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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme (an origin story alone doesn't suffice).[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

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    Multiple Streamers 
  • "when corrupt" Explanation 
  • Mr. Dink. Explanation 
  • Vsauce. Explanation 
  • Every streamer is Vinny. Explanation 
    • Italian Joel/Swedish Vinny Explanation 
  • TODD Explanation 
  • VoreExplanation 
  • Stank/crusty. Explanation 
  • CBT Explanation 
  • John Title Drop. Explanation 
  • TOOHOO Explanation 
  • I CUM Explanation 

Go here for memes from Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams. Memes from his Animal Crossing: New Leaf streams can be found on the YMMV page for that series.
  • Virtually everything involving his Mario and Luigi impressions. They're plenty quotable by themselves but fans will often go the extra mile to percolate them into fan content.
    • Terminal 7. Explanation 
  • From the Super Mario Galaxy Repainted stream, where where Vinny played the first section of Super Mario Galaxy with edited textures and sounds:
    • Do your best. Explanation 
    • "It's hip to fuck bees!" Explanation 
      • #beesex. Explanation 
  • Malo. Explanation 
  • Vinny's two red dildos. Explanation 
  • Vinny's clown obsession. Explanation 
  • Clussy. Explanation 
  • Vinny's tiny hands. Explanation 
  • Pepperoni secrets. Explanation 
  • Check Under the Crib. Explanation 
  • Japes. Explanation 
    • "Vinny it was japes, Vinny it was not japes." Explanation 
  • Speed Luigi. Explanation 
  • North left. Explanation 
  • Do not presume. Explanation 
    • Vinerizon/"Is Vinerizon happening again?" Explanation 
  • He ThiccExplanation 
  • MORTIS Explanation 
  • binyot Explanation 
    • binyot why you play babby gaem why you no schüt Explanation 
    • Intentionally butchering Vinny's name.Explanation 
  • ¿Qué Pasa Neng? Explanation 
  • Meat Explanation 
  • Mario PissingExplanation 
  • Genius Kojumbo Explanation 
  • Squeezing hogs. Explanation 
  • Vinny dying. Explanation 
  • Sad Vinny Explanation 
  • Vinny will never stream Mother 3. Explanation 
  • "Kill jestah." Explanation 
  • Vinny's dog quota Explanation 
  • Vinny's "RP Guy" voice. Explanation 
    • "plae DMC2 is the beast"/"but booty only twenty minutes" Explanation 
  • SPEEN Explanation 
  • Me? Gongaga. Explanation 
  • DEDICATION Explanation 
  • Depowering/Low-Power Arnold Explanation 
  • Robertsons Explanation 
  • Vinny's Slime Girl fetishExplanation 
    • Like a champExplanation 
  • Maclanky/maclunkey Explanation 
  • EExplanation 
  • "Kinda what?" Explanation 
  • SHOT Explanation 
  • Smooth/Dry/4 AM Brain Explanation 
    • Yam Brain/Yam/Yamming Explanation 
  • Estoy loopin Explanation 
  • C O C K INJUREDExplanation 
  • "These shrimp fresh?"Explanation 
  • CAPUSSIExplanation 
  • Doodle Dip Explanation 
  • Vinny's Passive Proc'dExplanation 
  • Every white man with brown hair and a beard is Vinny. Explanation 

  • BonziBUDDY. Explanation 
  • Joel's dad. Explanation 
    • Joel downloading boobs Explanation 
  • Grand DadExplanation 
  • MIDI-fying songs. Explanation 
  • Who's been drawing DICKS!? Explanation 
  • DUANE! Explanation 
  • Pussy destroyer. Explanation 
  • Expand dong. Explanation 
  • Dr.Pepper. Explanation 
  • Pringles. Explanation 
  • The Duwang Dub Explanation 
  • HET / Felix the НЕТ Explanation 
  • "This is it, stranger!" Explanation 
  • Dooki Nooki Explanation 
  • Leif Erikson Day Explanation 
  • Stay Hydrated / Hydrate Explanation 
  • Vampire Abraham Lincoln. Explanation 
  • Arch-viles. Explanation 
  • "Joel gets meaner every day." Explanation 
  • OwO Explanation 
  • Mario Screaming Explanation 
  • BUPExplanation 
  • Pantherk Explanation 
  • European Aim Explanation 
  • Dog 2Explanation 
  • Louter(, Joel)! LOUTER!Explanation 
  • Explanation. 
  • "Check the bathroom." "No! I'm not checking the bathroom!" Explanation 
    • "Joel Checks the Bathroom" Explanation 
  • Mug Explanation 
  • Joel has small eyeballs.Explanation 
  • AGGA Explanation 
  • Snusk Explanation 
  • Thumb Joel/VargThumbExplanation 
  • In 1972... Explanation 
  • Joel's Soul Calibur III Stream Explanation 
    • The Soul Calibur III Copypasta Copypasta 
  • SPRUNK'D Explanation 

  • Buff Riku. Explanation 
    • Buff everything. Explanation 
  • succ. Explanation 
  • GPM's psychotic Twitter bot. Explanation 
  • Sausage Party. Explanation 

  • Content-aware scale. Explanation 
  • Balegdah. Explanation 

  • PAX South green screen. Explanation 
  • Every day is Rev's birthday. Explanation 
  • [Glass Him] Explanation 
  • Washwave. Explanation 
  • Bad ripoff Flash games in general. Explanation 
  • Glass dongle. Explanation 
  • The Pit. Explanation 
  • Rev's Homestuck Chart, a sort of visual aid he created to help him keep track of the comic's timeline during his streams of it, has become a Fountain of Memes at this point given all of the interesting things he's added to it over the course of his readthrough.
    • Thurkday Explanation 
    • Elmo is already here/Lord Elmo Explanation 
    • Dave Moment Explanation 
    • .<—— MPREG PIXEL Explanation 
    • 25 dollars Explanation 
    • Sex God Mr. BucketExplanation 
  • The culprit is clearly Leon! Explanation (mild Danganronpa spoilers) 
  • Chat rating Rev's burps Explanation 
  • The Thing Explanation 
  • Cumposting Explanation 
  • Rev stabbed a guy. Explanation 
  • 39/40. Explanation 

  • "Why is Kazooie a dragon?" Explanation 

  • "won wordle" Explanation 
  • EAT ASSHOLE Explanation 
  • Calm. Explanation