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  • Luigi beating back Mr. L with help from his brother. It's unexpectedly sweet for a show as silly as the VGCW.
  • Zangief expressing concern for Ganondorf's performance in their upcoming tagteam match, since Ganondorf must face Charles Barkley as well. When Ganondorf assures him, Zangief replies with a simple "good luck, comrade."
  • Charles Barkley and Nappa get to know each other a little backstage, shaking hands and making up after heat between the two. Also counts as a Tear Jerker as when Barkley asks Nappa what Planet Vegeta is like, Nappa tells him "an evil alien blew it up decades ago."
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  • Though it's technically non-canon now, in the alternate ending to the 5/8/13 episode, Vegeta prepares to sacrifice himself at an attempt to stop Dracula. He says goodbye to Nappa, Phoenix...and Charles Barkley. Though they spearheaded one of the greatest rivalries in the business, this showed that Vegeta respected Barkley, even seeing him as a truly Worthy Opponent.
  • After finally beating Captain Falcon in a Hell in a Cell match, Red shakes the Captain's hand in a show of mutual respect.
  • When Nappa is lamenting about people pairing up to find the Dragon Balls, he realizes he has no one to turn to (Phoenix Wright's become more hostile, and Vegeta's dead). Cut to Flint telling Nappa that he knows what it's like to lose loved ones before their time, and thus he happily allies himself with him.
  • Despite their fight during the 23 August 2013 episode for the #1 contendership for the Casual Championship, before Duke Nukem heads out, he and Guile share a nice chat, showing no ill will between the two, with Guile even wishing Duke good luck.
  • The Game Grumps' final match is against each other in a Last Man Standing match, and despite all the heat they got over their tenure, they are given a very warm reception from the fans during and after their match. Egoraptor finally wins a singles match...
    • ...four days after the real Arin marries Suzy Berhow...
    • a complete reversal of their pre-archive match where JonTron dominated him...
    • ...and their tag team music (the Grumps theme + Arin's entrance music) gets an encore after the end credits.
  • Flint and Nappa succeed in collecting all seven Dragon Balls in End Game 5. Nappa is understandably overjoyed at finally being able to revive Vegeta; Flint, meanwhile, is humble to the end, shrugging off Nappa's praise and even deciding to act as a decoy so Nappa could find somewhere safe to use the balls. To say nothing of putting in all the time, effort and battle to get the balls in the first place, only to give them to Nappa without a second thought for his own desires.
  • After being let out of jail for Christmas (and beating up Gaben after the latter pinned Jesus) Baz McMahon takes the opportunity to thank the fans for all their support and wishing them a Merry Christmas.
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  • On the 2-11-14 segment of VGCW, Chief Arino is doing his best to offer condolences that the Nerd lost his Endgame match against Gaben. AVGN brushes it off, says he's going to look for another title shot as soon as he can, and then says he's still one half of the greatest Co-Op Champion team ever. Considering the Nerd isn't particularly known for his softness, it just goes to show how much Arino means to him. Looks like this nerd has a heart of gold, buried beneath that filthy, filthy mouth.
  • During his interview with Kefka after winning the championship belt, Proto Man mentions that Phoenix and Duke, who were in the match with him, congratulated him afterward.
  • It's heartwarming in a strange way, but Ganon returning on the 3-25-2014 Royal Rumble to challenge Guile to a match counts. He respectfully acknowledges that he can't really speak for the fans and what they want, but he knows what he wants: a match with a sucker punching weenie like Guile for the express purpose of sending Guile back to the midcard. Guess Duke defeating him in an I Quit match has given Ganondorf time to reevaluate Duke Nukem.
    • Continued on the 4-1-14 VCGW. Ganon expresses remorse that he did not give Duke the respect that he deserved for defeating the Dark Lord in an I Quit Match, creating a sort of Heel–Face Turn…though considering this is Ganondorf we're talking about here…take it with a grain of salt.
  • In a meta way, Phoenix Wright defeating Brock Lesnar during the 8 April 2014 show is this, As Phoenix effectively avenged the end of the Undertaker's Streak after Lesnar broke it two days prior.
  • May 13th, 2014. Endgame 7. The Main Event. Crowd-Favorite Scorpion finally shrugs off the title of 'King of the Midcard' for good and defeats the defending champion Protoman for the VGCW Championship. Several wrestlers come out to congratulate Scorp on his hard earned victory, ending his eighteen month drought of being beltless. Even Proto Man raises the new champion's arm...out comes Mr. Money in the Bank Sonic the Hedgehog to play spoiler for Scorp and use his guarenteed title shot to prematurely take the belt off of Scorp. It looks like Proto is going to walk away alone, leaving the new champ to a title-hungry hedgehog...then changes his mind and gives a powerful Proto Buster to Sonic, keeping Scorp's new reign alive! The final shots of Endgame 7 are Proto Man and Scorpion giving each other a handshake and the belt around Scorp's waist.
  • 6/3/14: Dan saves his former tag partner Mr. Satan, who had just announced his retirement from active competition, from being forcibly recruited by the Practice into their growing army of cyborgs. The two reform their old tag team for one night and proceed to waylay the Practice. After the match, Satan's theme plays as the two part ways with each other on good terms.
  • 6/17/14: Scorpion is completely overcome with emotion when he not only fends off Sonic's Money in the Bank cash-in, but also when the ref presents him with not one but TWO championship belts. He's the King of the Ring twice over.
  • Everything regarding Chie and Elizabeth's Social Link during their investigation of Shadow Peach. Which made Elizabeth's sudden departure from the company at Breakdown IV to go save Makoto all the more heartbreaking
  • 7/22/14: After beating The Practice in a five-star classic tag match, Adam Jensen pats Gabe Newell on the head and congratulates him for a job well done. Given how much Jensen normally cannot stand Gabe and his childish behavior, that means a lot.
  • 7/29/14: Proto Man, Gray Fox and Jensen agree to form an alliance against the Practice and their Robot Masters, where they also intend to send Dan, who had been roboticized into Dandroid, to Dr. Light's lab to hopefully reverse the process.
  • 8/19/14: Dan, having been successfully de-roboticized, returns to action as the PRATS fend off Groose and his Gang of Bullys, who were trying to jump Red before his Casual title match with Air Man. Given the animosity between Dan and Red that had existed in the past, it is great to see them finally bury the hatchet, and a testament to how much Dan has been working to earn his redemption
  • 9/16/14 End Game 8:
    • A week prior to the PPV, Ezio, having lost twelve straight matches and getting eliminated first at the Chamber of Elimination match, had gone into seclusion in a remote cabin, possibly considering retirement. Captain Falcon then decides to pay Ezio a visit, offering the chance of a rematch at End Game 8. Fast forward one week later, Ezio shows up to fight, no titles on the line, no concerns about losing favor with the fans, just two friends testing their skills against one another as every 80's sports montage song known to man plays in the background. And to top it all off, Ezio finally wins.
    • Jensen's attempt to save Gabe from being roboticized, while it ends in failure thanks to Proto Man, shows that Jensen, to an extent, really does care about Gabe.
  • A meta example: Right after the conclusion of the absolutely hellacious End Game 8, Bazza announced that VGCW was going to go on a brief hiatus, of a month if not more. What was the universal response from the fans? "You deserve it!" Considering the Wretched Hive that internet fan bases are usually known as, this is an exceptionally heartwarming sign of how much the fans love and cherish their creator's idea…while at the same time respecting his right to a life outside of VGCW.
  • The romance between Mr. Satan and Impa is both funny and heartwarming at the same time.
    • Except, when Impa gains Terra's esper beauty after the latter finally gets her hands on and beats the shit out of Grunty, Mr. Satan remarks that with her knees being healthy…they have nothing in common, and he breaks up with her.
  • Despite being responsible for the unleashing of Nightmare Gabe upon the world (albeit under the influence of robotization), the fans were still supportive of Arino as he made his recovery in hospital.
  • Lucina reminding Terra, who still wonders if she is strong enough to face Gruntilda after she stole her Esper power, that she is not giving herself enough credit, and that she doesn't need that power to prove her worth. This prompts Terra to challenge Grunty to one final showdown at Breakdown F.I.V.E. and win.
  • After coming up short against PK Chu for the Co-Op championship the week prior, a dejected Billy and Jimmy feel that they let Dan down. Dan instead reminds them they had to beat the Bullies and take on PK Chu in the same night yet they still managed to put up a great fight before confiding that he has never been so proud of his students and that they will one day be Co-Op Champions.
    • Sure enough the Dragons finally win the Co-Op belts after taking down the Mavericks at the Challenge Tower PPV, with nearly the entire chat shouting "You Deserve It!"
  • Zelda and Impa bury the hatchet over the tumultuous events of Season 5, reforming the Last Sheikah and going on to pick a huge win over Jet Set Radio.
  • Little Mac announces that he is taking a Legends Contract and stepping aside from full-time competition to let the new generation shine. Cue everyone in the chatroom chanting "You deserve it!" and "Thank you Mac!"
    • Fittingly, Mac's final opponent as a full-time competitor is his old rival Zangief who manages to finally get one over Mac in a brutal Iron Man match. After both wrestlers are battered and bruised, the most famous rivalry in VGCW history culminates with this:
    Zangief: Good fight, comrade
    Little Mac: (Shakes Zangief's hand) Good fight.
  • At the climax of End Game X, Raijin and Fujin go to help Seifer, who is facing Nightmare Gabe alone, despite Jensen protesting that it's suicide.
    Jensen: Idiots! Even the three of you combined are no match for him! You're going to die!
    Jensen: Fujin?
    Jensen: You'll be throwing your lives away!
    Raijin: It's just like Fujin said, ya know. Our friend needs us and that's all that matters.
    • Immediately after Raijin and Seifer are beaten, Jimmy Lee rushes in to save Fujin, alongside Billy and Dan Hibiki. Dan throws the Double Dragons out of the ring to keep them from throwing their lives away. And right when it looks like he's facing him alone, Red and Mr. Satan rush in to help Dan out.
    • As Jensen is watching this backstage, Snakes provides him some words of encouragement to step in and confront The Nightmare.
    Snake: Right now, everyone is coming together to fight. Most of them know that they're up against unsurpassable odds. But when their friends are in danger, fear goes out the window.
    • Crosses over with Tear Jerker Having been forced to destroy the Nightmare and Gabe with it to save the world, Jensen finally admits that he considered Gabe to be his best friend, as Snake encourages him to honor his memory best he could.
    • What follows is a montage of some of Gabe and Grey Fox's most memorable moments as remembered by Jensen and Snake, all set to Wiz Khalifa's See You Again. Doubles as a Tear Jerker
  • The Final scene of the Bazza Era is of Gabe, now free of the Nightmare, and Grey Fox, now free of his Cybernetics shaking hands in Heaven.
  • Jade's interview prior to her match against Cate Archer for the WVGCW Championship. In a nice nod to her game, she mentions how her match against Cate is not just to win the title, but to help the colonists of her home planet as well. Jade wins the title in the ensuing match.
    Ringside Reporter: Now you're here and ready to fight for the Championship. What words come to your mind?
    Jade: Family. Back home, they need me to win in order to pay for their literal protection. As personal as this has gotten with Cate, and as much as I want to blindly strike her, I have to think of them first. I must think straight and win for them, not for me. As long as there are people like them out there that watch and cheer me on...I feel like I can last through anything Cate can throw at me.
  • The debut of Season 11: TOH pays tribute to the late Satoru Iwata, who had passed away two days prior to the broadcast by playing "Smiles and Tears" during the pre-show credits before ending with a picture of Iwata in memoriam.
    • Later on the show, Arino, who in real-life had Iwata appear as a special guest on his show, defeats Miles Edgeworth in a nailbiting match, which fans saw as Arino paying his own tribute to Iwata.
  • As the midway PPV to Season 11 approaches, Jensen is still in a state of depression over Gabe's death, not helped by the Mavericks, who were partially responsible for Gabe becoming the Nightmare, mocking him over it previously. Snake convinces Jensen to use the W.H.A.T.I.F. machine, which sends Adam back in time to Gabe's office during the events of Season 5, where he finds Past!Gabe Newell asking him what is wrong. Jensen confides about being alone and whether he can deal with the burden of having to watch his close friend die, only for Past!Gabe to remind him that he doesn't have to carry everything on his shoulders, and that it is fine if he needs help once in a while. Hearing this finally breaks Jensen's Heroic BSoD as he goes back to his timeline and asks Snake to go with him and settle some "unfinished business" with the Mavericks.
  • During the 27 October 2015 show, Groose and his Gang of Bullies meet to talk strategy for Groose's upcoming Casual Championship match, with Haggar still suffering from his concussions. Compared to the jerk that is Groose, the Heavy shows worry for Haggar, and tries to convince Groose to help Haggar, to no avail. He also seems to be done with being a bully, telling Groose that people like that get no respect. In the same scene, Haggar hearing about the Ring Rangers restores his memory, to the relief of the chat.
    • From the same episode, the "Wrestleblanca" match, where the GameShark hacked in audio from Casablanca instead of typical video game music. Most people might have expected it to just be a silly gag that made little sense even in context, but the chat was actually quite welcome to appreciating such an old yet famous film and applying many of its well-known lines to the match at hand. A beautiful friendship indeed!
  • 11/17/15: During the go-home show before End Game X1, Knuckles laments about letting down his promise with Sabin to fight at End Game with the title on the line due to Knuckles falling short in his contenders match and Sabin losing the belt to Dracula a couple episodes ago. Sabin replies that just because the title isn't on the line doesn't mean they can't have a friendly spar and asks Knuckles to have a match together at End Game, which he accepts.
  • 11/27/15: At the Chamber of Elimination PPV, Chie talks with Aigis prior to going out for her WVGCW Championship match against Cate Archer and Jill Valentine. Earlier in the season, Cate had belittled Chie's past accomplishments as being pure dumb luck, which caused Chie to lose her cool and attack her in the go-home show. Chie confides in feeling a lot of pressure due to winning the WVGCW Royal Rumble to earn this title shot, which due to her spot on the card is likely to be her only chance at ever attaining the WVGCW crown. Aigis in response tells her to relax and enter the match with an open mind, knowing that regardless of the outcome, she will still have Aigis' support along with many others who believe in her. Reinvigorated, Chie thanks Aigis for her words and promises a victory steak after winning the championship which she does.
  • End Game X1:
    • Illidan talks with Red in preparation for their match with Gary and Armstrong, commenting on how they share a mutual bond due to a common enemy as Illidan vows to avenge all the wrongs that Gary committed on the two of them, before moving on to face further challenges together.
      Illidan: (To Red) My vendetta is your vendetta. Your vengeance is mine.
      • It's worth telling that in the match itself, while Gary and Armstrong went out to the ring in separate entrances, Red & Illidan did their entrance as a bona-fide tag team.
    • Backstage, Heavy encounters Haggar prior to his Casual Championship match against Groose. They both comment on how Groose used them as tools, as Heavy tries to apologize to Haggar for not doing anything to help him sooner when his memories started coming back. Haggar tells him to think nothing of it and wishes Heavy the best of luck in his match.
    • After Segata's Heroic Sacrifice to prevent the Gameshark from escaping, Seifer who is not particularly known for his bedside manner asks a distraught Octodad if he is alright, telling him to hang in there before asking him to meet backstage later to discuss further matters. Octodad blurbs to himself that he would never have found the inner strength and confidence to stand up to Break Man were it not for Segata as Octo says a final blurb of gratitude to his friend while a vision of Segata bowing in exchange plays in the background
  • It might only be on the BWA show, but the Game Grumps are a team again...with Danny as their manager and a wrestler himself.
  • 17 December 2015: After the credits roll Bubsy surprises Lucas, who is in his usual depressive state backstage, with a Christmas present that Lucas begrudgingly accepts.
  • 12 January 2016: Charles Barkley convinces Ness, who had been shaken badly by the events of Killscreen IV, into staying on EDBW as a trainer for the developmental roster by showing him several other former wrestlers who have done the same including Naoto, Luigi, Shaundi and Tingle of all people. While their careers may not have taken off as they hoped, they are still willing to stick around and help the next generation of wrestlers make it to VGCW.
  • 26 January 2016: Raijin tells Octodad that the Disciplinary Committee will keep looking for a way to rescue Segata from the GameShark's dimension and reminds Octodad to not give up hope.
  • 11 February 2016: A meta example: during Chie's match against Lara Croft for the WVGCW Championship, she used a comeback sequence based on Daniel Bryan, who had retired just days earlier. Everyone picked up on this and immediately started paying various tributes to the man, either chanting YES! or some variation of #ThankYouDanielBryan.
  • 7 June 2016: Breakdown 777
    • Poison arrives to her Casualette title match with Cube, wearing Roll's old cap in tribute to her friend who had taken a leave of absence from the company over the events of the previous season as she proceeds to win the match and her first singles title in nearly three years.

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