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  • Go here for moments from Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams.
  • Go here for funny moments in Vinny's New Leaf streams.
  • Go here for moments in Vinny's other streams.

  • Much humor comes out of the game being a visual representation of Mad Libs. The Dark Lord is Bill Trinen, and the Great Sage is J-J-J-J-Jesus (who Gordon and Vinny think is really cool). The first monster in the game is a slime with Bobby Hill's face, while a later boss monster is a butterfly with Snoop Dogg's features on its wings.
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  • In the Miitopia demo, Vinny opens a chest and... gets a Bee Sword. Later, his character asks for Bee Armor. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Vinny adds Gordon Ramsay to his team as a chef class. He later gets equipped with a frilly pink outfit.
  • The moment Vinny adds Two Faced to the party, Sponge starts spreading rumors about her. Apparently about something very sad that happened to her.
  • Just the fact that he retains the "Vin-neh-sauce" pronunciation for his Player Character (actually carried over from his Tomodachi Life playthrough) is funny on its own.
  • Sponge randomly changes his haircut to something that Vinny describes as Ringo Starr.
  • Vinny attacks Nic Cage with his bee sword, prompting many The Wicker Man (2006) jokes and art.
  • This Accidental Innuendo moment:
    Two-Faced: Those things are huge! I can't fit one in my mouth!
    Vinny: OH MY GOD. What's the context of this?? Reading this, and then listening to this music? [beat] Fucking Christ...
    Vinny's Mii: What do you mean? I just swallow them whole.
    Vinny: OHHHHHH! No! Vin-e-sauce, please! (cracks up) PLEASE! No, anything but this conversation!
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  • After getting an achievement in-game, Vinny suggests his ideas for what would happen if you get all the achievements in the game as a 100% completion bonus. they include things from merely getting in-game gold, getting real life gold, getting a blowjob on a cruise, and having Reggie Fils-Aime himself track your house down, break in, talk with you in congratulations, and then punch you in the stomach.
  • Vinny's reaction to seeing the Twerkey is pure gold.
    Vinny: What? What?! Wha-
    (Vinny closes his 3DS)
    Vinny: Okay. I'm gonna close the DS... What did I just look at? Is that- Was that an enemy called a Twerkey?
    (Vinny opens his 3DS for a moment, and realizes that the enemy really is called a "Twerkey"; he immediately closes it again)
    Vinny: DOOOH! Its (gibberish) Yep. It's called Twerkey. And it's got a mouth on its twerking ass. And it's not just any ass, it's thick. Here's the thing: people were like, "Vinny, you're making everything sexual in Miitopia; everything's sexual when you play Miitopia, Vinny." A-And then I- (More gibberish) Th-There's a Twerkey.
    Vinny: (defeats the Twerkey) H-How did they get away with this? Yep. I just beat the Twerkey with a wooden rod.
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  • His encounter with a Fiend in the Bigg Forest is hilarious just for his reactions when both Scoot and Cling On fell against the Fiend's scythe, alongside Vinesauce's Fire magic doing minimal damage due to its magic resistance.
  • Vinny refers to Alpaca as his wife due to her combination of a Queen Bee gown and a Pizza Fan, which unintentionally ended up combining one of his least favorite Vinesauce memes with one of his favorite foods.
  • Vinny's absolute terrified reaction upon receiving a "gift" centipede by Jahn. The horror and disgust in his voice is palpable.
    • Someone in the chat then suggested that Jahn, still in the stages of learning what humans like, had heard that Vinny didn't like centipedes...and then hunted it down and killed it, comparable to a cat bringing a dead mouse to its owner. Vinny seemed to accept that explanation, and Vinesauce liked the gift itself.
  • The Macho series of costumes — a set of equipment that gives every character an impossibly sculpted body, exposes as much of that body as possible, and adorns the fabrics with large, bulging veins — are a consistent source of hilarity for Vinny. Each time he purchases one for his party, Vinny can't contain himself at how ridiculous it looks.
  • Vinny is caught completely off guard by the Dark Curse possessing Jesus after the final battle with Mike Love, resulting in the creation of "The Darker Lord, Jesus". Vinny promptly declares that he's going straight to hell, and that he's going to get sued by both Mike Love and the Pope.


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