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Vinny's main claim to fame is are his corruptions, in which pieces of the game's code are modified directly to create bizarre, broken, and often incredibly hilarious results, as the size of this page attests. For his main page, go here, and for the general Vinesauce page, go here.

  • The A Link to the Past corruptions.
    • "Link, you must find the Squareforce!"
  • The Link's Awakening corruptions has sword-wielding Marins, Link turning into Luigi, and walking over a pit.
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  • Mario 64 GameShark "corruptions" have Mario with stars for arms, paper-thin Bowser, and the signs.
  • The Mario 64 corruptions have Mario making several odd poses, Peach with a green face and yellow horn, and the Whomp's Fortress painting consuming the world.
    • *BOING* "WHAT?!"
    • "I had a classmate that legitimately expected 'Mario 65' to come out. He ate glue."
    • When a corruption causes the Mario's head to be abnormally large on the title screen, Vinny remarks, in the voice of Mario from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, "Luigi, I got terminal seven. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LUIGI."
    • Vinny provided a more specific description of the sort of corrupted textures he calls "clown vomit": "This is what the inside of a clown's septic tank looks like... after years of partying way too hard."
  • Yoshi's Island corruptions start out with the island being razed and the sky turning bright red. It goes downhill from there.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 corruptions have funny moments from all four characters.
    • His reactions to when something really turns out really fucked up.
    Guys, my mind... my FUCKING MIND... Just fucked itself.
    The trees! Are Luigi! Door is Mario.
    "Call for help!"
    I'm so confused right now. I'm scared. I am scared.
    • Peach always becomes Nightmare Fuel somehow. And that's hilarious.
    • "And then Peach was a potion."
    • "Oh, oh my God, guys. Toad. Toad. ...Why do you have a penis, for half of your body?"
    • Vinny notices that the "L" in "EXTRA LIFE" changes depending on the corruption level. He comments that he feels like a programmer while experimenting until it changes to "EXTRA WIFE".
    Extra YIFF? ...Oh, that's yife.
    Vinny: George R.R. Martin's new Game of Thrones novel—new Ice and Fire novel: A Blizzard of Dicks. Coming soon to the bookstore.
    Vinny: Ah, yes. The hall of frosted red butts.
    Vinny: Oh my... God! It's a fucking black hole of Peach!
  • The ''Nintendogs'' corruption stream, highlights include:
    • Lucky's weird spasms.
    • The voice recognizer making Vinny's voice sound low pitched and "burpy" (if that's even a word).
    • The various mutations of the dogs.
      • At one point, there's the dog that's just floating eyes and lower jaw, with its face on the ground. Vinny reacts appropriately.
      • The long-tailed beagle.
      • Another dog has its neck stretched out, almost like a certain armoured dog.
    • The multicolored "pug".
    • Jabba becoming a pancake, then taking control of a smaller house, then turning into a massively corrupted dog, to an entirely invisible dog with just eyes, paws, and a tongue.
    • Jabba doing... whatever this is.
  • One Castlevania corruption video has Vinny beating Castlevania by destroying one candle... and also getting a game over on the Game Over screen.
  • Best NES/SNES corruptions.
    • In one of the corruptions for the NES Legend of Zelda, the old man who give Link the sword spouts random nonsense, including "SPAY ME FOR THE DOORET", "SECRET IS IN THE TREET", and "SPAALONEBABUGUUSCOOTIES". Vinny manages to actually pronounce this gibberish without missing a beat... and then promptly realizes the absurdity of what he's been saying.note 
  • The Minish Cap corruptions have the staring contests between Link, Zelda, and the blacksmith.
    • "Welcome to the annual Earthquake Festival!"
  • As terrifying as The Legend of SEN is, watching Vinny freak out is amusing.
    Guys... these guards have my uncle's head.
  • The music in this stream of Donkey Kong Country made Vinny collapse with laughter several times.
  • The SNES corruptions video has the infamous moment with Vinny impersonating Mario and Luigi... where Mario is a drug-addicted, cynical plumber and Luigi is his worthless Manchild mooch brother.
    Luigi: "Mario, it's New Super Mario World! Everything's different! There's water in the sky, Mario, and there's blocks everywhere, Yoshi Coins!"
    Mario: "Luigi, I've been a plumber for 34 years. Do you think, I actually go to some kind of Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi? I don't. I just trip really hard on LSD and I fuck some prostitutes...without a condom."
    Luigi: "But Mario, I've been there with you, to the Mushroom Kingdom!"
    Mario: "No you haven't, Luigi. You have terminal 7 brain cancer; I don't even know what that means. But it's bad. This is alllll in your head, Luigi. It's in your imagination. There's no such thing as the Mushroom Kingdom! I'm a plumber, you've been living off me and my livelihood, for years Luigi. You're a useless cunt Luigi, and I've been supporting you because you're my brother."
    Luigi: "But Mario...I saw the princess. She's real!"
    Mario: *sigh* "That was a dead hooker, Luigi. I threw her in your bed, Luigi, while you were sleeping. You were on mushrooms."
    Luigi: "But...but...but Mario...Mario...what about Toad? What about Toad?"
    Mario: "Luigi...that wasn't a talking mushroom. That was my cock, Luigi! That was my cock, okay!? That's why it looked like a mushroom, Luigi!"
  • Vinny's Majora's Mask corruptions are downright hilarious! The text is all completely mucked-up, making the characters say complete nonsense, made all the better that Vinny actually reads some of it.
    Tatl: "Yau, Iô I wasnht deali³g with ▼ou I wauldn't Tave gotzen sepalated fram my brather!"
    Carpenter: "Hey, apprintici! Don't just stand eround loooin' at thi sky all day!
    Happy Mask Salesman: "During my travels, a very iipootaat maak waa stolen froo mm by an imp in the woodss."
    • Vinny getting an Access Violation message.
    • Vinny reading and responding to the messed up text.
    Tatl: "rou wannz know a{out thaÑ Skull did who Äust ran9off riÀht?"
    Vinny: "Yeah, I wannz know."
    Guard: "Top right there, Dekk Scruu!Do yoo inteed to waap alonee"
    Vinny: "Listen, dude, I never waap alone."
    • All the times he played music during inappropriate times and without the Ocarina.
    • Another Majora's Mask corruption stream resulted in the text having various strings end up being consistently replaced with another, particularly with "the" being replaced with "das". The best part about the aforementioned consistency is that the "the" —> "das" replacement resulted in Tingle referencing Link's "green clodass", while this combined with another replacement (specifically, "r" becoming "s") resulted in Tingle's reference to his father being replaced with a reference to "[his] fadass".
    Carpenter: "Hey, apprenzice! Don't just stand around loooin' at das sky all day!"
    Vinny: Why are they all German?
    • This exchange:
    Tael: "Ooh, ooh! What a chunkayayussna... Hey, Skull Kid, lemme touch it! I wanna see!"
    Tatl: "You can't, Tael! What would we do if you dropped it and broke it? No way! You can't touch it!!!"
    Tael: "Aw, but bitch. W...Why can't I try it out, too?"
  • Nintendo 64 Corruptions. Not content with corrupting just one Nintendo 64 game, Vinny corrupts several, and the results are... odd.
    • The WWF Wrestlemania 2000 corruption gives all of the wrestlers some hilariously terrifying deformities. For one, their arms float in midair high above their shoulders and their necks are stretched. It only gets worse/hilarious when they actually start fighting.
    Vinny: I never watched a lot of wrestling as a kid, but if it looked like this, I would have.
    Vinny: I-I hate to say it, but their arms kinda look like reverse dicks.
    • The Chef's Luv Shack corruption. Everyone has oversized and misplaced eyeballs. Vinny does what he describes as a Wilhelm scream in response.
    Vinny: They have droopy eyes, their eyes look like balls! [laughs, coughs]
    • The Banjo-Kazooie corruptions starts normal. Then once animals start floating through the air and getting stuck in the ground, you know you've hit corruption.
      • A corruption was skipped over in the highlights where Banjo strokes his D-string and Kazooie regurgitates a kazoo.
    • The Diddy Kong Racing corruptions features all of the racers suddenly driving the wrong way as soon as the race starts.
    Vinny: (none of the racers can move) I guess the gas was removed from all of our planes and was replaced with brakes.
    • The Donkey Kong 64 corruptions forces another Wilhelm scream from Vinny when he discovers that part of Tiny's hat is covered in eyeballs.
    Vinny: Whoa—OH MY GOD LOOK AT DIXIE! OOHHHH! ...Why am I Wilhelming so hard tonight?
    • The Mario Tennis corruptions starts rather normally until the replay starts, at which point everything turns into paper-thin pillars.
    Vinny: Waluigi is scared of his own shadow, and for good reason.
    Vinny: WAIT A MINUTE! Is Daisy wearing blackface?!
    • As is typical in many Nintendo 64 corruptions, huge spike-like projections form from the characters. In Mario's case, it's from his crotch.
    Vinny: Nope, no comment.
    • The Spider-Man corruption also starts out rather normally with Smilin' Stan Lee giving out his introduction for new and old fans alike... only to abruptly cut out and have Spider Man fall off the building and die immediately after and the "retry" screen showing off Black Cat fall from the sky into the shot feet first. If ever there was a perfect parody scenario for Spidey, this would be it.
    Stan Lee: Non-stop web-slinging, wall crawling action!
    Spider-man: WAAAAAH!
    • The Scooby-Doo! — Classic Creep Capers corruptions features Scooby constantly deforming into... some form.
    Vinny: Daphne has become color bars on a television. (Beat) She needs to be investigated.
    Vinny: Hey, gang! Scooby's tethered to a satellite!
    Vinny: So, the name of this corruption is 'Swaggy Has a Wing.' Oh, oh god, did I say 'Swag-' I meant Shaggy!
    Vinny: Shaggy's been smokin' the purple haze. (Shaggy imitation) Scoob, it's really kicking in now, Scoob! MMMMRH where'd you get it from? (Scooby imitation) I runno? The guy with the mask?
    Vinny: It's spooky in here. (horrific loud corruption noises) I've never been more afraid of Scooby-Doo in my entire life.
  • The entirety of Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition. Highlights include Mario becoming a black hole, Mario speeding up and jumping super long, the music being replaced with whoops and howls, and the return of the signs.
    • Several times throughout the video, Vinny gets chased by... literally everything. As in there are times where Mario starts attracting absolutely every object in sight like a magnet. Bob-Ombs, a star, a cannon, wooden pillars, fire, gate bars...
  • And now, the sequel to Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Chaos Edition.
    Vinny: Inject amphetamines into your eye and you can see this in real life. [WARNING: Do NOT inject amphetamines into your eye.]
    Vinny: There were these, um, rumors that we were gonna get a Paper Zelda game on the N64... and one of my classmates... actually believed that Paper Zelda was gonna be a thing. And yes, it's the same one that ate glue.
    Vinny: Vomit-vision! The only way to experience your video games.
    • Link playing random notes on the Ocarina, except the notes are actually Malon's singing voice, and then he starts sliding backwards while still playing and passes into a boundary between areas.
    • Link walks through the grounds outside Hyrule Castle, and is caught by a guard... but then he keeps sliding. And then it's suddenly nighttime.
    Vinny: Hey hey, no no no, you can't stop me! ...Instant night.
    • Link does a jump attack, but the gravity is messed up so he slides without falling much... and then runs into a ReDead that spontaneously appeared (in Kokiri Forest) and quickly dies from it.
    • A random collection of pots explodes when Link slashes them. Which crashes the emulator.
    • Vinny attempting to defeat Ganondorf repeatedly fails when Link frequently pours out a bottle of bugs instead of slashing with his sword.
    Vinny: You know, you’re trying to kill Ganon, and then your sword turns into bugs.
    • In Ganon's Castle, Vinny makes Link enter through the door that leads to the main room with the entrance to the tower, only for Link to start sliding backwards shortly after against his will, passing through the door he just entered and going straight towards the castle entrance.
    Vinny: [after entering the main room] Oh hey that old familiar noise- No, what are you doing, Link? The fuck? Guys, I can't control Link. [beat] He walked in and walked right out! He noped right out.
  • The third episode of Vinny's adventures into Chaos editions: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Chaos Edition (Warning: Not suitable for those with epilepsy.) Highlights:
    • Vinny names Link "LINT".
    • The constant seizure-inducing colour changes.
    • Everyone randomly contorting (or as Vinny sometimes puts it, "Cronenberging") and changing size, especially Link.
    • Link shouting random voice clips. And meowing every time he jumps off a platform. At one point Link screams with every sword swing.
    • Phantom Ganon shows up on Outset Island. At the start of the game. Vinny is amazed. And then Ganondorf himself shows up! And spends the entire fight just... sliding away from Link in a jump pose due to the physics going balls-out-cock-in-hand nuts.
      • Somewhat Hilarious in Hindsight thanks to Hyrule Warriors: Legends. The DLC Master Wind Waker Map (which is based on Wind Waker's map) makes Outset Island home to the Ganon mission, in which Ganondorf is the enemy commander and spawns Ganon when defeated (though sadly not the Legends-exclusive Phantom Ganon, as on some other maps). In short, you fight Ganondorf on Outset Island.
    • Link's random speed boosts. Who'd have thought the Pegasus Boots were in this version?
    • Pigs spawning in huge numbers in random places, such as the forest on top of Outset Island and on various islands. Vinny dubs the game Pig Waker as a result, and Pawprint Island is now Pig Island.
    • Vinny spends some last time on Outset Island messing around and (failing to) fight Ganondorf before having to board Tetra's boat. Then the sky AND sea turn a rather milky white.
    Vinny: Guys, its all white. Now I could easily make a "white ink" joke, a la Splatoon, but instead, I'm just gonna say it's semen. See? They're on the ship right over there, there's a bunch of seamen. And a seawoman too, see? [slide whistle]
    • The one person who is least affected by Chaos Edition is Tingle. For a while anyway.
    • Valoo shows up ahead of schedule. And in multiple places. He first appears after emerging from the inside of Pawprint Island (the island between Windfall and Dragon Roost), then again in Dragon Roost Island (as in, he clips through the bottom of the island). Even he likes to grow and contort. Also, the pigs that previously inhabited Pawprint Island are also replaced with tons of mailboxes, for whatever reason. Apparently Valoo gets lots of mail.
    • On the way to Dragon Roost Island, King of Red Lions' head grows to massive size as Link is looking through the telescope. It's so big that Vinny can't see where he's going.
    • Vinny having supreme trouble with the pirate ship rope swing platform challenge. WITHOUT any chaos effects to screw him up.
    • During said challenge, the game's textures go all dark grey... except for the torch lights. Vinny actually manages to make a very artful striking image by aligning the torch lights with where Link's eyes are.
    • Speaking of, the game's textures going all dark grey, characters included, so Vinny can't see anything. He decides that this is what The Wind Waker would look like if it were a Steam indie game.
    • Vinny trying to beat Forsaken Fortress and failing because the dark textures make it hard to gauge which direction the Moblin guards are looking. Let's just say that this segment would have been a lot longer without save states. Also, Link keeps clipping through the floor.
    • At the end of Forsaken Fortress, when Link is captured, the camera angles on Ganondorf look like something out of a dance montage. Finally, as the Helmaroc King throws Link out to sea, the sky turns a freakish yellow with apocalyptic red clouds.
    • Vinny and the Killer Bees kid gang in all their horrifically recoloured glory. "I looked down for one second, I look up and there's a daisy chain of Satanic children following me around!" And the sky is an appropriately hellish red. And the colours are all hellish. And Phantom Ganon is back. And the townspeople are completely indifferent to its appearance.
    • The last part has Ganondorf show up on Dragon Roost Island and Vinny fruitlessly trying to fight him. And then the sky turns a strangely appropriately apocalyptic pitch black with blood-red seas. This lasts up until... Vinny manages to knock Ganondorf into the ocean, who sinks like a stone. The colours promptly return to normal, Vinny concludes that Ganondorf drowned and considers that a good place to stop — after throwing a Bomb Flower in the water to be sure.
  • The Sesame Street Corruptions video.
    • Ernie: Hey guess what? *distorted noise* Elmo: An underwater adventure?! *another distorted noise*
    • "Ernie has become a black hole"
    • Grover's voice going demonic before horribly distorting. Even better because it sounds like he says: HEY! YOU'RE DEAD! (or GODDAMN!) FUCK YOU!
    • "I gotta visit Ernie, oh God, (Big Bird's) still morphing." (sees Ernie is normal) "Ernie, you're my last hope." (Ernie distorts) "NO!"
    • Grover doing... whatever he's doing at 1:30
    • "I'm INSIDE Big Bird right now."
  • NES Corruptions:
  • The Super Mario Kart corruptions.
  • Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 Corruptions have more messed up music, Diddy Kong being full of bananas, and hilarious palette errors.
    • DK picks up a barrel, throws it... and warps to Snow Barrel Blast.
    • A corrupted Donkey Kong on the wrong plane becomes extremly hilarious when he gets on Rambi. Said mounting results in Rambi disappearing, and a golden Donkey Kong violently humping the air.
    • DK's animations go so fast he can't stop pounding his chest.
    • Cranky Kong's golden soul gets knocked out of him.
    • DK misses Cranky and he and his stereo bounce back up as if on a Trampoline or Sea-Saw.
    • In 2, everything turns into Diddy or Dixie.
    • Also in 2, after Vinny gets to the map screen, there's just a glitched up map, a golden Diddy and the text "When R Corruption".
    • The gate in 3 makes a funny noise when the switch is activated.
  • Vinny's Pokemon Emerald Corruptions, riding a bike upside down. Also, the ending.
    • "TORCHIC used Hello! You over there! In my BAG! There's a POKé BALL! TORCHIC's attack missed!"
    • Catching a Level 72 Arbok who he names her JESUS, after which she causes the game to crash by using Swallow. (which is interpreting it as JESUS swallowing the universe).
    • Vinny finding a Level 100 ???????????????????????????????? who knows Karate Chop. Being on the early routes filled with Com Mons, battles against her are a Curbstomp Battle.
    • The video ends with Vinny observing Professor Birch "jostling" a Zigzagoon.note 
  • The 2015 charity corruption stream was comedy gold:
    • Part 1 begins with the GBA Video release of Sonic X Vol 1. No points for guessing what happens next.
    Vinny: So these are corruptions from VGDC—
    Vinny: Oh no. OH NO!
    Vinny: What does this to do with corruptions VGDC? I mean, it's a Game Boy version of the show, which is disgusting. All right, let's just keep moving.
    • Banjo-Kazooie:
      • After the sound is corrupted and everything is high pitched:
      Vinny: Worst music in N64 history!
      • The next corruption shows Gruntilda with ridiculously long fingers.
      "But I'm the prettiest!"
      • Banjo and Tootie merging.
      • "Ummm...."
      • "Oh my god! The ant-hill knocked me off the cliff! Now Banjo's gone..."
    • The Game Boy Color Muppets game. The graphics are fine, but the intro's music...Not so much.
    Vinny: What is this... evil Muppet dimension?
    • One Donkey Kong Country corruption had the music corrupted in a surprisingly cool way... until Vinny entered Coral Capers...
    • Another one from the same game pitches up the DK rapper's voice as if it sounds like he's on helium.
    DK rap: So they're finally here
    DK rap: ᴾᵉʳᶠᵒʳᵐᶦᶰᵍ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ
    (Vinny starts cackling)
    DK rap: ᴵᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵏᶰᵒʷ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒʳᵈˢ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃᶰ ʲᵒᶦᶰ ᶦᶰ ᵗᵒᵒ
  • The Nintendo DS corruptions have Peach never stopping screaming as her castle is on fire, and Mario turning into a series of lines.
  • Vinny receives a program that allows him to corrupt The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. At full corruption intensity, it pretty much looks like a game of 2D Splatoon, along with Vinny commenting about how seriously messed up the game looks.
    • Hearing Vinny trying to read the corrupted names is good for a laugh.
    ("BASFMEKT I" shows up on screen)
    Vinny: Baf... bafkment.
    • "I killed him so hard, machines popped out!"
    • The narrator finds the oddest time to blurt out "YOUR SON HAS BECOME CORRUPTED BY SIN!"
    • At one point, Vinny issues an "if you laugh, you lose" challenge. Almost immediately, this happens:
    Vinny: What's that say? "Dank...Dopths? (Beat) AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Beat) ...I lost.
  • The sixth anniversary corruptions (highlight video):
  • From the fourth Corruption Compendium, there's his over-the-top impression of Joel's memetic utterance of "GRAND DAD?!" when playing through a high quality ROM hack.
    Vinny: Is that what you want? I'll do it. I'll (dips into a Ringo Starr impression) do whatever pleases you, Paul McCartney...
    • And then, in Part 11, it finally happened. Vinny corrupted himself.
    • Corruption Compendium part 12 contains the return of "Scoot the Burbs".
  • Corruption Stockpile 2. Super Mario 64 is broken in a way that has to be seen to be believed.
    "Why is my health door coin?"
    • During his corruptions of Razor Freestyle Scooter, glass starts breaking that isn't a result of the corruptions. He cracks up.
    • Everything about the GoldenEye 007 corruptions, including but not limited to the H-poses.
  • Gameboy Hardware Corruptions provides us with a nice collection of various games going absolutely batshit insane when Vinny plays around with the hardware corruptor.
    • In the Gameboy port of True Lies, Vinny manages to corrupt the game so hard that he ends up on some sort of debug screen involving the game's memory viewer. And before that, the screen gets covered by letters (most of them being the letter F) followed by some more screen graphics corruption.
    Vinny: I don't think my character has... a left arm.
    (game crashes)
    Vinny: Fuck! Oh, that doesn't say "fuck", it just says "F".
    • While booting up True Lies, Vinny is horrified to see the LJN logo.
    Vinny: 1994? What is this shitstorm of a gam-NO!
    • One of the games that Vinny messes around provides us with a dialogue text that gives the impression of it saying "cock" several times (one part of it even being spelled as "kock") as a result of being scrambled by the corruptor. Vinny can barely contain his laughter.
    • Perhaps the ultimate highlight of the stream is Vinny managing to get the garbled text in his corruption of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening to read "meme meme", to chat's glorious applause.
    • When Vinny opens up his save file for Pokémon Red, he finds several things:
      • His save file features his player character having 4 badges, 34 Pokémon and 22:16 as his time. This prompts Vinny to remark:
      Wow, I sucked. Twenty-two hours for thirty-four Pokémon?
      • After initiating a battle, Vinny's trainer sends out an Ivysaur with only 3 HP left. Vinny then proceeds to check the rest of the party, at least half of which consists of weak/fainted Pokémon... and finds a Farfetch'd named "Dux" and a Mew (as in an actual Mew and not just a random Pokémon nicknamed "Mew").
      I guess once I got the Mew I stopped giving a shit.
  • Gamecube Corruptions:
    • At one point, while trying to load a save file for Super Mario Sunshine, he somehow accidentally launches Half-Life 2.
      Vinny: Wai— why did i— what? ...Guys, I... What the fuck?!
  • In Corruption Compendium 3, Vinny does a corruption of an NES bootleg of Sonic the Hedgehog that goes so awry, it suggests the worst while haunting music plays.
    Vinny: "Sonic has passed"...a moment of silence, please...we'll always remember you, Sonic.
    • For Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, one corruption has the racers' teammates constantly pushing the karts.
    • In Pokemon Yellow one corruption had all of Pikachu's soundbytes get distorted and play at once.
    Pikachu: (highly garbled) PIIPIKACHU PIIIKAAAAAAAAA!
    Vinny: ...OOOUUGH!
    • Donkey Kong has a falling wave of corruptions that kill Mario when they reach him.
    • Yoshi's Island has Baby Mario vocals in the music, Yoshi being made up of Grinders, Hookbill the Koopa detached from his shell, and Yoshi "tripping out" after beating the game.
    • Also while playing Yoshi's Island, one level loads with the mosaic blur effect when the level stops never really stopping, making the level look like a mosaic.
    Vinny: The censorship in Nintendo games was out of control, even in the nineties.
    • Kirby Super Star has multiple spawning Dededes, making it impossible for poor Kirby to win.
    • During a playthrough of Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's flashlight ends up grafted into his groin.
    Mario: Luigi, what'd you do to your dick?
    Luigi: I dunno, Mario, w-whadaya mean?
    Mario: I know you're into that modification stuff, but did ya have to put a flashlight in there?!
    Luigi: I thought it was unique!
    • While playing a corrupted version of The Legend of Zelda, Vinny comes across a corruption that leaves him speechless:
    Vinny: I dunno what the fuck you want from me, old man, but allow me to at least give you the sweet release of death, the most precious gift I could give to someone such as yourself...stuck in a dungeon. Y'know, he lost his faculties! This is what happens when you're in an old, moldy, crusty, rotted dungeon! Your brain starts to go funny, you start to say strange things...ain't that right, Corl?
    Vinny re-enters the room where the old man was, and the only text displayed is "No". Vinny busts his gut laughing.
    Vinny: My whole train of thought...just thrown off by a sentient fucking corruption!
    • During the Turbo Tunnel level in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, all the remaining walls suddenly appear at once, as if the level wasn't hard enough already. Amusingly, Vinny was able to leap over them the second time around.
  • Metal Gear Solid Corruptions: Vinny combines his Solid Snake impression with his Marge Simpson impression... for some reason:
    Vinny: Homie, it's me... Solid Marge. You put your C in me, Homie.
  • Corruption Stockpile 6 features a Madden corruption where the ball is bigger than an elephant and starts bouncing around the field and eventually out of the stadium on its own while the ref chases after it.
    • Earlier, the commentators' voices have a garbled quality, sounding like something from the Sesame Street corruption or an Inkling.
    • In the beginning scene of Animal Crossing, the train whistle starts blowing loudly and constantly.
    Vinny: This is the Smash 5 hype train. It doesn't stop, and it never shuts the fuck up. That sound you hear is endless speculation.
    • For Mario Kart Wii, every time the racer jumps off a ramp, he does a rapid-fire series of flips.
  • Final Fantasy VII Corruptions:
    • In one corruption, the overworld models move around in a way that can only be described as "swimming through the ground while flailing one's limbs."
    • Vinny wins an item called Peniz Down from the Chocobo race. He also wins something called momu Plund.
    Vinny: Excuse me, but what in the name of the ever-risen Christ on this day of Easter is the momu Plund?
    • Cloud and Tifa's date is interrupted by a random encounter out of completely nowhere. It's made even funnier by Vinny's reaction.
    Vinny: Here we go, nice date with Tifa. Tifa would by my choice- WHAT. THE FUCK?
    • Aeris's death scene is completely ruined by the corruptions. Her body floating around the screen is already ridiculous enough, but then "Clud" receives a mop and starts spinning.
    Clud: This can't be real!
    Vinny: (Laughing) No, probably isn't!
    Vinny: Okay. (Gets up) I don't know what the fuck is going on any more but I have had enough!
    • The battle after the motorcycle ride corruption sees the text rendered in a series of barcodes that are completely illegible. Vinny scrambles to heal his allies... and has Tifa throw a grenade at Cloud on accident.
  • The entirety of the Bellissimo Corruptions as seen here, here, and here. Highlights include:
    • Raphael the Raven appearing dead on Yoshi's arrival.
    • Yoshi's jump noises turn into Violin sounds, and his lick noises are Baby Mario's cries
    • Raphael the Raven going warp speed. That is all.
    • Fuzzies no longer just affect Yoshi, to Vinny's surprise.
    Vinny: And the flower is tripping absolute fucking balls as well.
    • Mario continually dancing throughout the Super Mario World credits.
    • One corruption of Super Mario Bros Lost Levels showed the Peach kissing animation without showing Mario's face as he is being kissed, so instead she's kissing Mario's sprite. In what would become one of his most viewed clips on Twitch ever, Vinny took it to its logical NSFW conclusion.
    • As usual, Mario's Early Years:
    Child Voice: Five, Fuck, Five, Fuck, Five, Fuck.
    Vinny: I don't like the child with the man face...
    • In the second compilation, Yoshi is drugged even before the game can begin.
    • Ken's power emanating from his crotch is powerful enough to keep Dhalism trapped in an infinite death cycle.
    • Luigi dressed as Mario commits suicide directly before he could take Peach out of her cage, and Mario gets the kiss instead.
    • Luigi is given a Koopa instead of a Toad at the end of a castle, damaging him.
    • Peach kissing herself after Mario dressed as Luigi drowns in lava.
    • Bowser's Koopa Clown Car eternally flying about the sky after being beaten.
    • Zelda's message to Link for help is interrupted by unending screams.
    • This gem:
    Butt-head: C'mon Beavis, pull it!
    Beavis: Okay! *reaches for Butt-head's finger before disintegrating into a glitchy mess*
  • Corruption Stockpile 5:
    • The part where Knuckles in Sonic Heroes tries to pass the road loop but goes offtrack and into the water. Vinny makes it clear that he's not the one doing it, with it being just the gameplay demo.
    • The battle between Janemba and Nappa in Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. To be exact, their models get... really distorted.
    • At one point, Vinny decides to play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with Donkey Kong and Toad in the kart. Corruption moments range from Donkey Kong continuously bobbing his head, Toad's head spinning, Rainbow Road becoming even more trippy than it originally was... and Donkey Kong getting his limbs and head shrunk, only leaving his body and butt intact. That last one has Vinny react quite a bit.
    Vinny: WHAT THE FUCK IS DONKEY KOOOONG?!? What, he's just an ass!
    • For Star Fox 64, the voice clips randomly get sped up at certain points.
    Vinny: They say that this, uh, planet's atmosphere is made of helium.
    • In Luigi's Mansion, he completely loses it over seeing a giant mustache-less ghost of Luigi staring him down.
  • Ocarina of Time Randomized Edition switches around (most of) the items in chests and rewards, the music, and dialogue prompts. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues. Now with a highlight video!
    • Vinny gets a yellow Rupee (300) instead of the Fairy Ocarina. That run didn't last long.
    • Vinny gets trapped in the Great Deku Tree because the chests in the Slingshot room were both booby-trapped.
    • Early into the second run, someone in chat suggests he randomize the music, resulting in the rest of the playthrough being such Soundtrack Dissonance that it has to be seen to be believed.
      • Zora's Domain gets replaced with the Shadow Temple theme, causing him to be a bit on edge for how evil Zora's Domain sounds.
      • The Temple of Time theme is replaced by Ganondorf's theme, which actually startles him the first time he goes there, and a point later when he teleports to it.
      • The miniboss battle theme gets replaced with the shop theme. The Soundtrack Dissonance is already funny enough, but it becomes downright gut-busting when Dead Hand wiggles around to this catchy tune.
      • The King Dodongo/Volvagia boss theme ends up being the Sacred Realm theme while the theme for every other boss is the Temple of Time theme, turning every boss fight into something mystical. He directly compares the former to Shadow of the Colossus as a result.
      • The Shadow Temple music is replaced with the Kakariko Village theme, causing him to laugh at the switch. At one point the music stops for a few minutes causing him to comment that the music was killed by the Shadow Temple.
      • Ganondorf's boss theme is the Poe shop theme, which he had guessed previously. What he didn't expect was the final boss theme being replaced with the mini-game theme, making the final boss seem much more upbeat than it really is.
      • The Sacred Realm's theme is replaced with the final boss theme, leading to this bit of comedic timing:
    Vinny: What if I told you... I know where the Light Arrows are?
    (Dramatic Music)
    • Vinny constantly gets blue Rupees (Bluepees) instead of desirable prizes (not helped by the text always being one of the owl's long monologues), each time being some variant of "fuck you" or "fuck off." There was even a Twitch emote to commemorate it.
      • As if this weren't bad enough, at one point in the Deku Tree Vinny opens a chest only to find it contains "ONE RUPEEEE?!" Even the Item Get! text seems upset by it.
    Item Get! text: Hmm, well, I really don't know what to say about that one...
    Vinny: What, Crenandad, or the green rupee?
    • At one point he opens a chest containing a measly ten arrows, not unlike the infamous bit from the A Link To The Past: Randomizer stream. One fan highlight video stuck the "TEN ARROWS?!?" line on it.
    • Special mention how the rupees' randomized text ended up being the infamous Owl's "Hoot hoot! Look up here!". Even when randomized, the Owl still fucks him over.
    • Vinny struggles up to the Piece of Heart in the windmill and earns a Deku Stick, with the Item Get! text reading "Dead End." Vinny loses it. Just before actually obtaining it, he tries convincing himself that using a speedrunner exploit to get up there would be worth it as the item could very well be the best item in the game.
    • Vinny finds a stone in Ganon's Tower that requires the Golden Gauntlets to remove, and is about to go look for it when chat convinces him there's a way around it. Cue half an hour of clipping into the wall and then stumbling around in the void. It didn't work.
    • During the escape from Ganon's Tower, note  Vinny, with five seconds left on the clock and almost at the end, gets stopped by a ReDead. The Big "NO!" sells it.
    • Ganondorf's last words are him announcing the time.
    • Dampé's text as Young Link is replaced with Zelda's, causing Dampé to proudly proclaim himself as Princess Zelda. Someone in chat immediately did fanart of Dampé cosplaying as Zelda.
    • Vinny mistakenly reads Din's Fire as Daryu's Findle, causing him to refer to it as such the rest of the game, complete with an overly Irish accent.
    • Ends up finding the Megaton Hammer in the secret hidden room in Lon Lon Ranch. He gets stuck for a moment trying to rationalize how they would have the hammer, ending up concluding that they must have found it and hid it to keep it hidden from Ganondorf. He then comments how the chat could write a fanfiction about why the items are placed where they are.
    • The very end of the stream is a heartfelt speech about how much Ocarina of Time meant to him, the pain of finishing the game, and about how we can't go back to the old days... followed by a story about hurting his back while laying down.
    • In the Fire Temple, Vinny struggles to get to a chest protected by a timed switch, with the ring of fire around it re-igniting whenever Vinny just barely makes it to the chest. He then succeeds during one of his attempts at the last second by opening the chest just as the fire began to return.
    Vinny: Invincible, yes. (sees the contents of the chest, a Small Key) It's a ke- it's a key... Alright, that just means... delayed satisfaction.
    • Said trip ends up being worthless when he uses said key to unlock another room, where the prize is another key. The reward for his two key trip? A Heart Piece.
    Vinny:.......This has all been a tremendous waste of time....
    • Navi's "Hey!" can also be randomized. In the run Vinny ends up going with, it's a moo. Cue Link's fairy companion spending the whole run mooing every-so-often to get Link's attention.
  • Mother 3 Corruptions were enough to get their own Fullsauce video. The experience was, as he put it, like playing the game all over again... on drugs. (Hilarious spoilers.)
    • One corruption early in the game had random effects, including Lucas getting ambushed by the Fierce Pork Trooper and Mr. Passion. It ends badly, and not just the music.
    • Boney runs off and somehow reaches the final cutscene. The Mood Whiplash is... something.
    Vinny: Well, I guess Boney's not coming back, and neither is anyone else!
    • Flint's breakdown in Chapter 1 is one of the most emotional scenes in the game... and the corruptions completely ruin it. First he can't stop beating up Abbott. Next, a bunch of characters try to tell him to get it together, including Boney, a Save Frog, himself, Fassad, and even N.K. Cyborg. Then the music suddenly changes to the DCMC music. Finally, he gets in a fight with the Masked Man.
    Youtube Comment: Boy stops his father from further violence.
    • Ionia enters the mirror in Aeolia's house, causing reality to fall apart.
    • Chapter 6 is also one of the most emotional scenes, and it too gets ruined when Lucas suddenly turns into one of the DCMC members.
    Vinny: This is gonna be a hard scene to see corrupted. (Lucas transforms) Oh wait, never mind. No, it's fine-(snorts) Sorry for these horrendous noises...
    • At the start of the final cutscene, the characters are arranged as Loss. Vinny doesn't realize it until someone tells him. For bonus points, the corruption is simply titled "Meme."
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Corruptions also got their own Fullsauce video.
    • One corruption prevented Alucard from entering the castle, inspiring someone to create a piece of fanart referencing the "LET ME IIINNN!" meme from The Eric Andre Show.
    • Death speaking like a little Japanese girl. That is all.
    • During that scene, Vinny noticed that the line "We will meet again" was replaced with "We will yeet again," driving him into a rage.
    • In one corruption, all voicelines are replaced with "So you are the one called Shaft?" while character portraits get extra wide.
    • The dialogue in one corruption:
      "What were her last words?"
      "She said 'Order corn.'"
    • The uploader of the corruptions manipulated the credits into a Credits Gag full of Vinesauce-related nonsense.
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Randomized looks at the randomizer side of the coin.
    • Vinny, by law, lets the Richter-Dracula debate play out in full. Of course muscle memory from playing as Richter in Smash Bros causes him to flail a bit.
    • Vinny's starting gear as Alucard includes the Holy Rod and Dracula's tunic so for a few minutes he's set.
    • At one point, Vinny jokes about the game's drop rates being skew-whiff and how he'd end up with an endgame item as a common drop. Not one second later, he kills an evil Doll enemy...and gets his old malefactor the Runesword! Naturally, Vinny collapses. And yes, he calls back to that one time he grinded for ages for a Runesword, got distracted and blown up by a Nova Skeleton. And yes, he gets another one very soon after.
    • Later in the Royal Chapel, Vinny, by chance, finds the Duplicator in a random pot. The Duplicator is an endgame only item that grants infinite thrown weapon ammo, potions and food when equipped. Needless to say the rest of the game is Easier Than Easy now, though as this is Symphony of the Night, there's not much change.
    • Vinny uses the Duplicator and a Monster Vial to summon a shitton of bats as a result.
      "Alucard what the fuck!? Why do you have an army of bats!?"
  • Corruption Stockpile 16 brings quite a bit of... uh... broken glitchy moments. To hilarious results, of course.
    • The corruptions for Mega Man 2. First there's the opening sequence which starts out okay-ish (although with slightly garbled graphics), and at the very perfect moment note , the music distorts and the graphics explode into a glitchy mess. Then there's the corruption that makes it so that Mega Man shoots giant recolored versions of himself when facing left.
      Vinny: Ssss ssss Scoot- What the fuck...? Whoa! What the FUCK?! (stares at his "bullets") I'm shooting Mega MEN! (beat) The name of this corruption is "How is this even possible". I agree!
    • One particular corruption, which involves the SNES adaptation of Aladdin, displays Aladdin's apple throwing sprites overlayed on top of one another, giving Al' extra arms in the process.
    • The corruptions occuring in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! cause both the audio and the 3D models to comically distort. And in one of them, Vinny also gets 666 lives (which is probably helped by the previous corruption showing Spyro's head madly rotating), and in another corruption he even gets infinite fireballs.
      Vinny: (chuckles) Lemme at 'em. Any video game boss that I challenge to a fight right now... Spyro versus Sephiroth.
  • During the Super Mario 64 portion of Corruption Stockpile 18, Vinny accidentally syncs his speech to the background music. What is he saying? "...wide blue turd." He's talking about a Thwomp.
  • To celebrate his 10th anniversary, Vinny decides to do a fundraiser stream of him playing a randomizer run for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As you would expect, the comedy ends up working as hilarious as possible.
    • As soon as he tries launching the game, it runs into problems, forcing him to redo it.
    • The first chest he opens in the game gives him a map of Romani village.
    • Before opening the second chest in the game, Vinny practically begs the game not to give him rupees. Said chest has a very good item in it, but shortly after he does the puzzle on the wall near the snow area that involves playing the ocarina, and it just spills out three rupees.
    • This accidental line.
    • Vinny spends a decent amount of time during his second stream trying to get the heart piece in the Deku Palace's sneaking section, only to constantly get hit or miss the landing because of the original versions designs. At one point he does a Take That! against people who kept bringing up their hated of the changes made to the 3DS version of the game by saying "How dare they make this part easier!".
    • In the third stream, he learns about "Ram Ranch" due to the chat spamming it in every session. After listening to a few seconds of the first song, he immediately regrets it.
  • Corruption Stockpile #41 has Vinny play Star Wars Rebel Strike, with corruptions that managed to impress Vinny in almost an instant.
    • The very first thing that happens is a messed up title opening, complete with the text spinning vertically and the audio being all over the place.
      Vinny: (laughing hysterically) Oh my god! No! I can't- I can't fucking deal with this already! It took two seconds!
    • The on foot sections have things ranging from the heroes having their limbs flailing as they walk, Leia moving at super speed in a small room, and Stormtroopers with huge heads and lasers so fast the player character dies almost instantly.
    • The Emperor's head spins in place during a scene of him talking to Vader, with Vinny trying hard not to laugh. The icing on the cake is the Emperor saying "This is an unfortunate turn of events", while his head is slowly spinning .
    • An Imperial Walker sized Luke on Hoth gets dubbed Luke Skyscrapper by chat, which Vinny quickly realizes he should have come up with.
  • Corruption Stockpile #47

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