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  • Acceptable Targets: Vinny insults New Jersey by comparing an intentionally post-apocalyptic-looking dream town to it. This isn't the only time he insulted the state, as he compares a photo one of his Tomodachi Life islanders takes in one of the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams to a dirty beach there.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Part 2 contains a random clip of Mayor Vine dancing at Club LOL. This has no bearing on the rest of the episode and the scene in question contains no commentary from Vinny.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Vineland, Lolly shows an interest in paleontology when Vine speaks to her at the museum and Vinny assumes she left town to pursue a career. Happy Home Designer throws out the hidden aspect of these Hidden Depths and straight-up portrays her as a researcher.
    • Vinny wonders if Cherry watches Vinesauce when she says Mayor Vine is the reason she moved to Da Burbs. Her birthday is May 11, the date Vinesauce was started.
    • Molly sells Vine a banana and later turns out to be friends with Ganon. In hindsight, she seems like a parody of the banana-hoarding, Ganon-allied Yiga Clan from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with the Yiga's fondness for bananas not going unnoticed by Vinny, who sometimes uses the nickname "Banana Fuckers" to refer to them during his streams of that game.
    • Vinny refers to Drake as "fake Scoot" shortly after he moves in, since his green head makes him look somewhat similar to Scoot, who's completely green. In Part 15, Vinny looks for Scoot by calling his name with the megaphone and Drake responds instead, with Vinny noting that he isn't Scoot.
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    • Vinny assumes that Coco's Gyroid-like face, which he thinks looks creepy, is hacked upon seeing her in a hacked dream town. Southbird actually hacks Coco's face between Episodes 8 and 9 of his "Beast Intersection" series, except his hacking goes in the opposite direction by giving her more clearly defined facial features, which itself is inspired by art Teckworks made that interprets Coco as being a normal-looking rabbit wearing a Gyroid-like mask.
  • Memetic Mutation: SCOOT! Explanation 
  • Older Than They Think:
    • Vinny's affinity for Scoot is also seen in a 2012 stream of Animal Crossing: City Folk.
    • Newer viewers of Vinesauce as a whole are probably aware that Vinny used the name Vineland for his island in his copy of Tomodachi Life, but his use of that name for his town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf predates that by about a year. Part of the reason why the New Leaf Vineland is less well known is because most of the YouTube uploads of Vinny's streams of that game were uploaded about three years after that game was released in North America (Vinny first streamed New Leaf the year it was released), while Vappyvap88 had already unofficially uploaded several Tomodachi Life streams by the time Vinny made him an official Vinesauce affiliate. However, Vinny eventually sells Vineland for over 13 million Bells and builds a town called Da Burbs in its place, after the Welcome amiibo update provides that option. Southbird eventually made a few videos showing condensed versions of the older New Leaf streams, but most of his videos are of Vinny's Welcome amiibo streams.
    • Hopkins threatening Vine into paying attention to him isn't the first time a villager did that, despite inspiring more fan art on the Vinesauce Booru. Pudge says the same line in an October 2013 stream and this earns a surprised reaction from Vinny, though his reaction isn't played up as much as with Hopkins and this scene doesn't appear in any of Southbird's videos.
  • The Woobie: Gala has an adorable design and nice personality, but Vinny wants to make bacon out of her and Curly. Making it worse is that she has a flea problem, which Vinny publicly broadcasts on the bulletin board after she asks him to keep it a secret.


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