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You don't think a web show about video game characters wrestling would produce this many awesome moments? Think again.

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BWA (Community)

     Season 1 
  • 15 November 2015; the first episode of Belmont Wrestling Alliance on the VGCW Network:
    • The show begins with Simon Belmont, now based off of his appearance in Castlevania Chronicles, introducing his staff to the VGCW Universe, which includes Ace Director Junpei Iori, EDBW's own Sketch Turner, taking up position as Head Trainer, Sir Richard Rose, who is charge of "those blasted Konami noises", and prominent VGCW writer Cran Rightia (under the guise of Kagamine Len), director of Kitties, and the group promise a night of old faces and fresh newcomers.
    • The opening match is a One-Fall Triple Threat entirely filled with Newcomers in Lance Bean, Laguna Noire, and Tienshinhan. After a 20-Minute+ contest, Laguna busts out the Laguna Blue on Tien while Lance is dazed to steal the victory.
    • The following contest is a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match, with ARENA Veteran Minako Arisato sharing the ring with three more Newcomers in Patricia Wagon, Korra, and Hilda. In the end however, it's the veteran in Minako who manages to stand tall over the new blood.
    • Bo Jackson finally steps into the ring himself to face Serious Sam in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match. In a brutal back-and-forth contest, Sam just manages to overcome his opponent, and the two shake hands out of respect afterwards.
    • More fresh faces take to the ring in a Tag Team Match, as Cirno & Yukari Yakumo, the Bullet Hell Club face the Dark Magician Girl & Sailor Mercury, the Magic Club. A well-timed comeback sequence is enough for DMG to pick up the win for the Magic Club.
    • Another newcomer emerges in BWA with Jack Frost facing off against former VGCW Arena competitor Wonder Red Jack Frost makes his debut a good one, pinning Wonder Red after nailing him with the Jackbreaker.
    • Two more Newcomers in Paz Ortega Andrade & Blanc, along with ARENA Veteran Chihaya Kisaragi, take part in a Tables Match. Chihaya puts Blanc through the Table to pick up the victory.
    • A variety of faces, new and old, make up the Main Event, with Jim Raynor, Beowulf, Forcystus, Bomberman, JonTron, and Mr. Foster all taking part in a six-man Elimination Match. In an unintetional act of betrayal, Jon pins his fellow Team Flare member Foster before getting powerbombed by the Dark Horse pick Bomberman for the surprising victory.
    • Before the show ends, we're given one final stinger to hype an upcoming BWA Wrestler some dedicated fans may recognise: An F.O.E., from the illegal eFed, is coming to BWA.
  • 29 November 2015: The second episode arrives, and it is as crazy as the last:
    • In a surprise, the first sumbmission match in over a year on any VGCW show occurs, and it is a Triple Threat Elimination between Rarity(bearing the persona similar to Bret Hart), Excellen, and Jubilee. Excellen is the first to tap out, but Rarity seizes her chance, and makes Jubilee tap out to the Sharpshooter.
    • Kano, K', Jack Cayman, and Caim compete in a Fatal 4 Way KO Match. K' is the last man standing in the end.
    • Lyra faces off against Vi. Lyra gets her butt kicked.
    • The Koopa Krew face the team of JC Denton and Makoto. The Krew get clobbered.
    • Glory and Rouge the Bat face the Crimson Queens in a Tornado Tag Team match. The new team manages to pick up a win.
    • John Madden faces the debuting Danny Sexbang. Danny proves to have some skill at wrestling, taking down Madden.
    • The main event is a six-woman ladder match between Birdo, Shanoa, Rikku, Cadence, and Katia. Shanoa wins after an epic brawl.
  • 15 December 2015: Episode 3 arrives, and things are still crazy.
    • The night starts with Belmont announcing that on the next few shows, 2 Fatal 4 Way matches would be held, with the winner of the two clashing to become the first BWA Champion, and other titles are promised to be revealed.
    • The reason Makoto and JC teamed up is revealed: To hunt terrorists. After mistaking Gyminus for one, and kicking his ass, Coconuts revals he's formed his own group. Looks like this duo's work isn't over yet...
    • Crystal is revealed to be Hilda's new recruit, and she faces off against Fire Emblem's Cynthia. Crystal manages to win against her opponent.
    • The team of Guy and Terry Bogard face off against the team of Juilus Belmont and Lemeza. Guy and Terry Bogard show their time in fighting tournaments has prepared them for this.
    • Isabelle faces the debuting Tomoko in a Bryn Special. Isabelle wins, and Tomoko tries to be a good sport, but accidentally KOs Isabelle. Whoops.
    • Cyclops faces Mega Man X in an Extreme Rules match. Though Cyclops manages to put up a strong offense, Mega Man X's creative use of a ladder allows him to copy the Gene Splice off the leader of the X-Men and pin him.
    • The first number 1 contenders match is the main event, with the combatants being Jack Frost, Laguna, Serious Sam, and Bomberman. In the end, Bomberman stands tall, one match away from becoming the first BWA Champion.
  • 3 January 2016: BWA is on, and it is awesome:
    • The night starts off with Buck Bumble facing John freeman. John faces full-life consequences and can't take down Buck Bumble.
    • Belmont announces the return of an injured wrestler, thought to be Biff. However, it's Miku. Cue an Oh, Crap! from the chat. Meanwhile, Biff himself is hiding from Miku...
    • Noriko, Yuri Sakazaki, and Shiki Misaki clash in a Triple Threat Tables match. Yuri puts Shiki through a table, making an epic debut.
    • Tien and Jim Raynor face off, and despite major glitches, the show goes on(via moving to Hitbox). Tien makes up for his humiliating defeat at BWA's premiere episode by defeating Raynor.
    • The Magic Club faces Space and Glory. The Magic Club takes down their foes.
    • In an epic clash, Biff and Beowulf face off in Hell in a Cell Bryn Special. In an epic battle, Beowulf takes down Biff.
    • Linda Lash and Palutena face off, with Linda taunting Palutena for being too silly. Palutena brought a friend, though..Miku. Despite this, Linda wins, and the chat is not happy.
    • The main event is a Fatal 4 Way match between Shanoa, Rarity, Chihaya, and Minako to determine one of the number 1 contenders for the first women's title match. The favorite to win, Shanoa, is eliminated first, and in the end, Rarity stands tall, one match away from becoming the first BWA Women's Champion.
  • 19 January 2016: BWA has come around once again:
    • Egoraptor faces Forcystus in a steel cage. Egoraptor's experience wins him the day.
    • Korra and Rikku clash, with the announcer from Street Fighter IV showing up to commentate. Rikku ends up getting schooled by Korra.
    • Bo Jackson and John Madden, alongside Coach Z, take to the ring as DA RAIDAHS!! face off against Killing Flare, who in turn are accompanied by JonTron, in a Tag Team Submission match, the first of it's kind. In the end, Foster makes Madden tap out.
    • Two new teams, Vanishing Troopers, and BW Agency (Hilda and Lyra) face off. Excellen's experience allows the Vanishing Troopers to win in this match.
    • Patty and Cadence have a good match. Patty makes up for her defeat with a convincing victory.
    • Lance, Hylain Captain, Wonder Red , and Serge compete in a Fatal 4 Way KO match as the main event. Wonder Red manages to escape his jobbing ways, taking out the former EDBW Champion Serge to be the last man standing.
  • 31 January 2016: BWA has arrived once more, and it's (bar one match) Ladies Night!:
    • To open the show, Cirno and Blanc take each other on in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match, and though Blanc starts off strong, Cirno proves she is The Strongest after a second Cirno Stunner.
    • Red, Yukari , Tomoko, and Glory clash in a Steel Cage match, and to everyone's surprise, it's Tomoko that ends up escaping the cage, most likely boiling down to her fear of social interaction.
    • The Shadow Operatives face off against Juilus & Lemeza to determine a #1 Contender to the BWA Co-Op Championship, and Julius lands the Grand Cross on JC for the victory, punching their ticket towards the Season Finale and a title opportunity.
    • Dizzy goes one-on-one with Paz. An reoccurring theme begins to take shape, as Paz is able to kick out of everything Dizzy throws at her and hits the Pacifier for the win.
    • Isabelle and Birdo, under Beowulf's instruction, team up to face the debuting team of Digital Devil, formed by two Newcomers in Isabeau & Yukiko Amagi. The newcomers pick up the win, with Isabeau landing a Neutralizer for the three-count.
    • Tostada takes on Katia, and the undead Luchador is able to make quick work of her opponent with the Tombstone Piledriver.
    • In the Main Event of the evening, it's left up to Crystal to prevent a dark future for BWA by facing Linda Lash in a 2/3 Falls #1 Contenders Match, the winner facing the Hitmare at the Season Finale for the BWA Women's Championship, and while Lash starts off strong, it only delays the inevitable when Kris hits her stride and begins going to town on her, finishing off her opponent with a second Double Kick to lock her opponent out 2-0, guaranteeing her place in the Title Match.
  • 14 February 2016: With no clear opponent for Bomberman to face at the Season Finale for the BWA Championship, a Tournament, fittingly dubbed The King of Fighters, is held to determine his opponent.
    • Round 1 begins with Cyclops, who, seemingly taking X's words to heart, is now sporting his classic look against Caim. Unfortunately for the X-Man, Caim isn't exactly up for a Redemption Run on his part, and comes from behind to win.
    • In the second match, Tien fights K', and despite getting put through Table-san and eating a Heat Drive, Tien is able to pull it back and defeat the Kyo clone with a second Chiaotzuplex.
    • In the third contest, Mr. Foster clashes with Beowulf, both men riding a wave of momentum after impressive performances. But as it turns out, there aren't enough pounds in the world that can soften the taste of defeat, as The Wulf rides the AROOO! Train into the Semi-Finals.
    • And the final match of the first round is a surprise Newcomer Match, with Danny Sexbang facing the debuting Greninja. Unfortunately for the Newcomer, Danny forgets to throw a Poké Ball, instead opting to beat the tar out of him to advance to the Semi-Finals.
    • We reach the Semi-Finals, with Beowulf facing off against Danny, as The Wulf once again manages to make quick work of his opponent with the power of Wulfamania.
    • Straight afterwards, Tien has to find a way to get past Caim if he hopes to make it to the Finals. And somehow, he manages to pull off the upset victory.
    • And at last, the Finals arrive, and with both Tien & Beowulf putting on stellar performances to reach this point, it's going to be tough to determine a winner. Tien is able to learn from Beowulf's matches in the Tournament and is able to counter Wulfamania with a Comeback of his own to take the lead, but The Wulf is able to persevere and defeat The Strongest Human with Da Grendel Killa to be crowned the King of Fighters.
  • 28 Feburary 2016: BWA arrives once again:
    • In the curtain jerk, Kano squares off against Internet Champion Zack Ryder, with the sudden introduction of putting Ryder's Internet Championship up for grabs if Kano Wins. And although he takes control early on, Kano does not win, as Zack Ryder retains the Internet Championship in a close back-and-forth contest.
    • Motoko Kusanagi, looking to pick up a win faces a returning Black Orchid in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match. In a rather one-sided matchup, a second Trouble in Ultratech is enough to score the victory for Orchid.
    • Jubilee, Rouge the Bat, and two fresh faces in Charlotte & Yuna, clash in a TLC match. After a brutal encounter between the four, it's Yuna who gets the briefcase in the end.
    • In the first of two Tag Team Matches, two newly-formed teams in The Empire, formed by F.O.E. & Jack Frost, & Sunday Night Deathwatch, formed by Jack Cayman & Biff Slamkovich. Despite finding themselves at an early disadvantage, Sunday Night Deathwatch is able to pull back the victory from the brink of defeat.
    • The next matchup is a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match, with Guy, JonTron, Jim Raynor & Bo Jackson going at it. Jim is taken out first, before JonTron steals Bo's finisher and takes him out, before Guy takes it by finally pinning Jon.
    • Korra, riding momentum from her victory in her previous match, takes on the returning Hatsune Miku. Korra doesn't lie down for Miku's grand return, for a while at least, as the Idol eventually takes the win after a second Carmen Cutter.
    • The Main Event sees the Vanishing Troopers face off against Digital Devil facing off in a #1 Contenders Match to see who faces Magic Club at Final Round for the BWA Women's Co-Op Championship. Due to a glitch, Isabeau is unable to be tagged in, leaving Yukiko to fend off the Vanishing Troopers by herself all the way until the climax, when the Unconquerable Snow Black is finally able to tag in her partner, only for her to be immediately tagged back in and score the win, setting the title match as Magic Club vs. Digital Devil.
  • 14 March 2016: The Go-Home Show to the Season Finale, and it's a stacked card from top to bottom.
    • The show kicks off with a Knockout Match, as Shanoa & Noriko, both looking for a victory, go at it. Noriko's Hard Work & Guts shine hard, but a third Dominus is enough to put her down.
    • We then cut backstage to Beowulf narrowly managing to avoid getting caught in one of Bomberman's explosions, with the White Bomber revealing his work behind-the-scenes in the process, and while they get along well, he warns The Wulf not to underestimate him, and the two agree to do their best.
    • The next match is a Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match, with Coach Z (making his in-ring debut), Gamerman Gyminus, Forcystus & Terry Bogard going at it. In the end, Forcystus is able to trap those Inferior Beings inside the cage as he escapes with the victory.
    • We cut to the BW Agency cutting a promo hyping up Crystal's upcoming title match, but before she can get a word in, Rarity & Cynthia interrupt, with The Hitmare declaring her intention to win the title and prove all of her naysayers wrong, before revealing that Cynthia has come up with a proposition for their opponents; believing Hilda to be a fraud masquerading as the Hero of Ideals, she challenges her to a match that evening, with the winner's side determining the stipulation for Rarity vs. Crystal at Final Round, and Rarity boldly proclaims she will become their worst nightmare.
    • Looking to knock off another potential Terrorist, Makoto Yuki takes on Team Flare Grunt, both making their singles debuts, in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match. The two go back-and-forth with each other, but a second S.E.E.S. is enough for Makoto to defeat the Team Flare Grunt.
    • We go backstage to see the Koopa Krew hanging out, when Sponge suddenly appears and they immediately scare him off. Potato demands a match at Final Round and, somehow, Belmont authorises the match to Potato's delight.
    • After a Disc Change, two new tag teams go at it in an Elimination Tables Match, as Serious Consequences, formed by John Freeman & Serious Sam, take on the Motor City Machine Guns (not to be associated with the TNA Tag Team of the same name), which is made up of Laguna Loire & Lance Bean. The Motor City Machine Guns, make quick work of their opponents in a surprisingly short contest.
    • Patricia Wagon confronts Cadence backstage, revealing in a hype video that she helped produce that the two will square off once again in a rematch of their match a few episodes prior. Cadence wants none of Patty though, and storms off while boldly predicting her victory this time around.
    • A second Fatal 4-Way match, this time a Submission Elimination bout, with Linda Lash, Paz, Tostada & Chihaya all going at it. Tostada & Paz make Chihaya & Linda tap out simultaneously before the undead luchador forces Paz to tap out, picking up a second impressive victory on the trot.
    • It's then revealed in a backstage segment that the team facing Julius & Lemeza for the BWA Co-Op Championship at Final Round are... New Challengers, the only hint being that they're "out of this world".
    • Minako and Vi's bad blood finally boils over into a straight-up match, announced previously by Ace Director Junpei. The two go back and forth for a bit, but Minako manages to squeeze out the victory.
    • Yukiko, Dark Magician Girl, and Jubilee decide to play cards while Sailor Mercury is busy saving the world from the "Monster of the Week", but after some botched summons, Jubilee tells DMG to attack the Table's HP directly, to which she complies.
    • Finally, we reach the Main Event of the evening, as Cynthia, with Rarity in her corner, takes on Hilda, who has Crystal backing her up, with the stipulation of the BWA Women's Championship Match at Final Round up for grabs. Desperate to get back at both of them for the things they said earlier in the evening, Hilda storms out of the gate, taking them both on single-handedly, before using Cynthia's Aether on her to take the early advantage. But Cynthia eventually pulls it even between the two, but just as she pins Hilda after her third Aether, the referee is too slow to start the count, giving Hilda the opportunity to debut her signature move, the Echoed Voice, and follow it up with a second Smack Down to take the victory in a close match, and so the stipulation for Rarity vs. Crystal is determined to be... A 20-Minute Iron Woman Match.
  • 29 March 2016: BWA enters the Final Round, and it's time for the superstars on the card to go for broke!
    • We kick things off with Cadence & Patricia Wagon's rematch, both women wanting to make a statement for the next season with a victory. Cadence keeps to her word that she would defeat Patty this time around in a sound fashion, taking down the cop.
    • Potato and Sponge "fight" in a 2/3 Falls Over the Top Rope Match. Potato throws Sponge out first, then the opposite happens, before Potato throws out Sponge again to win 2-1.
    • Next up is the "BWA Ultimate" Match, with wrestlers from an Alternate Universe BWA taking part in a six-man battle royale, the list of names being Adam Hunter, Chad Warden, Kazuma Kuwabara, "Gunloc Jericho", Quick Man, and an alternate timeline's Link, sober and fully capable of wrestling. The Hero of Sobriety puts on a very effective display, and ends up the last man standing after pinning Gunloc.
    • Following an intermission is a Triple Threat Qualifier Match between Cirno, Yuri Sakazaki, and Black Orchid, with the winner being guaranteed a #1 Contenders Match for the BWA Women's Championship down the line. Cirno is unable to break up the pin as Orchid takes down Yuri, securing herself a future contenderhip.
    • Next up is the first ever installment of BWA vs. TNA, with Gamerman Gyminus taking on Ethan Carter III. While Gyminus puts up a good fight, EC 3 picks up the win for TNA.
    • It's time to get serious now, as we move on to the Title Matches to determine the first BWA Champions; first up is the Men's Co-Op Championship, as Julius Belmont & Professor Lemeza's mystery opponents turn to be... Fox McCloud & Falco Lombardi, under the title of WOMBO COMBO!!!, and they walk away with the belts in their debut match after Fox hits a second Barrel Roll on Julius, who was coming in off a successful Hot Tag.
    • Next up is the Women's equivalent, as Magic Club takes on Digital Devil. Both teams go back and forth with each other, but a well-timed combination attack from DMG & Mercury is enough for them to win the belts.
    • We move on to the singles titles next, and it's time for the 20-Minute Iron Woman Match to determine the first ever BWA Women's Champion, as "The Hitmare" Rarity takes on Crystal, both with something to prove, and both determined to steal the show. And they do just that, putting on a bout that stands with the greats such as Red vs. Scorpion and Illidan vs. Armstrong. Crystal storms out the gate first, catching The Hitmare with a Double Kick from the top turnbuckle to take the first point. Rarity doesn't back down, evening up the score and eventually pulling ahead, but Kris keeps up with her opponent and manages to tie the score up 5-5 until the clock ticks down to zero, ending the match in a draw... for a moment, at least. Since there needs to be a winner, the match enters Sudden Death, first pinfall or submission wins the gold. The Hitmare strikes first with a Diamond Cutter, but Kris recovers and follows up with a Double Kick, only for Rarity to stage a comeback and bait Crystal into hitting a second Double Kick on the outside. A second Diamond Cutter later, it looks like the Hitmare has the match wrapped up... but Crystal kicks out again! Managing to dodge a high-flying move, she stages a comeback of her own, and hits the Mega Kick for the 3-count, taking the match 6-5— and with it, the BWA Women's Championship.
    • Finally, we reach the Main Event of the evening, as Bomberman faces off against Beowulf to crown the Men's Champion. The Wulf takes the early advantage with Da Grendel Killa, but Bomberman rallies, and the two brawl for supremacy. The end seems to draw near when Beowulf hits Wulfamania... but Bomberman kicks out! In the end, Bomberman hits the Wulf with a second Power Bomb to pull off the upset victory.
    • But we're not done yet! Turns out there's one final surprise for the evening: a 40-Man Royal Rumble to determine Bomberman's first challenger! And the Rumble delivers, with quite a few memorable moments— an appearance from John Cena; the debuts of Gene Starwind & Gambit; and the latter making it all the way to the Final 2 before being eliminated by entrant #40, Tienshinhan, who wins the Rumble and now has his own shot at facing Bomberman.
     Season 2 
  • 3 May 2016: Not a moment from a WWE video game, but Belmont streams an AI Mario Party 3 match to determine the two contenders for the Women's Division's first BWA-era Sombrero of Victory Match. For much of the game, the A.I. is set to easy, and during this period, Mario lands on a Game Guy space with 80 coins to his name, forced to play Lucky 7. He wins and gets 800 coins for his effort. One round later, and with 136 coins in his account, Waluigi cashes in his Lucky Charm on himself (what some might consider to be Waluigi going full Mario Retardy) and wins Lucky 7 with the same rolls Mario won with. The only downer to that is that Waluigi's account was capped at 999 coins!
  • 10 May 2016: BWA Season 2 has arrived at last:
    • After the new champions give their thanks to the crowd for their support, the first match is a six-woman elimination match between Katia, Yukari, Charlotte, Shiki, Birdo, and Lyra. Despite Yukari going wild, Katia manages to pick up the win.
    • Mega Man X, Greninja, and Serge clash in a Triple Threat Tables match. The match ends when X sets up to put Serge through a table, but Grenija steals the win by being the one to put the former EDBW Champion through the table instead.
    • Gene Starwind and Gambit go one on one in a KO Match. It takes a few finishers, but Gambit eventually knocks out Gene.
    • After Palutena tries to have Miku join Team Flare (only to learn that Belmont won't allow it), the Goddess of Light is made to team up with Blanc against Yuna and Rikku in a Tornado Tag Team match. Palutena and Blanc prove they can work together by defeating The Gullwings.
    • After this, Forcystus is bragging in the ring, and eventually, Hylian Captain appears to shut him up; after telling Forcystus to stop, Forcystus says, "What are you going to do, hit me with a chair?" The Captain does exactly that, shutting up Forcystus..for now.
    • Glory faces off against Miku. Miku picks up a big win.
    • Buck Bumble, John Madden, and JC Denton clash in a Triple Threat Ladder match. As Buck and Madden fight outside the ring, Denton seizes the chance to grab the briefcase, and the victory.
    • The main event is Killing Flare facing Saturday Night Deathwatch for a chance to get a #1 contenders title shot for the BWA Co-Op Championship. Killing Flare manages to pull through in the end.
  • 22 May 2016: The second episode of Season 2 has arrived and it brought a whole slurry of interesting developments:
    • Before the show can even begin, F.O.E. goes on a rampage and attacks everyone in sight, not even the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch can keep it down! Eventually Lyra is able to calm the beast by capturing it in a Net Ball of all things, but not long afterwards, Caim attacks Madden & is thwarted from hurting Lyra by F.O.E., setting up the Main Event.
    • A Koopa Krew vs. Team Flare/Game Grumps matchup opens proceedings, with Hylian Captain taking on Danny Sexbang. A tight contest ends as Danny decides to use the Attitude City Adjustment on Captain outside of the ring, only to push him back into the ring after to pin him and Hylian Captain nailing him with the Keep Capture Suplex for the win.
    • A Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage match between Linda Lash, Hilda, Ryune Zoldark and Jubilee takes place. Although everyone makes their claim in trying to escape the cage, Hilda eventually manages to get away safely.
    • Another Fatal 4-Way match is booked, this time an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere 1-Fall Match between Cyclops, Terry Bogard, K' and Egoraptor. With everyone going in on each other, Terry Bogard is able to pin K' for the win in a close match.
    • Red and Excellen Browning face off in a sombre 2/3 Falls match, coming only a few days after Excellen's VA passed away. Unfortunately, Excellen was unable to walk away with the victory, as Red manages to win 2-1 in a tight and contested match.
    • It's revealed during the show that EDBW Superstar Fio Germi had escaped the Lockdown, now joining BWA's roster full-time.
    • Bullet Hell Club takes on the new tag team The Valkyries (Cynthia and Rarity). The Valkyries pull of a Hot Tag and manage to come out with the win, staking their place in the Women's Tag Team Division.
    • The Main Event of the night is the aforementioned battle between F.O.E. and Caim inside the hellish structure that is Hell in a Cell. The two behemoths go back and forth on each other, but F.O.E. manages to pick up enough steam to strike down his opponent with a second Ontarian Destroyer.
  • 5 June 2016: A new episode, and both the Internet & Men's Championships are on the line:
    • The show kicks off with Fio making her BWA debut against Paz Ortega Andrade, and with her years of experience backing her up, Fio is able to make fairly quick work of her opponent.
    • Both with wins to their names, Wonder-Red faces Guy in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match. The Crimson Fist takes the early fist with a Wonderful Rising and barely lets go of the lead, and despite eating an Izuna Drop, he immediately follows it up with a second Wonderful Rising to take the victory.
    • Next up is a Fatal 4-Way Tables Match, with Rouge the Bat having to deal with the long arm of the law in Patricia Wagon, Vi, and Korra to round up the competitors. Everyone tries everything to pick up the win, but Patty eventually manages to place Rouge under arrest.
    • Both looking to gain their first victories, Serious Consequences take on DA RAIDAHS!!!, with Coach Z taking Madden's place this time around. This change of tactics pay off in spades, as Coach Z goes absolutely nuts, eventually pinning Serious Sam with a second Zig Zorg.
    • Making her singles debut, Dark Magician Girl, with Sailor Mercury in tow, takes on Chihaya Kisaragi, who paid off Tomoko to back her up. And somehow it works, as Chihaya takes down her opponent.
    • The Internet Championship is on the line for the first time officially, as Zack Ryder defends it against a wide variety of opponents in Sponge, Julius Belmont, and Jack Frost. Sponge goes out early, and Julius eventually follows after hanging on for a while, and Jack hits Zack with the Jackhammer to become the new Internet Champion.
    • In the Main Event, Bomberman puts his BWA Men's Championship on the line against the Royal Rumble winner, Tien, with the challenger facing the uphill challenge of having to take down the man who beat the man who beat him in The King of Fighters Finals. Just when it looks like Tien is about to fall after a second The Last Bomb, he somehow manages to kick out at 2. Not even a Power Bomb follow-up is enough to keep him down, and a second Chiaotzuplex is enough to crown Tienshinhan the new Champion. As Bomberman shakes his hand out of respect and leaves the new Champion to celebrate, out comes Beowulf to congratulate the Champion himself... only to clothesline Tien and attack him with The Hurting, Turning His Back on the Wulfpac.
  • 19 June 2016: BWA Season 2 continues:
    • After The Valkyries get attcked backstage by Red, Made in Heaven faces the Crimson Queens for a chance to become number 1 contenders to the Womens Tag Titles. The Crimson Queens steal the victory.
    • Jim Raynor and Kano face off, hoping to finally get a win. Kano's music lies yet again, as Jim kicks his ass.
    • Shanoa, Yuri, Glory and Isabeau clash in a Fatal 4 Way. Glory is the one standing tall in the end.
    • The Motor City Machine Guns face Da Raidahs to see who faces Killing Flare in the number 1 contenders match for the Tag Titles. Coach Z goes wild, earning Da Raidahs a chance to get the number 1 contendership.
    • JonTron faces Potato in a Submission Match. Potato ends up being the one to tap out in the end.
    • The main event is Tostada vs Black Orchid to determine who faces Crystal for the Womens Title. After an epic battle, Black Orchid gets the win.

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