughs, but the plot could actually work very well in an episode of The Twilight Zone.
  • Vinny's stream of Animal Crossing on September 13th 2018 masqueraded as a Mayor Vine stream quickly delved into a whole lot of Mind Screw. Vinny's town was entirely erased by some sort of glitch he doesn't know about, and the new town he resides in is entirely inhabited by Scoots. That usually would make it one of Vinny's Funny Moments, but all the Scoots seem to share some sort of hive mind. Vinny's avatar teleports all over town whenever he communicates with one of the Scoots, and they all seem to have different houses and slightly tweaked personalities. When he talks to any of the Scoots for too long, every single one of them appears to be angry at him. Later on, Vinny revealed it was a glitched cartridge, but during the stream, many people were unsettled.
  • As part of the "Dumpster Crate" Sunday stream on November 25, 2018, Vinny played through The Founders of Daytona Beach Also Founded Dayton, Ohio. The game was already creepy enough with its freakish character designs and nonsensical imagery. Then Vinny went upstairs in one section and encountered a stony humanoid figure that slowly groaned "Help me..." while on its back, flailing its limbs. When Vinny approached the figure, it gave birth to a smaller version of itself, who then gave birth to another figure, who instantly grew to the other's size, stood up, and "birthed" a Plot Coupon. The first two figures looked dead after that. Vinny was audibly shaken for a few minutes after that sequence, and he considered it the most fucked-up thing he'd ever seen on a Sunday stream.
  • Part 27 of Corruption Stockpile brings us the Super Monkey Ball corruption "Super Diablo Ball", which tints everything in the game red and magenta and slows down all of the sound effects to the point where they're less "sound effects" and more accurately described as "the wailing of the dead". The most Vinny was able to muster during the first ten or so seconds of the corruption was saying "Oh..." repeatedly.
  • Corruption Stockpile 11 (Part 29 on The Full Sauce) has a brief corruption of Super Mario World's ending where Mario looks like he's dead in a pool of his own blood, Yoshi looks like a skeletal/dry version of himself, and Peach looks positively demonic.
    Vinny: The Dark Lord is upon us. Happy holidays.
  • At first blush, Hypnospace Outlaw seems like a funny and amusing late-90's internet simulator. Then the Mindcrash incident occurs, and Vinny drops some straight-up Fridge Horror.
    Vinny: Oh my god, could you imagine if we had that kind symbiosis with our technology to the point where a computer virus could kill you?
  • A Banjo-Kazooie corruption turns everyone in the opening cutscene into Noodle People, and Vinny gets rather disturbed.
    Vinny: OHHHHH no, NOOOOOOO!! What did they do to you!? Both of you!?
  • Joel's streams of Signal Simulator are a perfect mix of comedy and horror, with the normally confident Joel repeatedly being reduced to screaming in terror at the possibility of aliens showing up in the game. But the crowning moment of fear would probably come from Joel calmly recounting the story of the UFO that he saw in the sky as a child, during the middle of the day, surrounded by a crowd of other people who all saw the exact same thing, and how that moment left an impression on him that never went away.
    Joel: When you see something really freaky or paranormal, always rationalize it and you think, you know, "Did I really see that?" But when you really see something, right in- not in front of you, but in the skies... and you're, like, pinching yourself like "What the fuck, am I dreaming?!"... that changes you. It really changes you, because all your irrational fears suddenly have a hint of truth to them and they become... everything is off.
  • Joel's Red Star OS destruction. While nowhere near the level of previous streams like the infamous Russian bootlegs, the entire stream in general has an overwhelming tone of dread, due to the simple fact that Joel is streaming the official OS of North Korea, which has been discovered to contain such delightful features as an "antivirus" that deliberately censors content that goes against the regime's standards and also thumbprints its users to the point where the DPRK effectively knows everything you do on it and where you are. It's one of the few times Joel sounds genuinely fearful for his life, and it also left many people wondering if Joel would be dead or worse in a few months.
    Joel: Now, would you believe, if I told you guys... that... I got around 2000 emails about this and they were saying, "Joel, um, you gotta do this destruction." I said "I will". "But there's one condition", everybody said, and I asked "Why?", or rather, "What is it?" and it's like, "Do not hook this thing up to the internet." You know what I did? I hooked it up to the internet. With no firewall.
  • While primarily streamed for its surreal appearance and Intentionally Awkward Title and despite having a few funny moments like the outburst of "TIME TO EAT ASS," Vinny's playthrough of Wet Robot Dreams is generally considered one of his most unsettling thanks to it being a surprisingly realistic simulation of an abusive relationship. The AI partner in the game is constantly manipulative, self-contradictory, and verbally aggressive towards the player, ranging from casual put-downs like calling Vinny's customized names "ugly" to outright yelling at him for responding to something in a way that fails to validate their opinion (even when it involves Vinny having to speak contrary to his own beliefs). Many viewers who themselves were survivors of domestic abuse noted that Vinny only being allowed to respond "yes" or "no" and being coerced into sex with the AI— which is legally considered rape— are accurate depictions of what victims tend to go through.
    YouTube Comment: "While yes, the entire game is funny with it’s slap, cackle and popping all over your bum, even from the very beginning it’s signalizing an abusive relationship as, when prompted to re-explain the controls, which is funny in the context of you just nodding your head, but sometimes you just do not understand small things and needing them re-explained and immediately getting yelled at and restricting responses to yes or no.
    After the fact, ‘small’ abusive behaviours like calling the partner’s name ugly and essentially forcing them into saying what they want them to say devolve into manipulation of social life, keeping them away from their friends, that would otherwise try to pull them out of the relationship and villifying them for an opinion, that opinion being not liking pineapple on pizza and even coercing/forcing them into sex.
    Then, it all ends up with the partner not even breaking up with them, simply blaming them and saying they don’t love them enough, or don’t really love them and the cycle of abuse continues.
    Neither of these endings are good, because in a relationship like this nothing will end up working out and repeat over and over again."
  • Vinny's "Forgotten Mascots" stream gives us Kang Fu, which has a Surprise Creepy game over screen to rival the Felix the Cat bootleg - a photograph of an actual rotting kangaroo corpse, accompanied by eerie, minimalistic music. Vinny sounds audibly put out when he sees it, and it's hard to blame him.


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