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  • Acceptable Targets: Since Vinny is a huge Brian Wilson fan, he doesn't pull any punches when it comes to making fun of Mike Love after Mike Love replaces Bill Trinen as the Dark Lord.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Both Mii picks for the Dark Lord have been met with some contention. The first, Bill Trinen, was liked by many for his funny face, but some (including Southbird himself) thought that he was out-of-place and only had one joke to him. His successor, Mike Love, is either seen as an improvement or downgrade, depending on how well one understands the jokes about him (which requires some knowledge of The Beach Boys' history).
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    • Stoklasa was this for a short time. Some felt that, as a standard human character, he would become very unremarkable very fast (an unfortunate trait of many human characters in the Tomodachi Life streams), and that Vinny picked him for Author Appeal instead how well he meshed with the party. Others enjoy the numerous RedLetterMedia references and are fine with Vinny choosing characters he personally loves. Ultimately, this never became a massive divide because Vinny decided to let LumberJahn assimilate Stoklasa only a stream after he joined the party; while some are annoyed by the sudden change, most agree that LumberJahn fits the game better.
    • Scoot, if the comments on the Full Sauce channel are an indication. Most of the Twitch chat seem to like him as much as Vinny (being his favorite villager and all), to the point that when the second poll for deciding the Tank character was opened, Scoot won by a large margin against Guy Fieri (who won in the first poll before Vinny changed his mind and made a new poll) and Vineswole. Meanwhile, others (particularly YouTube viewers who chose to not watch live) despise the jock duck with a passion, thinking that he's a waste for a main story Tank character and prefer either a Tomodachi character or, based on the polls, Guy Fieri. While Guy Fieri ends up appearing in-game anyway, he appears as a randomly generated NPC in the Travelers' Hub, rather than as a character Vinny added himself. Finally, in episode 21, Guy Fieri gets added to the team, albeit as a Chef instead of a Tank.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After Vinny changes the Dark Lord from Bill Trinen to Mike Love, Southbird randomly displays a montage featuring the real Mike Love saying "Have mercy" repeatedly. This isn't foreshadowed, nor is it brought up afterward, and the Mike Love quote used has nothing to do with his portrayal in the streams or in-game.
  • Broken Base:
    • After a very popular start, fans became split on the direction the game went after the defeat of the initial Dark Lord. Many fans, Southbird among them, find this section to be a letdown after all the buildup, grinding the story to a sudden halt just to pad out gameplay with simple sidequests and no new characters being introduced. Others look at it more positively, since the entire cast of characters is together at last, making room for more character interactions, and the cooldown makes for a better lead-in to the final areas where things pick back up. This split is a consequence of the game being streamed; most Miitopia players don't mind the loss of story (since most don't make explicit "lore" for their team) or having to grind more, and they like the widened world and the greater party customization; they're also happy that the game didn't end after twenty hours.
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    • How the game's ending ties into other parts of the Tomodachi-verse. There's the choice between Vinny's interpretation (the actions of Vinesauce and Vlinny throughout Tomodachi Life and Miitopia cause Vlinny to be trapped in a Stable Time Loop through both series) or Southbird's interpretation (Miitopia is strictly a prequel to Tomodachi Life revealing the creation of Vlinny). Some disregard both and choose to place Miitopia in an alternate place on the timeline or outside of it entirely.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Of the minor NPCs in Greenhorne, the standout ones are Sassy Child Bobby Hill and Sarcastic Guy Nick Cage, mostly for their monster forms (a slime and a boulder, respectively) that looked ridiculous with their faces.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Despite everyone defeating Darker Lord Jesus and getting their faces back, Vlinny's fate becomes very disturbing after Vinny confirms that his hatred of him in Tomodachi Life will make him turn into the Dark Curse in the first place via time travel, causing a Stable Time Loop, with Vlinny repeating the same loop over and over.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Ever since part 9, fans have taken to drawing Cling On and Alpaca together, with Vinny getting in on the name "Clingpacagon".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • When Gordon and Vinesauce work out in Part 1, Vinny says he thinks that's something that would happen if Scoot were in the game. Scoot does indeed get added in a later stream.
    • Earlier mentions of Guy Fieri in the series, such as a reference to him after Gordon receives a paper outfit, become funnier after Guy Fieri shows up as an NPC in the Travelers' Hub without Vinny manually adding him to the game.
    • In Southbird's Band of Miifists video, Cling On said [she'd] date Alpaca. This ends up showing up in Vinny's own streams.
    • At one point, Vinny comes across an NPC of O'Chunks, later on noting that he'd get around to playing his game. Ironically, when he did, O'Chunks was the only character Vinny didn't get invested in.
  • Unacceptable Targets: When the game automatically assigned a Satoru Iwata Mii to an NPC, Vinny changed the character to Batman because he felt that having Iwata in that role would be in poor taste due to his death two years prior to the game's release (alongside the fact that he would become a boss). For this same reason, he decided against using a David Bowie Mii for the Pop Star class because of his death in 2016.

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