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This is a list of all the wrestlers and personalities who appear in Video Game Championship Wrestling, and the tropes that apply to them within the VGCW universe.

These are the quick tidbits of information for each character that you will find below:

  • Real Name — If applicable, the full and/or actual name of a wrestler.
  • Debut — Obviously, the first time the character appeared in the stream, written in Day-Month-Year format. Wrestlers who appeared in matches before 19 November 2012 will be listed as "Pre-archive".
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  • Announcer Name — How the wrestlers are introduced by WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts. These usually try to sound as close to the character's name as possible using WWE '13 or WWE 2K14's separately recorded name choices.
  • Commentary Name — What the wrestlers are called during the matches by WWE commentators Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler. These come from a separate selection of names that are made available in WWE '13 or WWE 2K14, and are usually treated more like nicknames by the fans.
  • Billing — Where the character comes from as spoken by the ring announcer, using the list of locations that WWE '13 or WWE 2K14 provides.
  • Theme(s) — The song(s) currently and/or previously used when the wrestlers are introduced to the ring and when they win a match.
  • Tag Team(s) and Stable(s) — If applicable, the name(s) of the tag team(s) and/or stable(s) that the wrestlers are currently and/or have previously been a member of, as well as the wrestler(s) they are/were partnered with.
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  • Singles Record — The latest Win-Loss-Draw record of each wrestler in one-on-one singles matches, as well as their winning percentage.
  • Championships — If applicable, the reigning periods of a wrestler when he/she held the belt for any of the VGCW's six championships (three for each gender):
    • The Top-Tier belt: VGCW Championship for males, WVGCW Championship for females.
    • The Midcards' belt: Casual Championship for males, Casualette Championship for females.
    • The Tag Teams' belt: Co-Op Championship for males, WVGCW Co-Op Championship for females.
  • Status — The current status of the wrestler based on the statuses categorized on the wiki. This should only be included if a wrestler is not active.

Character summaries and tropes that apply to them within the VGCW universe appear below. All characters are organized in each section by alphabetical order based on their Ring Names with an emphasis on (if applicable) their surnames.

Due to the sheer amount of characters in the series, they have been split into three separate pages. Also, because of the many characters, spoilers may be unmarked.



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