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Season 1

Season 2

  • The Stan Lee cameo in the first episode.
  • Ted beating the Duchess of Kart. There's a seeker missile after him. He leads it in a circle, and tricks it into targeting her teammate instead of him. So it hits her teammate, and also causes her to spin out... and hit a banana peel.
    • Also, props to Brian for his Heroic Sacrifice, keeping Ted in the game long enough to win.
  • In episode 2, after hours of negotiation, pleading and bribing, Ki finally settles The Law's roommate complaints by punching him in the face.
  • Episode 4 has Bryan defusing the bomb - which he was previously unable to do - with Cheeto wrapped around his head!
  • Episode 5 has Shot Bot's Heroic Sacrifice to save The Law.
    The Law: Get out of here...I can't stand for you to see me like this.
    Shot Bot: ...Not until I finish my story. (cocks fist) Here's the first draft! Bot meets boy! (punches the glass)
    The Law: What are you doing?!
    Shot Bot: Bot falls for boy! (punches)
    The Law: You idiot! The water will kill you!
    Shot Bot: Bot hurts boy! (punches)
    The Law: What are you doing?! Stop!
    Shot Bot: And now...I'm sorry, Law, but boy loses bot. (charges and launches a Hadoken, shattering the glass and freeing The Law, as The Law lets out a Big "NO!")
  • While it was short-lived, seeing Brian, Jenny, and the Law working together is an amazing sight. There is no hostility whatsoever between the Law and Brian, and there's even a few times where they seem to be becoming friends. Of course, the Law leaving the school at the end to join a rival school kind of ruins that idea.
    • The Law gets a lot of moments that episode. First, there's his entrance into the game: he runs up to Jenny and Brian and tells them "Give me thirty seconds." He then gets himself shot and goes through what appears to be some kind of tutorial mode, sharpening his shooting skills before re-entering the arena and using his last bullet to shoot the guy with the light machine gun keeping Brian and Jenny pinned. He then takes the machine gun, hoists it into the air, and screams "FOR SHOT BOT!" Then, of course, there's "I'm a chessmaster, D. I was thinking what you were thinking ten thinks ago. Now get up that hill."
  • Episode 6 finally has Jenny getting the guts to stand up to her mother and give a withering "The Reason You Suck" Speech. What make is really awesome is that it works.
    • Episode 6 also features a fight between Ki and competitive fighter champion Ronin. Ki wins the first round with no sweat, but Ronin manages to get the second round. In the last round, Ki ends up getting beaten (but not to the point of losing), but she realizes through a series of flashbacks that she has helped lots of people at VGHS, and shouldn't stop now. Ki gets the Heroic Second Wind that she needed, blocks all of Ronin's blows effortlessly, and finishes her off with an uppercut that turns her into dust.
    • There was also the race between Ted and DK. As you can probably expect, DK was handing Ted's ass to him. After hearing people taunting him in his head, Ted went through a shortcut and got back on the course in front of DK practically just at the finish line.

Season 3

  • Jenny's opera singing. Period.
    • Doubly so as that's Johanna Braddy actually singing it.
  • When Ki meets the social gamers (who use rather primitive equipment) and accidentally insults them by saying that they weren't playing "real games", the head of the social gamers immediately fires back at Ki.
    O'Doyle: Fruit Tune Farms may not have fancy graphics or take lightning-fast reflexes, but it takes dedication and care to tend these crops. We love it, and it brings us together. So I ask you, Ki Swan, isn't that what gaming's all about?
    Cut to Ki, who is very much stunned and unable to answer.
  • Although almost everything else in that episode winds up being a Tear Jerker, Ted finally standing up to his dad after D.K. crashes his car is pretty awesome.
    Ted: [tosses Freddie the keys] I moved your car.
  • Everything Brian does in the match against Napalm once he gets his act together.
    • Ashley Barnstormer making himself the hostage. Both because he's lazy, because he has the Law on his team so he thinks he can't lose, and so he can play mind games with Jenny.
    • After Jenny costs her team a big match against Napalm and has Brian break up with her immediately afterward, Ashley Barnstormer quips, "Lovers' quarrel, huh?" Immediately afterward, Jenny punches him in the face and continues to attack him, having to be held back by her teammates.
  • In a flashback that takes place five years in the past, when 12-year old Ashley and Shane are asking that they join VGHS, Calhoun declines their offer. They try to bribe him with a $900,000 check, but Calhoun rips it up without batting an eyelash. He then shuts them down even further by calling them "terrible people" and stating that he'll never let them join the school. Considering these two are the show's Big Bad Duumvirate, it felt pretty good to see Calhoun stick it to them.
  • When a little Asian girl by the name of Sushi_Princess kicked Jenny's ass into oblivion, and then proceeded to criticize her and give her life advice.
    Jenny has just complained about the situation that she's in being unfair, causing Sushi_Princess to spit on her.
    Sushi_Princess: Life isn't fair! Grow a pair!
  • When Ted is in a golf cart with the rest of the drift racing team, hiding under a blanket, he then stands up and very dramatically takes the blanket off, accompanied by a slew of slow-mo shots from various angles. You do have to admit, it does look pretty badass.
  • When DK prioritizes facing off against the Duchess of Kart and her posse for a coupon to a beauty salon instead of spending time playing the new Overdrift game Ted received as a gift from the Swans, he refuses to give DK the coupon. See the exchange below:
    DK reaches his hand out, expecting Ted to give him the coupon.
    DK: Before it [the coupon] expires.
    Ted: No.
    DK: Um...yes.
    Ted: No.
    DK: I command you.
    Ted: I said no.
    DK: Ted—
    Ted: You ate my dead dad candy!
    DK: I am the Drift King!
    Ted: Yeah, well, maybe you shouldn't be. Seriously, we do bad stuff for you all the time, but you don't care. You only care about yourself. You're not a king, dude. You're a senior. You're going to college next year. Just grow the hell up. I could be a better king than you.
    • Ted then challenges DK to a race for the title of Drift King. Ted ends up stopping his car mere inches away from the finish line, deciding to let DK keep the title.
  • Just everything in the final battle in the series finale. There's just too many moments to list. You can tell the VGHS crew pulled out all the stops to make sure the series goes out with a bang.
    • Around the start of the episode, VGHS and Napalm organize a big 32-on-32 match called the Napalm Bowl, but VGHS doesn't have enough members. Jenny and Brian approach the Barnstormers to try and forfeit, but they won't let them out of it.
    Ashley: I guess it'll be, uh, 32 on...7?
    Shane and Ashley laugh.
    Calhoun: Make that 32 on 8. I never graduated. Let's do this.
    Shane: But you were the dean.
    Calhoun: I never could say goodbye or pass gaming history. But nonetheless, that still makes me a better student than all of you chumps. You came here to bathe in the blood of your enemies, to game with the best of the best, and you have one last chance to make that happen. And you're just gonna sit around and do nothing? This school may be going down, but I say we go down fwingin'! Now, who's with me?
    The whole student body in the room gradually stands up.


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