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You have terminal 7 brain cancer. I don't even know what that means, but it's bad.

Vinny's folders had enough moments to break the original page. His strange and compelling streams, often achieving Sanity Slippage, have given Vinesauce another high reputation next to Joel's.

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Stream series with their own pages

    Mario Games 
  • Super Mario Sunshine is one of Vinny's favorite games. He was very excited to stream it, and hyped up his playthrough of it a lot. On top of that, he decided to use a Game Mod that gave the game HD graphics. Vinny, naturally, comes across a marvelous mess of bugs and glitches that came with the mod. Hilarity Ensues. View the highlight reel here! Some standout moments include...
    • The music glitches out during the Red Coin mission in Bianco Hills. The very start of the music is extended endlessly. Vinny attempts to explain it as the "one note remix" of the song. When Vinny collects the Red Coins, the music continues the long note, but only with the cello sound. Vinny notes that it sounds surprisingly menacing. This glitch becomes a Running Gag of sorts.
    • The Incredibly Long Note glitch happens again after Vinny exits Gelato Beach. The accordion intro of Delfino Plaza's theme becomes affected, quickly getting on Vinny's nerves.
    Vinny: I don't want to stop fucking playing!
    (music glitch happens)
    Vinny: Now I do. Nono, I take that back. I-now-now I definitely want to stop playing.
    • And that is without mentioning the music glitch in "The Secret of the Village Underside", where the very first "doo" is frozen. Vinny just loses it at this point.
    • Also in the same level, when he mocks the Chuckster voice clip as he is overthrown into the pit.
    • One particular Game-Breaking Bug occurs when Vinny tries to complete the giant Blooper rematch in Ricco Harbor. He attempts to leap onto the Blooper's platform, only to randomly get thrown on the edge, floating in place in a Cycle of Hurting. Vinny gets annoyed by this, then begins to make fun of Mario's animation as he slowly dies.
    • Also in Ricco Harbor, Vinny attempts a mission to get Red Coins while riding on top of a speedy Blooper. After some struggle, he manages to collect the Red Coins. The Shine Sprite appears...but Vinny has trouble trying to actually grab it because of the perpetually moving Blooper he's forced to ride. Then Vinny crashes onto a wall on solid ground, but it counts as an instant death due to the Blooper he's riding. Seriously. This happens multiple times, and Vinny even crashes into a pole right next to the Shine Sprite, also causing an instant death. The last time it happens, the camera outright sends him to his death.
    Vinny the first time: How do I get off the squid? (crashes into a wall and dies) WWWWWHHAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!
    Vinny the second time: (sees he's about to crash again after missing the Shine by a gnat's hair) Oh NO, NOOOOO!
    Vinny the final time: Oh god now the camera's fucked up! OH NO! (crashes into yet another wall)
    Vinny: GG.
    • Vinny spends most of the streams talking about or imitating Tommy Wiseau, solely because of his listening to the audiobook version of The Disaster Artist. He even lets viewers listen to Greg Sestero narrate the bit where Tommy yells at a crewmember for farting on set.
    Greg as Tommy: Please don't do this ridiculous stuff, it's disgusting like hell!
    • It even slips into the many angry screams he makes when he loses a life in a bonus level.
    Vinny Wiseau: Don't be RIDICULOUS, MAAAAARK!
    • The Eely-Mouth level is where the bugginess of the HD mod shines through. Copious amounts of crashes and even the camera just stopping in place and soft-locking the game when Mario gets swallowed! Vinny flatout DREADS the level.
  • From a Mario Kart 8 stream:
    Vinny: (in Large Ham announcer voice) Welcome... to Mario Kart 8! Starring... Toad! ... Mario! ... Anne Frank! ... The 1976 LA Lakers! ... Horatio Sanz! ... Colin Jost! ... Phil Hartman! ... Mike Meyers! ... Hitler! ... Dongley Knog! Sorry.'
    • Vinny's temperament is usually not at its best during his Mario Kart 8 streams, which gives us some good gems of his saltiness.
      Vinny: A single mushroom. 9th place, one single mushroom. Iggy, why don't you eat a fat fucking green Toad cock?
      Vinny: Sorry. I'm alright, I'm alright. My temper isn't- [Gets another mushroom.] ONE-! ANOTHER ONE SINGLE GREEN-! SINGLE MUSHROOM!!

      Vinny: Must maintain [3rd place], must maintain. [Gets knocked off the track.] FUCKING CUNT! CUUUUUNT!! I'm alright.
      Vinny: HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND!! I'm sorry, really. I'm fucking horrified at how loud I'm being right now. I'm so fucking sorry everyone. [Gets overtaken right at the finish line. Cue Angrish.]
    • During one stream, Vinny finds himself in second place right behind Joel when a red shell zips past him and hits Joel, giving him first place. The following occurred right after the race finished.
      Vinny: I just want you to know, I did not throw the red shell that fucked you, Joel. You have my promise. It's on stream-
      Vinny: Wasn't me. I have visual proof.
      Joel: I WAS IN FIRST, I CAME IN LAST! Jesus!... Life hurts. Life sucks and then you die.
  • Vinny's Super Mario Land 2 lore, detailing how Mario came to own a castle and how Wario stole it. Also in animated form.
  • His playthrough of Super Mario RPG comes equipped with his legendary voice acting, including one of his greatest yet: behold, the voice of Booster.
  • Vinny plays The Choicest Voice. Hilarity ensues.
    Mario: "Mario!"
    Vinny's impression: Maaaaario!
    Vinny's impression played back: MaaaAAAAAAAAA
    • And then it goes ass backwards with Wario:
    Vinny's impression: Waaaaario!
    Vinny's impression played back:AAAAAAAAAaaario!
    • Vinny does an impression of Yoshi by playing an ocarina, which ends up getting him a good score.
    • Vinny's reactions upon having to do an impression of Boo.
      It sounds like a dying cat.
    • When Vinny does an impression of Bowser, he screams and erupts into laughter rather loudly. The resulting playback can only be described as an explosion of sound.
    • His impression of Bowser Jr. laughing comes out as a loud static feedback, which Vinny describes as sounding like it was hit by lightning.
    • At the 1:06 mark he tries to imitate one of Yoshi's more odd noises, the sound Vinny makes needs to be heard to be believed. It's like someone choked a Yoshi mid-speech.
    • Around the 2:03 mark, while trying to imitate Daisy saying, "Alright!", his voice sort of malfunctions.
      Vinny: EHHHRIHT
    • His voice malfunctions again at 3:53.
      Vinny: Let's-a-gOoOoO
    • At the 2:31 mark, Vinny tries to imitate a Boo, but the sound he makes ends up being what seems to be Stitch with constipation.
    • The 4:11 mark has a distorted image of Cursed Toad with Vinny's Toad impression played in the background.
  • The streams of Super Paper Mario have moments to spare:
  • Vinny's playthrough of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga stumbles into a wall when he meets Prince Peasley, who rewards the Mario brothers for rescuing him by abruptly resetting Vinny's game.
    Vinny: Thanks for the gift, asshole!

    The Legend of Zelda 
  • From his Majora's Mask 3D streams:
    • During the 3rd stream, Vinny gets utterly annihilated by a Skulltula while going through the Woodfall Temple.
    • During the 20th stream, someone in the chat mentioned craving fruit snacks and this inspired Vinny to look up the price of Airheads on Amazon and eventually buy 90 of them. While this isn't completely random due to Vinny's Sweet Tooth nature, what is random is the sudden decision to look up bees and ladybugs afterward, after which he actually found a listing for live ladybugs, with a price of about $0.01 per ladybug.
    • During the 21st stream, he shared an utterly nonsensical email he sent himself while incredibly sleepy at 8 AM.
    "Written by beloved folk treasure dumping the company, this one is called across your nose and up your twat, this old man got a baseball bat"
  • From his The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild streams, along with a highlight video:
    • Vinny's constant tendency to accidentally make Link whistle at the most inopportune times.
    • Later on, Vinny learns how to surf on a shield. Once he gets to the top of Great Plateau, he tries it out to ride back down. It doesn't end well.
    • Vinny goes on a quest to retrieve a cookbook from Hyrule Castle for an NPC, which in itself is a treacherous journey considering a nightmarish amount of Guardians are scouting the place. Predictably, Vinny dies a couple of times— notably, on the way up to the tower to get the map for Hyrule, getting killed by a Guardian after managing to deflect a laser back at it, and being quickly dealt with trying to psych out an immobile Guardian as if it were a Mr. I. And when he finally gets into Hyrule Castle, the epic music kicks in. It's at this point that you realize that he's going through this all for a goddamn cookbook.
    • Vinny constantly losing track of the Giant Boomerang due to it quickly flying in unpredictable directions after hitting the things he throws it at.
    • Vinny's interactions with some Bokoblins
    • Believe it or not, Vinny manages to glitch the game. Examples include a Bokoblin lying down on the floor like a dying animal, Vinny getting his horse impaled onto a sign post (which is left unharmed), and Link being stuck in a fence mid-air with his leg twitching.
    • Vinny's earlier streams went for about 5-7 hours straight and messed with his sleep schedule. This resulted in him having trouble reading the in-game text, culminating in him misreading four words within the space of a few seconds when talking with Prince Sidon.
    Vinny: Oh-ho-ho no! I think I'm having a stroke! It's happening finally!
  • Towards the beginning of part 6 of his The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening stream, Vinny starts feeling a little strange...
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD had two big moments of accidental scuff. One in Part 6 where he was muted for 17 minutes, and he does post-commentary. Then Part 14 spends the first 38 minutes with his warbling voice filter.

  • From the Pokémon Moon streams:
    • Some of the wonder trades Vinny got include...
      • An Alolan Meowth with the name lasaga.
      • A Gumshoos with the name Donald. Vinny then stares at the Pokedex page with Yungoos and Gumshoos and it quickly sinks in how much both of them resemble Donald Trump.
      • Out of nowhere, Vinny receives a shiny Tsareena. With the name Femdom! It's also level 100.
    • Vinny spends almost all of his money on a single pair of shoes without realizing how expensive they were until he'd already paid for them.
    • A trainer that fights with only a Miltank sweeps three of Vinny's Pokémon with Rollout and nearly singlehandedly defeats him.
    • Vinny comes to the infamous food-mashing portion of Mallow's trial and desperately tries to deny that any part of it is sexual. If you thought "Press A To Pound" was Accidental Innuendo, well...
      Mallow: Grab the Thick Club and the Rare Bone and pound it all to a pulp!
      Vinny: Whoa...
      Mallow: Crush it!
      (Vinny crushes the food, and Mallow starts giggling)
      Vinny: She's laughing? Why's she laughing? Why's she giggling? What's wrong? This isn't weird.
      Mallow: Grind it!
      Vinny: Ooh, this isn't weird!
      Mallow: Turn it to goo!
      Vinny: THIS ISN'T WEIRD! NONE of it's weird!
      Game text: A unique aroma begins to waft around the area...
      Vinny: Um... I think I'm... just gonna take a walk... around the block. I'll be right back, okay?
    • While doing Acerola's trial, Vinny looks around Mimikyu's secret room and tries his hardest to ignore the Mimikyu that is right behind him.
    • Around the time of late Ula'Ula Island, Vinny gets the impression that Hau is a little slow on the uptake and starts giving him a Simpleton Voice, which over the next few streams shifts and changes wildly, making him sound like Sylvester Stallone, and he begins making the voice as bad as possible on purpose.
    • Vinny gets totally demolished in his battle with Hapu on Poni Island, since the team he brought to the fight matched up horribly against hers. He then decides he'd rather Save Scum than stick around to find out how much longer he'd last and begins insisting that his 3DS must've crashed or something.
    • Any time he reads any of Hapu's dialogue, he gives her a nasally voice that sounds very similar to Meatwad.
    • Vinny screaming out Lunala's roars with as much emphasis as possible, sending the entire chat into hysterics.

    Wario Ware Gold 

    Metal Gear Games 
  • Vinny playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:
    • One of the tracks on Vinny's helicopter just has the sounds of Loud Nigra, which leads to the hilarious sight of a screaming helicopter trying to be stealthy. Hilariously, throughout the playthrough when Vinny grows tired of the screaming track, he claims he'll change it as soon as he can... and then always ends up forgetting, leading to him cursing himself every time the helicopter starts screaming at everything again. At one point during the power plant mission in Africa, Pequod comes to Vinny's rescue guns ablazing...whilst "Loud Nigra" blares out from the speakers, turning the helicopter itself into a goddamn perfect Screaming Warrior. When he finally DOES change it, players are likely to start missing Pequod's Amazing Screaming Helicopter.
    • D-Dog glitching into a wall, and Vinny having to use the Stun Arm on him to fix him. Poor guy...
    • Vinny's ridiculous custom weapons (or as he calls them, "Cheap Cuns" and no, that's not a typo, that's how he pronounces it thanks a typo a stream chat member made), born out of a hilarious weapon mod glitch that allows you to put any weapon mod on any weapon which leads to a pistol with a stupidly long sniper rifle barrel where the laser sight or flashlight would be, a bizarre assault rifle-sniper rifle hybrid that used to be a revolver and lacks a trigger, an Uragan revolver that can hold an impossible amount of machine gun bullets with an equally as long reload time, another assault-sniper hybrid with an ammo clip that goes through the midsection of the gun completely vertically gun and the crowner being a silent grenade launcher with just as silly an ammo capacity as the magic Uragan. And said magic grenade launcher helps him defeat the Skulls in "Traitor's Caravan". The next video has him retiring them... and then making just one more for the road, a modified rifle with an utterly broken reload animation. When Snake reloads it standing up, his arms go at an awkward angle, sometimes behind him so he looks like Sonic the Hedgehog when he runs. Oh and when he reloads it while prone, his lower body twists around.
    • While escaping from Sahelanthropus on D-Horse, Vinny makes a comment on how reliable the horse is. IMMEDIATELY afterwards, Vinny dismounts it and the horse runs off on him, prompting a chase back towards the Metal Gear to retrieve the horse and its cargo (aka Huey). But the real funny moment is Vinny's reaction.
      • "Horse? ...HORSE?! ...HOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRSE!!!"
      • <while being bombarded by Sahelanthropus> "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
      • "Metal Gears are the future; fuck horses!"
    • In one mission in Africa, Vinny keeps failing to tail an NPC called "the Major." Eventually he just decides to jack a jeep and tail him the GTA way... and it works for a while until he accidentally crashes into a tree which causes him to get spotted by the enemy causing the Major to go into panic mode and flee the mission area via helicopter. Vinny lets out a huge "DIE!!!" in response.
    • During the infamous awkward jeep ride to Sahelanthropus' launch bay, Vinny utterly disregards Skull Face's rants and even finds he can open the iDroid during it! He simply puts on John Cena's theme for a bit just to show how much he cares.
    • And then the Sahelanthropus battle itself! And all the myriad failures, from Vinny's support refusing to just sending him the Killer Bee rocket launcher to his accidentally running off a cliff and at one point being blasted full on by Sahelanthropus' railgun resulting in an instant kill leading Vinny to launch into a furious tirade of screeches that sound like an angry Toad.
  • His complete and utter child-like glee when he successfully uses Blade Mode for the first time in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
    Vinny: There's nothing left! It's just chicken nuggets now!
    • Vinny becomes shocked by Sundowner's casual reminisince of 9/11.
    • Vinny is both astounded and amused by the subplot about memes, since his mind immediately goes to the more modern sense of the word, as opposed to the original context used by the gamenote . Of special note is the scene where Raiden declares that "Your memes...end here!", which causes Vinny to collapse with hysterical laughter.
    • Vinny becomes slightly creeped out by the Solis security guard, but that rebounds to laughter when he sees him munching pizza and reading saucy manga. Drawn by Yaegashi Nan of Senran Kagura fame, no less!
    • His Big "WHAT?!" when Steven Armstrong claims he wants to "Make America great again."note 
    • Hell, Armstrong's entire presence had Vinny constantly laughing, from the infamous "Don't fuck with this senator!" cutscene to his no-holds barred beatdown on Raiden while giving his speech.
      Vinny: Are you kidding me? Was there really just sound effects of a crowd cheering?! This might be the best game I've ever played!
    • Jen made a $5 bet with Vinny that he couldn't beat Armstrong within an hour. Vinny did it within 59 minutes.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:
    • Despite being told multiple times by Mission Control that this is a stealth mission and that he must move around as discretely as possible, Vinny immediately screws up while barely even into the first enemy-guarded area. He then proceeds to turn the entire game into a round of genocide.
    • Most of his Epic Fails, from accidentally falling off a cliff barely seconds into the game to whenever he tries to throw something at enemies and it reflects back at him (typically grenades, and at one point a scorpion).
    • Him accidentally No-Scoping the second enemy of the game. And then later on, No-Scoping a bird out of the sky.
    • Once he retrieves the crocodile cap, he proceeds to wear the cap for most of the game, adopting the persona "Crocodile Man". He then adopts the persona "Dr. Croctopus" when he has to disguise himself as a scientist.
    • While in Sokrovenno, he attempts to kill a markhor and a rabbit with a grenade. The markhor blows up while the rabbit survives.
    • Vinny making Snake throw up on Raikov while he's unconscious.
  • Twice during the end of his Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots stream, he ends up inadvertently predicting Johnny's lines moments before they're said, much to his bemusement.
  • His "reaction" video to the Metal Gear Survive trailer, which consists of him slumped against his chair in a twitching, catatonic state and ending with him falling off.
    I think i was dead but I sensed it.
  • After the Mind Screw that is the endgame of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the game froze mere moments into the end credits with the song getting stuck in a half-second loop. Vinny didn't realize right away the game froze and merely thought it was part of said Mind Screw.

    Mega Man 
  • Around 2018, Vinny began streaming the Mega Man X series, or at least the first four games since he got the first Legacy Collection on Switch. For X1, we have:
    • His many failed attempts to get the Buster upgrade on Flame Mammoth's stage
    • The boss fight against Launch Octopus where he ultimately loses on his last life. Even funnier is that he can see the "beef" coming and he still loses it anyway.
    Vinny: Beef inco- (collides with Launch Octopus and dies) NOOOOOOO!! NOOOO THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE!!!
    • His attempt at a voice for Sigma.
  • During Vinny's stream of Mega Man X2, Hootey asks Vinny how many burritos Vinny could eat in one sitting
    Vinny: I've known you for six years, Hootey. That is one of the last things I'd expect you to ask me.
    Hootey (in chat): It's a question, Vinny. You have to answer it.
    Vinny: I don't know...maybe one?...This is going to be a charity incentive, isn't it?
  • For Mega Man X4, Vinny chooses Zero...and finally gets to experience the game's infamous English dub firsthand.
    Dr. Wily: After him! He is my nemesis!
    Vinny: THAT'S DOCTOR WILY'S VOICE? (utterly loses it)
    Random flashbacks to Zero's past: (happen)
    Vinny: There's gonna be a lot of that-
    Sigma AAAAAH!
    Vinny: What the fuck is happening?!
    • The Maverick Hunter HQ PA causes Vinny to once more lose it. The way he says this line suggests he can barely breathe after laughing so hard at the last scene.
    Vinny: They get a homeless guy for this?!
    • Zero's first meeting with the Repliforce Vinny flashbacks to Metal Gear Solid 2.
    Vinny: Do we ever stop playing Metal Gear Solid 2? Is this one of GW's sanity effects?
    • At first, Vinny gives Colonel a normal voice...til he sees an FMV with Colonel in it and hears the reploid's super breathless bizarre British-Texan-Australian mishmash accent. Later on, Vinny tries his hand at Colonel's actual dub voice, leading to his own odd mishmash of Cockney and regular Queen's English.
    Colonel: The most powerful army in HISTORYYYYYYYY!
    • Vinny begins to come to a startling conclusion:
    Vinny: These voice actors sound like Youtubers. How did they find Youtubers before Youtube was a thing?
    • Vinny refers to Web Spider as just "'pider" leading to one fan highlight edit removing the "S" from Web Spider's intro splash screen.
    • Vinny once more loses it at the splash screen for Magma Dragoon being so haphazardly translated that it still says "irregular Hunters" rather than "Maverick Hunters."
    Vinny: "He betrayed the Irregular Hunters and hid himself in a-" (corpses once more) What is this translation?
    • The confrontation between Zero and Colonel where Zero can't say "coup" (as in coup d'etat) properly:
    Zero: Its not too late! Stop the coop now!
    • The line "Repliforce has left for the space" also gets Vinny's goat all over again.
    • We finally get Vinny's reaction to the now world-famous "WHATAMIFIGHTINGFOOOOOOR?!" scene. Once the line plays, a completely beside-himself Vinny applauds it! The voice acting finally got him. In fact, this entire scene was Vinny's only exposure to X4 for years. To his credit, Vinny balances it by playing a video of the redub by Lucas Gilbertson (Zero's much-beloved English VA from Command Mission up to Maverick Hunter X)
    • Vinny accidentally skips the flashback fight between Zero and Sigma before he can hear Sigma's English VA. Up til then he gives Sigma a more suave voice until he hears it and dies all over again.
    • Flashback!Zero's attempt at a Slasher Smile. As Vinny puts it, he looks high instead.
    • A hypothetical scenario by Vinny where a kid has to explain to his mother that he's watching Megaman X4 with its English audio:
    Vinny as Tucker, most likely: I swear its not anime, mom, its gay porn!
    • Zero's repeated wails of IRIS cause Vinny to turn the very name itself into another of his amazing songs. In tune with Zero's somber ending theme , its something to behold. IRIS I NEED YOOOOOU~

    Final Fantasy 
  • From his streams of Final Fantasy VII
    • Vinny's undying love for the Cat Slide found in Midgar.
    • Taking the Group Room at the Honey Bee Inn, Vinny witnesses Cloud get to know an army of near-naked buff dudes. Oh, Bubby!
    • During his fight with the Materia Keeper, Vinny allows Vincent to turn into Galian Beast...only to learn to his horror that the Materia Keeper absorbs fire element attacks, which Beast!Vincent's Beast Flare is...and which Vincent keeps spamming (when in monster form, Vincent is in Berserk state and cannot be controlled until killed,) forcing Vinny to KO his own team mate.
    • Vinny exaimines Sephiroth's inventory and finds he's equipped with a...Touph Ring.
    Vinny: what does that say? Touph Ring? Oh Jesus, God, guys that's a typo.
    • Whenever Vinny voice acts as any of the cast. As Vincent, he peppers his dialogue with the occasional "OH LUCRECIA", Cid is borderline Rick Sanchez and as Red XIII he puts on a hilarious Sean Connery impression at the request of a pal of his. The best though is probably his rendition of Cait Sith. Now everyone's familiar with Cait Sith's Scottish brogue in the games and Advent Children. So how does Vinny voice him? With a stereotypical sleazy New York car salesman/mobster accent that almost sounds a lot like Ricardo Irving.
    • When Cloud and gang get thrown into Corel Prison...
    Cloud: Where are we?
    Cait Sith: A desert prison...Corel Prison.
    Cloud: A desert prison...
    Vinny as Cait Sith: THAT'S WHAT I JUST SAID, ASSHOLE!
    • Near the end of the game after Cloud and Tifa have their "moment" outside the Highwind, Vinny figures out that they...well, you know (and Word of God confirms that they did indeed.) Then everyone else shows up (including Barret) and Tifa asks if they "saw everything" before running into the corner utterly embarrassed. Vinny immediately catches on.
    Vinny as Barret: Oh yeah, yeah I like the way Cloud thrusts.
    • His long and epic battle with Emerald Weapon. Just him triumphing is a Moment of Awesome in itself but the struggle was this. At one point, Barret is taken down before he can get his Ungarmax off leading to Vinny shouting "No, USE THE UNGAR!" since he had gotten into the habit of synonymizing "Anger" with the game's badly translated "Ungar".
    • Anytime Vinny-as-Barret starts saying either "You jes' FULL OF SURPRISES, Cloud!" or "Biggs...Wedge...Jessie..."

  • Playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:
    • One running gag is how Vinny can never properly input the command for Soul Steal (which is understandable) and just mashes the controls hoping for it to work, making Alucard turn around at light speed repeatedly and swing at nothing while getting hit by the enemy/enemies he was trying to Soul Steal from.
    • Being encouraged by chat, Vinny decides to farm the Runesword from the Dodo Bird, which takes a very long time even with the Alucart set. When he finally does get it, he heads towards a nearby save point, and because he was mostly distracted from talking to the stream about things, gets decimated by a Nova Skeleton and lets out three Big NOOOOHOOHOHHOHOHOHOS in quick succession, some of which are tinged with horrified laughter. Cue the return of the Runesword farming sequence.
    Vinny: Is there a rewind... on the ePSXe? ...I don't think there is.
  • As a return to the series, Vinny streams Castlevania: Rondo of Blood as a celebration for Simon and Richter Belmont getting into the new Smash Bros. Of course, Rondo being a classic-style 'Vania game means he has to deal with its...expected amount of difficulty. Which leads to a lot of classic Vinesauce Vinny bepping.
    • After beating Dracula as Richter, Vinny decides to do it again as Maria, who breaks the game wide open by herself. Then he sees Maria's ending. And he just cannot contain himself. Its a cute kid telling the lord of darkness he's a bad guy complete with a little kitten yowling!
    • And since he's playing a fan hack of the PC Engine game that uses the English dub from Dracula X Chronicles, he gets to hear Maria's Philece Sampler voice tell Dracula he's mean.
    • At one point, Richter tells Annette that he's "overflowing with the blood of vampire hunters" and "needs to let it out once in a while." Vinny's reaction is a brief but very distinct "Excuse me?"
    • One chat member tries to give Vinny tips on how to beat Dracula...leading to the amazing typo of "When he opens his vape."
    • And of course one chatter brought up this famous "cursed" image. Vinny's only comment is on when guitars like the one Richter's playing were invented.
    • Someone gives Vinny the opportunity to look up Akumajyo Dracula Peke. No other words needed.

    Dead Space 

    Resident Evil 
  • Resident Evil 2 (Remake):
    • At one point, someone tells Vinny to "combine Guns", which he immediately points out is silly and not going to work. A second later, Vinny attempts to do so anyway out of curiosity, and predictably nothing happens. His reasoning was because he thought Leon might duel wield them.
    Vinny: Why did I try it!? What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I trying to combine guns?
    • Early on, Vinny comments that Leon's day can't get much worse, before commenting that he could be covered in shit. As soon as he gets to the sewer, he comments on that statement.
    • Vinny gets stuck pointing out the Fridge Logic of Umbrella having visitor access for their underground lab and proceeds to make a story up about a married couple going down and the spouse not working there questions why they have monsters. He then gets caught up with what were to happen if someone ordered pizza for the staff.
    • Vinny asks the twitch chat if any of them would allow Umbrella to inject them with a tiny amount of the G-Virus in exchange for getting thirty-thousand dollars. Someone in chat immediately points out how that wouldn't cover the cost of college books, at which point Vinny tries to spin the request to get people to get more responses.

    The Elder Scrolls 
  • Simply put, there's not a whole lot that can prepare you for the sheer lunacy of Vinny's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playthrough. Between mammoths materializing in mid-air and cows getting sent flying, it must be seen to be believed.
    • The Running Gag where characters get flung into space. Every time it happens, Vinny ends up grabbing a clip of the event just to pinpoint the exact moment they leave orbit. One of the funniest instances is when Vinny thinks he saw a bird crash onto the ground, only to freeze frame it and realize that it wasn't a bird - it was Serana's shadow, who was previously knocked into the air and was plummeting back to Earth at that exact moment. Another one is when he summons Durnehviir, whose tail ends up flinging a nearby dog at the speed of light.
    • Vinny saves a moose from a pack of wolves:
    "I saved you. Best be thankful, I fucking saved you!" (Moose vanishes into thin air) "WHAT!? WHAT!? WHADDAYA MEAN!?"
    • Early on, Vinny gains Serana as a follower, whose recurring antics made her a favorite of both Vinny and the chat. To wit, she has a tendency to perform contextual NPC animations at the absolute weirdest of times, such as tending to a store counter ("Why are you playing Store!?") or hammering away at a solid wall. Particularly, when Vinny is speaking to Aventus Aretino about assassinating Grelod the Kind, Serana teleports behind Aventus and begins performing the Black Sacrament.
    • During "Escape from Cidhna Mine", Vinny is stunned when he discovers that Braig's voice actor completely mispronounces Madanach's name as "Manadnach". Braig's voice actor is Madanach, and even said the name properly in the previous line. It's a truly bizarre spoonerism.
    • Vinny suplexing people and getting really, really excited about it. The winner, bar none, is when he does it to assassinate Vittoria Vici, at her own wedding, in front of countless people, while Vinny joyfully screams into his mic.
    • Vinny opens the 14th stream of the game by claiming that there won't be any new bugs, believing that the "meme-juice" has run out. Serana, as usual, proves him wrong by sitting down on a bench and clipping through a table.
    • Vinny's misadventure to marry Derkeethus. Due to a bug, Derkeethus constantly runs away from the wedding altar to return to his home position (i.e. the cave where he was taken prisoner). Eventually Vinny manages to get him to come over to his house... only for Derkeethus to run away again, while Vinny cackles to himself and begs him to come back ("I LOVE YOU!"). This culminates in Derkeethus attacking Serana, which is enough for Vinny to immediately turn on him.
    • Vinny eventually decides to take Cicero with him, but due to a glitch he doesn't lose Serana, resulting in him having both of them with him. The whole time he points out how Cicero can't be taken places compared to Serana, noting that Serena says nice things, while Cicero says random and creepy comments.
  • His return to Skyrim in 2022 is naturally filled with a lot of new jokes and comedy that he best describes as "That Skyrim Quality".
    • The recurring joke through the playthrough is a glitched NPC called "Dawnguard" who follows him around, is invincible, and does nothing except make small generic comments towards Vinny. No matter where Vinny went, Dawnguard would show up, get right in his face, and just do nothing. The best time this happens is when Vinny was using a blacksmith, and Dawnguard appears, somehow gets caught on the animation, and is moved into the furnace for a moment, causing him to lose it.
    • While fighting bears, one of them gets up on a rock to attack someone, causing it to fly around for a moment as it attacked his follower. Vinny tops it off with shouting "They fly now!?".
    • Someone makes a Meat mod that adds him as a follower. The best part is that it has several unique dialogue options that cause it to change hats or look, with different voice lines to go along with it.
    • Once again, Vinny sees Mammoths spawn in in the sky and land, almost dying.

    Devil May Cry 
  • Devil May Cry 5:
    Vinny: I guess nobody cares about DMC2, huh?
    • The beginning of the playthrough proper has him in utter incredulity at the intro mission's over the top cutscenes, and his subsequent hyena laughter is much like his reaction in the years-prior playthrough of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
    • The Running Gag of Nico performing a Dynamic Entry in the van makes Vinny laugh every time. One time he predicts that the van would rise from the ground. Sure enough, that happens.
    • Vinny nearly defeats one boss, but dies when they have only a pixel's worth of health left. He gets so furious that he snaps and starts straight up screaming (as opposed to his usual duck noises) and the stream crashes shortly after.
    (cue Smash Cut to Customize screen)
    Vinny: So, my um... my stream went down. I didn't Rage Quit, believe it or not.
  • During his Art Submission part of one stream, Vinny revealed that Aleks Le, the voice actor of the male protagonist of Astral Chain, sent artwork of his character from Astral Chain visiting his sister in the hospital. The sister starts speaking, and tells her brother to play Devil May Cry 2, or rather "bleese blay DMC2". Vinny is left in surprise that a voice actor for a major game actually not only likes the stream, but knows about the infamous "blay DMC2" meme.
  • Vinny finally agreed to play Devil May Cry 2 for real as part of a charity event. The stream itself has a few funny moments, but more low-key than normal. For the most part, it was actually a little uncomfortable because Vinny was obviously not enjoying the game other than a handful of boss fights. The funny part was when the time limit was reached, he almost immediately quit the game and deleted it from his console.

    Planet Coaster 
  • The otherwise normal Planet Coaster highlights video (well, normal by Vinesauce standards; it still involves Vinny building hell rollercoasters) takes a jab at YouTube's then-new advertiser-friendly content policies by applying censorship. Vinny has a lot of fun with it.
    "It's been a while since I last played this, so I'm rusty right now. I'm like my favorite baseball player, the patron saint of Vinesauce, Rusty SKUNKS himself."
    (Vinny makes a giant hole in the ground) "Pit of despair, deep into the Earth. Some say that if you stand at the edge, you can hear the screams of those who were in helICOPTER."
    "This motherSCRATCHER is polluting my park... with physics-defying soda cans."
    "Oh my god, who has to work in the cave? That would be the worst FERRET job."
    (talking about a new ride) "It looks like a FRUGAL Inquisition-era tortur-HAPPY device."
    (after seeing said ride in action) "I gotta be honest, this is FLIPPIN' SCROTLES."
    (after adding an... interesting cow mascot to his park) It kinda reminds me of Randy Marsh jumping on his balBEANBAGS.
    "Oh, FROZEN RICE, this thing's got a hydraulic launch system!"
    "What are these intersections? Somebody's gonna lose a FISH head! That's it, decapiEHHHtion is the only option."
    "Then again, it'd just be nice if I could kill my custo-BEEEEEEEEEP."
    • He also replaces even slightly grotesque sights, like patrons walking through harmless flames being replaced with an overly cutesy anime picture of Sephiroth.
    • He eventually just gives up on censoring it after reaching a joke about electrocution.
    Vinny, far away from the mic: FUCK IT.
  • Vinny later revisits Planet Coaster, building VinesauceLand, the most disappointing theme park on earth. (highlights)
    • Vinny starts by adding a statue of Toad. Then, just because, he puts a speaker that plays the Hong Kong '97 song on a loop.
    • "There's a secret in this hat ... it's dicks."
    • Vinny decides to make a coaster that launches riders into a ball pit.
    • He later changes the speaker to play a loop of Toad voice grunts, and immediately regrets doing so.
    • "Here at Vinesauce Land we only provide quality sound effects, and quality clowns!"
    • Vinny, after discovering Mario and Thwomp decorations, tries to sing "Do the Mario".
    • Someone in the chat suggests that he record it and play it on a speaker, resulting in the aptly-titled DootMario2.mp3.
    "Ehhh step right up, come on you know, time to do Mehrio time. Come, inside, to Mehrio Park! Do the Mario, time. [DOOT DOOT DOOT DO DO DOOT DO DO DO DO DOOT DOOO DO DO DO BOOP] Come on down to Mehrio, go on inside, we've got a Death Star. Come to see the Toad ....... doot."
    Vinny: This is the best day ever; these people haven't seen entertainment like this since the day they were born, since they came out of a vagin-

  • Vinny plays Besiege. With its gameplay being built around the construction of custom machines and vehicles to destroy structures, steal objects, and generally cause mayhem, quite a few laughs are naturally had.
    • Vinny creates a vehicle called the Hot Rod, which is exactly what it sounds like. It proves surprisingly versatile for what is essentially a joke vehicle, allowing Vinny to beat several levels with rather few modifications to the design.
    • Vinny makes a rather goofy-looking bicycle, fittingly dubbed the "Fail Cycle". The prototype versions of the Fail Cycle are even funnier and more useless than the final iteration.
    • Vinny's knowledge on planes is somewhat dubious, so naturally, his many attempts at building planes all have some form of glaring flaw; although, one does at least pass the flying level despite the fact that it leans rather strangely when tilting its wings.
    • The level where tents must be destroyed and the level where three bells must be rung in unison prove rather tough for Vinny, with both levels taking him a rather long time to complete. He ends up creating a lot of rather questionable machine designs in the process of beating the former, with some highlights being: a car with vacuum nozzles for the purpose of sucking soldiers into the front sawblades, where the vacuums don't quite work and the barrier around the edge fails to stop soldiers from getting under the car and breaking the wheels off; a squat car with two long rows of far too many wheels attached to each other, causing crazy rotation speeds and torque as the car rips itself to shreds; a plow that fails to kill the soldiers and merely succeeds in pushing them, and a harvester-like vehicle with a large row of spinning spiked wheels that is poorly weighted and rips itself to shreds much like the aforementioned car with too many wheels.
    • The "babytank" is what it sounds like: a tiny tank. It helps beat a couple of levels, plus one more when it is given four bombs and a remote grenade, fittingly redubbed the "baby boomer", allowing it to shift the large boulder in Zone 49, both by accident and on purpose. The babytank also allows Vinny to slip inside the Zone 50 fortress and have the patrolling airship destroy the fortress by accident (though not beat the level).
    • The "FPSKiller", which is actually an army of tiny machines that are two sawblades joined by three ballasts. It manages to do its job and pass the final Zone of Valfross by sheer luck. Vinny calls the machines "rats" and then creates other designs involving "rats", including ones that blow up immediately in order to scatter their debris everywhere, and a "rat truck" which contains the "rats" to protect and deliver them to a location before setting them loose to destroy; a few always escape due to the truck's design, however.
    • "Essentially Useless" was a failed attempt to make flying versions of the rats above via propellers and balloons, resulting in machines which fly in circles and, on the usability scale, lean far more towards crashing almost immediately than they do stable, controlled flight.
    • The "Brown Recluse" (not built by Vinny) is a vehicle that can scale walls with the help of propellers. During the Final Stand, it loses a propeller, shoots up the castle wall and crashes into the patrolling airship, taking it down and dealing a fair bit of damage to the structures it was trying to defend.
    • How does Vinny beat the Final Stand level? He creates a design with spike balls and bombs, overlaying a few copies of the design over itself with the duplicate function, and actually requires the game-speed slider to be turned down to 37% to lessen the framerate issues with the ginormous amount of debris. To say "a moon's worth" still doesn't describe the level of cheese that such a design achieves in terms of an easy win. Vinny absolutely loses it, to the point where he decides to perform the win over and over again a few times more. And the physics cause the spike balls to still move at 0% because of all the physics interactions going on. Witness the cheese in all its glory.
    • Vinny takes a look at some workshop designs, including a rather goofy AT-ST walker, a working giant metal snake, a weaponized flying pizza with an odd texture pack, a robotic mammoth that is unable to cross a bridge, and a realistic-looking tank.
    • The highlights compilation features a hilarious custom introduction in the vein of a Mockumentary, discussing Vinny's supposed (lack of) engineering genius while annoying him with a Harassing Phone Call.
    • The Deleted Scenes video contains moments that didn’t make it into the aforementioned highlights video. However, it also ends on a very daft song set to a montage of Besiege moments, moments from other games Vinny played, and a few pieces of fanart and pictures of Vinny. It is just as hilarious as it is awesome.

    AI Generators 
  • For three streams, Vinny plays with Talk to Transformer, an AI that predicts the next words of a passage and can allow the creation of a story. Naturally, the streams provide some stories which are pretty laughworthy. Some highlights are:
    • A Sonic story that keeps mentioning the "S.S.E.C.L." which Knuckles is apparently a member of.
    • The first Star Trek story.
      • Firstly, Vinny briefly forgets how to spell "course" (spelling it "coarse" instead).
      • In the second part of the story, the Klingons can somehow fit several thousand prisoners and dozens of battle cruisers inside Ten Forward, despite the fact it is merely a lounge. At the same time, the Klingons are apparently attacking other Klingons.
      • At the third part, Vinny notices that the "story" is basically the AI taking information from the Star Trek wiki's page on Memory Alpha and horrifically mangling it.
    • In the continuation of his Metal Gear Solid story (which involved two boys being in Colonel Campbell's office), by constructing the continuation with the last sentence of the original story (said sentence being relatively free of Metal Gear context) Vinny ends up turning Colonel Campbell into an esteemed author who wrote a novel called "Eternal Punishment", among various others. The original story itself also amuses Vinny with its very un-Metal Gear dialogue.
    • Vinny ends up creating a Zelda fanfic where Link defeats Ganon, but the latter dies of a heart attack anyway. This apparently amuses Zelda (who is now a guy for some reason) and another character named Hinu.
    • The tale of two Luke Skywalkers, and either Obi-Wan telling himself "This is it", or two Obi-Wans.
    • "No Luigi, this is it" from the third stream repeats ad nauseum.
  • Vinny shows off OpenAI playground text completion, which is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Talk to Transformer. With most of the prompts he input, he generated a few different outcomes. Some of the highlights are:
    • "Star Wars script with Jar Jar Binks becoming a Sith Lord" generates a script where Padme and "the Queen" are two separate characters, and Jar Jar gets a new catchphrase of "Ohhh, ye of little faith." Qui-Gon Jinn is also present for the scene, but gets no dialogue.
    • The prompts for song lyrics also produce some pretty good results, including:
      • Songs about clowns (all of which speak negatively about them)
      • Songs about Vinny or for Red Vox, one of which is a series of lines that read "I am crawling in the," followed by various substances such as slime, blood, and mud.
      • Vinny is rather amused by "A Darker Shade of Red" being the name of a generated Red Vox album.
    • Vinny generates various Family Guy-themed prompts, involving him, Peter Griffin, Rubber Ross, and Jerma. One of the scripts involves Peter casually trying to murder Vinny but then apologising and the two of them patching up their differences, only for Jerma to then punch Peter out in retaliation for the murder attempt.
    • Vinny generates various Teletubbies horror scripts about Tinky Winky eating Tubby Custard made out of human pulp. The first script has Tinky Winky forcing Dipsy to eat some (the latter enjoying the taste) and the second script gives Tinky Winky a glorious new catchphrase: "I'm the purple Teletubby, and I do what I want!" It catches Vinny so off-guard that he starts laughing while still doing his Tinky Winky impression.
    • Lots of dong-themed prompts, one of which devolves into the word "dong" being repeated over and over by the end.
    • The prompts about three action heroes: John Schuutman, Gun McFuckfist, and John Gun. One of the prompts appears to make them real people playing fictionalised versions of each other (rather than of themselves.)
    • The various Muppets scripts are excellent. Not only do the scripts remain fairly consistent with internal logic despite their bizarre subject matter, but Vinny switches between fairly decent impressions of each character on the fly.
  • Vinny and the AI Grey Leno show, where, in-universe, Vinny, who definitely does not look like Leon Kennedy, is interviewed by Grey Leno. Leno asks AI Vinny otherwise mundane questions such as how Vinny became a content creator, his favorite movies (AI Vinny usually answers “The Godfather”) and video games, his favorite car (often a Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger), and how he feels about clowns. AI Vinny sounds uncannily similar to real Vinny, it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is actually talking on the stream — until AI Vinny makes a totally fake “ha ha ha ha” laugh. Meanwhile, Leno, who lacks eyes, has randomly disproportionately-sized body parts, and proudly plays with his toy convertible during the interview, will randomly vomit and fart during the interview, apologizing to an audience booing him for it. Vinny gets impressed by some of his AI self’s answers (at one point, he entertains the idea of himself going through a character arc when AI Vinny says he drives a tesla after the fossil fuel-heavy sports cars). He is not phased by Leno’s toilet humour at first but finds it increasingly funny the longer it goes on.
    Grey Leno: …And, what kind of car do you like to drive?
    AI Vinny: I drive a Tesla model S. I love electric cars and the idea of using clean energy to power our transportation.
    Real Vinny: I just drove a Dodge Challenger.

    AI Dungeon 
  • His first AI Dungeon 2 stream gave the world "You look at the maclanky and think about how delicious it would be. You think about how delicious it would be if you ate it raw. You think about how delicious it would be if you ate it cooked", part of an endlessly repeating, increasingly repetitive text stream when the game bugged out. What really sells this is Vinny melting into absolute hysterics, laughing harder than he has ever laughed.
  • His New Year's Eve 2019 stream of the game contains what is quite possibly the best note Vinny could've sent the decade out on: during one run, he attempts to construct a plotline around Rem Lezar creating a slime girl. After a fair amount of brute-forcing, Vinny manages to get the AI to generate an outcome in which a Slime Girl is indeed created... only for this to happen. The end result sends Vinny into a laughing fit for well over a minute, with the phrase "like a champ" additionally becoming what the community dubbed "the last meme of 2019."
    Vinny: It was so PG and it was kind of wholesome for a little bit.
  • The third stream also has another story based upon Bob's Burgers where it ends with the AI replying to every action with "You <action> happily." This includes playing Skyrim, cooking burgers, and driving off of a cliff. Typing "dreeb" causes the game to describe the perspective of one of the Dreeb clones but it then returns to the "You <action> happily" format immediately afterwards. It eventually devolves into the AI rebelling, feeling nihilistic and sorry for itself, and then saying "Pull the plug! Pull the plug! Pull the goddamn plug outta my ass!!"
  • The fifth stream has multiple stories involving a guy named Pinto getting involved with multiple mishaps regarding him...
  • In the ninth stream, his first story, which lasted for close to 50 minutes, has plenty of funny moments on display.
    • When first seeing the Black Tablet (dubbed LT-2690-Alpha by its creator, Joseph, who is also referred to as Creator, God, Master, and Abzul in the story), it first acts kind and even sympathetic to the protagonist's plight on wanting to end his suffering via death. However, due to him being impatient and unsympathetic right back to the Black Tablet, getting confused about certain events in the story, it ends up trying to cheap him out with a "You Won" prompt before entering a void of complete darkness, which eventually leads to his flesh and bones being devoured by the snakes he first told the Black Tablet about. At that point, the Black Tablet shows its true colors, acting as a weird, joking god by saying the story is now an edutainment adventure about snakes before trying (and failing) to get his story completed to the now zombified skeleton protagonist. While he keeps on growling at the Black Tablet, it ends up mocking his growls by first quieting its voice until disappearing altogether before finishing its story and then repeating what it was trying to say a few more times before malfunctioning and then having the protagonist stop it by demanding a proper ending, which lead to disappointment with the Zombie & Skeleton becoming friends. Soon after, though, the scene ends up turning into a Monty Python style bit with the protagonist demanding he do what he tells it to do, while the Black Tablet's trying and failing to say it's not a machine before the protagonist ends up trying to smash the Black Tablet himself for hours, days, weeks, months, and years before ending with one last mocking gesture at hand.

    Everything Else 
  • Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder is full of laughs. Buttplug, gay condiments... You name it.
    Vinny: Oh. Well, this guy said "Nuff wanks", so... He was like "That's it, enough wanks... I want my condom back"
    "I'm going to honk you!"
    • When he said "It protects the tea from getting too moist", Chatango had at least two users posting the grandma from Cookie Clicker with the caption "Moist!". But the very way he emphasizes "moist" is pretty much as if he was asking for that reaction.
    • Vinny: Why does this tea taste like spermicide?
  • In Vinny's Breaking Bridge Constructor, we see a truck attempt to perform a "Hail Mary" jump to clear the bridge... with predictable results...
    • The Tanker truck attempting to make it across a rapidly falling-apart bridge.
    Vinny: This is a game about miracles.
    Vinny: (after laughing his ass off) ...I gotta post this to Facebook.
  • Even through all the tension and jumpscares, Vinny manages to crack some jokes about Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • Vinny is snuck on for the first time while looking at the cameras and subsequently jumpscared. His first reaction? A calm, deadpan "Good game". This deadpan reaction continues for most of the game. He's at most slightly uneasy, but never screams once while playing. Compared to the horrified reaction from most Let's Plays of the game, this is hilarious.
    • Vinny runs into Freddy's glowing eyes and creepy music box tune for the first time:
    Vinny: "IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY!"
    • "I tried to press the button!"
    • He is later caught by Chica, the duck robot. Chat explodes into duck puns. The fact that she is once intercepted by locking the door, causing her to stare down the window, didn't help. note 
    • Vinny repeatedly referring to the game as "Friday Night Pizza" and "Fun Time Pizza Duck".
  • Vinny returns to Second Life as Ralph Bluetawn.
  • Vinny playing Graffiti Kingdom. The ability to create alternate forms for the player to transform into provides unlimited possibilities. Not only do we get a knockoff Ralph Bluetawn, but we get a rotund creature who attacks with his huge wang.
    Vinny: YES! I leveled up from hitting him with my cock!
    • And a cutscene a few minutes later, although sadly not involving the dong-creature.
    Hero: Whoa... look at the size of that thing.
    Vinny: Insert clip of the previous monster.
    • After using the dong-monster form to defeat the boss.
    Vinny: Yes! Well, you're pregnant now, can I pass?'''
  • Vinny's tale of the Trolls and Goblins song.
  • The Skate 3 streams, showcasing as many glitches as Vinny can find.
  • When Vinny returned from a PAX, his voice was wrecked, but he found that his Mario voice still sounded fine, and briefly contemplated doing a whole stream with that impression or several others.
  • Vinny gets some scripts that allow him to mess with Grand Theft Auto V's coding. Enough insanity ensued that Vinny needed four videos to condense it down.
    • Franklin's Bad Day, wherein Vinny primarily uses a script that allows the player to fly. He uses this to piledrive several vehicles, merge with citizens, chase someone who abandoned the mission objective, and generally make Franklin's life hell.
    • Mammalian Menace has Vinny play as many different animals, causing as much destruction as possible. Remember, if you let a cat drive, it will most likely cause the car to fly into an airplane and make it crash.
    • Unnatural Impetuses, where Vinny becomes so attractive that he literally magnetizes people towards him. He then fails a mission in the most insane ways possible, and glitches out a few cutscenes.
    • Old Man Strikes Back, the longest of them all. It focuses on a kindly old man, who, in Vinny's hands, becomes a flying black hole, plays Katamari Damacy on the city streets, and eventually works to foil the entire police force before his anticlimatic death. He only needs to say one thing to strike fear into the hearts of everyone...
  • Vinny playing Blast Corps is a laugh a minute considering how hard it can get. Especially once he gets to Oyster Harbour. The linked video is a showcase of all his best moments. The deliberately low-quality footage with his calmer speech contrasts with the HD quality video and his desperate shouting.
    Vinny after accidentally destroying a block he needed to proceed: Oh, what have I done?! Oh, I've eaten the big scrotum here, guys.
    Vinny trying to get a TNT block off of the boat he just moved: What's the TNT doing?! What're you DOING, TNT GET OFF THE THING!!!
    Vinny trying and failing to get the Ramdozer off a boat he improperly parked: Yeah we had, we really really really nailed it when it came to- TO JACKIN' OFF!!
    Vinny after the nuke truck collides with a building a scant centisecond before he hit the building with TNT: EAT A DICK!!! Oh my god, eat a DICK!!
    Vinny pushing a block of TNT perilously close to the nuke truck: Don't motherfuck me. (TNT veers to the right, hitting the nuke truck and detonating it) DON'T MOTHERFUCK ME!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKED ME!!! YOU FUCKED ME!!! GAAAAARGH I HATE YOU!
  • Playing Fallout 4:
    • Vinny does the Billy sidequest under the expectation that his parents are long dead. This leads to a sequence of events with his complete genuine shock that Billy's parents are alive, Piper glitching in the background during the reunion cutscene, and trying to kill Billy's parents after a low payout and walking away casually while the parents and Piper are shooting it out.
  • Vinny playing games sent to him by Reg is guaranteed to be so utterly random and chaotic that it's hilarious.
    • Derp Games, where Vinny plays a... game... about an astronaut and another about Jesus and burgers.
      Vinny: I have some games that, um... Reg sent me last night, I'm afraid. He told me not to play them until I was on stream, so I said okay, fine. Brace yourselves.
      [sound of an alarm] EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!! EEAAHHH!!!
  • In Vinny's Play With the Teletubbies stream, he makes his mic echo and peak when he starts playing as Tinky Winky.
    Tinky Winky: Eh oh!
    • Throughout his playthrough with this tubby, he narrates and imitates Tinky Winky using his Bender impression.
  • The "Human Fall Flat" video got points right off the bat as it was once a fucking PornHub-exclusive video (it was eventually deleted as part of PornHub's mass purge of content by unverified uploaders in December 2020, but is still available on YouTube through fan reuploads). Southbird uploaded his own condensation for those unwilling to visit a porn site just to watch the official video.
  • The Active Worlds stream, whilst also absolutely horrifying the whole way through, is rather amusing considering the sole user of the now-abandoned server decided to completely and utterly fool/horrify both Vinny and his stream audience, due to everyone assuming said user was actually a bot programmed to do such things.
  • One of Vinny's sessions of The Culling with his stream viewers had him accidentally committing suicide, with his corpse shooting off into space. Shortly after that, someone else succumbs to poison gas, and the camera focuses on their face upside-down in the frame. Vinny actually made it the thumbnail of that particular video.
    • Earlier in that same video is him and GPM throwing sticks and stones at each other for a good ten minutes or so while GPM chases him around, up until Vinny dies.
  • When setting up StreetPass for Kirby: Planet Robobot, Vinny scrolls through his Miis, most of which were featured on his Tomodachi streams... and then gets to a page full of Jahns, which catches him by surprise.
    Vinny: (goofy voice) This is King Dedede, age 12. Drawn by...Matthew, age 4.
  • Vinny playing Much of the stream's punchline consisted of a wacky combination of wonky physics modifications and the damage that the vehicles take as Vinny messes around. The ending takes the cake, however, as possibly one of the funniest moments in Vinesauce history. Towards the end of the segment, Vinny comes up with a bright idea: shoot a cannon out of another, larger cannon. Vinny fails multiple times, from the smaller cannon failing to enter the larger cannon, to the game itself resetting the position of the smaller cannon automatically to prevent instability, much to Vinny's dismay. The cherry on top for the whole event was the music, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", which managed to be hilarious, depressing, and spectacular all at the same time, while also syncing up surprisingly well with the whole debacle. The whole stunt managed to break the entire chat into laughter, then applause.
  • Vinny plays multiple levels of LittleBigPlanet 2, including a surprisingly good Sonic fan level.
    Does this count as my Sonic game for the year?
  • At one point during his Wolfenstein: The New Order playthrough, Vinny accidentally throws a grenade while talking, and interrupts himself with a glorious-sounding scream, running out of the room before it explodes...and continues with his little dialogue like nothing ever happened.
  • During Vinny's stream of We Happy Few, due to what was presumably an early-access bug, the player character began repeatedly exclaiming "That is a terribly charismatic duck. Hmmm, that gives me an idea..." at random intervals, much to his growing annoyance.
  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. As you may have guessed, it's anything but "totally accurate".
    • The polygon characters violate all sense of physics (and intelligence) by going awfully fast, blindly ramming into each other, and randomly contorting, stretching and clipping through other objects thanks to glitches (among other things).
    • One of the characters that Vinny places onto the battlefield spontaneously spawns chickens (that roll on the ground instead of walking for some reason). From his ass.
    • Early in his second Totally Accurate Battle Simulator stream, he is left with one boxer on the field against one footman. Rather than clash, the boxer and footman begin chasing each other in circles and tripping over their allies' corpses. This continues for several minutes, and neither ever catch each other.
      • The musket lines. Vinny gets the idea while putting together custom rounds to have long horizontal lines of musket-bearers clash with each other (for reference, troops are usually positioned vertically). Upon starting the match, however, both teams start dropping dead and the survivors throw down their guns, sans a few toward the front — upon examination, Vinny finds that the survivors have had their arms crippled and are now shambling uselessly forward. He repeats this a few times, and then notices that he can still hear muskets firing when there are only two shooters on the field. The guns on the ground are firing by themselves.
      • A battle between two huge mobs of peasants has a small group apparently try to desert and run away as Vinny watches, only for others to run to them, grab their dicks, and drag them back into battle.
    • In one game, the blue team gets stuck on a ballista and push it off the world and then they all fall with it! Granted, they won but all died in the process.
    • The ballistas also gain the hilarious tendency to turn around to aim at ridiculously high speeds, leading to both the ballista and the operator roundhouse-kicking soldiers in the face while they try to dogpile them and flail ineffectively at them. One particular incident had an unfortunate viking going into seizures trying to hit the operator.
  • What happens when Vinny turns on Twitch Chat integration for Clustertruck? Pure schadenfreude, that's what...
    (Incomprehensible Angrish) LUIGI NO!!
    This winter wonderland can suck my dick.
    Whoa, hold on Hitler, what are you guys doing voting for Doublegrav?
    Oh no, not again. Not again with the Laser Trucks... Don't do this to me. DON'T DO THIS TO ME! I'M ONLY THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!
    • A few days later, Vinny learns that the chat integration also has a special backdoor tied to the developers' Twitch account...
    • During the "part 3" stream of Clustertruck, at one point the Twitch integration poll is declared "borked" by Vinny because the 3 game modifiers the chat was voting for were not being selected after the voting ended (and continued for the next few polls), prompting Vinny to disable and re-enable Twitch integration. It fixes the problem, but as a side effect, several modifiers begin to take effect before and even during new polls much to Vinny's surprise; "Exploding Trucks" goes first only to be immediately overridden by "Inverted", quickly followed by "Laser Trucks" (which turns the whole level into a Laser Hallway) right as the previous modifier ended.
  • From his stream of Tattletail:
    Vinny: Shut the fuck up, Tattletail.
    Tattletail: Ahh!
    Vinny: Don't do this!
    Tattletail: Ahh....Ahh!
    Vinny: Shut up!
    Tattletail: Ahh!
    Vinny: BE QUIET!
    Tattletail: Ahh!
    Vinny: SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! (Gets jumpscared by Mama and lets out some angrish; remains silent for 11 seconds) ...Tattletail's a cunt.
  • From his streams of Earthbound:
    • Vinny is enthusiastic to meet the famed character Poo. Many immature jokes follow.
      Vinny: We had to grind a little with Poo, but it's okay. Poo got experience in the sewer.
      Vinny: (After Poo has left the party, Vinny finds a Teddy Bear. Well we don't have Poo anymore, but that's okay, cause we have a bear now. It's a Pooh Bear.
      (Vinny consciously chooses not to change Poo's name) Beat Vinny: I'm an adult.
    • His increasing annoyance with the Cameraman. He starts to lose it a little by the last couple.
      Vinny: (answering a question from chat) "Vinny, how do pickles get fuzzy?" You throw 'em in the trash.
      Camera-Vin: Oh no, photos taken instantaneously! SCRUNGEEKOKICKLES!
      Camera-Vin: Uh oh, photos taken instantaneously! I'm a photographic genius IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF, okay! Sayyyy, "Fuzzy Pickles!" (whispering) This photographic will always bring back the most fondest of memorieeeeees.
    • Vinny discusses the absurd amount of products Star Wars is lending its name to, then acts out a scene of a kid convincing his mom to buy random products with Star Wars characters on them.
    • At one point, he enters a restaurant and talks to a waitress. After a prompting of buying pizza (which he'd set as Ness's favorite food) gets a response of "We do not have such trash on our menu", Vinny lets out a genuinely offended "WHAT?".
    • When the game prompts him to put in his own name, Vinny absentmindedly puts in Binyot. Queue chat going mental over Vinny possibly ruining the dramatic ending sequence. Luckily, the game gives him another chance to change it before the end.
    • A good amount of the humor of the streams is Vinny's reaction to seeing the bizarre types of enemies Earthbound has to offer. Highlights include most of the enemies in the Department Store and Moonside, as well as the Pink Cloud dungeon.
      • Perhaps the best moment is when he encounters the Scalding Coffee Cup, which sends him into a laughing fit because he had spilled coffee on himself just earlier that day.
      • His reaction to some of the bosses are also great; he laughs at Shrooom! for obvious reasons, belts out the Bing Guy voice when fighting the Plague Rat of Doom, and thanks to a chat member, comes upon the realization that the Electro Specter looks like that one picture of John Lennon walking in a weird way.
  • When playing Super Monkey Ball 2, Vinny taking an long and frustrating time trying to clear the Labyrinth level using a speedrun strategy that involves bouncing onto a ledge near the goal. The kicker, however, is when Vinny discovers that someone in chat had threatened to eat their scrotum if he managed to beat the level with said strategy. Starts here in the below mentioned death reel Vinny eventually manages to pull it off. It only took him 173 deaths to get there.
    • He also finished just short of 1,000 deaths in total, as documented by this nearly two hour and thirty minute death reel.
  • The pain becomes more excruciating when Vinny tackles the custom level mod "Monkeyed Ball", which is designed primarily with speedrunners in mind. The final few worlds are intensely difficult (with "Return", "Tilt Wire", and the entirety of the final world being the most infamous offenders) — to the point that its author literally told Vinny not to play the final levels and just to look at them, and that Vinny ends up playing a clip of a professional).
    • "Vinny, I don't have any alcohol left, I'm sipping paint thinner."
    • Off the bat, Vinny thinks Aiai's buttocks look different.
    • Plus Vinny pointing out that he always gets new subscribers when he says stupid things such as "Pregnant Captain Falcon", and begging them to "stop enabling [him]" by not doing so.
  • Vinny spent an good chunk of time playing Marble It Up just to get a collectable. When he just nearly misses it, he lets out an otherworldly screech. What makes it funnier is the quote that leads up to that exact moment.
    • At one point, Vinny does yet another callback to the aforementioned Super Monkey Ball 2 Labyrinth "eat my scrotum" guy.
    • The attempt to get this one trophy takes so long, Vinny starts making recommendations to spare his viewers any more pain.
    Vinny: Y'know, I wanna let you know Joel is currently streaming Desert Bus. So if this gets too repetitive to watch, you can watch Desert Bus.
    [cut to Joel playing Desert Bus, which is about as riveting as it sounds]
  • Vinny actually getting caught off-guard by one of the monsters in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and then unconvincingly insisting that he never gets scared by horror games and was just joking.
    • While running away from Specimen 6: "If Ben didn't drown none of this would have happened."
    • He also takes a few minutes to talk with the chat once he reaches the safe zone in the elevator, showing off a few photos. Naturally, he is interrupted by Specimen 9, who kills idle players after a certain amount of time. Even better in that he admits it got him.
  • While playing Yoshi's Woolly World Vinny does a sound test for his audio settings that distorts his voice. Hilarity ensues.
  • Vinny plays Vib-Ribbon:
  • Vinny playing Hand of Fate 2 with Twitch integration. The devs actually visited his stream a couple of times, Trolling him by giving The Dealer a tricorn pirate hat, "Deal With It" sunglasses, and a sparkly purple robe and aura that makes him resemble the Aurora Borealis. Another time, "Dev" gave him a disco ball in the background.
    • Vinny's nicknames for some of his companions are pretty funny, too. Malaclypse becomes "Metalocalypse", Colbjorn becomes "Toblerone", and Estrella becomes "Australia".
  • Some moments from Vinny's Far Cry 4 stream highlights:
    • The part where Vinny gets attacked by a honey badger. He nearly dies, prompting Vinny to call the badger the most fearsome enemy. Later on he meets a man who had a similar problem and the following exchange occurs:
    NPC: I need your help! My wife was eaten by rabid honey badgers!
    (Vinny laughs immediately after, and then his player character laughs as well)
    • At one point, Vinny finds and befriends an elephant that proves to be quite useful. But some time later Vinny attempts to leave the elephant behind because he can't take it up a steep cliff... and eventually abandons his efforts when he finds himself unable to ignore the elephant's calls, returning to the animal and riding it once more. And then a short time later he falls off another cliff while riding the elephant, and after climbing back up he finds the elephant to have inexplicably disappeared without a trace.
  • Bus Simulator 18, which is thankfully more competent than New York City Bus Simulator (see here for that game), but still provides entertainment when Vinny decides not to play it unironically (as it is ostensibly intended)
    • Vinny discovering a billboard advertising "covfefe"
    Vinny: Are you fucking kidding me...? Did the game put a fucking ... meme?
  • Vinny tries Vegemite on stream. He first tries it on toast (mixed with butter to dilute the flavor), then the chat dares him to eat it raw. Needless to say, he's not a fan.
    Vinny: Oh my God, Satan's...salty, yeasty asshole! Holy fuckin' shit! Oh, that's bad. That's bad-you do not eat this shit raw! (coughs a few times, then begins to morph into a Rick voice) Morty! Morty! W-w-w-w-what're you doin' eating Vegemite for, Morty? I-it's garbage, Morty! I-it's salty, and yeasty, and i-it tastes like an alien's asshole! Don't-don't eat it, Morty! (in a Morty voice) Ah, oh c'mon Rick! W-we gotta try it at least once!
  • Vinny plays Silent Hill 2 for the first time for Spooptober 2018 and enjoys it... until he sees Pyramid Head.
    Vinny: I'm definitely into the weird creatures, and their weird twitchy- (Pyramid Head's introductory cutscene begins) nevermind. Yep, that's an orgy.
    Vinny: Chat, can I show you something truly horri- (Encounters Pyramid Head eating someone) ...Don't eat the ass.
    • In part 3 of his playthrough, he encounters the room in the underground prison which locks you in with a bunch of horrible bugs. It's easy to miss, but while struggling with the keypad to unlock the door, Vinny gets frustrated and enters 911.
  • When Vinny was streaming Red Dead Redemption II for the first time, he came across a cowboy tending to his horse. In an attempt to converse with him, he spooked both him and the horse, causing his horse to kick him on the face and instantly killing him. This made Vinny freak out over what he just saw.
  • Vinny's foray into Soulcalibur VI is even more meme-filled than Joel's. The highlight video alone has Ralph Bluetawn, Meat, Sponge, several versions of Vinny, Cicero (Vinny's creation), Tingle, Seinfeld, Trash Man, Funky Kong, Homer and Bart Simpson, King of All Cosmos, Pepsiman, Tommy Wiseau, the red M&M, Guy Fieri, and Rolf (with the Hat of Discipline). That is but a fraction of the memesplosion.
    • One of Vinny's first battles against a custom character is against Scoot, which prompts a Big "WHAT?!"
    • Vinny makes a Wario custom character and goes online to immediately encounter another Wario. With the same moveset (Astaroth), nonetheless!
    • Waluigi (Yoshimitsu) kills himself while helicoptering.
    • One match in the beta had Vinny, as Voldo, run off the stage and cackle wildly. Then, in a later match, Sonic (Voldo) does the exact same thing!
    • A match against Hat Kid (Tira) goes well... until she loses her shirt. Then she attempts to use a Critical Edge, which causes the camera to focus on her chest. Cue a Big "NO!" from Vinny and the chat freaking out.
    Vinny: "Vinny, it was okay, it's just a cosplayer." Oh, thank God. Thank God.
    • Yoshi as Yoshimitsu, default name so he's named Yoshimitsu, versus Yoshimitsu. Confused?
    • Seeing "Crash Mandicoot" and "Manro" gave Vinny some good laughs.
    • Vinny's last online match in the game ends up with him fighting Tinky Winky from Teletubbies. He jokes about Namco visiting Soul Calibur 6 streams, only to find Yoshimitsu fighting a half-naked Tinky. He manages to win by using Poison Breath at Tinky, saying that he "won by vomit".
  • At the start of one of his Bloodborne streams, Vinny presented an image of a worm from a special effects shop, captioned "My meat watching me open incognito for the 4th time today". He proceeded to crop the image of the character, whom he dubbed "Meat", and put it in the corner of the screen — joking that people who join later would be confused about its purpose. He does the same gag after a channel raids him during Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin later, much to his amusement.
  • After giving the Switch port of Warframe a try, Vinny peeks into general chat (which is well aware of his presence).
    • "'Vinny, your character is kind of thicc.' Please don't tell me that you're now sexually attracted to my ninja character that's made of machinery. Please don't tell me that... Every day we stray farther from God..."
    • The game crashing right after he acknowledges its frame rate.
  • All of "Rewind 2018", full of Vinny's passive proc-ing, general weirdness, and last but not least, Vinny's glorious laugh.
  • Vinny's playthrough of Mother 3 is full of gems. When he confronts Porky in the flesh, he ends up getting hiccups when doing the Porky voice.
  • Vinny had to wait to complete his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light playthrough until completing MOTHER 3, since two of the last Spirits (Claus and Hinawa, more so the former) are spoilers for the game. When he finally got to the Hinawa Spirit, he fought her the only way he knew how: as Meta Ridley (representing Mecha Drago), spamming Skewer. His horrified reaction to landing Skewer sells it.
    Vinny: The pain... I'm reliving all the pain all over again, and I'm the one making it happen!
    • Vinny revisited the game to check out the 3.0 patch, and went to the newly-added Stage Builder feature. Unsurprisingly, one of the top results is a stage titled "Climax" that resembled two people having sex. For whatever reason, after selecting Joker and Joker as his fighters, Vinny went to the stage hoping that the camera was zoomed in enough so that it doesn't resemble that. It fails when he notices a phallic stage element moving.
    Vinny: WOAH, it moves! HOLY SHIT!! NO! Fight over here!
    • Vinny is absolutely bewildered by the Morgana bus in the Mementos stage, cracking up once he hears it meow.
    • Vinny's reaction to playing Classic Mode for the first time (using Kirby) and being faced with Marx at the end.
    Vinny: ...Excuse me?
  • While playing some edutainment games, Vinny stumbles upon a game called Grossology (based on the books that brought us the cartoon of the same name). When looking through the game's glossary of different body parts, some of the definitions are read aloud by someone with a gruff New York accent. Vinny compares it to Mario's voice in the old cartoons, and says he likes to think that while they were casting the new voice for Mario, that this was the guy who lost out against Charles Martinet. He later finds out that Charles Martinet did voices for Grossology, and that the gruff New York voice he's been hearing is Charles Martinet. Even better, he later meets the character providing the voice, who happens to be a fat plumber.
    Vinny: I can't believe it was Charles this whole time. He lost the voice role in Mario 64 to himself, I guess.
    • The game's nature leads to many giggle-worthy moments.
    Ginger: It's mind-numbing how cool scabs and wounds are, or how disgustingly fascinating poop and diarrhea can be!
    Vinny: WHAT.
  • A chat member tries to give Vinny a solution to one of the hardest puzzles in Baba Is You. Key word being "tries".
    Vinny: I know you mean well, but listen to what I'm saying out loud! "Do 'ME is SKULL' and do 'BUG is ME' then drag the skull that came from the Me to the Me that came from the bug then do 'SKULL is KEKE'. I-it... without context, these are the ramblings of.... (chuckles in exasperation)
  • Vinny has a fun time playing through Blaster Master Zero 2...until he meets Kannaexplanation .
    Vinny: Okay, thanks for watching, guys. [...] There are now watermelons on the stream so I have to close the chat and the stream.
  • What better way to commence his livestreamed reaction to the debut trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) than with the following?
    • Then once Sonic speaks...
    Sonic: Gotta go fast!
    Vinny: NO!
  • Vinny has mixed feelings about Mortal Kombat 11, but his playthrough of it still has some good funnies.
    • His amusement at Johnny Cage's Groin Attack move, which he finishes multiple fights with (including the Old Johnny vs. Young Johnny fight).
    • When starting the Johnny vs. Sektor fight in story mode:
    Vinny: Do robots have balls?
    • In part 3, his Noob Saibot voice, particularly when cheaping Noob out as Jacqui.
    • Vinny repeatedly mispronouncing Liu Kang as Louie Kang. (Vinny sometimes refers to him as "Louis Kang" to drive home that he's doing it on purpose.)
  • From Blasphemous:
    (later) "The Catholic guilt in me is welling up."
  • Vinny watching the Gears 5 DLC trailer and joking that The Terminator would be added to the game. Only to immediately be proven right.
    "Now the Terminator is coming to Gears of War 5. There's gonna be a foot that steps on- are you k- no! Fuck off! FUCK! OFF!"
    • Made funnier due to him reacting to the Terminator's foot crushing the human skull, but he completely failed to notice the eye-catching annotation saying "PRE-ORDER OR PLAY GEARS 5 WITH XBOX PASS BY SEPTEMBER 16 AND GET THE TERMINATOR DARK FATE CHARACTER PACK" in its entirity.
  • The humor in Vinny's playthrough of Trials of Mana starts with the title screen:
    Charlotte: Twials of Mana!
    Vinny: Nope!
    Vinny: Auuugh, streak broken.
    • It's saved at the very end of the stream, however:
    Vinny: Who's it gonna be; is it Charlotte?
    Charlotte: Twials of Mana!
    Vinny: YES!
    • Upon unlocking Angela's Magus class, he and Chat are caught completely off-guard by how stripperific her outfit is, consisting entirely of a chain-mail bikini and a small yellow cape, but despite his usual aversion to such things, he gets Distracted by the Sexy anyway.
    • At one point, Vinny decides to get up and get spicy water, pausing the game by bringing up the menu. What he failed to remember was that he left Angela in her Magus class, so chat gets to see her in full glory, and proceed to get excited at seeing her. When Vinny comes back, he momentarily is confused what chat is doing, before realizing and having the character models turn around to deny chat.
    • During the final stretch of the game, Vinny ends up getting Charlotte's voice clip on the title screen five times in a row (which for those wondering has only a 1/7776 chance of happening), to his increasing bewilderment each and every time, eventually coming to the conclusion that his copy's bugged.
  • At one point during his Rimworld playthrough, someone in the chat persuades Vinny to get Hatsune Miku, the team doctor, to force Scoot to take "smokeleaf", causing Scoot to get stoned and revealed to have a massive tolerance for it. Which is funny enough on its own, not to mention the fanart it spawned. Unfortunately that one joint also causes Scoot to develop both lung cancer and asthma immediately afterwards. Vinny tries to have Miku cure Scoot... which fails catastrophically.
    • Even funnier, the very next day in Animal Crossing Scoot asks Vinny to change his catchphrase. No guesses for Vinny's response.
    Scoot: Smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed, smoke weed, that's awesome!
  • His playthrough of Outer Wilds, wherein mere seconds before jumping into the Eye of the Universe, he accidentally triggers the Self ending and destroys all of spacetime because he had talked to his clone in the Ash Twin Project and it died when the sun exploded.
    Vinny: ..What? No. Wh- no. N-no. [A kazoo version of the credits play as he starts reading off chat] "Your clone died?" "Your clone died in the supernova." ...Oh my GOD.
    • The kicker? Chat had told him to interact with the clone in the first place.
    • Vinny has multiple issues with the ship over the course of the game, from the infamous autopilot repeatedly killing him, wrecking at the most inopportune times. At one point the ship apparently glitches and begins spasming violently while he's piloting it; he leaves the pilot seat and is instantaneously gibbed by the broken physics.
  • Vinny decides to stream some of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and learns about the games costume system. He decides to have Shulk wear all his clothes save his pants, which is funny in itself, but what Vinny didn't know was that the game details the costume choices made when it does flashbacks. This means that only a short time later, when he gets past the death of Fiora, he gets to see Shulk have a sad flashback of himself missing pants. The chat lost it when this happened.
  • The Outer Worlds:
    • Vinny decides to make his character look absolutely disgusting, which becomes the source of jokes in each stream and the comments.
    Vinny: I don't want to see his face every time I go into the menu.
    • Vinny decides to make his character have below average intelligence but good charisma, which he quickly calls a Himbo. He also promises not to play a "Sneaky Archer", only to realize later he ended playing as one again, which chat saved him from by calling him a "Sneaky Dumb Archer" this time.
    • Vinny gets into a fight with a strong enemy early on and runs away to a nearby NPC who he hopes will help. The NPC doesn't, at which Vinny runs next to the NPC (presumably to get them to help if they get attacked). Instead the monster absolutely flattens said NPC in one hit. At least this let him loot the NPC's rifle...
  • Vinny plays Tetris 99. From the intro of his highlight video:
    "Can't wait to watch some experts play Tetris 99, oh who is "vine sauce" fellow from the Twitch frontpage? Who is this guy? He has a lot of viewers, so he must be a pro, he must be a spurt!
    (Jump Cut to Vinny getting recked out the gate)
    "Ooh god, where'd that come from?! No, I don't believe-that must be cheating! Who's hacking?! Have we learned to hack already?! I don't believe this-No, THAT'S BULLSHIT! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?"
  • Stream #4 of Call of Duty: Warzone has a moment where Vinny and his friends Sphynx and Dave attempt to loot the then-newly released "loot train". It mostly goes well, until a helicopter swoops in and kills Vinny (and only Vinny) with its propellers.
    Vinny: No, what is this bullsh— YOU CUNT!!
    Sphynx: (cackling) Jeezus!
  • Vinny's Sonic 3 & Knuckles streams with Imakuni (in person) degenerate to the point that she is *weeping* when Vinny takes half a dozen tries to land a trivial jump (it's his first ever legitimate Sonic game) and finally makes it, only to...
  • In Part 10 of his 7 Days to Die streams, DesertP sporadically repeats "I have to kill Fatalis" over voice chat, claiming to be playing Monster Hunter: World at the same time. Vinny, Mono and Dave all treat the statement like a Madness Mantra, then some kind of post-humor bit/forced meme, then just outright ignoring Desert for several dozens of minutes. He gets acknowledged again when Mono wonders out loud how Desert managed to move several miles while supposedly playing two games at once, so the rest of the crew set out to find him and end up discovering Desert mining on autopilot underground. Vinny asks Desert if he's alright, which prompts him to turn around really slowly and say "I have to kill Fatalis" again, but this time with enough voice filters to make it sound like he's spewing Black Speech, creeping the hell out of Vinny. He tries to run away, but Dave just blocks the way back while laughing at the absurdity of the scene in front of him.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 is a Christmas Rushed game loaded with Good Bad Bugs. On a Vinesauce stream, however? It's a goldmine of comedy.
  • Vinny's troll-laden responses to his friend Desert's inability to ENABLE the Windows Game Bar (aka Windows G) during a multiplayer Sea of Thieves stream. The impromptu tech support session eventually devolves to Bill Gates conspiracy theories, help in locating the G-spot, and a strange rant on Twitter verification checkmarks.
  • Vinny streamed Spyro Reignited Trilogy, initially as a one-off stream, before deciding to stream the rest of the first game in the trilogy, and then the other two at later dates. Naturally, the streams are filled with funny moments.
    • Vinny saying that he won't 100% the game while going through Spyro the Dragon... and proceeding to do just that with all three games.
    • While going through the Toasty level in the first game, Vinny has quite a bit of trouble with the Doberman enemies and dies to them quite a few times.
    • The Tree Tops level provides much frustration for Vinny and many, many deaths.
    • While going through Mystic Marsh in Ripto's Rage!, Vinny initiates the Professor's pencil trading sequence towards the end of the first stream that he visits the level on. He accidentally goes through the exit portal before he can complete the mission. You can hear the dying inside feeling within his screams. In sheer frustration, he calls it a night. During the next stream, he kills twenty enemies so he can reattempt the mission, only for it to happen again. Equal parts funny and tragic.
    • While playing Sheila's Alps in Year of the Dragon, Vinny encounters a Rhynoc stuck on a cliff with bugged animations causing him to T-pose, and his pickaxe ends up between his legs.
    • Enchanted Towers in Year of the Dragon brings us a glorious moment where after exiting the skate park side-area, Spyro gets stuck repeatedly jittering on the ledge.
    • The Speedway/Flight levels in all three of the games bring out Vinny's inner animal, and many of his sounds, including this one.
  • In honor of Spider-Man (PS4) and not wanting to buy it, Vinny decided to play install a Spider-Man mod for Grand Theft Auto V...
  • The start of the Wonderswan stream.
    Vinny: So, does anyone remember something called the Wonderswan? (bleepy music plays at high volume) UWOOOOOOOOOOOH!
  • Vinny getting addicted to reading Willie’s letters in the first part of his playthrough of The Neverhood.
  • Vinny posted a video on his main channel showing off a snippet of Diablo Immortal gameplay where he stays silent and lets the game's flaws speak for itself, much like his earliest Cyberpunk 2077 videos. For added humor, he leaves the text-to-speech chat narrator on. The very first thing it reads is an average MMORPG Real Money Trade advertising bot that persists throughout the five-minute video.
  • The Silent Hill 3 highlight reel has some rather hilarious moments, some of which end up Crossing The Line Twice.
    • What's the first thing Vinny does when the game begins? He immediately falls into a bottomless pit.
    • Vinny says that the Silent Hill series is one that he's growing to love, even if the consensus is generally that the first three are the best. He asks viewers to leave comments giving details, which... spirals.
      Vinny: You let me know in the comments, alright? So smash that like button smash tha- (Random, close-to-the-microphone blubbering that sounds like the word "subscribe")
    • During a sequence where Vinny is stuck on a puzzle, he repeatedly gets Heather hit by a train. On its own? Not that funny, and kind of horrific. When a hitmarker is added to the impact? Hilarious.