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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

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    Multiple Streamers 
  • Trash. Explanation 
    • "When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash." Explanation 
  • Nuggies. Explanation 
  • "when corrupt" Explanation 
  • Kappa. Explanation 
  • Funky Kong ASMR. Explanation 
  • Mr. Dink. Explanation 
  • Vsauce. Explanation 
  • Every streamer is Vinny. Explanation 
    • Italian Joel/Swedish Vinny Explanation 
  • TODD Explanation 
  • Human music. Explanation 
  • Stank/crusty. Explanation 
  • CBT Explanation 
  • John Title Drop. Explanation 
  • Vinezouken Explanation 

Go here for memes from Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams. Memes from his Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams can be found on the YMMV page for that series.
  • Virtually everything involving his Mario and Luigi impressions.
    • Terminal 7. Explanation 
    • Who really died that day? Explanation 
  • Supra Mayro Kratt's Stylistic Suck versions of the Mario characters (chiefly Joshy) have become memes as well.
  • Yoshi and kazoos. Explanation 
  • From the Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream, where where Vinny played the first section of Super Mario Galaxy with edited textures and sounds:
    • Do your best. Explanation 
    • "It's hip to fuck bees!" Explanation 
      • #beesex. Explanation 
  • WORLDSPREAD BEFORE. Explanation 
  • Spaalonebabuguuscooties. Explanation 
  • Vinny's Dolan Duk impression. Explanation 
  • Malo. Explanation 
  • Epic infringement. Explanation 
  • Vinny's two red dildos. Explanation 
  • Vinny's clown obsession. Explanation 
    • Clown vomit. Explanation 
    • Clussy. Explanation 
  • Vinny's tiny hands. Explanation 
  • Rusty Kuntz. Explanation 
  • Pepperoni secrets. Explanation 
  • Scoot the Burbs. Explanation 
  • Check Under the Crib. Explanation 
  • Speed Luigi. Explanation 
  • Japes. Explanation 
    • "Vinny it was japes, Vinny it was not japes." Explanation 
  • CUBE. Explanation 
  • dootmario2/Mehrio/"EH STEP RIGHT UP COME ON YOU KNOW". Explanation 
  • North left. Explanation 
  • Do not presume. Explanation 
    • Vinerizon/"Is Vinerizon happening again?" Explanation 
  • Vin, you gotta come to my cousin's club. Explanation 
    • Custom made Star Wars figures.Explanation 
  • He ThiccExplanation 
  • PIZZA PASTA PUT IT IN A BOX Explanation 
  • Polish Water Ice. Explanation 
  • "My passive proc'd." Explanation 
  • "ZIP ZOOM, MOTHERFUCKER!" Explanation 
  • MORTIS Explanation 
  • Mario has logged in. Explanation 
  • binyot Explanation 
    • binyot why you play babby gaem why you no schüt Explanation 
  • ¿Qué Pasa Neng? Explanation 
  • EIEIO Explanation 
  • Meat Explanation 
  • Mario PissingExplanation 
  • Genius Kojumbo Explanation 
  • Squeezing hogs. Explanation 
  • Vinny dying. Explanation 
  • Sad Vinny Explanation 
  • JOB'S GONE Explanation 
  • Doodle dip. Explanation 
  • Vinny will never stream Mother 3. Explanation 
  • "Kill jestah." Explanation 
  • Vinny's dog quota Explanation 
  • Vinny's "RP Guy" voice. Explanation 
  • ANTS! Explanation 
  • Stray Cat Girl Explanation 
  • "plae DMC2 is the beast"/"but booty only twenty minutes" Explanation 
  • Depowering/Low-Power Arnold Explanation 
  • DEDICATION Explanation 
  • Rem Lezar Explanation 
  • I will furnish you with every informations you need.Explanation 
  • "I'm alive! I'm born! I'm free!"/"I'm your brother!"/"Put me back! I'M NOT DONE!"Explanation 
  • "You want penis enlargement pills?" Explanation 
  • Vinny's Slime Girl fetishExplanation 
    • Like a champExplanation 
  • EExplanation 
  • "The code, Alyx, the code!"Explanation 
  • "Kinda what?" Explanation 
  • SHOT Explanation 
  • Smooth/Dry Brain Explanation 
    • Yam Brain Explanation 
  • NOT THE BEST OPTION Explanation 

  • BonziBUDDY. Explanation 
  • Joel's dad. Explanation 
    • Joel downloading boobs Explanation 
  • Grand DadExplanation 
  • MIDI-fying songs. Explanation 
  • YOU FUCKING IDIOT Explanation 
  • WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS!? Explanation 
  • DUANE! Explanation 
  • Pussy destroyer. Explanation 
  • Expand dong. Explanation 
  • Dr.Pepper. Explanation 
  • Pringles. Explanation 
  • Shoutout to Simpleflips. Explanation 
  • HET Explanation 
  • "This is it, stranger!" Explanation 
  • Protegent Antivirus. Explanation 
    • I lost my DATA. Explanation: 
  • AEUHHH? Explanation 
  • TOOHOO Explanation 
  • My finger points. Explanation 
  • Dooki Nooki Explanation 
  • Leif Erikson Day Explanation 
  • Stay Hydrated / Hydrate Explanation 
  • Vampire Abraham Lincoln. Explanation 
  • Barbecue Shoes Explanation 
  • "Aw, hell naw!" Explanation 
  • Arch-viles. Explanation 
  • "Ooh-Wah-Ah-Ah-Ah" Explanation 
  • "Joel gets meaner every day." Explanation 
  • Vore/OwOExplanation 
  • Mario Screaming Explanation 
  • "The legend come to libe." Explanation 
  • BUPExplanation 
  • Any line from his 3D Movie Maker streams. Amplified due to the fact that many scenes are repeated multiple times so that Joel can perfect it and fix issues, leading to the audience hearing some lines many, many times.
    • "HEY LUIGI, BOWL OF SPAGHETTI?" Explanation 
      • "Just spaghetti on the rocks." (Noise that sound in-between crying and laughing) Explanation 
    • "Pasta la vista."
    • "HEY! WHAT THE BUP IS GOING O-" Explanation 
  • "Alright, so..." Explanation 
  • "Ohhh, nani?" Explanation 
  • Mr. Kill Explanation 
  • Pantherk Explanation 
  • European Aim Explanation 
  • It's him!/That's the guy!/There he is!Explanation 
  • Dog 2Explanation 
  • Truly, we were a Title Drop. Explanation 
  • Yaoi hands. Explanation 
  • Louter(, Joel)! LOUTER!Explanation 
  • "Mario, go fish!" "You go to Hell!" Explanation 
  • "Iz gohld, I tell ya! Gohld!!" Explanation 
  • Explanation 
  • "Check the bathroom." "No! I'm not checking the bathroom!" Explanation 
    • "Joel Checks the Bathroom" Explanation 
  • Mug Explanation 
  • Joel has small eyeballs.Explanation 
  • Lidl Explanation 
  • AGGA Explanation 

  • Buff Riku. Explanation 
    • Buff everything. Explanation 
  • succ. Explanation 
  • GPM's psychotic Twitter bot. Explanation 
  • Sausage Party. Explanation 

  • Content-aware scale. Explanation 
    • Balegdah. Explanation 

  • PAX South green screen. Explanation 
  • Every day is Rev's birthday. Explanation 
  • [Glass Him] Explanation 
  • Washwave. Explanation 
  • Check the weed. Explanation 
  • Bad ripoff Flash games in general. Explanation 
  • Power move, bitch! Explanation 
  • Glass dongle. Explanation 
  • The Pit. Explanation 
  • Rev's Homestuck Chart, a sort of visual aid he created to help him keep track of the comic's timeline during his streams of it, has become a Fountain of Memes at this point given all of the interesting things he's added to it over the course of his readthrough.
    • Thurkday Explanation 
    • Elmo is already here/Lord Elmo Explanation 
    • Dave Moment Explanation 
    • .<—— MPREG PIXEL Explanation 
    • 25 dollars Explanation 
    • Sex God Mr. BucketExplanation 
  • The culprit is clearly Leon! Explanation (mild Danganronpa spoilers) 
  • Chat rating Rev's burps Explanation 
  • The Thing Explanation 
  • Cumposting Explanation 

  • "Why is Kazooie a dragon?" Explanation 
  • Zen doesn't heal! Explanation 

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