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One of two things will happen to Red...
1. He'll evolve into Gold. This is not very likely though, since in-universe Red and Gold are two different people.

2. He'll retire or get fired and be replaced by Gold. This could happen after a potential Heel turn, perhaps breaking up PK Chu.

  • With Ness fired after End Game 9, option 2 is Jossed.
After much research and gathering evidence supporting it, I have come to the conclusion that Octodad is, in fact...
A Pikachu! Think about it! It makes sense in every possible way!

Cassie Cage will make an appearance on one of the shows.
Johnny and Sonya haven't said anything on either of their shows regarding their parenthood, present or future, but given the Mortal Kombat delegation across the VGCW Universe, and their fondness for time and dimension-warping storylines, adult Cassie could easily show up and confuse her parents. She might even form a tag team with Sonya in EDBW or WVGCW once Sonya is cool with her hanging around—Maternal Kombat X, anyone?

The Heavy in Groose's group of bullies is a Spy.
The real Heavy was given to the Practice by Groose and Mike Haggar to be roboticized. However...
  • The part where the Heavy is roboticized is jossed.

The Practice are planning to roboticize Groose and Mike Haggar.
If the above theory is true, then this is obvious.
  • Jossed.

The "We" that Proto Man is talking about... Mega Man X. Him and Proto Man will take on The Practice's robot army in tag team matches. Plus, in the 7/18/14 EDBW, Bazza randomly typed the letter X into the chat. A mistake, or a clue...?
  • Jossed. It was Gray Fox.

The Practice will go after Gabe Newell and/or Scorpion next
The closing segment for the Chamber of Elimination reveals that their Robot Master army was but a stepping stone for them to reach their primary target. Either the General Manager of VGCW or the reigning champion and one of the most dominant wrestlers in the company would be inviting targets.
  • Gabe Newell is CONFIRMED.

The Practice will break Bazza out of jail, and roboticize him.
They'll promise Bazza control of VGCW again, after all these years. But then, they'll turn him into a robot master, and make him take over VGCW. Gabe and Jensen will be roboticized in the process.
  • Jossed.

The Practice is planning to revive and roboticize Woody.
Woody WAS a giant crazy insane monster, after all.
  • Jossed.

The Practice are planning to take the Pyro out of retirement and roboticize him.
The Pyro has plenty of hate built up in him, so it's only ideal they'd go after him.
  • Jossed.

The Practice are planning to roboticize Jey Uso
Because why the fuck not?
  • Jossed, sadly.

VGCW was originally meant as a way to expose THQ's poor video game design skills
Hence #TH Quality. Now, it's something much more, but with the amount of glitches back in the '13 era, it's no wonder everyone hated THQ.

The reason Ganon hired the Disciplinary Committee to head for EDBW
Ganon is obviously involved in whatever plot Nightmare Gabe is involved, in an attempt to gain more power Ganon hired the Committee to find Link and steal the Triforce of Courage for him in preparation for Nightmare Gabe's arrival.
  • Hinted further towards in that he has also sent Fujin to the WVGCW, presumably for Zelda and her Triforce of Wisdom.
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  • Confirmed, since Raijin and Fujin both won their matches, Ganon had the Triforce in time for End Game 9 and used it to fight Nightmare Gabe so he wouldn't kill Gary. He still lost the match, though...

A CM Punk style Face–Heel Turn from Scorpion is coming.
With all his talk about being the greatest champion of all time, he's probably going to let his head get to him.
  • On the 3/17/15 show, during his interview with Kefka, Scorpion smack-talked Donkey Kong, his best friend in THE WORLD. The heel turn begins.
  • Jossed. This never happened before Scorpion lost his title.

Gray Fox will come Back from the Dead
His death was way too sudden for him to be killed off permanently. My guess is Gaben will be turned back to normal, and all who he's harmed will come back to life.

Edgeworth, Armstrong and Illidan are plotting a coup against Gary
Edgeworth appeared to be relieved that Gary bought his excuse over why he no-showed a match with Bowser. Armstrong likely isn't happy that Gary took the glory of beating Bowser instead of him, and Illidan showed signs of tension with his manager from End Game 9. Given Gary's ego and tendency to run his mouth, he may soon be facing an attempted takeover from his own Elite Four.
  • With Illidan rebelling against Gary while Edgeworth and Armstrong still on Gary's side, this theory is Jossed.
Guesses on the person who wrote the note to Dracula
  • Nightmare Gabe. Considering Dracula turned him back into regular Gaben the first time he changed, it would be no surprise if Nightmare Gabe decided to try and take out Dracula out of fear of being defeated by him.
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  • King Dedede. The three people who have received notes have names that start with a D. Clearly, Dedede is giving cryptic hints to his debut.
  • Jey Uso.
  • Jossed: It was Dante in an attempt to frame Travis Touchdown.

Segata Sanshiro isn't dead, but he is trapped in the Digital World for a while.
  • With the release of Digimon Adventure tri. (by no means a short term project), the franchise is at its most popular in years, and the series is generally targeting a similar mature demographic to VGCW. Segata also said after his End Game X1 fight with Glitch Donkey Kong that he was going to fight the Gameshark in the "sea of data" and tore a hole through space on the island to return to his fight. (Several people, including this troper, even referenced Digimon in the VGCW chat during this scene.) Introducing at least one Digimon character through Segata's story would also open up a rivalry for Red and Illidan after their beatdown of Gary and Armstrong during the same show, which may be enough to end their respective feuds. The angles that would come about include Pokemon vs. Digimon, beast vs. beast (if an actual Digimon is the character), and if Segata himself is part of the team, then a new Nintendo vs. Sega feud will engage between the company's two biggest Casual Champions.
    • The first part is confirmed, as Segata has returned to the roster.

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