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The WWE Video Games are glitchy as Hell, which lead to many hilarious matches. The plot can be pretty funny at times, too.

  • 27 November 2012, otherwise known as the point where VGCW grew an actual plot. Made all the more funnier by the fact that it was the happy coincidence of Bazza deciding that a Money in the Bank ladder match had ended far too quickly because no other contender was paying attention to Zangief and he called a redo. Bazza's first response? To put "WELP!" in large letters across the screen. You can see the moment in all its glory here.
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  • Phoenix Wright confronts Baz over the identity of Mr. L. After a bunch of points punctuated by "oofs" and "aughs", Phoenix Wright notes that Luigi had seen the hit-and-run of Little Mac, and comes to a frightening conclusion: Mr. L terminated Luigi. Baz looks at him incredulously and tells him to try again later.
  • In a tag tables match between GameCenter FU, and The Returners, Arino and Sabin end up on the outside on Table-san, where the AI desperately tries to keep both competitors from ending the match by constantly countering over and over again. The whole time, Cole keeps saying, "This is disgusting!" (which has become somewhat memetic in the chat), and Pirates of the Caribbean music plays. It truly must be seen to be believed. (skip to about 20 minutes in)
  • The legendary match between Vegeta and Link: The Prince of Jobbers versus the Jobber of Time. Link won.
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  • A shining example of THQuality.
  • In this Ash/Guile match, Ash moved Guile to the Spanish Announcers' Table, climbed up to the turnbuckle, and attempted a flying elbow perfectly synced with the music, only to have Guile dodge at the last second. Which was then given an instant replay. Three times.
    • Then a few shows later, it promptly happened AGAIN, this time between Gaben and Arino.
    • Then on the 17 April 2013 show, it happened again in a match between Red and Dan Hibiki. To make matters worse, the camera would later glitch even further so that it would only show a close-up of Dan's face!
  • Following the 12 December 2012 show (a veritable disaster in its own right), Bazza hosted a match in reaction to a Arino/Segata submission match that glitched itself out. The only song that played during the match was The Song That Never Ends. The match lasted for just under two hours before Arino glitched himself into some sort of bizarre upside down fetal position by putting the ref into a submission hold and Bazza gave up on the endeavor.
  • Bazza's April Fool's Day joke for 2013, where the official wiki was updated with events of a fake season finale, whose events included Table-san becoming the Gurl Gamer Champion, Gaben being 'future endeavored', and an unexpected twist making the Game Grumps the new co-GMs, after which they proceeded to book themselves into a match where they won the Co-op belts and declare that instead of a match for the vacant VGCW Title, they were just going to award it to Dylan instead.
    • M. Bison and Waluigi also attempted to decide who would be the ultimate 'winner' for the GM Losers Tournament, only for them to knock themselves out and accidentally pin Gary Oak, making him the ultimate jobber despite not even being in the match (as he'd spontaneously appeared beneath the pair the second they knocked themselves out).
  • Nappa suplexing Gabe Newell, resulting in the entire ring collapsing under his weight.
    • Becomes a Moment of Awesome when Gaben later does the same thing to Nappa.
  • In the 2 April 13 show, BRYN of the Wiki announced that the Ladies Division was starting up again with him as GM, this was done in character (with Bryn using Shane McMahon's character model) as a cutscene just after the Nappa vs SSJ Majin Vegeta match which lead to a very astute member of the audience mentioning that Nappa was still probably lying on the ring in a pool of his own blood.
  • Gabe vs Arino: At the start of the match, Arino's theme song begins playing, but he doesn't appear on stage... only for Gabe to appear out of nowhere with his theme song. The chat went berserk. Trollgabe indeed.
  • In the Season 3 finale, Gabe Newell was booked for both a four-way championship title match and the GM Tournament finals match on the same night. In an interview with Phoenix Wright, Phoenix addressed this:
    Phoenix: Both of these matches are back to back. Are you worried that the Fatal Fourway match will leave you too tired to beat Adam Jensen in the following match?
    Gaben: No, two matches is fine with me. I think anything more than two is too much.
  • During a cutscene during the VGCW Female Division show, Poison fights against all of her "transgender" claims, mentioning that there's a medical test to even get into VGCW in general. Bazza comments:
  • 17 April 2013: Gabe and Jensen confront the new GM Dracula, who's enjoying his new chair... and he promptly steals Jensen's Catch Phrase. See it here.
  • This THQuality-laden tag team match between Game Center FU and the Elite Two. Among the highlights are Raphael tripping over the stairs, the referee getting pinned, and one of the longest 3-counts ever witnessed.
  • Super Saiyan Nappa. Need we say more?
  • 15 May 2013: Charles Barkley coming out and addressing to all of his backlash for winning the VGCW title AGAIN and also having a Money in the Bank. In which he pretty much fires shots at everyone, even if you were a bit upset at Barkley, you have to admit you found it funny.
  • 23 May 2013: Still angered at Snake trying to ruin his investigation into who ran over Little Mac, Phoenix Wright asks Geno if he knows anything. Geno says no, and then says that he's busy having to deal with a vampire, a clown...and Kefka.
  • 2 June 2013 ("End Game"): After Phoenix Wright turned heel, he attempted to hit Little Mac with his car (again, purposely this time). Fortunately, Mac trained his reflexes, so he dodges the car, and even gives this one-liner:
    Little Mac: Not today-too fast!
    • The redo match between Adam Jensen and Gabe Newell has the VGCW theme song like before, then begins to play War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" performed by Smash Mouth once the previous song ended. The chat absolutely roared with laughter.
    • This episode had quite a few examples of textbook THQuality as well, though unlike most of them, they remain hilarious due to not actually affecting things too much.
  • 6 June 2013:
    • The tables match between Lara Croft and Gruntilda, which ended in classic THQuality style when Lara slammed Gruntilda through a table, only to have the latter remain floating in midair as the table smashes beneath the impact.
    • Chie's about to enter the ring for the very first Ms. Money in the Bank Ladder Match when Carmen Sandiego slams her into the ramp and takes her spot. What makes it so funny is the Soundtrack Dissonance provided by Bryn hijacking Chie's entrance music with the peppy tones of Rockapella and the Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego theme!
      • The actual match had its own share of moments. Particularly memorable was at about 11:13 in, when Princess Zelda makes it almost to the top of the ladder, decides to jump off to tackle Lightning, misses, and then has the ladder fall on top of her.
  • TheTOH's broadcast of The Sims 3 with VGCW characters (now known as the first episode of VGCW at Home) is one four-hour-long moment of funny. Notable moments include Wily trying to score with a woman and failing spectacularly, Table-san hooking up with Waluigi for a few moments, and Terror Baltimore's odd tendencies to stare out of windows, watch people while they sleep, and meditate in weird places.
    • Almost everything having to do with the bathroom, including Terror meditating in front of it no less than three times, Daisy somehow relieving herself through her dress, and Waluigi clogging the poor toilet only for Grunty to use it before realizing the situation.
    • The entire trip to the summer festival, starting with all eight wrestlers packed into a single hideously low-poly van that drives off and leaves a trail of armpit fumes, Terror winning two hot dog eating contests in the span of several minutes, Terror and Table-san completely failing to understand the basic rules of soccer, and a glitchfest ending in which several wrestlers manifested their own identical cars to leave, Waluigi and Terror made a run away from the van(s), Grunty flew back home on her broom and Terror was ultimately left sitting in the street in the rain thinking about birds.
    • The Badman jobs his pants.
    • Episode three onwards: Carmen Sandiego and Groose hating each other to the point where every disagreement ends with her bitch-slapping him silly.
    • Episode four: JonTron, realizing that he's filthy, strips off his clothes and gives himself a sponge bath near a sink. IN THE KITCHEN!
    • Episode six had many funny (if at times horrifying) moments. Among the best include Jensen, Faith, Shaundi, and Octodad getting stuck in the stairs, Gary Oak walking throughout the house naked (and later sat down in the kitchen to eat, leading to ASS CHAIR comments when anyone else sat there later), and the chat's reaction to the Crack Pairing of Waluigi and Terra which happened entirely off-screen.
    • In the episode leading up to End Game X1, we find out that Daisy is pregnant. It's JonTron's. Immediately the chat and TOH start questioning the canonicity of the moment.
    • The spinoff episode EDBW at Home has some equally funny moments. Special mention goes to the entirety of the household being stuck in one spot because they're too dumb to think about moving the baby in their way somewhere else, a conglomerate of chairs just floating in the sky for some odd reason, and easily the crowning moment: Marie standing out in a storm and getting struck by lightning...then proceeding to go on with her day as if nothing happened, keeping her electricity burns and all.
  • At the beginning of Season 5 (11 July 2013), Jensen and Gabe are arguing as usual, with Jensen lampshading the hiatus.
    Jensen: "Gabe, VGCW is a weekly show. Since you became GM, this has been the first show in 6 weeks."
    • Also from that episode, Gary Oak and Luigi's match had them rolling between countdowning each other twice, with Gary winning the second time. It was a sight to behold.
  • 20 July 2013: AVGN defeats Mr. Satan in roughly two minutes! Then, one week later, after being called 'kid' by Hercule and dismissing his win as 'Mr. Satan having a stomachache', he DECIMATED Mr. Satan in an Iron Man match 8-1!!
  • 23 July 2013: During a conversation between Jade and Shaundi, Roll says she doesn't know how to play Go Fish.
    • Security Guard B when Terra crushes his car with a monster truck: OH MY CAR!
  • 22 August 2013: What does Bryn do when Poison vs Roll II ends in a tie? Cue the Losing Horns!
  • 23 August 2013: Backstage shenanigans, including:
  • 3 September 2013: Lightning, searing for Mavis and Dr.Gero, finds them in...the Green Room..which is literally a greenscreen.
    Lightning: I should have known. The perfect place to embezzle money is the Green Room.
  • 7 September 2013: Gaben sucks at stealth as he tries to get DK's Dragon Ball. Eventually, as DK heads to face Geno, Gabe drops down from several stories above and smashes into him. His line?
    Gaben: YOLO!
    • And he forgot to grab the Dragon Ball!
    • Also, Knuckles once again getting duped by Dr. Eggman, because he was told that if all the Dragon Balls are gathered, an evil dragon will appear and destroy the VGCW... and eat his Master Emerald.
    Knuckles: MY EMAROWD?!
  • 13 September 2013: As Carmen's trying to leave, her car is blown to bits. Her response to this?
    Carmen: Great. Now I have to carpool...
  • 17 September 2013: Evidently Sonic didn't do too good of a job convincing Knuckles that Eggman had tricked him again in the previous episode, as Knuckles was right back to harassing Nappa and Flint in the next one. Nappa and Flint utterly destroy him. Twice. When will he learn...?
    • That same night, Gabe Newell and Donkey Kong fought in the main event only for the stream to cut at the last minute due to Bazza's internet unexpectedly disconnecting. Bazza later reveals off-hand that Gaben won the match via the Wallet Squeeze. Cue the fans accusing Gaben of using his authority as GM to shut down the stream to "bury" DK, who hadn't lost a singles match in months.
      • And then Gabe's insistence that it was all due to an infamous "light switcher-offer" causing a blackout, who has yet to be caught.
  • 4 October 2013: Samus's opponent at Breakdown? Mama. It did not take long for "NO NO NO! PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY!" note  and "IF YOU SUH-MEEEEEELL..." references to reach memetic levels. Mama shakes The Baby up good for a victory in her first match.
  • 8 October 2013: Nappa and Flint find a Dragon Ball in Proto Man's possession, and Proto Man stutters for a bit. When asked if he's OK:
  • 15 October 2013: Midway through the show, Ganondorf faces off against... Octodad. Who isn't very high up on the tier list. If you think that's funny already, then how about Octodad actually beating Ganondorf? Because that happened. That seriously, truly happened.
    • The icing on the cake is Zangief's promo after the match. All his already sarcastic praise of him seems absolutely drenched in irony, since you know what happened.
    • The best thing is that even if Ganon won that match, Zangief would've made the same speech anyway. But the fact that Ganon lost to a new wrestler who people don't have much faith in just rubs salt in the wound ten times more.
    • Also bloody hilarious on a meta-level, as it's obvious that Bazza wrote the cutscene (logically) not expecting Ganondorf to lose.
  • "I'm the best GM ever."
  • 22 October 2013: Much of the matches ended up going quicker than usual, thanks to Bazza's new AI settings. As an apology, Bazza promised a non-canon Royal Rumble after the show ended. His PS3 crashed twice and refused to generate any contestants beyond #8, leaving Adam Jensen in the ring alone, wrestling thin air. It was possibly the greatest show of THQuality in the history of VGCW.
  • 30 October 2013: It's a WVGCW Halloween special, complete with "Spooky Vision"... which is just a bit 2SPOOKY4THEPS3. It glitches out as the very first match is supposed to begin.
    • One of the best BrynQuality grammar moments since "shork break", courtesy of Lightning.
    Lightning: (to The Saint) "You're the only GM around here is you."
  • 5 November 2013, also known as "End Game 5":
    • The fight for the Dragon Balls finally culminates in Kefka using them to ascend to godhood and attempt to destroy the world. True to character, everything out of his mouth is either awesome or hilarious, even when Vegeta is wished back to life and helps the rest of the VGCW wrestlers revert Kefka's godhood in battle.
    Kefka: "How is this even possible?" (reverts) "OK, scratch that. How is THIS even possible?!"
    Vegeta: "Hah! Looks like your power is gone, clown!"
    Kefka: "I CAN SEE THAT BUT WHY!?"
    • Meanwhile, Shenron's spirit communes with Nappa:
    Nappa: "Look, we need to use this opportunity before he vanishes for good. What do we wish for?"
    Dr. Wily: "World domination!"
    Nappa: "Shut up, nerd!!"
    • During the montage of wrestlers running into the ring and using their finishers on Kefka, he responds to Gabe's appearance by grabbing him and hurling him out of the arena.
    Kefka: "Get the hell OUT!!!"
    • To be fair, Gabe's finisher is a submission, which wouldn't really have worked in either the cutscene (due to TH Quality) or the Attack! Attack! Attack! scenario. Props to Bazza for finding a way to make it funny all the same though!
    Gabe: "Hahahaha!"
    Nappa: "Hahahaha!"
    Vegeta: "Hahahaha!"
  • 12 November 2013: VGCW's first ever show on WWE 2K14. How does Bazza open up the show?
    Bazza: Hi. New opening not ready yet.
    • The tag match between WarioWare Inc. and Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic pins Waluigi way 2fast.
    • Kefka gets punished for nearly ending the world by becoming VGCW's interviewer...Jensen groans at this choice, while Gaben say "boys will be boys."
    • Also, after Adam tells Gabe that getting the basement key is not a clever idea, he belts out a "NOTHING I DO IS CLEVER!"
  • 26 November 2013: Ganondorf takes the stage, announcing his recent absence a result of him growing bored, only to be interrupted by an unlikely challenger.
    Ganondorf: Face it, no one has the balls to even THINK about challenging me, so for that reason-
    • And if Jensen winning the 8/23 Royal Rumble didn't raise enough eyebrows...Gaben himself enters at #40 for the 11/26 Rumble and wins.
  • 3 December 2013: What was anticipated to be a marquee match between Duke Nukem and Ganon ends up with the Dark Lord squashing Duke in under ten minutes.
    • During that night's VGCW vs. WWE match, Gary Oak this time jobs to, of all people, Zack Ryder.
  • 5 December 2013: The Terra vs Ivy rematch for the vacated Gurl Gamer Championship. First of all, it's a TLC match with a suspended belt. Terra nearly pulls a Zangief in four minutes, and then does so successfully a minute later when Ivy is too distracted by a second ladder. Then...
    • Ivy pushes Terra's Berserk Button which causes her to go Esper again. While security is trying to break them up, Gruntilda and Bayonetta have entered the ring. Bayonetta starts slowing time down while Grunty steals Terra's beauty, and all of a sudden, we're in WWE 2K14 mode. Bayo starts admiring Sexy!Grunty...and when Grunty speaks, we find out her squawks have been replaced with "oh OH uh OHHH"'s to go along with Bayo's own unusual voice while they recognize what Grunty's done to the set and demand better booking.
  • 10 December 2013:
    • The four-way match between Barret, Red, Barkley and Zangief ends when Barret lands a pin on Red, and the other two men scramble back into the ring and perform a desperate, synchronized dive to stop him, landing a fraction of a second too late to prevent the 3-count.
    • After a long, grueling First Blood battle between Dracula and Ezio, the fight ends when Dracula performs a backflip kick and cuts open Ezio...and the match is called in Ezio's favor, cutting to Dracula on the floor, bloodied and beaten. Even Bazza was confused, and Dracula's victory music was played over Ezio's victory animation for a short while.note 
    • The entire match between Sonic & Knuckles and Gamecenter FU was a spectacular meltdown of hilarious glitchiness; Arino showed a nearly suicidal desire to attack Sonic, Knuckles managed to pull the Nerd out of the way of his blue partner's flying dive, fights routinely broke out involving the inactive members of both teams, and when the dust settled, the Nerd and Chief were crowned the New Tag Team Action Internet Action All Star Action Champion Champions.
    • A week after their first match, Duke Nukem demands a rematch against Ganon. In the final segment of the night, Duke enters the ring, and is met by Ganin, a hairless, shirtless, featureless man with the words "Ganon" and "Dorf" tattooed on his front and back. Ganin explains that Ganon wasn't in the mood to wrestle Duke tonight and asks him to put it up. The "match" then ends with Duke delivering the Stunner to Ganin.
    • "Jesus Christ, Nappa, you've been under more men than the announce table..."
    • During Kefka' interview segment, when Haggar says he can beat Gaben, Kefka says in reply:
    Kefka: You're stupid. This is literally going to be a squash match. Gabe will win like always, we'll all be mad and await the hero who can defeat himnote .
  • 17 December 2013 — The Disciplinary Committee is chasing an unknown pink clad man, and end up arguing with Barret.
  • 24 December 2013:
    • For this year's Christmas episode Gabe heads out to the ring to face Jesus, Jensen warns him that Gabe will make the fans hate him even more for his actions as GM if he beats Jesus. Gabe's response:
    Gabe: Don't be a silly sausage. Everybody loves me!
    • Sure enough, Gaben pins Jesus, causing the chat to erupt in boos as he declares his victory to be a Christmas miracle... Cue "No Chance In Hell" playing as Baz McMahon walks to the ring, announcing that he had been released from prison for one night to kick Gaben's ass, to the immense cheers of the chat.
    Baz: "If there's one thing I hate more than Christmas... It's my employees doing an awful job!
    Gabe: B-but I'm the Best GM ever
    • Jesus is interviewed by Kefka. As in, the guy who became a god and tried to destroy the world.
    Jesus: You would not have succeeded, but I forgive you.
    Kefka: Forgiveness?! We all know I'm going to hell!
    Jesus: Probably.
  • 27 December 2013:
    • After VGCW Security and Lightning got injured by Gruntlida's spell, The Saint realizes there's no security, and tells Shaundi to patrol with Dick Gumshoe. Shaundi's reply?
    Shaundi: "But we hate cops!"
    The Saint: "He's a stupid cop. It'll be fine. Just go!"
    • Since her daughter's basically become a bit like AJ Lee, even dressing up like her, Sindel dissolves her tag team, and teams up with the now down a member Witches Three, fresh off Gruntilda stealing Terra's beauty, who accept her joining up and mentioning they were needing a rebranding anyway. The next match, the group comes out... to this entrance. The crowd lost it at this.
  • 7 January 2014:
    • 2Kuality rears its ugly head in a Cage Match between Octodad and Duke Nukem.
    • The Disciplinary Committee continues their hunt for the pink clad man, but apparently, there's confusion about what color he is. Pink, purple, or blue? Seifer says there must be more than one of them...
  • 11 January 2014:
    • Samus decides to sue The Saint for sexual harassment after the loads of Groin Attacks that Saint gave her in their previous match. Needless to say, words fly and shit escalates quickly.
    Samus Aran: "That's it! See you in court!"
    The Saint: (slams desk) "I'll fucking blow up the damn court!" (throws a tirade) "Get the fuck out of my face!"
  • 14 January 2014:
    • Gaben's idea for a #1 contender's match for the VGCW title? Tingle, Dan Hibiki, Gary Oak, and Luigi in a Fatal 4 Way. Jensen quickly shoots down that idea.
  • 23 January 2014: The premiere of Extreme Dudebro Wrestling has a brilliant moment of 2Kuality. Goomba is eliminated in a Fatal 4 Way match, but he can't leave ringside because a table is blocking the path.
  • 28 January 2014: In another example of 2Kuality, the Triple Threat match between Vegeta, Air Man and Captain Falcon results in all three wrestlers getting themselves from the ring to the entrance due to an AI loop in which Falcon repeatedly interrupted Vegeta's Demonic Rush finisher, which continued until they got up the ramp.
  • 31 January 2014:
    • Saints' Roll comes out for their tag match to "Opposites Attract." The Crowd lost it. Then The Last Sheikah(Sheik/Impa tag team) come out to the Uso's tag entrance motions. The Crowd lost it AGAIN.
    • Apparently, Poison and Roxy look SO much alike, Roxy's defeat at Chie's hands ended up being a loss on POISON's record. She does not take it lightly...
  • 4 February 2014:
    • After finally putting a stop to his evil doppleganger's rampage, Phoenix expresses relief that no one was hurt as a result of his tampering with the Chaos Emerald. Jensen, Sonic, and Snake then point out that because of Phoenix's actions, space and time were warped, Phoenix attacked Sonic, and Gray Fox is now stuck in his cyborg ninja form as a result of injuries committed by Phoenix, respectovely. In addition, Jensen mentions to Phoenix that there is a long line of people wanting to beat him up for what he did. Even in VGCW, Phoenix Wright is still the ultimate Butt-Monkey.
    • Senator Wright's one-liner before his Last Man Standing (Here) Match against Phoenix Prime.
    Senator Wright: Oh, but just before we start, I forgot to mention one other difference between us... I LIFT.
  • 11 February 2014:
  • 13 February 2014:
    • Chie fully embraces her "Steak Cold" moniker, complete with coming out to Austin's music (Stone Cold's glass breaking noise replaced with the sizzling of a grill), emulating his entrance and trash talking her opponent Videl while being accompanied by "WHAT?!" chants from the audience.
  • 18 February 2014:
    • Wario Ware Inc. get disqualified when Wario's fat butt stays in the ring too long. Whoops.
    • Ebisumaru's failed attempt to convince Gaben to give The Mystical Ninjas a Co-Op title match... See it for yourself.
  • 20 February 2014: Forever known as the night Bryn lost his mind, unfortunately for all the right reasons. His PS3 bit the big one the night before as he was testing the last match of Breakdown 2/3, and hastily got a new console before he went live. With too little time to restart and then stream Breakdown 2/3, he took the complete opposite direction and did a six and a half hour stream, the first 3+ hours of which was dedicated to making custom belts, logos and arenas with the greatest degree of Stylistic Suck possible. Among the highlights of that first half:
    • Belts with distorted Sheamus and Paul Heyman heads, a Tensai headshot with a logo covering one of his eyes, among other graphics...
    • One of the belts is for the "AND AND AND AND AND YUKE'S" Championship.
    • One custom logo uses VGCW graphics with a D-Generation X logo superimposed on to read "TWO WORDS: CHAINGANG CHAINGANG"...
    • Another Cena logo shows up when Bryn turns WWE 2K14 into WWWWWWE 2K54.
    • The entire Bret Hart arena.
    • The hood of the Chaingang Chaingang arena's announce table features Table-San on top of two folding tables.
  • 25 February 2014: It is pretty damn funny to see Gary Motherfucking Oak, perennial Butt-Monkey Jobber of VGCW as Illidan's manager. Gives one the vibe of the relationship between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.
  • 4 March 2014: Seifer and Raijin finally corner one of the Ring Rangers backstage and unmasks him, the Ranger turns out to be Octodad (Whose disguise was pretty obvious due to the CAW model). The two try to interrogate Octodad for information on the other Rangers, but are unable to understand him since Octodad only communicates in burbles. They conclude he must be from a foreign country.
    • Guile labeling Duke a "testicle obsessed freak" after the latter confronts him backstage.
    • During the bout for the Co-Op Belts, a pathing error results in Wily jumping from the turnbuckle onto Eggman.
  • 11 March 2014: Seifer spots the Blue Ring Ranger, and keeps watch to find out who it is...It turns out to be Gary Oak, who says he's quitting the Rangers anyway.
  • 14 March 2014: Prior to her match at Breakdown 2/3, Jessie encounters Rinoa backstage, expressing frustration with her opponent's limited vocabluary
    Jessie: Anything! Just say any other word! When I win this match, my first order as the leader of our Team Rocket will be to have you say a different word. Just one!
    Rinoa: Whatever.
    Jessie: AHHHHH!
    • At the end of their match Rinoa beats Jessie with an Obama Roll. Again.
    • During the Casualette Ladder Match, As Chie's coming out, Carmen Sandiego strikes again. After Chie gives her an ass whooping, The Saint comes out..and turns out she's a Carmen fangirl. After Lightning and Gumshoe come out to arrest Carmen, The Saint agrees to pay back all Carmen'd embezzeled. Cue the Losing Horns.
  • 22 March 2014, on EDBW:
  • 25 March 2014:
    • Jensen announces that he is forming a task force to hunt down the Ring Rangers, its name: Permanent Ranger Abolishment and Termination Squad: PRATS. The first man he recruited: Dan Hibiki.
    Jensen: When I think of a group of prats, Dan was the first man that comes to mind.
    • During Scorpion's match against Illidan, Gary Oak was ringside as Illidan's manager and proved that, much like the WWE, VGCW has some easily distracted referees. That's not the funny part. The funny part is the chat absolutely exploding at Oak, followed by cries of Smell Ya Later!!! when the ref finally ejected him.
  • 28 March 2014 (EDBW):
    • Curly Brace debuts against Clementine in the latter's first singles match (she had a tag team match in the last episode), and 2KUALITY happens yet again when Curly decides to pull a Goomba and endlessly run into a barricade while Clementine looks on in confusion. Illustrated with a gif and a fanart.
  • 1 April 2014: Who's gonna face Phoenix Wright? "HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!" No way, the King of All Cosmos is getting his— BWOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP... Well done, Kefka.
    • Kefka, after interviewing Gary Oak, calls Gary a douche. When KEFKA calls you a douche, that has to sting….
    • Dan Hibiki has found the next addition to PRATS. Who did he pick? Jimmy and Billy, the (Jobber) Dragons. That's pretty funny in and of itself. What makes it hilarious are Billy and Jimmy's absolutely ridiculously filthy mouths and pathetic attempts at sounding cool, complete with a new...more profane entrance theme. Even Dan is weirded out by this.
    • For an added bonus, this is the first time we've heard Billy or Jimmy speak.
  • 3 April 2014: the first WVGCW Season 4 episode has some golden moments:
    • The "no one knows how to play Go Fish gag" returns with Shadow Peach asking the question. What makes this even FUNNIER is the fact 3 Boos(via glitch that can cause created wrestlers to lack a body) are there as well.
    • The interaction between Samus and The Saint. That is all.
  • 10 April 2014: During the introduction to the first match, The Saint reveals that Bryn himself is in the building to introduce the first match. Since Shane McMahon, who Bryn used as his in game model, isn't in WWE 2K14, how does Bryn solve that bit? By having Bryn come in on a stretcher, wrapped in bandages via an attack on a Saints location ending up with him getting hurt badly. The crowd lost it at this.
    • Tifa attempts to offer some words of encouragement to Lighting and Terra before their 6 woman tag team match with Team Capcom
  • 15 April 2014: At the end of a Tables Match, Little Mac won when he punched Bowser through a table.
  • 24 April 2014: First match of the night, Rinoa is all set up to jump onto a downed Elizabeth from the ring corner. She then goes dramatically off-course and hits the referee instead.
    • The infamous "Curly glitch" pops up during the Impa/Videl match, though fortunately, Impa's AI manages to re-correct its path and keep the match going.
    • Speaking of Impa, before her match, she decides to get the Triforce of Wisdom. The way she says it sounds like she's stoned.
  • 29 April 2014: The PRATS talk to their boss, Dan. He was hiding in a box while Snake was getiing beaten up. What makes this all the more funny is Bulk and Skull's theme being the BGM, fitting the trio.
    • Later on that night, the Dragons witness Groose and Raijin attempting to trick the Yellow and Black Ring Rangers into letting them meet with Ring Ranger Red, and immediately jump to the conclusion that they're in cahoots. Their response? "FUCK 'EM UP!"
    • What's even funnier is watching the chat reaction. They've figured out where this is going long before that beautiful ending line, and their increasing despair over the stupidity of the Dragons is a blast to watch. You can practically see them screaming NOOOOOOOOO right before the Dragons attack.
  • 6 May 2014: Kefka delivers two CMOFs in one night. First, he informs Ness in his usual fashion that he couldn't beat Red before he'd evolved, and would lose to Red again. Later in the night, as Gary and Illidan again ask who Illidan's End Game 7 opponent was, Kefka came out, and after calling the duo "BORING, BORING, BORING!" revealed himself as Illidan's opponent.
    • As the Disciplinary Committee and the PRATS argue backstage over the events that transpired last week, the Black and Yellow Ring Rangers accidentally take a wrong turn and stumble upon their meeting. What happens next, let's just say Jimmy Lee is not known for his tactfulness.
    Fujin: RANGERS
    Jimmy: Ah shit! Good eye bitch!.
  • 9 May 2014: As usual, WVGCW is a gut-buster:
    • In the first plot segment, James tells Jessie that, to help her get a winning streak rolling, he's "requested the help of the Trainer"...that is, booking the winless Wii Fit Trainer as Jessie's next opponent. And perhaps unsurprisingly, Jessie wins.
    • In the previous episode of VGCW, Bazza threatened to ban "The King of Speed" (the "ROLLING STAAART!" song) from his show because of everyone spamming Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's "AAAAAAAA"s in the song. So of course Bryn plays it as the first song of the Roll vs. Shantae match, and of course the chat bites back at Bazza.
    • Gumshoe, Maya, and Ema have a cutscene discussing Franziska getting hit by a car. It feels like such a typical Phoenix Wright scene as it is, but to put the cherry on the top, Bryn added a multiple choice menu at the end with the options: Detention Center, Kurain Village, and The Ring.
  • 13 May 2014: End Game 7
    • Ebisumaru takes over as the host of Kefka's Korner for the night as he interviews Kefka regarding his decision to challenge Illidan
    Kefka: First of all, you're the worst Kefka ever and I regret this whole interview. You ask why I challenged him? Look at him! Big wings, purple, muscly, all evil and menacing looking. REMIND YOU OF ANYONE?!
    Ebisumaru: ...Ridley?
    Kefka: ... (Leaves the interview)
    Ebisumaru: I think I did a gorgeous job as an interviewer! <3
    • After revealing himself to be the Red Ring Ranger, Johnny Cage is taken to Gabe's office by Dan and Seifer where he is confined under suspicion of organizing the Ranger's invasion. As Cage tries to explain that it was a huge misunderstanding, Billy and Jimmy come to ask for Cage's autograph, causing Dan to ask why his students never asked him for an autograph.
    Billy: Aw don't be like that sensei! Johnny Cage has been in movies 'n' shit!
    Jimmy: Yeah, besides he can teach us things you can't, like how to pick up chicks!
    Dan: Hey! I get chicks left and right!
    Johnny Cage: Your chicks ARE your left and right!
    Dan: Shut up terrorist!
  • 20 May 2014: A couple days prior to the broadcast, there had been reports YouTube was looking to buy Twitch, which led many to fear the show would be subject to YouTube's copyright policy. The night the show aired, Bazza opened the stream to YouTube's "Video Removed" screen causing the chat to panic for about thirty seconds before the pre-show credits aired.
    • Later on in the night, during Kefka's Korner, Kefka interviews Flint and Barrett about their newly formed alliance and, as you'd expect, Kefka adds his spin on interviews.
    Kefka: Is this the birth of some crappy new tag team?
    Flint: We're focusing on our singles careers right now. But who knows what the future holds? Thanks for ya' time.
    (Flint and Barrett walk off)
    Barrett (offscreen): We didn't say that ya jackass!
  • 22 May 2014: Chie and Elizabeth attempt to question Daisy regarding Shadow Peach. Attempt being the keyword here.
  • 24 May 2014: TheTOH found an interesting way to bring Ganondorf into Arena and find a way around his painfully slow Undertaker entrance: by using the Bikertaker entrance. And he did not forget to KEEP ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN'.
  • 27 May 2014: Kefka invites Johnny Cage to Kefka's Korner. Snark-to-Snark Combat ensues:
    Kefka: So Johnny boy, how's it feel knowing 99% of the locker room hates your guts, me included?
    Cage: First of all clown, who does your makeup? I can give you my artist's number, you know!
    Kefka: Nice tattoo. Just in case you forgot your name, it's right there. Genius!
    Cage: Is that a flower in your hair sweetheart? It really brings out your soulless eyes.
    Kefka: I'd comment on yours but you wear SUNGLASSES INSIDE!
    Cage: Hey! When you buy $500 sunglasses you'll wear them everywhere too, buddy!
  • June 3rd, 2014: A match between The DK Crew and The Dragons occurs...but instead the Mystical Ninjas and PK Chu come out (accidentally double-booking Ness in consecutive matches in the process!). The name card for the Ninjas says "The DK Crew" and PK Chu's name card says "The Dragons". Bazza Quality indeed.
    • The two teams also end up coming out with those groups' respective entrances, too, leading to jokes that the Mystical Ninjas literally stole the DK Crew's entrance, and that Red and Ness were dragon types.
    • Kefka and Guile pull of what may well be the longest Obamaroll ever.
    • In the closing segment, Zangief congratulates Octodad on their match together and challenges him to another match next week. Octo says he refuses but Zangief interprets his speech as meaning he agrees to the rematch, to Octo's dismay... This is promptly followed by Mecha Knuckles standing ominously near them as the show closes.
  • June 6th, 2014: EDBW: Killscreen is interrupted by Link, drunk off his ass after being fired from VGCW long ago. John Dudebro has no choice but to send out the one man capable of bringing in Link, Banon, to contain him and get him back to rehab. Said guy has very generic entrance music, and an entrance that's all over the place..literally; one second he's leaving the locker room, the next, he's rising to the top of the ramp Dracula style, then he's in the crowd, then on an ATV, and when he does get in the ring, he brandishes a chainsaw. Many in the chat joke Link's just imagining him due to being so drunk. And funniest of all? Banon loses, meaning Link gets away to drink another day!
    • At the end of the #1 contenders TLC match for the EDBW Women's Championship, Sonya inadvertently lands on a ladder, back first, after grabbing the briefcase to win the match. She spends several seconds writhing in pain before getting to her feet... and promptly falling on her back again. The chat interpreted as her selling the effect of that landing.
  • June 8th, 2014: VGCW: Arena was a disaster. Connection errors left and right prevented all but one scheduled match from happening. However, the baton was then passed to TOH, who wanted to make sure something complete aired that night. Commence the Bonus nWtoh special, with hilarious CAWs and matches you will never see anything like in the VGCW for real.
  • 10 June 2014: The Mystical Ninjas again deliver a funny skit while talking about their upcoming Co-Op #1 Contender's Match. See it here:
  • 17 June 2014: With the Ring Rangers dissolved, the Lee Brothers decide to adjust their stable's name to: Powerful Rough and Tough Squad. Dan's reaction says it all.
    • The Chat's reaction to the ref presenting Scorpion with TWO championship belts after not only did he tie 10-10 against Dracula, but also beat a cashing in Sonic. It can pretty much be boiled down to "Fuck it, why NOT give him two belts?"
    • Meta-level humor: Bazza clearly didn't plan on Scorp vs. Drac ending in a draw, as the plot branch was set for either of them winning. So what happens is that the cash-in cutscene is skipped, going straight to the credits, then has the proper scene play, and after the following match has the credits roll again. It seems literally impossible to properly organize plot in this game.
  • EDBW 20 June 2014: Armstrong and Magus faced off in a tables match for the EDBW #1 contendership. Thanks to some truly spectacular 2Kuality AI however, neither man are able to end the match. (The AI kept trying to use a turnbuckle move to win but the other wrestler would get off the table before it hit). After 30 minutes and half a dozen tables broken, John Dudebro is forced to call it a no contest.
  • WVGCW 27 June 2014: Everything involving the Shadow World
    • First, Chie and Elizabeth pursue Peach into the Shadow World through the Titantron, whereupon both of them fall nearly twenty feet onto the ring. When Elizabeth, (who likely didn't feel a thing from the impact) asks her friend if she's alright, Chie replied that she can only feel pain.
    • Then, Shadow Chie, who in the Shadow World kept the Steak Cold gimmick, comes out to the ring to challenge Chie, wearing a leather jacket that says "Steak Cold" on the back and Austin's signature kneepads, and challenges the real Chie to a Hell in a Cell match, loser remains trapped in the Shadow World.
    • During said match which the real Chie wins handily, the chat who typically types in all caps during a regular match, promptly switches to lower case, keeping up the theme of the Shadow World.
    • Finally Shadow Peach has had enough and challenges Chie to settle the week at Breakdown.
    • Also, when von Karma unmasks her attacker, the attacker who is revealed to be Lara Croft does the old "you meddling kids" reference.
  • 1 July 2014: It's Royal Rumble time again, and Bazza's new PS3 (the first VGCW show for the new one!) comes up with some...interesting entry orders for the 40-man Rumble.
    • In an earlier cutscene, Ness and Red refer to Groose as a bully, and Groose has Haggar and The Heavy tagging along. Groose and Haggar enter at 4 and 5 respectively.
    • Octodad enters at 7, and Phoenix Wright enters at 10, leaving many to wonder why there are two Phoenixes in the ring (due to Octoman's wardrobe).
    • Guile and Johnny Cage enter at 14 and 15—of course, Guile has been framing Cage for all the Ring Ranger fiascos from the previous season. Cage eliminates Guile.
    • Things really start to get weird when M. Bison enters at 20...because his teammate-turned-enemy Sagat entered at 19. Bison eliminates Sagat! Just remember, this is only halfway through the Rumble.
    • Waluigi and Wario show up at 24 and 25, followed by Vegeta. Does Nappa show up next? No, but Billy Lee does...immediately followed by Jimmy, which causes Bazza to not only keep their Duane and Brando theme going, but he fast forwards it straight to the shadow boss movement of the song once they start fighting each other!
      • And how fitting is it that Billy eliminates Jimmy? He was just setting him up for that BOOM!
    • But we're not done yet. Eggman and Wily are 29 and 30. Nappa shows up at 31...does he finally put a bookend on things? Not at all. Gaben and Jensen are 32 and 33 (Gaben tosses Jensen clear over the ropes), and Ness and Red are 36 and 37.
      • Ness takes out Red, and eventually sends Ebisumaru over the top to win the Rumble, finally ending the anarchy, not to mention, making the bullies' eariler remarks ring hollow!
  • 4 July 2014: Breakdown IV
    • During the VGCW vs WWE match between Mad Gear and the Bella Twins, a glitch ends up making Roxy walk in mid air and shuffling on the ring floor while Poison has to fend off the Bellas by herself. Eventually, Roxy manages to recover after a wake up taunt has her spear Nikki/Brie, but not before clipping her way back to the ground.
    • Upon returning to the Shadow World for the Chie/Shadow Peach match, despite a week passing in real time, Chie remarks that it just had been a few seconds since Shadow Peach declared for their match at Breakdown, the Shadow World apparently runs on Year Inside, Hour Outside timezones. And when it comes time to start the match, Elizabeth ends up getting thrown out of the ring, again.
  • 8 July 2014
    • The Practice encounter Dan in the parking garage and try to lead him into a trap
    Dan: Hmmm...
    Dan: No
    Wily: N-no?! Why not?!
    Dan: Because I'm cool now, I can't be seen hanging with you dorks
    Eggman: You brat!
    Wily: How dare you!
    Dan: Plus, it's probably a trap because you're both jerks. Nice try! Bye bye!
    • In the tag team match between PK Chu and Groose and his gang of bullies (Haggar and Heavy), the title graphic labels them as..."Groose and his Gang of Bullys"
    • With the date for their "Loser leaves VGCW" I Quit match at the Elimination Chamber set, Bison and Sagat exchange some trash talk backstage, with Bison vowing to beat Sagat even worse then Germany's 7-1 victory over Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals. Note that that match had occurred barely an hour before the show started.
    • Gaben announces that the Elimination Chamber is coming around again, and tells the crowd they can vote on who gets into the title match on the VGCW App, he then backtracks and says he meant the forums, as said app doesn't exist.
    • A lag in the stream has the match between the Dragons and Mecha Zangief and Metal Knuckles go a few seconds ahead after the bell rang, unintentionally referencing a recent match on WWE Raw between Kofi Kingston and Cesaro that had the match end during the commercial break..
  • EDBW 11 July 2014: Samson and Adon from Cho Aniki make their EDBW tag team debut. Yes, THAT Cho Aniki.
  • 15 July 2014:
    • After the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown given to them by the Practice from last week, Jimmy reads the result of their physical from Dr. Mario, telling Billy that he is suffering from a "fractured anus" and must return to the doctor for surgery all the while sad and somber music is playing in the background... until Jimmy reveals he was just teasing his brother.
    • At the end of the triple threat match, first pinfall wins between Captain Falcon, Heavy and Nappa, Falcon lines up Nappa for the Falcon Punch and hits him, only for Heavy to immediately cover Nappa and pick up the win after Falcon missed breaking up the pin.
      • Also, in a reference Dragon Ball Z Abridged fans will chuckle at, Nappa is now being billed from Hollywood, California.
  • EDBW 18 July 2014: Dudebro and BelmontLegend seem to have a friendly rivalry over who has the funniest fake loading screens for their shows. On this episode, Dudebro might have won the battle for good when he decides to make one loading screen air a Hardcore Championship backstage brawl in the screen window, while the "Dig Diggity Dog" music from WWF No Mercy keeps playing, as if the in-world sound technicians had no clue what was happening. Dudebro even played it up in the chat as if he didn't know what was going on, with the audience happy to downplay the events!
  • 22 July 2014: After losing his Chamber spot last week, Octodad proceeded to completely lose his shit during a Triple Threat curtain jerker with Tingle and the Angry Video Game Nerd, beating up the ref while James had Tingle pinned for more than a three count and tearing off Table-San's "clothes". In the end, Octodad managed to beat the Nerd with a spinebuster, normally a transitional move, which was probably the most gut-busting moment of the Night.
  • EDBW 25 July 2014: The much anticipated EDBW TLC championship match between Johnny Gat and Demoman, ends in barely over three minutes after Demoman knocked Gat off the ladder to grab the belt.
    • The tornado tag match between Toejam & Earl and Cho Aniki ends with Earl literally sitting on Samson for the pin.
  • 29 July 2014: Protoman vs. Dandroid ends with Protoman stealing Dan's finisher...complete with video demonstration.
  • 1 August 2014: the Team Bean Machine vs. The Fuckheads (Travis Touchdown and Donte) tables match got off to a good start by having Travis and Donte team up over their shared love of profanity in the first place, but Team Bean Machine winning the match with Scratch tossing himself through a table while he threw Donte over it was an absolute gutbuster. Fans are beginning to call this match some variation of the Fuckjob.
  • 5 August 2014: Kefka interviews the winner of the Elimination Chamber, himself, represented by a photo on a stick, and as expected, he's oozing with smugness...up until Kefka-on-a-stick starts firing shots at himself, which leads to the bizarre scene of him telling himself to get out.
    • Earlier on, the Bullys can't believe Groose lost to Red. It's funny enough on its own, but Heavy then adds salt to the wound.
    • It turns out the Practice is sending two bots against Grey Fox. Things are looking pretty grim, when suddenly Barret comes to his rescue...only to be interrupted by the PS3 freezing up. Apparently, it was just a bit nervous.
  • 7 August 2014:
    • The Night starts off with a voice-acted narration of last season's events..with the narrator being stumped as to what he's reading.
    • During the scene where Phoenix makes a cameo, the usual window telling the time and date in the Ace Attorney style says, "August 6th..because 7 ate 9." This is a reference to the original planned airdate of the season 5 premiere.
    • Chie's new partner is revealed to be Naoto via the usual new challenger silhouette—but in fact, it's Aigis, courtesy of Bryn trolling the crowd.
    • The entire night was reminiscent of when Bazza put up the "Video Deleted" screen for VGCW as a result of Google taking control of Twitch and Bryn's difficulties streaming on the site. As a short-term fix, Bryn set up his own channel on Hitbox to stream instead, with the whole chat declaring legitimate anarchy on Twitch for obvious reasons...and affectionate anarchy on Bazza because it wasn't his channel. From declaring firsts of trivial things such as King's first lewd remarks, to a mass sing-along of "The King of Speed" that'd put 9 May's to shame, Bryn's trademark plot gags, and a certain Atomic F-Bomb at the end of the stream pointed at Twitch, this was an all around funny night to watch a stream.
  • 12 August 2014:
    • Vegeta gets challenged to a Last Man Standing Match by Barret, and he does surprisingly well! That is, until Barret just punches him with his metal arm, bringing the match to an anticlimactic end. Nice to have you back, Prince of all Jobbers.
    • Jensen informs Gabe that he needs to make a decision regarding the Co-Op championship which is in dispute due to Nappa being roboticized. Gabe, who until now has been unaware of the Practices's roboticization scheme, tries to come up with an impromptu tag tournament involving Wario Ware, Sonic & Knuckles and the Dragons. Jensen points out that Wario and Knuckles have also been roboticized and the Dragons are recuperating from injury.
    • After Hitbox decides to crap over itself during the end of the main event, Bazza directs his own Atomic F-Bomb towards it at the end of the stream.
  • 15 August 2014: During the number 1 contender's match between Aqua and Tron Bonne, regular chat member Desublade requests Spark Mandrill's theme for battle music. Not one second after he does so, guess which song starts playing?
  • 19 August 2014:
    • Backstage, Vegeta is chatting with a now de-roboticized Nappa.
    Nappa: Hey Vegeta! Did you see me? I spent a few weeks as a robot, Vegeta!
    Vegeta: Yes Nappa I saw, I helped bring you back to normal.
    Vegeta: Don't tell me you enjoyed it...
    Nappa: I was all like "beep boop", Vegeta!
    Vegeta: You were enslaved!
  • 21 August 2014:
  • 29 August 2014: Kanji and Skullomania face Cho Aniki...what was that again about Kanji liking dudes? But not these two after The Supreme Brothers beat down the duo.
  • 2 September 2014: The Triple Threat match between Snake, Ness, and Johnny Cage was an absolute mess, but gosh if it wasn't an entertaining mess. Highlights included the constant breaking of pins in an elimination match, Snake's numerous failed attempts at high-flying moves, and Ness's wide-eyed, bloody visage at the end, which crosses enough lines to be funny.
    • Wario's entrance for his match had him looking...conspicuously human for a Practice robot.
    • The match between Protoman and Iron Chief (Robot Arino) didn't happen at all, because Iron Chief was a ramshackle piece of garbage that broke after tripping, just like Wily feared all along.
  • 4 September 2014: Prior to the rematch between Jessie and Videl, James and Satan agree to exit the ring to give both girls a fair match. Until Jessie immediately calls Rinoa as the special guest referee, which enables her to beat Videl with a fast count.
  • 9 September 2014: Proto Man's repeated failures to actually beat any of the robots is mocked as Gaben fires him from the job he was doing for free to keep him from embarrassing himself again - but not before giving him some peanuts and a watch as severance pay.
  • Endgame 8: The ending of the Saiyans/DK Crew tag championship match can easily be seen as this. Diddy escapes Nappa's attacks, running to his partner's corner. Nappa rushes after him, but in what could be interpreted as a trap Diddy rolls Nappa up into a pin attempt. However, Nappa counters it and pins Diddy for an abrupt victory.
    • In the finale to the show, though it got surprisingly dark at the end, Gaben exclaiming "I'm gonna save the shit out of you!" to a robotized Chief Arino is hilarious.
    • The chat gets a special mention here as well: When Super Metal Arino announces his intention to roboticise everyone (including the audience), the chat immediately goes berserk, with one side panicking over not wanting to become robots, and the other side gladly welcoming their new robot overlord.
  • 22 September 2014: Impa and Mr. Satan hit on each other. That is all.
  • 26 September 2014
    • The EDBW Royal Rumble to determine Kratos' opponent at Killscreen has Brock, Jacket and Travis all get eliminated barely seconds after entering the ring by none other than Francis York Morgan, who manages to go on and win the Rumble. To add insult to injury, after being eliminated, their respective entrance themes immediately reverts to playing York's Whistle theme
    • Also hilarious was that a male version of Robin also debuted..when there was already a female version of the character.
  • 7 October 2014 (Killscreen 2 for EDBW): Jobber Kinzie Kensington offers an open challenge. Well, a new challenger approached...Princess Elise from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. And Elise won.
  • 16 October 2014: During the 2/3 Falls Triple Threat match between Jill Valentine, Cooking Mama and Android 18, Mama, who took the most damage of the three during the match, is unable to get up after being hit with a power slam from Jill thanks to a glitch. She is unable to get up for the remainder of the match, allowing Jill to pick up the victory against 18. Cue the chat mourning Mama's untimely demise and calling Jill a murderer.
    • Mr. Satan gives Impa some flowers
      • Then, Videl has to go out to the ring without her father at ringside to challenge WVGCW newcomer Peacock. Peacock's entrance also plays on the fact that she possesses Hammerspace in her game, swapping out among the following: Jake Roberts' duffle bag, a chainsaw, kendo stick, and the Iraqi flag (complete with salute to the flag) throughout her entrance.
  • EDBW, 24 October 2014: Professor Oak vs. Robin. The memetic implications from this booking should be rather obvious.
    • The main event: Jinx defends her newly-gained EDBW Women's Championship against Clementine in a manager match. Clem tries to roll Jinx up, but she reverses it... and keeps the Survivor down for over 20 seconds while the referee is distracted by Ellie, eventually getting a 3-count and retaining the title from it.
  • During the WVGCW 2014 Halloween Special, Gumshoe is announcing that after her beatdown, Mama had to be put on the injured list. However, the three Boos sneak up on Gumshoe and send him straight through the ring.
  • VGCW, 4 November 2014: Newcomer Travis Touchdown hits his Comeback...and takes a quick detour to strip Table-san of her top. And then goes back to pin Break Man, AKA Proto Man. Of course. Made even funnier by Air Man not interfering, which is grounds for many hilarious possibilities, like Air Man still not caring about Break Man, or being distracted by Table-san's nakedness.
    • With the rise of Nightmare Gabe creating an absence in the GM position, Jensen is finally poised to take over and prove he can run the company. Unfortunately for him, that is also the night Baz McMahon chooses to make his return.
  • November 11th, 2014: The first thing Travis does after joining VGCW is challenge Heavy to a backstage brawl...where he promptly gets his ass handed to him.
  • November 14, 2014 was an entire night of #2Kuality
    • Saints Roll has a Tag Team match against Jet Set Radio...and in the middle of the match, Cube just freezes and Shaundi starts to walk around aimlessly. Cue The Price Is Right losing horn and a restart of the match, leading to a longer night than normal.
    • Sheena and Bayonetta face each other off in a Flaming Tables match. Sheena sets a table on fire and slams Bayonetta on it...but the table mysteriously extinguishes itself as Bayonetta is hit, and the table just collapses slightly. It gets broken later on without being on fire, so Sheena brings another table into the match, only for this table to go out when she slams Bayonetta again. Naturally when Bayonetta sets her table on fire and slams Sheena, the game works for her. Cue accusations of cheating.
    • The Tag Team match between Space Court and the Hooligans was a beautiful mess. The teams have a relatively normal fight, at least until Samus starts glitching out. von Karma is forced to face both the Hooligans on her own while Samus starts walking on air and around the entire stage. Samus manages to get back on her feet, but von Karma was clearly the one who had to hold that fight.
  • November 18, 2014:
    • The Great Tournament preliminary between Gary and Waluigi has Gary attempt to cheat by sending Illidan out to the ring in his stead citing that as a Pokemon trainer, he doesn't do his own fighting. Just before the match begins, Bazza comes out and orders Gary to get his ass in the ring. As it turns out, Gary didn't need Illidan as he manages to utterly squash Waluigi to pick up only the second overall victory in his career.
    • At the closing segment Bowser, still sore from losing to Ebisumaru and getting knocked out of the Great Tournament attempts to lay a trap for Ebisumaru by luring him towards a doorway backstage where any wrestler that walks through gets ambushed. Ebisumaru walks through...and nothing happens. Barret, who Bowser had been divulging his plan to sarcastically praises him for his "great plan" as a confused Bowser walks through the door to prove that it works... and ends up getting ambushed by Segata.
    Barret: (Sounds of Bowser getting beaten off-screen)...Jackass
  • 21 November 2014:
    • An elimination Triple Threat match is booked for Jeff Gerstmann, Charles Barkley, and Goomba. About two thirds of the way through, Goomba Mode re-engages when he just freezes outside of the ring while Gerstmann and Barkley fight in the ring. Gerstmann pins Barkley...and goes out of the ring to freeze up next to Goomba, leaving an asterisk next to El Jefe's victory.
    • Kinzie and Curly Brace square off in a 15 minute Iron Woman Inferno match; in the words of Dudebro, "One of them will get their first win! Unless it ties, which would be funny." Of course it ends in a draw.
  • 25 November 2014:
    • After his attempt at getting revenge failed last week, Bowser gives it another go, this time by crushing Ebisumaru's car so that his insurance premium will go up and he will have to travel by public transport. Running a monster truck over the car does a fine job of rendering the car beyond use...but as Raijin reveals, Ebisu always travels between shows via limo or taxi. So who's car was it? Let's just say Bowser would have been lucky to get away with just his fingers broken.
    Raijin: (sounds of Bowser getting beaten off-screen, again) Yo, when you're done, I'm gonna have to bring him in for criminal damage, ya know?
  • 3 December 2014
    • The show featured AVGN's retirement match, which the forums voted to be a recreation of his famous triple threat with Ganondorf and Sonic where he won the VGCW Championship. This turns out to be Exact Words, as Sonic comes out dressed like the old, terrible CAW he used to have, complete with the Sonic X theme.
    • Bowser must have really felt his loss to Ebisumaru, because he tries to get revenge AGAIN, this time by squashing him from above while he's on the stage going to his match with Guile. Unfortunately, Ebisu is sick, so he called in a substitute. Bowser hears the unmistakable Japanese-sounding entrance music, jumps...and completely misses Segata, who once again pummels him for his dishonorable actions.
  • 9 December 2014
    • Bowser finally realizes that he should have just gone to Mr. McMahon for a match to get revenge on Ebisumaru. McMahon tells him that a match has been scheduled for next week, so Bowser gloats... only for Mr. McMahon to reveal that he thought Bowser meant someone else. Cue Bowser turning around and getting beaten up by Segata Sanshiro. Bazza says he isn't sure what Bowser's problem with Segata is, so he STILL thinks that Bowser has a grudge against Segata.
    • Thanks to a mistake on Bazza's part, we see that Scorpion can dance! Bazza ended the entrance cutscene early due to this example of Bazzaquality. The match itself would just have 2Kuality all over the place.
    • And to top off that particular comedy of errors:
      Toejam & Earl Wins
    • As you probably guessed, neither Toejam nor Earl were even in the match.
  • 23 December 2014:
    • Nappa tries to get Scorpion to show some Christmas spirit, making sure he will never live down the Toejam & Earl blooper from two weeks prior...not even Nappa and Donkey Kong breaking into a rave with Darude's "Sandstorm" playing could help him out.
    • Billy and Jimmy fight each other in the Royal Rumble again. And Jimmy gets his revenge.
  • 2 January 2015:
    • During Breakdown F.I.V.E.'s final plot segment, the plot thread of what happened to the Saint is resolved: She and the Saints had taken over the cruise ship they were on, and had been sailing all this time! This enough is funny, but the Saint then hires Kinzie as a WVGCW wrestler...Yes, THAT Kinzie, the jobber of jobbers.
  • 6 January 2015:
    • In the GTII Jobber's Bracket, Wario jobs to Kefka...which means Wario has to face Waluigi in the semis. And you thought The Dragons have had it rough...
    • Toad's debut, especially the cutscene immediately preceding. Toad winds up being a very fitting replacement for Tingle, as Bazza's connection crashes twice during his match against Eggman, where he loses badly.
  • 13 January 2015:
  • John Dudebro has a special Hardcore Champion match. Literally, he has it. He takes the championship by forcing a cosplayer Robin at MAGFest to submit.
  • 30 January 2015
  • 10 Feburary 2015:
    • Even after winning Star Road 2, Zubaz STILL isn't respected, and Kefka had no idea who he is..and calls security on him. REJECTED AGAIN!
  • 27 February 2015:
    • Oh boy, where do we begin with the Royal Rumble for the Killscreen 3 go home show? The three faces of Teddie? Tony Hawk assisting Kratos with an elimination? Curtis Axel getting eliminated before the next entrant is even buzzed in? Bubsy winning the Rumble?
  • 3 March 2015:
    • Roll ending up in an Obamaroll? Always funny. The Obamaroll being accompanied by "The King of Speed" from Daytona USA? Hilarious. An Obamaroll duration timer appearing in the bottom right corner of the screen?note  Pure genius.
  • 10 March 2015:
    • Sporting a new look, Toejam and Earl get their plot time as they address the crowd on how they got stranded on Earth and are working in VGCW in order to rebuild their ship and return to Funkotron, complete with their extremely 90's rapper dialogue from their game series. Cue Groose interrupting and promptly accusing TJ and Earl of plotting an alien invasion.
    • We learn the reason Professor Layton had taken Sabin's place during the 6-man match at End Game was due to the latter failing to solve one of Layton's famous riddles, and getting knocked out for it. Layton gives him another riddle...and even a few hours later, Sabin is STILL stumped.
  • 12 March 2015: The saint tries to give Kinzie a match...who promptly dodges the situation, with the Saint never learning Kinzie never won a match in EDBW.
    • How does Bryn open Ema vs. Lynne? With "Bad Boys".
  • 17 March 2015: In one of the most remarkably timed finishes and one of the few times a whole room of people will laugh at the Sonic drowning music, Arino pins Knuckles while said music is playing.
  • 24 March 2015: Gary decides the best way to get his underling Edgeworth over is to have him win a match with a strong opponent, so he books him in a match with Bowser. Edgeworth vanishes, with the implication that he's too scared of the massive Koopa King. Armstrong tells Gary that Edgeworth is nowhere to be found, so Gary declares that his replacement will be... himself! And as it turns out, Gary changed his intro music to Eiffel 65's I'm Blue. (Which is a massive pun to his actual in-game name) And to top it all off, Gary wins. When Gary confronts Edgeworth after the match for why he missed it, Edgeworth's excuse is "boring legal stuff." Gary believes it and only gives him a small scolding.
  • 31 March 2015: In what was undoubtedly a booking decision by Gary, Red gets stuck in a Handicap match against Kefka and his old nemesis Segata Sanshiro. The fact that Gary screwing Red over is so fittingly in-character is one thing, but Segata chewing out the ref and accidentally hitting Kefka several times only adds to it.
    • Tensions continue to ensue between Gary and Illidan
    Gary: Illidan, I'm the boss! So do what I say!
    Illidan: No! I will not be made a fool out of!
    Gary: You represent me now, so you're required to look professional. Now wear the damn suit! note 
  • 3 April 2015: GLaDOS finally catches Chell and puts her in a match. An Inferno match. Against a solo-debuting Cube. Subtle.
    • After the main event, even with the match on Epic match pace to drag it out, the show ended before 2 hours were up. So Bryn decided to fill up the remaining 20 minutes with...well, this.
  • 21 April 2015:
    • Sabin confronts Layton backstage, thinking him to be the reason behind his fall three weeks ago. Layton states that he only punishes people if they fail to solve his puzzles, which Sabin considers enough to confirm Layton's innocence. All is well...until Layton considers Sabin's search for the culprit behind his fall as a puzzle, and his accusation against Layton to constitute as a failed attempt, before proceeding to knock out Sabin with sleeping gas.
  • 23 April 2015:
    • During the match between Aigis and Elizabeth, Bryn decides to have a bit of fun with the hashtags for the match in the top left corner, deciding the official hashtag of the fight would be #ShinMegamiTensai.
  • 28 April 2015:
    • Somewhat Meta: Kanji Tatsumi's VGCW debut match brought eight fan donations to Bazza. Persona really is a draw.
  • 5 May 2015:
    • Why did Nappa add the extra stipulation that whomever eliminted the number 20 entrant to the Royal Rumble would also be in the title match? For funsies!
  • 12 May 2015: The PRATS find a new machine in the GM's room, and thinking it's a soda machine, use it..and get sent back in time to face Mecha Zangief, Brass Knuckles, and Dandroid. Their reactions sell it.
  • 31 May 2015: An ARENA episode where everyone decided to just do silly things results in absolute hilarity during a 6-man Hell in a Cell match, where we get to see beautiful creations such as Twinbee, Van Darkholme, Kratos Angle (complete with Angle's infamous breakdown from the "YOU SUCK" chants), and probably most of all, Jarek, who ended up taking the fall by getting chokeslammed from the top of the cell. Which ended up proving to be an inspiration for the show's stinger: a full recreation of MK4's infamous Jax ending using 2k14.
  • 9 June 2015: During End Game X, after Dante is proven responsible for the crimes Travis was framed for, and getting a beatdown at Travis' hands, what does Gary do to solve the anger between Travis and Dante? Make them a tag team again!
  • 7 July 2015: The main event of SNST One Night Stand is an EDBW Championship match between SNST favorite and "the people's CAW" Vyse and former VGCW talent and EDBW champion Liquid Snake. Many people drew comparisons to ECW One Night Stand's own John Cena vs Rob Vann Dam main event, which was the origin of one infamous crowd sign. So just for fun, JohnDudebro created a special sign to go off in the crowd for the event: "IF LIQUID WINS WE RIOT". Of course, the chat rioted when Liquid won.
  • 14 July 2015: The first show of the TOH Era sees Gary packing up and moving the show from London, where the VGCW Arena is canonically based in, to a beach on an undisclosed island as a result of the British Parliament sanctioning them over the number of near world-ending disasters that had taken place there. note 
    • The entire intro was a gutbuster, showcasing the new arena befitting of Season 11's Beach Episode nature. Standout moments include Toad Jumping off the Titantron into some water, Toe Jam and Earl dancing in a club, Flint and Barret playing Volleyball, Jensen sitting in a closet somewhere, still clearly upset over Gabe's deathnote , Dracula hiding from the sun in his coffin, Seifer making his entrance but getting torched by Zubaz's pyro, Waluigi preforming the crotch chop taunt in front of Table-San, Red hitting Goemon in the head with a Pokeball, Break Man using Air Man as a fan, Heavy hitting Groose in the head with a frisbee, Octodad swimming around the ring, Cooking with Scorpion, DK buried up to his neck in sand, and Armstrong using Wario's head as a kickoff tee.
    • And then there's Gary's explanation as for why they don't have the old belts anymore. They lost them in the Luggage. note  This leads to a few hilarious scenes, including a Kefka's Corner where Kefka taunts the new Casual Champion Groose over it, and Toejam and Earl talking to Kanji about having to wait for their title matches, with Toejam and Earl leaving for Earl's first one one one match...Going the wrong way to the arena entrance!
    • Keeping up with the beach theme, the Saiyans return to tag team pink trunks, much to Vegeta's chagrin.
      • The match itself took a turn for the hilarious towards the end, where Waluigi kept interrupting Nappa's attempts to Scoop Slam Wario in plain sight of the referee.
  • 17 July 2015: Possibly in a tribute to Monty Python, Bryn has the audacity to book Kitana in a mirror match.
  • 24 July 2015: EDBW's first episode with plot.
    • First, Teddie is revealed as EDBW's new General Manager. While describing the new format of the show, Teddie is interrupted by a voice in the crowd as the lights dim, until Teddie sees Monokuma in the ring where he announces, to Teddie's dismay that he's been made co-GM due to Teddie taking so long to plug the batteries into the wrestlers microphones
      • Monokuma then shows an intro montage he edited, which features him and Teddie involved in various sitcom antics, from Monokuma throwing wine at Teddie in a restaurant, to sharing a beer with Cho Aniki, complete with Laugh Track. Teddie then reminds Monokuma that their show already has an intro as Monokuma asks why wasn't aware of this before he edited. *cue intro*.
      • Humorously, before Monokuma even showed up, Teddie mentioned the events of VGCW Seasons 8 and 10, specifically the wrestlers Roboticized by The Practice and Nightmare Gabe, and that there would be no drama on EDBW. Cue Monokuma, or as Teddie puts it:
    Teddie: Oh no! Drama!
    Shovel Knight: Milord, the fates themselves bound me to thee. A knight must be loyal to his king! What wouldst thou bid of me? What is thy greatest dream?
    Shovel Knight: ...Is milord...famous for his sense of humor?
    Shovel Knight: Alas! The fates are a cruel mistress to place me in the service of an evil king. But, if the gods so will it, I suppose I am forced to become ...evil...
    • Really, Shovel Knight's Face–Heel Turn boils down to "Well... I guess I'm evil now."
    • Even funnier is the fact that Arthas' first ever feud is with King DeDeDe. Who talks exactly like his 4kids voice actor from the anime.
    • Backstage, Aqua finds Commander Shepard who two weeks ago took her Hardcore Championship with help from Ellie and Fio Germi. Aqua tries to pick a fight to win her belt back but Shepard reminds her that she never goes alone and gets Aqua to back off when Urdnot Wrex appears as backup. Shepard then tells Aqua that she'll offer a rematch but only if it's in the ring. Not wanting to fight a Krogan, Aqua accepts, though not before getting a dig in at Shepard's expense.
    Aqua: I should go. *leaves*
    Wrex: Heh, she stole your line Shepard. You gunna take that?
    Shepard: Hilarious
    • Scratch and Grounder's first plot scene is a gutbuster. The two of them bicker for a while before trying to devise a way to get back at Sam and Max for handing them a defeat in their last match. However, their planning is interrupted by Coconuts. Who they blatantly ignore for the entire segment before deciding to just go wreck Sam and Max's car. note 
      • And then after the show, they use a Monster Truck to run over Sam and Max's car note  in front of Max. His only complaint is that someone has a monster truck and isn't sharing it with him.
  • 28 July 2015: Breakdown 06
    • The climax of WVGCW's first ever Royal Rumble had the Chat share a collective Oh, Crap! when: the division's biggest heel Sindel draws #40, putting her into the final three alongside Chie and Morrigan as the chat begged the other two to eliminate Sindel.
      • And in typical draw shenanigans, #18 was...well, 18.
      • When Zelda entered at #20, some in the chat began making jokes that alter ego Sheik would enter shortly afterwards and cause a paradox. Zelda survived in the ring for a whole 8 entries without this happening... and then after she got knocked out at #28, Sheik immediately came out as Entrant #29. Not only did the Rumble RNG deny the paradox, it perfectly set up what looks like blatant cheating.
  • 7 August 2015:
    • The Chun-Li Memorial Battle Royale between Marie, Mona, Gaige, Ellie, Jeanne and Reccete ends with Ellie winning after eliminating Mona last...Only for 2Kuality to hit the next scene which shows Mona's victory animation and music playing. Cue the fans declaring Mona the true victor and Dudebro having to confirm that Ellie was the legit winner.
    • Little Mac begins his career as a coach to the EDBW stars...unluckily for him, one of the people who show up is Rainbow Mika, who proceeds to fangirl over Little Mac's rival Zangief.
    • The King of All Cosmos interviews Aqua and Shepard before the main event. Aqua's interview goes all right; however, Shpeard has a tendency to punch out reporters...and guess what happens?
  • 11 August 2015:
    • The main event is The Dragons vs. Toejam & Earl for the Co-Op Championship. To complement the teams, TOH decides to play a nice funky song. In one of the most ridiculous musical decisions in VGCW history, this song is "Here Comes That Sound Again" by Love De-Luxe...the 17-minute album version. Remarkably, the song ends first.
  • 18 August 2015:
    • Groose's Gang of Bullies comes out to cut a promo against M. Bison, only for Groose to talk over his "teammates" every time they try to get a word in edgewise. After M. Bison delivers his retort and plants the seeds of dissent in the Bullies, Groose decides to steal Heavy's spot in the match they came out for in the first place so he can take his anger out on their opponents, much to Heavy's displeasure. However, they're interrupted by a trio of people falling from the sky and crashing into the ring. Who are these people? Why It's the debuting BLU Rogues of course!
      • And after their much anticipated debut, Demoman immediately picks a fight with the bullies, prompting Vyse and Guybrush to take on Groose and Haggar. And then TOH's PS3 Crashes. Twice. note 
    • Sonic claims that there is no one as fly as he is, with the chat believing that Illidan is going to take offence to that and appear behind him. Toad does instead.
    Toad: I'M THE FLIEST!
  • 28 August 2015:
  • 8 September 2015: The entire ending scene, where Gameshark starts twisting many of the characters. Much Memetic Mutation was to be had here, from Eggman's new Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik look spouting a horde of "PINGAS" responses, to Knuckles' "...OH NO.", and Gary demanding Seifer to attack the shark with the ominous tank that's been hanging out near the ring the whole time.
  • 18 September 2015: Backstage, Mona confronts Recette over the latter interfering in her match with Ellie. Recette reveals that several weeks ago, Wario ended up selling his controlling stake in Mona Pizza to a new holding company owned by Recette and video gaming's most infamous loan shark, Tom Nook, who is standing right behind Mona. Hers and the chat's reaction says it all
  • 2 October 2015 already had great potential with James replacing the ref. After the show ends, he asks the commentators how he did only to be interrupted by the Ref rising from the ground, surrounded by fire, Dracula style.
  • The main villain of Season 11, The Gameshark, tends to do hilarious things to the wrestlers with its powers. These include switching Duke Nukem and Nappa's outfits, switching Ezio and Guile's hairstyles, and taking a tag team match to the RAW arena, and ironically enough after Gabe's comments on redesigns being stupid a while back, turn Knuckles into his Sonic Boom design.
    • Perhaps the most awkwardly hilarious example came in the 20 October 2015 show: Given the teaser of Toe Jam & Earl fighting Snake and Jensen, the Gameshark's signature static pops before ring intros. And it becomes dreadfully obvious what's about to happen when TJ&E come out first to Salvation Ops' entrance...
  • 20 October 2015: Wario abruptly retires from VGCW thanks to a massive windfall courtesy of the Gameshark, leaving Waluigi distraught and at a loss over his long-time partner abandoning him. Cue Zubaz who had tried to get Waluigi's attention during his funk, reminding him that he needs to leave for the next match
    Waluigi: "Waluigi's busy cutting an emotional promo! Do your entrance somewhere else! *thundercrack*...WAAAAAA! OKAY! Waluigi will yell backstage instead!
  • 27 October 2015: Dante and Segata Sanshiro come out for a match, and the Gameshark strikes... By doing a Gender Bender on the two.
  • 10 November 2015: One of Gameshark's funniest alterations to date occurs during a match between Edgeworth and Dan. The game gets changed to WWF No Mercy.
  • 24 November 2015: At EDBW Killscreen IV, Teddie and Monokuma pitted two hand-picked teams against each other in a 3v3 match. The stipulation being if Teddie's team won, Monokuma would have to wear a hat of Teddie's choosing for next season while if Monokuma's team won, Teddie would cease with his bear puns. Sure enough, Teddie's team wins and as Monokuma is berating Kratos, who ate the losing pin, Teddie appears behind Monokuma, who does a slow turn as Teddie reminds him of their stipulation. Cue next scene featuring Monokuma wearing a pink and blue pimp hat complete with green feathers, and Teddie deciding to make things more humilating via a barrage of bear puns.
    Teddie: I think your, a-bear-ence is the best it's ever been!
    Monokuma: That doesn't even work!
    Teddie: Well don't worry, because I got plenty more! Why you could say I'm, loaded for bear!
    Monokuma: ...So this is what despair feels like.
  • 27 November 2015: Duriung the Chamber of Elimination match, Cooking Mama and Tina end up in an Obamaroll..that lasts 3 minutes and 3 seconds, outdoing Guile and Kefka's infamous Obamaroll!
    • The post-credits scene has Gumshoe get stuck under the ring again, and Cooking Mama offers him a sandwich. When Gumshoe asks to be resuced, Cooking Mama says she'll have someone help... Cue Duke Nukem.
  • 1 December 2015: King Vegeta and Nappa show up during End Game X1 and announces auditions for a court jester. After rejecting in the following order: Dr. Mario, Zubaz, Toejam, Zack Ryder, Robotnik and Kefka, the two finally settle on Ebisumaru after seeing him perform his infamous "Hypnotic Dance" whilst wearing a "Badnin" logo on his undergarments, much to the chat's dismay
    • Backstage, Guile tries to get his former Ring Ranger stablemates to help him in his match against Haggar. Waluigi declines due to how uncomfortable and sweaty wearing his Ring Ranger outfit made him. Gary meanwhile is too busy preparing for his match with Red & Illidan, Octodad flat out refuses, and Johnny Cage & Mr. Satan's reply is to laugh at Guile over the phone. Finally, Guile tries to recruit Groose but finds him in a blubbering mess due to having lost his Casual Championship to the Heavy earlier tonight.
    • The last goofy Gameshark hack of the season occurs in Sonic vs. Toad, where the audio and video speed up when the music's respective wrestler has momentum and slows down when they're falling behind. A wild way for the Big Bad to go out.
  • 17 December 2015: To celebrate her WVGCW championship win, Chie declares that everyone in the arena will receive a free steak courtesy of Junes and Yosuke. Cue Yosuke making a run-in and informing Chie that he cannot afford to feed the entire audience on his dime and that Junes refuses to associate its brand with VGCW. When Chie reminds Yosuke of the time he broke her DVDs, Yosuke relents and offers her and Aigis a free steak just as Jill runs-in to make her case for a title rematch.
    Yosuke: (sees Jill) Holy crap! You fight people like her here? I should watch this show more often!
    Chie: Shut up, King
  • 22 December 2015: As EDBW celebrates its Christmas Special, Monokuma tries to sleep through the holiday but is visited by Nappa and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future (represented by Geno, the King of All Cosmos and Marle respectively). The three try to convince Monokuma to embrace the Christmas spirit to no avail, leading them to literally summon the Christmas Spirit in the form of three Boos in an attempt to literally beat it into him. Unfortunately for them, Monokuma not only defeats the Spirit, but then sees Lucas in his usual depressive state and declares the meaning of Christmas to be spreading misery to those not celebrating the holiday. It's revealed before the credits the whole set-up was a story by Coconuts in an attempt to let Scratch and Grounder invite him to their Christmas party. Scratch berates him for not giving an actual present while Grounder opines that the story wasn't very good before they leave.
  • 12 January 2016: Strong Bad tries to convince Sketch Turner into letting him use his likeness for his comics to help his struggling publisher. Sketch tells him he cannot afford new titles, revealing that he has had to take a second job as BWA's head trainer, inadvertently confirming BWA as canon in the VGC Wverse. As this is going on Tom Nook can be seen hearing this conversation near the door.
  • 26 January 2016:
    • The opening plot shows the roster getting ready to board their flight before the World Tour, with more than a few incidents along the way including: Toejam and Earl getting held up by the TSA who cannot verify their ID due to translation issues regarding Funkish. Dracula being told that the terminal gift shop has no sunscreen available. King Vegeta and Nappa being forced to put their clothes back on prior to boarding. Heavy and Haggar complaining about the plane seats being too small while Armstrong gets to fly first class which results in Haggar using some "political muscle" to get some first class accommodations at Gary's expense, and Zubaz stowing along with Snake and his cardboard box in the cargo hold along with Heavy's minigun, Sabin's weight set and Demoman's whiskey.
    • In the locker room, Wily expresses relief that the fallout of the GameShark didn't result in any permanent damage...Only for Eggman to reveal that he is still stuck in his Dr. Robotnik form from when the GameShark first struck, and that the FCC is now on Robotnik's case due to his censored outburst at End Game X1.
    • A backstage plot focuses on Groose, who is determined to recruit a new Gang of Bullies after Heavy and Haggar broke up the stable. He's so desperate he even tries recruiting Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler (who responds with "I DUNNO!"), and Table-san (who actually has her own CAW head in this segment). That exchange is immediately followed by Dr. Mario, who doesn't even say a single cohesive word to him—and as this episode was set in the Mushroom Kingdom, he gets a hilariously gigantic cheap pop courtesy of TOH magic, despite most of his recognizable features covered up! As a last resort, Groose tries to recruit Guile who hasn't forgotten Groose's earlier snub at End Game X1 and tells him to get lost.
    • Bowser and Toad have a Mario Kart-themed Iron Man particular, Baby Park, with its music on a progressively faster loop as the pins rack up. The final score is 6-4...or as the chat put it, NINTENDO 6-4!!!
  • EDBW 29 January 2016:
    • Teddie calls Papyrus & Sans to his office after Tingle issues a complaint over Sans using Tingle's finisher in the last show without his permission. As they discuss the matter, Sans and Teddie find out, to Papyrus' horror, that they share a penchant for making bad puns.
    Sans: i'm just saying if you take it away, my moveset will be a little.......bare-bones
    Teddie: .....a little, BEAR-bones.
    Papyrus: ...WHAT
    Sans: heh heh heh,
    Teddie: I'm sure we can let this slide, you've just made one little...bear-or.
    Sans: don't worry papyrus, we're just ribbing you
    Papyrus: WH-WHY AM I SO AFRAID?
  • On the February 2nd episode of VGCW, Zubaz's one year contract from Star Road was set to expire the next day, and it seemed like The Storm would fizzle out. And indeed, during The Stinger a memorial style tribute to Zubaz set to Don't You (Forget About Me) started playing Only to reveal that due to a clerical error, his contract was auto-renewed and he's still employed.
  • 9 February 2016:
    • It seems like Sonic and Knuckles are about to team up again, but in a Bait-and-Switch, they were actually talking to Toad and Sabin respectively. The crowd lost it when they realized they'd have been tricked.
    • In the stinger, Robotnik is still livid over being banned from ringside. Just as he's about to curse out security, he gets WILLIAM MACKEY'd.
  • 1 March 2016:
    • Vergil makes his debut to face off against his brother and old nemesis, Dante... except it's actually Virgil, in a surprise WWE vs. VGCW match. Capping off the hilarity, Virgil manages to pull off the upset.
  • 4 March 2016:
    • After the previous episode of VGCW ended with static appearing on the screen, followed by Bison interrupting the show and cutting the feed the night's episode of EDBW ends with static appear during the credits, followed by Bubsy of all people doing the same thing.
  • 8 March 2016: Salvation Ops takes on Final Fantasy 3 & Knuckles in a Tables match. 2Kuality strikes hard with unbreakable tables, Sabin suplexing Knuckles instead of his opponents, and Jensen putting himself through three tables before getting eliminated by his own partner while under a table, among other hilarious glitches.
  • 14 March 2016:
    • Beowulf is impressed with Bomberman's pyrotechnic work across the VGCW shows, and when asked if there's anyone he wants to take care of, Beowulf suggests Danny Sexbang, as he's sick of the "Wulfjob" puns. Don't worry, Danny's not actually dead, it's a joke. The whole plot is made even funnier by the chat's horrified realization that the scene is taking place on Danny's birthday.
  • 15 March 2016:
    • The next scheduled stop on the World Tour is VGCW's old stomping ground in London. However, the company is still banned from performing in the UK by the British government with an arrest warrant for Gary, who is saved from jail time by Layton's timely intervention via taser. This forces Edgeworth to move the show to Japan as their contingency stop.
    • In Japan, Ridley's entrance is met with panicked and terrified screams from the crowd akin to a Kaiju movie.
  • 18 March 2016: Naoto tries to get Teddie to figure out what Monokuma's up to. Out of nowhere, Sans shows up, having taking one of his famous "shortcuts" to appear out of nowhere. Teddie admits he's learned to stop asking how Sans tends to appear out of nowhere by now.
  • 22 March 2016: The episode starts with a Brick Joke, as Goemon finishes powering up, which he had started doing early on last week..Just in time to leave for the next stop. When it's revealed the next stop is Japanifornia, Goemon says that they're basically in the same place.
  • 29 March 2016: Ladies and gentlemen, we give you BWA's adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • 24 July 2016: Danny is obsessed with Pokemon Go and is encouraged by Arin to train real Pokemon. He bumps into Greninja, not realizing he actually is a Pokemon...and it all goes downhill from there.
  • 25 September 2016: In the women's tag team championship match, Rouge somehow manages to miss a catch RKO.
  • 14 October 2016: After Joanna forgives Lucca about her not stopping Lucina from removing her and Toadette from the Royal Rumble, she tells Lucca that Toadette had gone to find Lightning, leading Lucca to wonder why she would need to find the GM. Cue Lucca getting struck by lightning, leading to her being shrunk to a tiny size.
    Lucca: ...Okay, you know, I'm a big enough woman to admit that maybe I deserve this.
  • 6 December 2016: Nappa faces off against Goldberg, and beats him within a matter of seconds with one move.
  • 23 April 2017: In the celebration of the BWA Annual, Laguna and Lance discuss the "shows" that tried to replace BWA. It must be seen to be believed.

  • Whenever Waluigi appears, the chat explodes into a massive roar of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHs because they love him so much.
    • Similarly, the AVGN's intro had the chat launching Cluster Atomic F-Bombs of ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    • Really, pretty much every single face has the chat going absolutely nuts. Barret's theme makes the entire chat go HEY!, Bowser has everyone call themselves Koopalings, Snake and Grey Fox: !!!!s everywhere, and much more.
    • Even the heels get similar responses. Eggman's theme causes a tide of #Masterplan, Break Man causes the chat to start quoting his theme song, and Dante is met by a storm of "FUCK YOU".
    • Even when not during intros, the chat is a gutbuster, as it always points out grammar errors, screams SHOTS FIRED! whenever insults are thrown (One particular instance was with Kefka and Johnny Cage, as they created a crossfire of shots)... The list goes on.
    • Episode Unknown: During one instance when the chat was moving at such a rapid pace, with so many viewers commenting at once that it seemed that their comments would only appear for a second, one viewer tried to take advantage of this by confessing that they love Bazza. Unfortunately for them, the chat noticed the confession, and almost immediately began ragging on them.

Michael Cole: "Nice dodge there."

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