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Nightmare Fuel / Mayor Vine

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  • Mayor Vine posts on Vineland's bulletin board that he wants to dismember Pudge, put his remains in stew, and feed him to the other villagers.
  • Vinny suggests that the inhabitants of Vineland were sent to Nook's salt mines when he sells the town.
  • Ganon gives Vine an Unknown Machine, which is an unusual-looking device with a Big Red Button. When he presses the button on it in the Southbird edit, a statue of Scoot blows up.
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  • The entire New Leaf Vineland Island stream, especially when Vinny reaches Two Faced's house. What makes it worse is that whatever actually happens isn't shown at all, the video becomes slowly Jahnified, and Vinny presses the machine's button again to destroy the Jahn spaceship.
  • Most fanart featuring Coco is terrifying thanks to her Gyroid face and weird mannerisms.
  • Hopkins makes an incredibly creepy face while making vague threats towards Vine, unnerving Vinny as well.


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