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Nightmare Fuel / Video Game Championship Wrestling

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In addition to the memorable matches, and unintentional glitch-caused hilarity, VGCW has also seen its share of unsettling moments.

  • The conclusion of Season 5 saw Kefka seize all seven Dragon Balls and using his wish to attain godhood, transforming into his God Kefka form. He then proceeds to obliterate Shenron in order to prevent anyone from using the Dragon Balls against him. Nappa, Flint and the others that were involved in the Dragon Ball hunt try to stop him but God Kefka's power proves too much as he manages to defeat them all. Were it not for Shenron's remaining essence telling Nappa to resurrect Vegeta, Kefka would have undoubtedly created a second World of Ruin here and there.
  • The main plot of Season 8 had the Practice create a robot army by kidnapping and converting wrestlers into cyborg slaves, the ramifications of which would be felt throughout VGCW in the following seasons.
    • Mecha Knuckles. His CAW design alone is unsettling enough, but it turns out that it is the real Knuckles, having been turned into a cyborg by the Practice, who seem bent on "recruiting" other wrestlers into their ranks.
    • On the 6/10/14 broadcast, Octodad shows up for his main event rematch with Zangief... only to be met by Mecha Gief instead. Worse, after the match, Mecha Gief beats on Octo some more by driving him into the ringpost headfirst as the Practice looks on.
    • 7/8/14: The Practice and their creations deal another post-match No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, this time to the Dragons. Dan attempts to make the save but gets ambushed by the Practice's latest victim: Robo Mac.
    • 7/22/14: Barret's shock after finding Flint, who had gone missing the week before, in the parking garage, asking what the hell had happened to him. As Barrett is talking to Flint off-screen during the segment, it's unknown whether he has been roboticized or worse.
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    • 7/29/14: Nappa, Flint, and Wario have now been roboticized. In short, the Practice have an entire army of loyal, cybernetic henchman at their disposal. Dan was also roboticized, though Protoman and Gray Fox have sent him to Dr. Light to reverse the process
    • 8/19/14: Although their roboticization device is starting to run out of energy, the Practice still had enough to roboticize Arino and leave enough to roboticize their final target is that is the key to completing the Master Plan. Given how dominant the Robot Masters have been throughout the season, whoever the Practice is aiming for, it cannot be good.
    • After overhearing Eggman and Wily talk about ambushing their prime objective, DRACULA of all people, becomes worried enough to warn this person before it's too late.
    • End Game 8:
      • At the end of the show, the Practice corner their final target, Gabe Newell. At first, the Practice's Master Plan appears to fall apart as Gabe makes Mecha Airno tap out to the Wallet Squeeze while the other Robot Masters were being distracted by Dracula and Bison. However, the other Robot Masters break through, whereupon Metal Arino, after getting berated by Wily for being weak, absorbs the other Robot Masters power, turning him into Super Metal Arino. Jensen then shows up to help Gabe
      • Only to be ambushed by Proto Man, out of spite at being fired by Gabe a week prior for failing to beat the Robot Masters cleanly. To make matters worse, Super Metal Arino goes rogue, informing his masters he intends to take their roboticization device and turn the roster and the audience into his own robot army. Super Metal Arino then proceeds to make Gabe tap out, and prepares to have him roboticized.
      • Gabe, terrified at the prospect of having his free will stripped from him, snaps and turns into Nightmare Gabe, unleashing the terrible forces that Dracula had warned Jensen about weeks ago. Nightmare Gabe proceeds to demolish Super Metal Arino. Dracula shows up, having arrived too late to prevent this, as he closes Season 8 with these words
    Dracula: It's all over...The nightmare has been unleashed...
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  • At the end of the Money in the Bank PPV, Nightmare Gabe returns as Jensen orders an evacuation of the arena. N. Gabe addresses the crowd, and announces that he will face the winner of the Great Tournament at End Game 9, vowing to destroy him. A cloaked Gray Fox attempts a sneak attack only for N. Gabe to sense his presence and powerbomb him before going up the top rope...and murdering Fox on screen with a diving stomp.
  • After losing both of her belts at Breakdown F.I.V.E., Chell's deepest horrors are realized when Samus reveals she has hired GLaDOS as her new assistant.
  • At End Game 9, Ganondorf, having assembled the Triforce, emerges as the challenger to Nighmare Gabe. And loses. Jensen then tries to plead with N. Gabe only for the Nightmare to strike him down with the same move that killed Gray Fox. Before leaving Nightmare Gabe addresses the crowd that he will await another challenger at End Game 10 and if he fails, they would all die. The Caller's revelation that Jensen survived N.Gabe's attack in The Stinger though implies that the old Gabe might still be Fighting from the Inside.
  • Season 11 was billed as a light-hearted Breather Episode of sorts after the drama of the Nightmare Gabe saga, with the show moving to a tropical island. However, the midseason PPV would see VGCW come under attack by the GameShark, which is portrayed as an otherworldly entity capable of warping reality on a whim, with the screen becoming obscured by static every time the Gameshark strikes during a match. At first the Gameshark's actions were fairly harmless, minor things like changing wrestlers attire to teleporting the ring to different arenas. As the season progresses though, the Gameshark begins to act more maliciously, from altering the gravity of the arena and causing physical abnormalities to the wrestlers. This causes Segata Sanshiro, Octodad and the Disciplinary Committee to try and find a way to stop the Gameshark before it can cause serious harm.
  • The outro for the go-home show before End Game X1 has the Gameshark's usual static accompanied by what appears Donkey Kong screaming in agony.
  • EDBW Killscreen IV: Ellie's brutal post-match beatdown of her former tag partner Clementine
  • End Game X1 Segata demands the GameShark come out to accept his challenge only to mysteriously disappear. Break Man then comes out and attempts to usurp the GameShark's power in order to enslave humanity as Octodad puts on his Game Face in an attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Segata was pulled to the GameShark's home dimension, devoid of all logic and cohesionnote  as something rises up behind him. Segata turns and finds himself face to face with Donkey Kong...Who has been corrupted by the GameShark into his infamous 2K13 CAW along with possessing the Glitch Bomb as Segata literally has to fight for his life
    • The outro reveals that the GameShark was actually a prototype still in beta, as an off-screen individual (heavily implied to be Sho Minamimoto) reveals to Break Man who likely still has plans for it. After the credits, The Stinger reveals a conversation taking place between two people hailing the success of the GameShark experiment as they make preparations for their next move. As the caller's identity is finally revealed, the true horror of what awaits VGCW next season comes into view.
    M. Bison: I did not build my Rome in a day. You should know what kind of Drive I possess. *scene reveals Bison's silhouette along side what appear to be Captain Falcon and the one and only Asura the Destructor
  • 26 January 2016: The Stinger shows a large wooden sitting in the cargo hold of the plane VGCW has chartered for the World Tour. Suddenly, both the box and the plane are shaken as it appears someone or something is trying to break out. The scene cuts to black right before the box cracks open.

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