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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Random comments on the Wiki or the Chat become canon if Bazza/TOH and/or the rest of the community decide to treat it as such.
    • Although ARENA had no actual plot, fans made their own stables and promos, leading to many rivalries that eventually found their way onto the show. Additionally, it wasn't uncommon for CAWs that debuted on ARENA to show up on EDBW eventually.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • The Giant Bomb hosts are big fans of the series, and an interview with Bazza gave End Game 7 a very noticeable bump, with the stream hovering in the 3,000-3,500 viewers range for most of the night.
      • This actually happened once before: an article on VGCW, also on Giant Bomb, gave the famous rematch of 32-5 the highest viewer count in VGCW's history, with over 4,000 viewers.
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    • The Super Best Friends Zaibatsu gave VGCW a shout-out on social media and their podcast after they got note that Zubaz took part in the Star Road 2 Tournament and won.
    • A large social media push on various websites for End Game X saw the viewer count reach nearly 5000 viewers for the final episode of the "Bazza Era".
  • Creator Backlash: Bazza says that Season 8 is his least favorite season, saying that he 'got sick of doing it' barely halfway through.
  • Creator Breakdown: In Season 4, as the result of huge backlash. Charles Barkley, after a rapid rise from jobber to multiple-time VGCW champion due to a glitchnote , plot circumstances would vacate the title, which would set up a tournament to decide a new champion. The audience was hoping that they'd get a champion other than Barkley in the King of the Ring tournament to decide said new champion after Vegeta's Heroic Sacrifice. When Barkley did in fact get his title back, the fans rioted. It got so bad that Bazza put his foot down and threatened to cancel VGCW entirely. He eventually settled for finishing Season 4 and then taking a month-long break before Season 5. Fortunately, the fans seem to have learned and there have been no such incidents since, despite some unpopular results like Illidan winning Star Road.
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  • Defictionalization: The creators of Octodad (the game) are apparently fans of the show and included a poster in Octodad: Dadliest Catch displaying the VGCW logo and mentioning tryouts at the bottom (though the poster has VG stand for Virtuous Gentlemen). In other words, the entire show is canon in the Octodad universe.
  • Fan Nickname: Quite a fair number.
    • Palette Swaps often end up with nicknames referencing the fact. Raphael becomes "Red Leonardo", Scorpion becomes "Yellow Sub-Zero", and so forth.
    • Sabin was called the Suplex Train, both for the obvious reason and for his tendency to use suplexes almost to the exclusion of anything else.
    • Dan Hibiki earned the nickname "BOO THIS DAN" after the fans decided that he cheated Ash Ketchum out of a Royal Rumble victory.
    • According to the fanbase, Red has a very strong affinity towards blood due to his tendency to make his opponents, or himself, bleed before finishing them off, earning him the nickname "Blood Red".
      • He's also referred to as "The Very Best" due to his impressive victories and accomplishments.
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    • Wreck-It Ralph was often referred to as "Copyright-It Carl" because of Disney constantly taking down streams that featured his entrance music, which eventually led to his departure from the series.
    • #THQuality was used to refer to any time the game bugs out or displays Artificial Stupidity. The other versions are #BazzaQuality, which is what happens when Bazza just screws up on his own, and #BrynQuality, when Bryn of the Female Division makes a mistake, as well as #QualiTOH or #TOHQuality, #DudebroQuality and #BelmontQuality for the other hosts. With the switch to WWE 2K14, #THQuality is now #2Kuality.
    • Break Man was often referred to as "Glitch Man" due to the tendency of the stream to start stuttering during his matches. Oddly, this usually happened when he was losing, and when the stuttering was over, Break Man had reclaimed his momentum.
    • Phoenix Wright briefly earned the nickname "Security Guard B" due to a bugged cutscene displaying it as his name.
    • Similarly, Because of Lightning's role in WVGCW's storyline as Bryn's enforcer, she was dubbed as "Security Guard L".
    • Mega Man was sometimes called "Cancelled Man" due to his recent troubles with actually getting a game on him to come out. Funnily enough, Rock is now off-roster as well, perhaps making him Cancelled Man in more ways than one.
    • Due to the limitations of the engine, many characters have weird names being said by the announcers. Hence, Tingle is known as "Thomas", Mario is known as "Gonzales" (also doubling as a reference to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) and so on. The chat will usually pick up on this and run it into the ground.
    • Vegeta, due to his horrible tendency to lose most of his matches early in his career despite his high stats, was often referred to as Jobgeta, Vejobber, or other nicknames along those lines. Since debuting a new outfit and theme, he's since started showing much more potential— and a much more popular nickname: The Badman.
    • Instances of Mickey Mousing (such as a Theme Music Power-Up coinciding with a wrestler popping a comeback) are almost universally responded to with cries of "SYNC" in the chat. Similarly, the part of Miles Edgeworth's entrance where he climbs up the ring steps in time with the music are called the "SYNC STEPS".
    • Fans refer to Waluigi as "The People's Champion", a reference to pokecapn's Let's Play of the Mario Party franchise where Medibot claimed that nickname while playing as Luigi, and later Waluigi.
    • Along with his Real Life nicknames of "Sir Charles" and "Chuck", the promo by Charles Barkley where he tore into the fickle fandom harkened back to a certain wrestler's 'pipebomb', which gave rise to the nickname CM Dunk.
    • It is not uncommon for a rollup pin to be reversed... and reversed... and reversed again, over and over, until the rollup breaks or someone reaches the three count. This is referred to by the fans as an "Obamaroll" due to a particularly infamous example in a match between Barack Obama and Guile, and is typically announced in chat with cries of "THANKS OBAMA". In the Female Division, fans will refer to First Lady Michelle Obama instead. Vladimir Putin was also referenced in this way when The Heavy got caught in one of these sequences.
    • Terra Branford's announcer name, "Terror Baltimore", is her fan nickname across the VGCW universe in honor of her intro, her impressive record, and her even more impressive in-ring work.
    • Thanks to a new CAW that makes him look more like Blue, and having astonished the fans with seven eliminations in a Royal Rumble (including Gaben), Gary Oak was being referred to by some fans as "Mega Gary".
    • VGCW: Female Division is also frequently referred to as the convoluted acronym, WVGCW, a shorthand for Women's Video Game Championship Wrestling. As of Season 7 however, WVGCW has become the official name for the show.
    • The Star Road tournament was preemptively called "Salt Road" as it was certain that whoever won the tournament (and the ensured main roster spot that come with it), people would be unsatisfied. The resultant winner only exacerbated this all the more.
      • And in the first Star Road, this actually happened, with Illidan winning.
    • The Hot Tag system is frequently wasted by the AI. Such instances are referred to as Cold Tags or Lukewarm Tags depending on the degree of success. The VERY rare occasions that it completely works become awesome due to this.
    • The DDT variant known in the WWE games as "DDT 5" is known across the VGCW universe as the "ILLIDDT", thanks to Illidan's famous use of the move.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Fans used to submit character suggestions on the wiki. As of July 2013, twenty suggestions (nine male, eleven female) have made their debut. Unfortunately, they had to stop accepting suggestions and will now only accept CAW submissions on the forums.
    • In addition, all title sequences for the show were made and submitted by fans.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • VGCW, WVGCW, & EDBW's main themes come from WWE material: The Jim Johnston/Kromestatik version of Outasight's "Tonight" (which remained the WWE Raw theme until July 2016) for VGCW, CFO$'s "Take a Chance" for WVGCW (the WWE SmackDown theme since 2016) and "Roar of the Crowd" for EDBW, which is still the theme of WWE NXT.
      • Prior to the 2K17 era of WVGCW (season 10), the show used AJ Lee's entrance theme "Right Now" as their main theme, a song that had not only long outlasted Lee's career in WWE, but Lee herself stopped using that song in 2011, before VGCW even existed.
    • The themes for some wrestlers also fall into this category, most notably "The Safety Dance" for Adam Jensen prior to Season 11, and John Cena's "Bad Bad Man" for Vegeta.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Wreck-It-Ralph ended up getting fired from VGCW because of Disney constantly taking down streams that featured his entrance music.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: More or less the primary appeal for the series. Bazza/TOH and BRYN often have to write new plots based on how the matches play out—or rather, how they glitch out. The entire plot was basically kicked off by Artificial Stupidity involving a Money in the Bank match. Eventually averted as a result of the shows becoming more pre-recorded: while the switch was done to improve production values in plot and intermission segments, it also gives the creative team more control over the plot-heavy wrestling matches and the ability to infuse the wrestlers' video game characteristics into the shows.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Bazza wanted Pokey Minch from Earthbound to appear at some point, but it never worked out.
    • It was also mentioned in the fun facts that Lee Everett and Seifer Almasy were planned to join up. Seifer did eventually show up in Season 6 along with the rest of the Disciplinary Committee: Lee, on the other hand, never did.
    • He had a tag-team storyline planned for Kefka and Donkey Kong at one point.
    • Bryn originally planned to hire Misty, Nina Williams & Juliet Starling, but never did due to the CAWs being of a lower quality.
    • Bazza stated that Kanji Tatsumi got into VGCW only after he couldn't download Sho Minamimoto or an updated version of Raijin from 2K14's servers. However, Raijin & Sho both later made their VGCW debuts the following season.
  • The Wiki Rule: Video Game Championship Wrestling Wiki provides full details of the series.
  • Word of God: Bazza and co. occasionally will throw in some comments or background information on the show, which of course then end up on the Wiki.

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