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Let's face it now, you can't make a good game without this trope.

Onomatopoeia is encouraged. Remember to mention the game it comes from (Don't hide the links.)

  • Five Nights at Freddy's *Westminster Chimes* "Yaaaay!" Especially if someone was just about to kill you.
  • In Bloons TD 5 the sound that plays when you win! SHIIIING!!! It's even better in Bloons TD 6. DA-DUN-DA-DA-DUUN!!!
  • In virtually every arcade Driving Game, especially those with a Nintendo Hard time limit: "TIME EXTENDED!" / "TIME EXTENSION!"
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  • Any Boss Warning Siren, especially one that precedes an awesome boss.
  • Metal Slug:
    • "Thank you!" Spoken by a POW when you rescue him and get rewarded with a powerup, which then leads to one of the announcer's famous weapon call-outs.
    • *clickclick* "HEAVYYYY MACHINEGUN!!"
    • *clickclick* "TWO MACHINEGUN!"
    • *clickclick* "RRRAWKET LAWNCHAIR!!"
    • *clickclick* "ENEMY CHASER!!"
    • *clickclick* "SHOTGUN!"
    • *clickclick* "FLAAAAME SHOT!" Often followed by the sounds of soldiers screaming as you incinerate them.
    • "WHOA-HO, BIIIG!"
    • "YOU'RE GREAT!", usually spoken when you finish a mission with a Slug intact.
    • "See you in heeeelllllll!"
    • "*Fanfare* MISSION COMPLETE!"
  • Pac-Man: "Waka-waka-waka-waka..."
  • Duuuun dah dun duun daaahh... dun DAH DAH! "I never dreamed I'd do this good!"
  • Soul Series:
  • StarCraft:
    "Carrier has arrived."
    "Battlecruiser... operational."
    "Nuclear launch detected." (So long as one isn't on the receiving end.)
    "Adun Toridas."
    "Evolution complete."
    "My life for Aiur."
    "Upgrade complete."
    (using stimpack) "OH YEAAAAHHH!"
    "It is a good day to die!"
    "You called down the thunder . . ."
    ". . . Now reap the whirlwind!"
    "Never know what hit 'em."
    "Ready to roll out!"
    "Let's burn."
    "Khassar de Templari"
    "Gimme something to shoot."
    "You wanna piece of me boy?"
    "I read ya... sir."
    "Nuclear missile ready."
    "Somebody call for an exterminator?"
    "SCV good to go, sir!"
    "Your warriors have engaged the enemy!"
    Arguably, "I have returned!"
    • Sound effects:
    Dragoon death
    Science Vessel death
    Carrier death
    Battlecruiser death
    Dragoon death
    Lurker death
    Psi Storm
    Drone/Probe/SCV death
    Dragoon death
    The sound of many, many Siege Tanks entering siege mode. Congratulations, you just won.
    Said tanks firing and endless barrage. Or as Raynor puts it, "The comforting sound of the big guns."
    ^Especially when coupled with dragoon death.
    Lots of interceptors firing, so long as you're not the one being attacked by them.
    The sound of SCVs mining minerals.
    Dragoon death
    • The "Splat" sound of a hydralisk- or a bunch of hydralisks, firing their spikes.
    • In Starcraft 2
    "Thor is here!"
    "KABOOM baby!"
    "The grim reaper has arrived."
    "Ready to plunder."
    "Who called in the fleet?"
    "From the shadows I come."
    "I am here in the shadows."
    Dragoon death
    • And, of course, Swann's guitar riff that plays when you get new shiny toys to play with.
    • As long as you're the one controlling it, the low, thrumming buzz/hum sound of a Protoss Void Ray firing. Or, even better, a fleet of Void Rays all firing together.
    • Ghosts using their Snipe ability. It's the "pew" of a "silenced" firearm that we all know, so it's not original. But it's still awesome to hear it when combined with the visceral sounds of your enemies dying.
  • Command & Conquer.
    • First and foremost, these magic words:
    KANE! LIVES!!!
    "A-Bomb ready"
    "Ion Cannon ready"
    The sound of a Tiberium Wars era Ion cannon building up to that final blast
    "Mwahahaha" (Tanya has arrived)
    "Unit promoted"
    "Mammoth Tank assembled"
    Mammoth Mark 3: "Unrivaled."
    "MARV assembly complete"
    "Unit firepower/speed/armour upgraded"
    "I'm the Juggernaut!"
    "The Redeemer has risen!"
    "Supreme Time Bomb ready!"
    "Just give us a target and we're on our way"
    "Final Squadron Omega ready!"
    "Orbital Downpour ready!"
    "Cryogeddon ready!"
    "Kirov reporting!"
    "It is day of judgement!"
    "Bringing down the hammer!"
    "Proton Collider ready"
    "Warning! A Proton Collider has been activated!"
    "Reinforcements have arrived!"
    "Troopers in the field!"
    "I got a present for ya!"
    "The Day of the Shogun has arrived!"
    "Aircraft Carrier leaving port."
    "Are you prepared to fight, comrades?"
    "Twinblade inspection complete!"
    "Gunship, all checked out."
    "Spectre Gunship:Clear for engagement"
    "Futuretank operational."
    "That was left handed!"
    "Nuclear weapon... available"
    "New construction options" (So long as you don't have that bug that makes it constantly say it)
    "I'll make the sacrifice!"
    "AK47s...FOR EVERYONE! *Crowd cheers*"
    "SCUD launcher poised to strike"
    "The supply lines are more efficient now"
    "You Want the best, here I am"
    "Thank you for the new shoes!"
    "Congratulations, general. You have been promoted."
    "There is only one true Yuri."
    "Hold the line"
    "Search and destroy"
    "Global Defense Initiative/Brotherhood of Nod selected. To play the Brotherhood of Nod/GDI missions, please insert the Nod/GDI disk."
    • And the sound effects themselves: the first Red Alert in particular stands out for the sound effects of the Chronosphere and the Tesla Coil. And of course the opening marching sound effect of the Hell March, but see Awesome Music.
      • On that note: "Die Waffen! Legt... An!"
    • The sound of an Obelisk of Light charging up and firing.
    • Welcome back commander.
    • The sound Scrin buildings make when teleported in; to be honest, any build sound in the series would count.
      • Tiberian Dawn: Kling! Whirr! Thunk-thunk-thunk-thunk-thunk!
      • Red Alert: Klong! Whirr-vzzzzt!
      • Tiberian Sun: Plowong!
      • Red Alert 2: Klongfwiching! (Followed by the whirr of a base defense structure powering on).
      • Command & Conquer 3 GDI/Nod: Phoshonk!
      • Command & Conquer 3 Scrin: Pommshing!
    • The gatling cannon/tank in Yuri's Revenge spooling up as it fires. "Rrtatatatatataa-patapatapatapatapatapata-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    • Renegade has an odd one for kill confirmation. The multiplayer mode has this boinking noise labeled "correction_3" in the game files (presumably it's a correction being made to compensate for latency in a kill). Pretty satisfying and funny to hear a boink when you nail someone with Sydney's Merlin handheld ion cannon or left-handing someone with Havoc's/Sakura's ramjet rifle. This of course returns in the Renegade X remake and gives you a choice of other sounds to use such as the unused "killalert" file that consists of a drum roll with the message beep in Tiberian Sun or having random quips from Havoc, MacFarland, or specific quotes like "FOR KANE!!!".
  • Crash Fever has a few.
    • The "Krrzt-zt-zt-zt...Krzzt-zt-zt-zt..." when you defeat an enemy. Doubly so if it's a really nasty boss, such as Pisces or Sandalphon.
    • The little chime that plays when you get a new unit from quests.
    • The jingle that plays when you get a new unit from the HATCHER takes the previous and one-ups it.
    • The "Ching-ching-ching-ching-ching-ching..SMASH" of chaining a ton of panels together.
    • The "Bleee....BEOWWW" of Lasers, especially when they're L or XL ones.
    • The charging up sound of Crash Skills.
    • Monster Strength Bear, Doriko, Jesus-P, and Pinocchio, played when Miku-Black, Miku (Pascal ver.) Kagamine Rin (Fleming version), and Miku-White use their respective skills. Beating the snot out of anything in front of you (or eating up hits like they're candy) has never been so adorable sounding!
    • The "CLICK!" of a unit using a Panel Chain skill.
    • The "SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!" of active Bombs blowing up the entire board by causing a chain reaction with OTHER Bombs.
    • Some of the unit skill voices could count, such as most of the Miku variants, Kokoroyami, and Einstein.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
    "Think they broke our backs? Pfah!" Rock on, little cannon fodder. Rock on.
    Quoth the Baneblade driver: "Who's dying now?!"
    From the Tau Ethereal: "We act as one, lest we perish alone." (This indicates the exact point where Tau morale climbs to Space Marine levels.)
    Likewise from the same character, "Kor'el, fire orbital artillery!"
    "All Missiles! AWAY!" (followed by huge explosion)
    Say it with me: "WAAAAAGGHHHH!"
    "Apothecary ready."
    "Death or Healing. I care not which you seek!" (I will give you either)
    —-> "Brothers! Strike, for the Chapter and the Inquisition!"
    "Heh heh heh... they do not have a prayer."
    "Die! Die! DIE!"
    "Let the grenades fly!"
    "Puny Eldar. You can send 'alf da Boyz 'ome!"
    "This battle calls for massive firepower"
    "Many are called. Few survive."
    "If you will not serve in combat, BLAM then you will serve on the firing line!"
    "Forward, you dogs, to victory!"
    "You cannot stand against me!"
    "Rise up and strike them down!"
    • The splat of a Chaos Space Marine when summoning a Bloodthirster / making your Chaos Lord ascend to a Daemon Prince, and the following roar.
    • KILL! KIIIILLL!! when the Khorne Berzerkers enter the battlefield.
    • The German voice of the Imperial General is just pure Badass.
    • The sequel's lines from Cyrus as he uses the sniper rifle ability go well with the soon-to-be One-Hit Kill.
      • And many of the things said by Avitus, because he has such a great voice.
    • The words I HAVE AWOKEN and TERMINATORS READY hold a special place in the heart of a Space Marine player. As does HAHAH. THEY WILL NOT LAST THE NIGHT.
  • Call of Duty:
    • Whenever the Red Army shouts "URA!" in World at War. The sound of a thousand angry Soviets ready to rip any unlucky Nazi that comes in their way.
    • Both games have some of the best gun sounds in the history of gaming.
      • The rifles sound especially amazing.
    • The first Modern Warfare's theme tune and the distinctive, catchy guitar riff in the Marine campaign being played means that something insanely epic is about to happen.
    • MacMillan's and Gaz's voices.
    • The sound of a Barrett .50 sniper rifle being fired.
    • "Tactical nuke, turn the key."
    • The awesome guitar riff that plays when you level up.
    • "FRIENDLY AC-130 ABOVE!"
    • "AGM Missile is online."
    • From Zombies:
      • All of the powerups could count, but hearing "Max Ammo!!" easily takes the top spot. Especially in later rounds.
      • The Cymbal Monkey tune.
      • The sound of the Wunderwaffe firing, because a whole bunch of zombies just fried.
      • When a player pulls a wonder weapon (monkeys, Wuderwaffe, ray gun, etc...) from the Mystery Box there is a brief tune that plays over the map. Regardless of whether or not you're the one who got the weapon, it means that a bunch of zombies are in for a bad day.
    • That (admittedly somewhat quiet) TING! that one can hear after landing a good headshot.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky:
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • Those 'bloop' sounds you get when your life meter is refilling.
    • In the 3D games (like Ocarina of Time), the tune that plays when you get a new heart container is rather catchy.
    • The 'boss defeated' fanfares.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the fanfare that plays when you receive a Medallion. Most satisfying sound ever.
    • The short jingle that plays in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening when you finally recover your sword, leading into the first of TWO TIMES in the game you hear the overworld theme start with a full-blown 8-bit fanfare! (The other time is when you start to take Marin with you.)
      • That's not the only time the sword's music becomes this. Go ahead, go back and play just about any of the Zelda games that include the Master Sword in its usual role, and try saying that this doesn't count as Most Wonderful Sound.
      • (This is of course just a drawn-out, more dramatic version of the “DA-NA-NA-NAAAAAAAAAA!” sound referred to above.)
    • In the original and DX versions of Link's Awakening, picking up the Heart Container that drops after a Nightmare gives you a "doo-doo-dee-doo-doo-dee-dooooo!" jingle that's only used in this game. The Switch version instead moves the jingle to when you defeat the dungeon's Nightmare.
    • The "you've just solved a puzzle!" eight-note jingle. It even appears in Super Mario 3D Land in World 5-2.
    • The melodic choir that sings whenever Link uses the eponymous Wind Waker in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: when the final blow is struck on an enemy.
    • The dimension-changing sound in Zelda: A Link to the Past.
      • The Duck Flute Song when all seems lost...
    • Who can not love that little jingle that plays when the boss you're fighting is stunned, allowing you to hack and slash at it? Hear it at 1:54 and weep.
    • Every noise Midna makes, ever. (Yes, even her screams!)
    • The Spirit Train's chugging in the title of Spirit Tracks.
    • In Twilight Princess, the sound of Midna's B (for the Wii) attack when you're in wolf form. There's just something satisfying about the sound of jumping through multiple enemies in a row.
    • Zrackow!
    • The Gold Skulltula token fanfare.
    • How 'bout the noise bosses make when they take damage in the 2D games?
    • The first seconds of Hyrule Field (Morning), both the Ocarina of Time version as the Twilight Princess version. Nothing beats traveling across Hyrule field at night only to pause for a few seconds when you see the sun coming up and you're greeted with those magical first few notes of the morning theme.
    • From Majora's Mask, there's the tune that plays each time you collect a mask. It's a short fanfare, but so freaking sweet. It's a modern remix of the Item Get! sound from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
    • In Skyward Sword, the sound when you collect a tear in the Silent Realm, especially while being pursued by the guardians after you've screwed up, causing them to stop chasing you for 90 seconds. BAM-ba-BAM-ba-ba-BAM-ba NANANANENING!
    • In Hyrule Warriors, the chords that play when you hit a boss while it's vulnerable, especially when you deplete their weak-point gauge.
    • The noises you hear after you clear a shrine in Breath of the Wild; when the barrier pops, when Link receives the Spirit Orb and when the monk disintegrates. Ethereal and very soothing.
    • If you're fighting a Guardian and you reflect its Eye Beam back through a perfect shield bash in Breath of the Wild, the dissonant theme of the Guardians gets interrupted by a sudden high pitched noise when the beam hits back at the Guardian making you feel like you did something awesome.
    • The Boxing Bell sound that's heard after you clear out a Bokoblin camp in Breath of the Wild, as it signifies both victory and loot (as a chest will usually unlock after the camp's cleared).
    • The little fanfare that announces a critical success in cooking in Breath of the Wild, since it signifies a really powerful dish, as well as Link's Adorkable little celebration.
    • The sound when you collect a rupee.
  • "Standby for Titanfall."
  • The Trioptimum Sound in System Shock.
    • "L-l-look at you, hacker..."
    • Just about anything said by SHODAN, really.
  • From the same studio, Looking Glass, comes the legendarily atmospheric Thief series - the jingly "found loot" sound always gives one a warm, snuggly feeling, but the "objective complete/secret found" noise is, quite simply, an orgasm for your ears.
  • Bonk-series have some of these. Who doesn't love that booming, high-sirened sound when Bonk eats a slab of spicy meat and his head explodes away?
    • That loud BOOM-sound that can be heard when you hit the enemy in Bonk's Revenge. Especially if you fall on them head on.
  • Metal Gear:
    • The ! sound.
    • The CODEC sound always seems to get a reaction. The "Video Games Live" concert took advantage of this, as did the Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer that introduced Snake.
    • Everything David Hayter has to say.
    • For fans of Liquid or Ocelot, hearing "It's not over yet, Snake!" or "You're pretty good..." can make a person's day. On the flip side, there's Snake's Catchphrase, "Kept you waiting, huh?"
    • Metal Gear Solid: The beginning of "Rex's Lair". ZOOOOOOM.
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: The savage scream Solidus Snake lets out when you land the final blow in the grueling fight with the Harrier.
    • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:
      • Snake's various reactions to food. "Tasty" indeed.
      • The *chk* of the radio is oddly satisfying. It sounds like something out of a classic spy film, which is fitting for an Affectionate Parody of such films.
    • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:
      • "Mission complete. That right there is why you're the best, Boss!"
      • The satisfying *splurtch* of a headshot, though it dips into Squick for some.
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance:
      • The sound of a successful Zandatsu: "Dead on!" *RIIIIP* *crunchsplash* *VWOMP!* (add "Hahaha!" if you're playing as Sam)
      • The low, dangerous hum when you have someone at your mercy in Blade Mode.
      • After breaking an enemy's defenses or stunning it, there's a distinct "whoosh" sound, and that is Raiden's cue to unleash the full fury of Blade Mode.
      • Enter the Konami Code at the game's Title/Press Start Screen and...
  • The Hammer theme, from Donkey Kong, most recently in Super Smash Bros.. No matter how great the music for the current stage is, no one seems to mind when someone picks up that hammer and the jingle starts to play, though that might just be because they're running for their lives…
    • The Golden Hammer music in Brawl even more so.
    • For any player without the golden hammer, the noise upon finding that it is, in fact, a squeaky hammer is bliss.
    • However, the hammer theme quickly becomes dreadful in Smash if your hammer's head comes off.
    • "PLAYER [number] DEFEATED!" in stock matches, at least when you aren't the one defeated.
    • Any sound a player makes when flying off stage, particularly if they make their exit Team Rocket-Style.
      • And for Smash 4, the heavy *PLONK* players make upon their screen KO.
    • Behold, a montage of KO screams! King Dedede's scream is especially amusing.
      • Especially the scrumptious KREENG! from a Home Run Bat connecting with its target. Usually accompanied by said victim speeding away from the match at speeds quick enough to rip open a hole in the time-space continuum.
      • Ultimate gives an especially cathartic KRRRRSHIIIIINNNNNNNNGGG! if you land the game-winning attack on your opponent. Unless, of course, you're the one receiving the killing blow.
      • Alternatively, hitting someone with a 9 as Game & Watch. KRRRREEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNGGG! dingalingaling
      • Or Luigi's Fire Jump Punch, or Jigglypuff's Rest, or Ness's side smash. All of those also make the KREEEEEEEEEENNNNGG!
      • Ness' side smash, as of Brawl, no longer makes the KRREEENG! sound. It does, however, make a satisfyingly meaty KRACK upon contact.
    • Falcon.....PUNCH!!!!!!
    • COME ON! Bluuuuuue Falcon!
      • …or, if you're playing the Wii U / 3DS version: "Super Sonic Style! Hyarrh!"
    • It's showtime!
      • Ganon's Warlock Punch has the most badass battle roar of all time, even though the move is so slow that its only use is to taunt your opponent. GGRRRRAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    • Two Links doing spin attacks simultaneously. It just sounds so cool.
    • PK… Starstooooorm!!! (Flaming death from the sky)
    • Outta the way!/This ends here!
    • Meta Knight's normal A attack. HIYAYAYAYAYA!
    • Peach hitting any character (devastating only if it's you) with the frying pan smash. DYOINK!
    • The beam noise from Brawl's Spear Pillar stage. Especially if someone is caught in it. Even if that someone is you, because that sound is just so awesome.
    • Game! (Or for those playing in Japanese, Game set!)
    • NO CONTEST! (awwww...)
    • "Show me your moves!"
    • "Is that all?"
    • There are three different sounds that you may hear in Melee upon completing challenges or meeting milestones. The first one just sounds relaxing, while the latter two are triumphant and celebratory.
    • "This game's winner is…" "Captain Falcon!" ALWAYS.
    • The victory themes. All of them. The best of the best:
      • The Metal Gear one: Dun dun da dun nun DUN DUN DAH! Especially when you consider the Fridge Brilliance: In the MGS games, it's the game over theme. Having it as Snake's theme is basically saying it's game over for his opponents.
      • The Sonic the Hedgehog one. They really gave the guests the best ones (even if it's technically recycled from Sonic '06).
      • The Mario Bros. one.
      • The Legend of Zelda one. A beautiful, orchestral remix of Zelda II's victory theme.
      • The Metroid one is a very satisfying tune for Samus. Some may recognize it as the sound of getting a new item, in her home series.
      • Also, Pokémon one.
      • Not to mention, that of EarthBound.
      • Wario's one, a remix of Stonecarving City from Wario Land: Shake It!.
      • Pit and Palutena's one too.
      • The Ice Climbers' one.
      • Meta Knight from Kirby has a good one. Come back when you can put up a FIGHT!
    • All the wonderful little blips that Mr. Game and Watch makes as he moves around.
    • King Dedede landing after a Super Jump. THUD
      • When all of the hits of King Dedede's up or down aerial connect. DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO!
    • One of the "unlocking" jingles from Brawl. It almost sounds like it could be in a Disney movie.
    • Completing a challenge in Brawl. smash! bling!
    • The little "BLING" sound Ness made in Melee when he used his midair jump. This was sadly removed in Brawl.
    • The sound effect that plays whenever you are selecting things in the various menus of Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    • The slashy-swishy sound effect that plays at the beginning of every trailer for Smash 4. An excellent way to get you instantly hype.
    • And who can forget the timeless classic? Answer: No one. SUPER! SMAAAAAAAASH BROTHEEEEEEEERS!!
    • Pit's (Brawl) Final Smash: "All troops...move owwwwt!"
    • "Chrom!" "On my mark!"
    • The "WOW! INCREDIBLE!" from beating a one-player mode at its highest difficulty.
    • The "Rare trophy" tune. Left unused in its debut game (Melee), it was fortunately used in the later games whenever you perform certain feats, such as unlocking characters, obtaining certain trophies, and the like. It's a short but triumphant and insanely sweet fanfare.
  • While we're on the subject of Donkey Kong, there's that delightful "BWAA!" sound that happens whenever you kill a Kremling in the Donkey Kong Country series.
    • Some of the burlier ones yell something like a deep "OGGGG!", which is doubly entertaining.
    • The delicious guitar solo that you get when completing the stage as Dixie Kong in the second game.
    • Diddy Kong's monkey rap made entirely out of chimpanzee noises that ends with a small jingle that matches the level is awesome.
    • Donkey Kong saying "Okay!" in Donkey Kong 64. For that matter, the DK Rap, quite possibly the funniest rap song ever.
    • What about the faint humming sound of the ghost ropes in Ghostly Grove combined with Forest Interlude?
    • Or the sound of waves crashing combined with Tidal Terror. Makes the track go from "meh" to awesome.
  • Project Torque during drag races; nailing the right shift time will have the announcer guy say "perfect!" Nailing it absolutely spot on however, will have him say "PERRRFECT", with the R drawn out. It never gets old.
  • The "Evolution" theme from the Pokémon games. Nothing like, "Yes, a new Pokédex entry, and increased stats!" to excite a player of the games.
    • Pikachu's always sounded cute, but come Pokémon X and Y, every trainer's jaw dropped when they heard those two wonderful words: "Pika-Pika!"
    • Also the little "Badge earned" fanfare.
    • And the TM fanfare, which originated in Pokémon Gold and Silver and almost always plays after the one for badges.
    • The "bling-bling" that sounds when you find a shiny Pokémon.
    • In the newer versions, the "you're about to go into a battle" music changes when you encounter one of the legendary Pokémon. This sound becomes all the more wonderful if you've been trying to chase down a Legendary Beast all afternoon.
    • The exhilarating fanfares (of which there are two in the series; one in the first generation, their remakes, and Emerald, and another in every other game) that follows a wild Pokémon catch. That just sets the sense of accomplishment into stone and seals the moment. As of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen it is preceded by a little "click" sound, right when you successfully catch a new Pokémon, which is made all the sweeter if it's a Pokémon that you've been trying to catch for a while. Even though Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire didn't have the clicking (and were the last games not to), Game Freak backported it to those games' setting with Emerald.
      • Heck, the *dink dink dink* of the Poké Ball rocking three times immediately before the *click* is pretty damn sweet, too, especially on something with a low catch rate.
      • The sound of a critical capture in Black and White is pretty awesome, too— even if it's something that would be easy to catch, it's still a pleasant surprise to hear "Dink! Click!" instead of hearing the ball bounce three times.
      • Improved even more in X and Y, where a critical capture now makes a whistling sound like a jet engine as Calem/Serena throws the ball.
    • Aggron's cry. It sounds like a freight train, and your opponent's on the tracks.
    • Shiiiing!
    • That's nothing compared to the Stadium games' Cup completion theme.
    • The exciting "Badatash!" sound that accompanies a Super Effective hit is either this if you're scoring it, or Nightmare Fuel if it's what hits you.
    • Heck, most of the Pokémon music becomes this, especially the music played after you beat another trainer.
    • Many of the Gen. I Pokémon's cries are so nostalgic that a lot of older players will think of them as this. There's nothing like hearing your Charizard 'roar' once again.
    • Starting from Gen II, a meter shows your Pokémon's EXP progress towards the next level. When your Pokémon gains EXP, the meter goes up, accompanied with a sound. If you get a lot of EXP, the tone of this sound increases as it goes up, creating a nice "Wooo!" sound. And, of course, when it hits the end of the meter... "Ding!" "Do do-do-do!" Enjoy your increased stats (and potential new move/evolution).
    • Any new music that is a variation on the old, familiar tunes. Recognizing a familiar theme, even all fancied up, in a new game for the first time feels like coming home. It's like the game is telling you, "It's all right. No matter how much they've changed, this is still Pokémon. Let's have an adventure, old friend."
    • The Opposing Trainer is in a Pinch!, from Black and White, which plays when the Gym Leader is down to his or her last Mon. Sadly, it didn't return in X and Y.
    • The Beam Spam sound effect from Generation I & II. Paired with the Gen II Hyper Beam animation, nothing says power quite like it, even if it is Awesome, but Impractical.
      • It even returns (at least for Hyper Beam) in Generation VI!
    • In a similar fashion, the distinctive "ZIIIUUUUM" and "GROOARR" of Draco Meteor and Outrage. Once they sound (signifying a Fairy type didn't get in the way), you KNOW whoever is on the receiving end is going down, Steel type or not.
    • And the charging sound of Z-moves, for the same reason.
    • The little fanfare that triggers when you pick up a TM from a Poké Ball.
    • For fans of the originals who are playing HeartGold or SoulSilver for the first time, without having heard any of the new music prior to playing, the new intro to the National Park theme is certainly this.
    • The Mega Evolution sounds just like entering a Super Mode should. "woowoowooWOO BLAM! <Power Echoed Pokemon call>".
    • The fanfare that plays whenever you obtain a Mega Stone in X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It's short, but so sweet and triumphant.
    • The sound of shaking grass in Generation V, meaning either an Audino you can KO for a huge amount of Experience Points, or a rare Pokemon that can't be found in the wild otherwise.
    • The sparkle sound effect that plays on top of the normal "Affection Increased" sound effect in the Pokémon-Amie, indicating that your Pokémon has reached max affection.
    • Pokémon GO has a few good sounds. One in particular when you receive a bunch of items from a single PokéStop (usually by completing a 7-Day Streak) and immediately exiting out of the screen, you're treated to a "POP-BLING!" noise.
      • Completing a 7-Day Streak for first catches of Pokémon or spinning PokéStops. "Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding... Ding! Chshwing!"
      • The chime of progressing/finishing a Field or Special Research task.
    • Plugging in the Pokéball Plus to charge nets you the same sound you hear at a Pokemon Center: *doink* *Do do do-di-di*. Bonus authenticity points if you shelled out for the licenced charging dock.
      • Pressing the joystick and hearing the voice of whatever Pokémon you decided to bring with you as you go about your day-to-day life, especially if it's your partner.
  • The Goldeneye 007 intro at the part where the Nintendo logo rushes in. Here.
    • The sound of the Cougar Magnum firing in Goldeneye 007.
    • The sound of a bullet shattering the glass lens at the front of a CCTV camera, destroying it.
  • In Killer Instinct, the sound of Jago doing his kick special move. OOORAAHHHHH!!!
    • AWESOME Combo!
    • MASTER Combo!
    • Kiiiing Combo!
    • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! (Unless it's the CPU bug that allows it to break a combo that hasn't started yet.)
      • "ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" (if you pull off more than 50 hits in the Xbox One reboot.)
    • The sound of Fulgore's chest laser in KI 2013. You can feel the amount of power behind it.
  • In Godhand, Gene's enthusiastic "HEY!"
    • *whistle* "Nice!" "I love it!" "Heh heh!"
    • Also, any sound effects that play whenever Gene's winding up for an attack from the Roulette Wheel. You already know it's gonna be good, and makes it infinitely more satisfying once your attack hits to spectacular effect.
  • In any RPG that has a level up sound... it's obvious.
    • The shouted chant by the barbarian choir in Skyrim. In fact, anytime the barbarian choir chants or sings, something awesome is about to happen.
      • Also from Skyrim, the "cthunk" sound effect that marks a successful sneak attack.
      • The beautiful click of a lock opening. Double if you've broken a few picks. Triple if it's a really difficult lock.
      • The short drum-gong thing that plays when you have cleared a dungeon, knowing the boss is down and all you need to do now is to claim the treasure and get out of here.
    • Ta-dalala from Fire Emblem is just lovely...
    • To that end, in World of Warcraft, it can only be described as... DING!
      • It's actually more like BOOSH! (and often accompanied by the "ba-BUM!" of a completed quest). People say "ding" as a holdover from Everquest, where it did actually go "ding."
      • Made even better when you install the rare Cool Level Up addon, which adds a theme music and a stats screen.
      • When you hit a Milestone Level, the CLU addon switches up the music to what can be described as the most beautiful cacophony only comparable to fifteen beautiful virgin princesses in heat. Click here and wait for the orchestra.
    • In Final Fantasy XI, leveling up rewards you with the iconic victory chime of the past games. No better way to celebrate. It even got a cameo in Advent Children.
    • City of Heroes has its own little triumphant fanfare.
      • The Mission Complete fanfare is awesome as well. Villain players even get a somewhat more sinister version of the jingle.
    • Not technically an RPG, but the level up "jingle" in Call of Duty 4 is actually a brief heavy metal guitar/drums riff.
    • "Skill training completed."
    • Fallout 3's cash register "cha-ching!" after gaining exp. is gleefully sadistic and very visceral. That and the army-four-beat-drum "Level Up" sound.
      • Sadly in Fallout: New Vegas the experience gain sound was changed to a bowel-loosening bass hit. Very irritating when clearing out large groups of weak enemies.
      • Fallout 4 brings us three glorious new level up fanfare, which make you feel like you won the game every time you bring up the perk screen after leveling up.
      • When you shoot up Psycho: FUCKING KILL!!
    • The Pipboy's Level up Chirp from Fallout & 2. It's amazing how such a little chirp can bring so much happiness.
    • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines has a single strum of a guitar as its "gained XP" sound. Sound clips that are fractions of a second rarely give such a pleasurable feeling.
    • The 'bwoooong' gong sound from Jade Empire.
    • The World Ends with You. It's an epic feeling when your health bar is flashing, there are still many Noise... and (insert laserlike sound)! Not only did you level up, your health was restored!
    • You're low on health, overweight and out of healing potions so you can't recover naturally, when parp-parp-parp-PARP-parp-PARP! Full health and SP, and a new base level! Courtesy of Ragnarok Online, especially when you hear that sound when just a few experience points short of the max level.
  • The Need for Speed series, knowing perfectly well that revving engines are like classical music to a car fan, takes great measures in making sure the engines sound way louder and much more powerful than in real life. The Porsche Carrera GT, for example, sounds like a Formula 1 car, while the older muscle cars from Carbon have a very deep growl.
    • The sound that accompanies the freeze-frame when spotted by a cop means Awesome Music is about to start, and that it's time to floor it, and floor it hard.
    • Hot Pursuit's turbo activation. "Fching! vvvvvVVV-FWOOOM!" A shorter variation of it returns in Rivals.
      • The few moments' delay between the button press and boost activation are completely silent, aside from the turbo itself and the police sirens - the calm before that oh-so-awesome storm.
      • Jammers also mute sound for a few split moments if triggered while being locked on by an E.M.P.
      • The car startups on the car selection menu are incredible. Not only are they proper cold starts, but the car selection menus always take place inside a parking garage, and the resulting echoes of the engines roaring to life exaggerate the effect.
    • The BMW M3 GTR after you beat Razor. That engine's song is orgasmic.
  • Project CARS has some amazing acceleration sounds, particularly from the third person camera. The exhaust sound of the Formula A car accelerating is ear-splitting and amazing.
  • In Split Second, many of the explosions qualify, but of note is the Scare Chord that accompanies the collapsing tower in Downtown Central.
  • Likewise, both Microsoft Train Simulator developers and modders know that for every train or locomotive there is someone who thinks its engine sound is the most wonderful one in the world. As a result, they pay very special attention to reproducing the real sounds — even the downloadable Paris Métro MP89 has the squeak it makes when leaving the station.
  • Halo:
    • The *Vrmm-KRSSK* of picking up an Energy Sword.
    • PA'WOON! The sound the rocket launcher makes.
    • The metallic click when you pick up frag grenades or the static crackle of picking up plasma grenades.
    • And who could forget the "PAAAAAAY-OWW!! (click-click)" of the M45/90 CAWS shotgun, even by shotgun standards?
    • "Revenge! Double Kill! Triple Kill! Overkill! Killtacular! Killing Spree! Killtrocity! Killamanjaro! Killtastrophe! Killpocaplyse! Killionaire! Killing Frenzy! Running Riot! Rampage! Untouchable! Invincible!" Halo: Reach adds "Inconceivable!", though it's only possible to hear it after mowing down a staggering 500 enemies, which is impossible if not playing an endless match of Firefight.
    • A soft, held-out note of strings, nothing else. Then you hear a quiet phrase of Gregorian chanting, and that's your signal to start kicking Covenant butt.
    • The crackle of a body disintegrating after being blown away by a Forerunner weapon is truly a wondrous sound.
    • The split second charging up sound heard just before a plasma grenade explodes.
    • The uplifting VRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sound of your shields recharging, especially when contrasted with the less than wonderful BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-BOOP sound of your shields being down.
  • The Item Get! sound in the Metroid series.
  • The sound when you get a cool in the Trauma Center series. From the same series, defeating any GUILT virus.
  • When Trombe overrides the BGM, expect The Mysterious Gourmet to show up and own the alien invader's mecha.
  • Some of the "Critical Hit" sounds from Baldur's Gate are immensely satisfying. Others... not so much.
    • And of course that godly voice:
      "You must gather your party before venturing forth."
    • When you try to take Boo away from Minsc: SQUEEK!
    • Many of the spell chants are this:
      • "Insertas! Pulcher! Imperium!"
      • "Vita! Mortis! Coriolis!"
      • As well as the sound of Sarevok's "Deathbringer Assault"
      "Death comes for you! Feel its icy breath!" *thwack*
    • Hearing at least 3 enemy death cries after the "FOOM!" of a fireball landing or the "BRZZP" of a lightning bolt.
  • Same goes for Planescape: Torment.
  • The "Quest Complete" theme in Phantasy Star Online 2.
    • "PSE BURST!"
    • "CROSS BURST!"
    • "ONE MORE!"
  • Anyone who has played Super Mario Bros. knows one sound that means the next few seconds will be a blast: Da-da-da-dada-da-dadadada-da-da-da-dada-da-dadadada-da-da-da-dada-da-dadadada-da-da-da-dada-da-dadadada-...
    • The One-Up jingle also brings a smile to many a gamer's face.
    • While whistling or humming even the first bar of the original theme will get people's attention almost anywhere. And stick that song in your head for the rest of the afternoon.
    • The Mushroom/Powerup sound
    • The Pipe sound
    • The Thwomp sound. Ba-DOOMP!
    • The Bullet Bill firing sound (in games where it isn't identical to the Thwomp sound, anyways)
    • The sound when you grab a crystal ball to open a level's exit in Super Mario Bros. 2. You can also hear it whenever you get one or more lives during the slot machine minigame (made more satisfying because extra lives are very rare otherwise in the game).
    • When a Treasure Ship or hidden Toad house appears in Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • The sound when you enter a secret exit in Super Mario World.
    • Any number of Charles Martinet's cries, especially with context. Have you ever let out a triumphant "WA-Hah!" after bouncing off of five Koopas without touching the ground?
    • The Mega Mushroom jingle. Derk-derk-a-derk-derk-a-derk-derk, derk-derk-a-derk-derk-a-diddle-diddle...
    • I think I'm going to... TRANSFOOOOORM!! (Eeeeeeee!!) (which sounds a bit like "Henshiiiiiiin!")
    • While the normal Invincibility Power-Up music (and aaaaall of its remixes in various games) is always awesome, the jingle that plays in Super Paper Mario when you grab the Mega Star pretty much alerts you that it's time to go on an awesome, 8-bit rampage.
    • The first game's music when you slide down the flagpole.
    • Yoshi! (So happy!)
      • Speaking of Yoshi's Story... the ending theme certainly counts once all the baby Yoshis start singing along.
    • The sound Bob-Omb Buddies make when they talk. Weh-wehheheheh!
    • The wild, perfectly timed GWEAAAAAAAARGH!! from the skeleton platform in World 8-7 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
    • In most games in the series, the jingle that plays at 100 "seconds" left is not a good thing. In Mario Kart however, it becomes this trope, as it's used to signal the final lap.
      • The sound of a Blue Shell or Lightning Bolt going off...if you're the one who fired it.
      • The jingle for finishing in first place, especially after a close race, catching up from way behind, or smart item usage.
      • The epic "slam" sound effect you hear when ramming into opponents and obstacles while invincible or as a Bullet Bill.
    • From Super Mario 3D World, the little "Meow!" the characters let out whenever you win with the Cat Suit.
    • Mario calling out Peach's name in Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Warcraft:
    "Jobs done!" / "Work complete." / "Your building is complete." / "Summoning is complete."
    "Research complete."
    "Mortaaaar Combaaaaat!!!" (Mortar Team trained)
    "It's hammer time!" (Gryphon Rider trained)
    "I smell magic in the air..." (Spell Breaker trained)
    "Storm, Earth and Fire, heed my call!" (Dramatic Thunder!) (Shaman trained)
    "On the great winds I come." (Druid of the Talon trained)
    Dinnnng... booooooooom (Flame Strike sound effect)
    and more, inlcuding most Heroes' arrival quotes and a lot of Stop Poking Me! quotes...
    • Anything said by Grom Hellscream: "Slice and Dice!"
  • For anyone who has a certain boss mod for World of Warcraft, when you defeat a boss, it plays the Final Fantasy Fanfare music. Ahh, sweet sounds of victory.
    Nefarian:This cannot be! I am the master here! You mortals are nothing to my kind DO YOU HEAR? NOTHING!!!
    Archimonde: No! It cannot be! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Yogg-Saron: Your fate is sealed! The end of days is finally upon you and ALL who inhabit this miserable little seedling! Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh...
  • From Doom:
    • The gong sound when you get a power-up (Soul Sphere, Computer Map, Partial Invisibility, etc.) in the original games.
    • The sound of the BFG charging up and releasing that lovely green ball of obliteration, generally followed by dozens of death throes. Made even sweeter in Doom 3, unless you're fighting Sabaoth... The Doom 3 Shotgun's Dramatic Gun Cock is also very nice (but unfortunately it doesn't compensate for the abysmal pellet spread).
    • Speaking of Doom 3...when you hear the fully-charged Soul Cube utter the words "Use us!", the next demon you unleash it on is going to have a very bad day.
    • The super shotgun. It lets off this wonderful BOOM and causes what's in front of you to crumple up and die. The reloading sounds are similarly rewarding.
    • The Arch-Vile's Death sound in Doom II: Hell on Earth – It's always nice to know that you don't have to worry anymore about one of these gits sneaking around somewhere and reviving the horde of demons you just slaughtered.
  • The GET!! riff from No More Heroes. What makes it so satisfying is that the first few notes are the same as the Get riff, but GET!! lets you know that you can finally take a break from looking for those silly little balls for a while. So, really, the wonderful part is when the riff continues after those first few notes.
    • Any sounds, quotes or death cries involved in making a kill are VERY satisfying.
    • MY SPLEEN!
    • NononononoAUUUUGH!
    • And on Travis' end: "FUCK YOU!" and "YOU'RE A JOKE!"
    • The wonderful VWUNAUH!! that emits from your Wiimote speaker during a finishing blow's slow-mo part.
    • do-DO-do-do! ("recharge complete" jingle)
  • The sound that exemplifies impending ass-kicking is the original, iconic Quad Damage sound from Quake.
    • The BOOM-chk-chk sound of the Super Shotgun in Quake II is immensely satisfying. The railgun is also of note, being one of few non-gunpowder weapons in video games that actually sounds POWERFUL when fired.
    • Doing something 'awesome' in Quake III: Arena, for example headshotting a guy with a Railgun one second before he captures your flag and getting a genuine "HOLY SHIT" from the voiceover.
    • The music that plays whenever you have a boss fight in Quake 4.
      • The music that plays during the final boss fight.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • OBJECTION!!! Cue the Pursuit theme!
    • TAKE THAT!
    • HOLD IT! Additionally, the player gets to shout said Most Wonderful Sounds into the DS mic.
    • Desk slamming. (Or in Klavier's case, wall slamming.)
    • Also, possibly the only example of a Most Wonderful LACK of Sound: when the music stops after you've made an objection, letting you know that you didn't screw up.
    • Also, there's the "Jingle" that plays every time you unlock a chapter or finish a portion.
    • In the Japanese version, Manosuke Naitou rolls the r in "Igiari!", the Japanese equivalent of "Objection!". It sounds... amazing.
    • That wonderful, wonderful sound of your health bar refilling. Especially in Investigations when you get all of your health back.
    • The sound when a Psyche-Lock breaks.
      • In Dual Destinies, the sound of five black Psyche-Locks starting to crack and then exploding at the same time.
    • There are a couple of moments where a character's theme introduces them before they appear, like Edgeworth's "Great Revival" in JFA or Klavier's "Guilty Love" in Dual Destinies — if you like those characters it's a real "hell yeah, they're back!" moment.
    • While the sound of Franziska von Karma's whip cracking can get annoying, there are moments when it is definitely wonderful to hear, not the least of which being her Big Damn Heroes moment in Justice for All.
  • HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!? Cue multiple waves of explodey doom for everything onscreen.
  • Mega Man
    • Mega Man 2's boss select jingle. Da-da-da-daaaa-dadada-da-da-daaaaaaa-dadadada——dadadada——dadadadadaaadaaadaaaaaa!
    • That or the boss introduction jingle. Da-da da, da-da da, da d-d-d-d-d-daaaa!
    • Anyone who's played Mega Man X will remember the "Charge" sound effect, heard to great extent in Zero's introduction: Brrrrrrraaaaaaaa-ZAOW! (cue Zero's theme)
    • The death sound, when it's Mega Man dying, is annoying. When it plays due to a Robot Master dying, it's this instead.
    • The sound of the Metal Blades when you throw them. It sounds like...smiting your enemies.
  • The sexy female computer voice whenever you enter a VS's cockpit in Lost Planet: System online. Initializing. Why, hello, beautiful.
  • Street Fighter:
    Mission Start!
    I am the RED CYCLONE!
    Dan's "YAHOO!"
    * Giggle* "Yatta!"
  • Kirby's eat sound.
    • Marx Soul's death scream from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards's invincibility music.
    • The sound of the bosses going asplode.
    • The 1UP Sound is just as memorable and catchy as Mario's.
    • Any jingle in Kirby-game referring on copying an ability.
      • Best ones are the jingles used in Superstar, Advance-games, Return to Dream Land, and Triple Deluxe.
      • Kirby's Dream Land 3 has a great one, which would later be used as a reward for drawing a "very pretty" picture in Kirby Canvas Curse's very difficult Paint Panic minigame.
    • The Kirby Dance jingle. Never gets old.
    • The jingle that plays when you get an energy sphere in Return to Dreamland. The variation that plays when you have collected all energy spheres in a stage is even more satisfying.
    • Getting a Sun Stone in Kirby: Triple Deluxe is equally satisfying.
    • Slamming a boss many times your size against the wall in Epic Yarn. BYOOOOING...WHAM! BOING! The little whistle when they explode into shreds of yarn and the piece of the Magic Yarn appears is also a treat to the ears.
  • Earthbound's SMAAAAAAAAASH! sound effect caused a few smiles.
    • The SQUISH sound when you auto-frag an enemy.
    • The Runaway Five's theme during the Clumsy Robot if you were unable to paralyze said robot.
    • The jingle of a new PSI ability and the sounds when they activate. Listen to them all (and with the visual effects) here.
  • The "Cyan Theme" opening in Myst.
  • Max combo! What a crazy mix! Also, the level-up sound.
  • The rewind sound in DJ Hero.
    • "Ooo...that's fast!"
  • The extra stage alarm in Dance Dance Revolution, as well as "Wow! It's a new record!"
    • The DJ/announcer in the Hottest Party series gets increasingly impressed as you go further along the combo count. "200 combos!", "300 combos!", (surprised) "400 combos!", (impressed) "500 combos!, (practically worships you now) "600 combos!!"
    • Plus the audience cheering for you if you're doing well!
    • "Can I call you a dancing master?", the announcer's response to a AAA.
    • "Extra Stage!"
    • The sound played upon getting a Full Combo.
    • Players getting ready to take on "ENDYMION" get to hear this in the preceding cutscene:
      Level A Galactic Strike!
  • CHOOOMMM! the Apple start up sound.
  • The "Quest Complete" trumpet fanfare from Neverwinter Nights, sadly replaced by a weak little "bing" in the sequel.
  • "FfyoooOOOP". Goggles go on. Goggles go off. Goggles go on. Goggles go off.
  • EXTEND!! (This written reminder is almost as well known as the sound effect for an extra life that happens at the same time. Especially welcome when you're going for a 1-credit clear.)
    • The slightly different sound you hear when a boss's life bar is almost depleted, and for that matter, the sound of a defeated boss "exploding"
    • The noise made while grazing bullets.
    • Marisa's Master Spark.
    • For some, the wailing klaxons that signal a spellcard from Utsuho Reuji, because it's a different sound than usual and makes for an awesome effect. Of course, since she's the final boss, this also brancches into This Is Gonna Suck territory.
    • Or the alarm of the last seconds of the spellcards.
    • That sound effect when you get Full Power, which means ass kicking can commence.
    • Supernatural Border activation jingle in Perfect Cherry Blossom. A very welcome moment of invulnerability.
    • Ditto for the Trance gauge filling sound in Ten Desires. It means you can now jump into Trance mode for ten seconds of invulnerability and the life/bomb/score bonuses from spirits get multiplied when it's active.
    • And of course, the sound of capturing a Spell Card.
  • The "fft fft fft" noise from Free Cell Solitaire.
  • The new challenger siren from Super Smash Bros..
  • The sound of game consoles starting, which is their way of saying "And now we're going to have some fun." Have a montage.
    • Would be best to have it opt-in, as waiting five seconds seems like an eternity in today's world…
    • The Xbox 360's startup sound even made a cameo in the first Transformers film, when the various machines and mechanical devices began coming to life.
    • The Xbox One also has a pretty sweet "tray open" sound.
  • The gold medal sound in Burnout 3: Takedown. It becomes even more wonderful in close finishes.
    • The slowed-down whoosh sound when you get a takedown. Even better if it's accompanied by the clicking of a camera.
    • The music also qualifies. Certain songs on the soundtrack have intro guitar riffs that make you sigh in pleasure the moment you hear them... and you can pick which songs you play during a race, turning almost everything into a Moment of Awesome.
  • The beam weapons in FreeSpace 2 make this nice charging sound when they are about to fire, especially the Vasudan large beams.
  • In any Final Fantasy game, victory in battle, from the lowliest goblin to the strongest Omnicidal Maniac, is accompanied by the classic jingle. "DADADA-DAAA-DA-DA-DADADAAAAAH!" Yes!
    • Even better, the 'KASH-KASH-Kkkkkkssssshhhhh' sound bosses make upon defeat. The worse off your party is, the better it sounds.
    • Particularly impressive in Final Fantasy XII, where the free-roaming field encounters mean that there's no battle theme or the aforementioned jingle. Therefore, when you hear "Victory Fanfare" after defeating a plotline boss (or a few special Marks or Espers) it means something.
      • And on that note, the whooosh-slam! of seeing that wonderful "[Mark's name] Vanquished" message getting stamped on the screen.
    • Final Fantasy VII. "kssht-WHAAAHH!" Awesomeness will usually ensue.
      • VII's take on Ultima. Chemical Warfare has never been so awesome.
      • The music that plays when you land in the Church in the slums for the first time. After having fought a hard boss battle, and a gripping scene where Cloud falls to what seems like it should be his death, the music is just the most serene thing ever. It's like the game is saying, "don't worry, things will be alright."
      • The "enemy defeated" sound has a longer version that plays when you finally defeat a boss.
    • Final Fantasy VI. Playing as Terra, hitting Trance, hearing the wonderfully simple sound: "Shiiing!", and knowing that everything is going to die.
      • To say nothing of the sound of a perfectly-executed Bum-Rush: "BYOO-BYOO-BYOO-BYOO-BYOO-BYOO-BYOO-BYOO!"
      • And the sound of an Esper being summoned: "ZZOON! Ssing!"
      • The maniacal, but awesome laugh of Kefka himself. It never fails to impress.
      • Something about the sound of Flare is just so satisfying. 'BEEEOOWWW-BEEEOOWWW-BEEEOOWWW-BEEEOOWWW-beeeoowww-beeeoowww-chchchchchch-wubwubwubwubwubwub'
    • Final Fantasy X: Sometimes you know you've won the battle even before the music, because the character who delivers the final blow will speak. These lines include "Oopsie!" (Rikku), "See ya!" (Tidus), "Booya!" (Wakka) and "Farewell." (Auron)
      • The sound when a critical hit connects. You can feel the power surging.
      • Anything Auron says.
    • Final Fantasy XI: Nothing's ever quite as satisfying as the first time you and your friends set off a Light or Darkness skillchain.
      • The sound of a goblin fumbling a Bomb Toss is pretty great—especially in the early game, when they will ruin your day if they catch you off-guard.
    • Final Fantasy XIV: The sound of pushing the Limit Break button. A deep, rumbling click sound, the fantasy equivalent of the Dramatic Gun Cock, it almost makes DPS queue times worth the wait.
    • Final Fantasy XV: Similarly to Final Fantasy XII, due to the free-roaming nature of the game, the fanfare doesn't play after every single fight. Instead, whenever your party calls it a night, you hear that classic tune.
      • Sometimes after a battle, Prompto will sing the jingle himself in a voice line that makes the feeling of camaraderie in this game even stronger.
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics the enemies make a weirdly adorable "waaaah" sound when they die. The critical hit sound is also really satisfying, as are the Audible Sharpness noises that go with most of Agrias' and Cid's attacks.
  • Shinra's cute, squeaky walking sound and the 'Mission Complete' theme in Final Fantasy X-2.
  • The sound of Renew in Final Fantasy XIII, and any of the voice clips that come from using it. Particularly wonderful is Lightning's 'Defeat is not an option!'
    • Any of Fang's battle quotes.
    • The sound of Vanille casting Death.
    • The FFXIII main battle theme, 'Blinded by Light'.
  • The 'five-star' victory theme in XIII-2.
  • There was a special short musical cue that played just a few times during Final Fantasy IV. Since these were pivotal, Moment of Awesome type occasions, this cue was hugely satisfying to hear.
  • The ear-splitting scream when Zalera performs his Dismissal move. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, rather rare for this trope.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII there's the satisfying boom of Squall's gunblade successfully triggering.
    • Also the jingling sound that means a character's Limit Break is available.
    • And the rumble of thunder that heralds Odin showing up to perform Zantetsuken.
    • The "vwooom" sound of your characters disappearing as any GF summon takes place.
  • A lot of the voice clips/audio cues for characters' attacks and super modes in Dissidia Final Fantasy fall under this or Oh, Crap! depending on whether or not it's your character doing the action cued. But let's assume that it is you!
  • Sound in the Robin Hood game for the Atari XL/XE is so cheesy it's awesome. Especially The death sound. Sssss Bshhhhhhh!
  • Empire at War and it expansion has few:
    • Bombing run... Available.
    • Bombardment Available.
    • (Ion or Hypervelocity) Cannon... Firing.
    • Enemy base will be in range in <time>/Enemy base in range.
    • The sound of either Death Star about to fire.
  • Whenever Star Wars: The Force Unleashed protagonist Starkiller uses the force spectacularly. Notable ones are the screaming and groaning of durasteel as he brings a Star Destroyer crashing to the ground, and the sequel, whenever his clone taps into his Force Fury. He is about to reduce everything between him and Vader to ash.
  • Company of Heroes, as either Wermachet Terror Doctrine or Panzer Elite Tank Destroyers Tactics: "An elite heavy panzer is now available, deploy at your convenience." The sound of said elite panzer exploding has the same effect on the Allied players. The sound of a Calliope firing its rocket battery or a P-51 Mustang dropping bombs also tend to be favourites for American players.
    • "German steel."
    • "Pershing ready." or, better yet, "Like a steel ghost..."
    • "Artillery, firing for effect."
    • "Supercharge, supercharge, supercharge!" and "Supercharged artillery ready!"
    • The distinct, unmistakable katakatakata of Thompson submachine guns, which signifies the Ranger submachine gun upgrade. Nightmare Fuel for Axis players.
    • And to counter that the German's have these weapons of mass-destruction:
    Axis Company Commander: Elite Panzer Deployed. (Mind you that said Elite Panzer is either a Tiger Ace or King Tiger
    Axis Company Commander: Blitzkrieg Assault is under way!
    Axis Company Commander: Assault Reserves deployed (AKA. TIGER TANK!)
    Axis Company Commander: V1 Rocket is en-route to target.
    Axis Company Commander: Incendiary Attack Is on it's way, the whole area will be in flames.
    Axis Company Commander: Heavy Rocket Battery requesting target coordinates.
    Axis Company Commander: Rocket Battery has the target, initiating firing sequence.
  • The music that plays when you gain a rank in Call of Duty 4, or when you complete a challenge.
    • The Russian victory theme in online counts too.
  • Team Fortress 2 has oh so many, starting with the music that plays when you dominate opponents or get revenge and, as of your chosen class's update, the sarcastic comment your character makes afterward, especially the Scout's.
    • Heck, even opponents' domination/revenge lines are fun to listen to and make getting pwned into a more lighthearted affair. They tend to keep the players themselves from mocking you over voice chat, which... usually does the exact opposite.
    • Wa-nanananana
    • The thundercrakle if the Kritzkrieg is guaranteed to make the entire enemy team shit their pants.
    • The Vaccinator shields being deployed, especially if they block an incoming critical.
    • Gentlemen....
    • Chk. Vrmmm, crackle. "I am fully charged! / Get zem! Raus, raus!" (Assuming it's your Medic, not theirs...)
    • CHING! CHINGCHINGCHINGZAP! (Critical Hit noises, aka 3x damage dealt)
      • The CHING! sound is used if the hitsound option is turned on. (Though the over lap of the sound for a Level 2 Sentry/Flamethrower/Backburner hit blast could fall into annoying territory.)
    • BONK!
    • That loud, satisfying crunch you somehow hear when you score a hit with the Huntsman.
      • Detonating sticky bombs. bip-bip *BOOM*
    • "Ending Flourish", the jingle played upon winning a round.
    • When you use the "Show on HUD" option for certain achievement, you can hear a satisfying "DING!" every time you... achieve a part of it.
      • Speaking of achievements, how about the sound that plays when you finally complete an achievement?
    • On capturing enemy intelligence as a Soldier: "This is MY intelligence!"
    • The woosh made when a Pyro deflects a projectile, followed by the minicrit sound when it hits its original owner.
    • The air raid siren at the start of a (setup-requiring) round, signifying it's time to have fun.
      • Alternatively, the "Five...four...three...two...ONE!" that precedes it.
      • "Mission begins in sixty/thirty/ten seconds."
    • Anything the Sniper says. Anything.
    • Firing a fully charged Machina Shot. it sounds like a thunder strike, and definitely hits like one. The sound you get when you do a penetration kill also counts: you don't hear it often, but when you do, so does everyone else on the server.[1]
      • It's reskin the Shooting Star has a similarly awesome "FZHOOOM" sound when firung it's fully charged laser, with the same server sound if you disintegrate multiple people with it.
    • If you're playing Soldier, you'll especially take delight when you hear a rocket crackle, which signifies it's Ludicrous Gibs time for the enemy team.
    • "I told you not to touch that darn thing!"
    • "Another satisfied customer!"
    • The changed beeping indicating that a Sentry has locked onto a target (especially one you didn't notice)
    • Mann vs. Machine has the triumphant "K-SHING!" sound of a giant robot blowing up.
    • The clattering sound that plays as cash is picked up.
    • The horn that plays whenever a player uses a Power-up Canteen.
    • If you're on defense in Payload or Control Point: "Mission ends in sixty/thirty/ten seconds!"
    • Hearing your backup arriving in the first installment.
    • The "level complete" jingle.
    • Skate's "grapple from behind" attack in the second game. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG KA-CHACK
  • The Battletoads pause tune, which even had The Angry Video Game Nerd grooving to it (even though it's just a short looping drum beat.)
    • Also, the Konami pause jingle in its 8- and 16-bit era games.
  • The Classic Capcom Jingle
  • Persona 4: Da-ding! Your courage has greatly increased!
    • "shing oooaaah pft!" Thou art I...and I am thou...
    • "Ooh, ooh, can I have this one?" Yes, Chie. Yes you may.
    • "Welcome home, big bro!"
    • The All-Out Attack quotes are full of this. "I live for this part!" "It will end here!" "Out of our way!" And Teddie's simple "Raaaaaawwwwrrr!!"
    • The little SCHWING that accompanies the close-up character cut-ins right before striking with a critical attack or an enemy's elemental weakness. Especially if you're experimenting with the enemy with no idea what'll knock 'em down and what they'll just toss back at you.
  • Persona 5: A sound bite of Joker going "All right!" any time you succeed at something.
    • The sound that accompanies the screen ripping away to show a close-up of the character's eyes, not only because it accompanies a character striking with a crit or weakness like in the previous two games, but also because Futaba does it when she uses one of her game-changing Confidant abilities. Messed up and got surrounded by enemies? Now it's the other way around. About to get a Total Party Kill? She just put up a barrier to prevent that.
    • The sound effects that accompany All Out Attacks are nothing short of amazing and wonderful to hear, from the shines of the character portraits, the repeated smashes during the beatdown, to the High-Pressure Blood gushing out of the massacred enemies' bodies.
  • The shiny "ting" sound from Diablo II, alerting you to the presence of a gem fragment. Easily recognizable from across the room, and liable to cause a frantic clicking on treasure.
    • In the Lord of Destruction expansion, this is out-done by that lovely, bearly-audible sound of a pebble being rubbed across another pebble, indicating that a Rune has just been dispensed. Your mouth immediately starts watering as you scan the items to see what kind of Rune it was (the appropriate prayer at this point is "PLEASE GOD GIVE ME ZOD!!!!!").
  • The loud "TSHING!" sound effect that plays whenever a Legendary or Set item drops in Diablo III. The perfect way to let you know you're about to find some really excellent loot.
  • Similarly, being Runic, some of the sounds from Torchlight II are also satisfying.
    • The sharp "Ding!" of a basic/unique socketable landing or the "Bling!" of a high-grade (Blood/Void/Chaos/Iron) socketable landing.
    • The sound of transmuting items, finding a secret or enchanting a piece of equipment, especially when there's both a much more dramatic sound and your character is surrounded by a flashy effect when you get a more powerful enchantment.
    • The sound when the Berserker or Embermage's charge meter maxes out or the sound when you fill a segment of the Engineer's charge meter.
    • Cannons/Shotgonnes firing, especially if you're using the Engineer's Blast Cannon skill.
    • The sound of splattering an enemy, via doing way more damage than it can take.
    • The short choir heard upon a level up, followed by "You have gained in experience./You have gained a level."
  • Finding a secret item or hidden room in any Tomb Raider game plays a short jingle. Hearing it makes you excited to see what you've stumbled upon.
  • The roaring sound of your car's Dark Eco maxing out in Jak X, giving you better weapons (the oil slick bursts into flame). A subsequent wonderful sound is the coil gun firing, which has a harsh metallic edge to it. That is how fictional machine guns should sound.
  • The adorable scurrying sound the titular Knytt makes as it climbs up walls, only adds to its adorableness factor.
  • The emotionless, almost-seductive announcer from Melty Blood. "Round 1...FIGHT."
  • "You have conquered this realm!"
  • The World Ends with You:
    • "Come back when you grow a pair!"
    • All of the Fusions
      • Shiki: "Ready to die?" Neku: "Then die!"
      • Shiki: "Neku, come on!" Neku: "Right behind you!!"
      • Shiki: "Go, Mr. Mew!" Neku: "Get 'em, Piggy!"
      • Joshua: "Follow my lead!" Neku: "Screw that!"
      • Joshua: "Work for you?" Neku: "What do you think?"
      • Neku: "Another world awaits..." Joshua: "...and you're going!"
      • Beat: "Pick it up, Phones!!" Neku: "I'm there!"
      • Beat: "The beat is on!!" Neku: "Bring it!"
      • Beat: "Let's start it up!!" Neku: "No, let's end it!"
    • The opening bars of "Twister"
    • The "Noise Erased!" and "Bling!" sounds.
    • The following lines are only spoken as each character recieves a fully-powered Light Puck, which means 5x damage.
      • Neku: "ANY LAST WORDS?!"
      • Shiki: "What a rush!"
      • Joshua: "Now we're talking."
      • Beat: "LET'S STEP IT UP!"
    • "So zetta slow!"
      • Everything that Sho says.
    • "Now, player, we play for KEEPS."
    • One word shall satisfy your soul. "...Composer..."
    • Panthera Cantus.
      • "Ah ha ha ha ha... ENJOY THE MOMENT!"
      • "Don't let limits slow you!"
    • BikbokbokBIK! - The sound of landing a full four hit combo will never get old...
  • From Unreal Tournament:
    • "Headshot!"
    • "Double Kill!"
    • "Multi Kill!"
    • "ULTRA KILL!"
    • "M-M-M-MONSTER KILL kill kill kill!!!!!"
    • "L-L-L-LUDICROUS KILL kill kill kill!!!!!"
    • HOLY SHIT!!!
    • "Killing Spree!"
    • "Rampage!"
    • "Unstoppable!"
    • "GODLIKE."
    • "WICKED SICK!"
  • Persona 3: "The enemy is down! Let's finish this! You'll fall by my hand!"
    • Akihiko's "I've been waiting for this!"
    • Shinjiro's "Adios, asshole."
    • Junpei's "HA! TAKE THAT! HOME RUN!"
    • Aigis' "Hasta la vista!"
    • "The Path Is Open." This heavenly choir is heard only upon completing a Social Link path, and releasing the innermost powers of the Arcana.
      • The triple-bells sound when your responses have greatly pleased a Social Link character.
      • The chime that sounds every time a Social Link rank goes up.
    • "One More!"— unless you're on the receiving end.
    • The "KA-SHINNNNG" sound that precedes an All-Out Attack.
    • The very satisfying *BZZT!* sound of Ziodyne/Thunder Reign, and Armageddon.
    • Koromaru's howl when he summons Cerberus.
  • The whole of Robotron2084!
  • The whole Spheres Of Chaos!
  • Virtually anything Crispin Freeman has ever said in an anime and a video game, but most of all...
  • Similarly, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's voice is godly in any game.
    • For example, Nevan in Devil May Cry 3. "Sugaaarrrrr..." Also her shrieks when, and after, you knock her down.
  • Virtual-ON, when you fire a shot towards an enemy with low health, and suddenly... BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM (the noise of the enemy's Virtuaroid dying, especially against the final boss, but hearing this coming from your own character is annoying, if only because it means you have to insert another credit).
    • Just about everything said in the computer voice from Virtual On Operation Moongate/Oratorio Tangram, but especially Select your machine.
    • Even better is the "Flawless Victory" anthem, generally played while your Virtuaroid is doing their special Flawless Victory pose.
    • The sound of pulling off AND successfully connecting with Temjin's Gliding Ram or Viper II/Cypher's SLC Dive.
  • Ikaruga: MAX CHAIN.
  • "Yeah, you're the master!" in Devil Kings.
    • "A devil...there's a devil amongst them!" "Non-Sense!" or practically anything said by the Devil King's army.
    • "Betturrrr." "Hahahaha! It burns LIKE PAPER!" for the Devil King himself.
    • In the new properly translated games? "How do you like to feel the dragon's claws... RIPPING YOUR FLESH!!"
  • The invincibility jingles from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Which are, incidentally, usually based on the game's title theme. The Super Sonic mode of Sonic 3 & Knuckles uses the same music.
    • Also, the little "DLING" sound that plays whenever you get a ring. It's such a wonderful sound that it's remained virtually unchanged throughout the Sonic franchise's history and still gets used in modern Sonic titles. That speaks volumes about the original Genesis games' sound design.
    • The "BWANG" sound of the springs.
    • The 1-up noise, which is more of an epic five-second orchestra than a sound effect.
    • Sonic & Knuckles featured a very cool sound effect for charging lasers and teleporters. The developers must have liked it too, considering that it gets used at least once in every zone after the first.
    • The trailer for the new sonic show the full glory of the iconic sound effects from the original sonic games... REMASTERED! Most wonderful indeed (tears of joy)
    • Crrrrrack! Hooray, a new Chao!
    • The noise the searchlight makes when you get caught in it in Sonic 06's White Acropolis. Fairly generic but damn epic.
    • A lot of the pinball levels are also noteworthy, as many of the objects have their own noises. Music Plant in Sonic Advance 2 takes this further by making a lot of the bouncy objects play a note, so you can almost create tunes by using the sound effects.
    • And, of course, the most beautiful sound of all: Chaos Emerald GET!
    • It's always wonderful to get a Chaos Emerald, but nothing compares to an extra life.
    • Third most beautiful has to be the act clearing jingle.
    • The sound the Sandopolis boss makes when its body regenerates. bwunnunnunNEHNEHNEH...
    • 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... OPA!
      • 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... DRILL!
    • The goal ring sound in Colors. It's like the game's telling you, "You're almost there! You can do it!"
    • The "cha-ching!" sound that plays when you beat a levels in the classic games.
    • Hearing "Segaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" at the begining of every game.
    • Always loved the BWOMM! of getting a shield bubble in the original.
    • The distinct air bubble breath sound, particularly if you were on the verge of drowning and being subjected to the horrible drowning music.
  • "Choose your destiny."
    • "Fatality!"
    • "GET OVER HERE!"
    • TOASTY!
    • "Flawless victory."
    • The "Dun DUN dunnnn" sound when you successfully input a fatality and the screen goes dark is arguably more satisfying than the fatality itself.
  • Huh-hee!
  • Anything Chopin says in Eternal Sonata.
    • Most of Falsetto's pre-Special Attack poetry.
    • Also almost anything March saysnote .
  • "There he is!" from Time Crisis.
    • The "area cleared" sound.
    • "Action!"
  • Dot Hack GU: (fwooooosh) REN-GEKI!!! Have a montage.
    • LOTUS FLOWER!!!! TIGER BLITZ! HEAVENLY WHEEL! Really, nearly all of Haseo's Attack Calls.
    • Come on...come ON...I'!
    • That delightful sound when doing Haseo's "Weapon Change" in Reminisce and Redemption (FWAH-CHUUUNNNNG!)
    • In Infection, when facing a Data Bug, the sound of static (and, by extension, the sound of breaking glass). Why? Because it means that the Bug is going to stop being unkillable very shortly.
  • Laharl's Evil Laugh from Disgaea. AAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!
  • The Audible Sharpness coming from Yojimbo's blade when he pulls off a Zanmato. So very satisfying.
  • In Ace Online, the Level Grinding is so slow at the "endgame" levels from 70+ onwards, that whenever someone hears the Level Up! sound coming from their airframe, their whole brigade will hold a miniature celebration.
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story
    • Claude's over-enthusiastic reaction to a level up:
    "Shut up and DIE!"
    "Hey, it's hot!"
    "I will warm you up to your bones!"
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: The Victory Bell.
    Fayt: I feel stronger already...
    Cliff: Moron! Know your enemy before you strike the first blow!
    Nel: What goes around, comes around.
    Albel: It's not the great who are strong. It's the STRONG who are GREAT!
    Peppita: You got some good moves! I should introduce you to the circus master!
    Roger: I may be small, but I'm no fry!
    Maria: What a waste of time. Let's go.
    Adray: You greenhorn! You still have a long way to go.
    Mirage: They got what they deserved!
  • The sound of Battle Garegga's 10,000-point medals. And the announcer:
    "Shot level up!" "Weapon level up!" "EXTEND!"
  • nnnnnnNNNNNNYOWWWCH-Ch-ch-ch...
  • Xbox 360: "Boo-dik!" Achievement Unlocked.
    • Unfortunately, the system uses that one sound for every notification, from "Achievement Unlocked!" to "Your friend is online."
      • "Boo-dik!" Your friend is online!
    • Xbox One hears that and ups it with Rare Achievements.
  • Reloading your weapons during Bullet Time in Max Payne 2.
    • "It's PAYNE!"
  • 1-up!
  • Torus Trooper: The sound of a point-based time extension.
  • Daytona USA:
    • "TIME EXTENSION!" "Great, your time has been extended!"
    • "The white flag is out! This is it, the final lap!" (Unless you're way in last place in a multiplayer round.)
    • "A NEW WINNER! Welcome to Victory Lane!"
      • "Congratulations! You placed: 1st!"
  • Gradius:
  • Tetris: The Grand Master has many: "Ready, go!", the sounds for each piece, the "grade up" sound, and the fireworks you get upon getting a Grand Master rank in TGM2.
  • Traviss has it right. When playing at maximum difficulty in Star Wars: Republic Commando, the sound of a larty is the sweetest sound you'll ever hear.
  • Space Invaders Extreme 2- after you win the bonus round: You may have won this time but this isn't the end! It's Fever Time!
    • That must feel good!
  • The "pewpewpewpewpew!" sound of a Miclus spewing out medals in Raiden Fighters. And the sound of it exploding (and giving you 100,000 points).
  • From Space Harrier: "Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get ready!"
  • Ōkami: Amaterasu's victory howl, accompanied by rousing Fanfare, is the perfect end to any boss fight. It's actually worked into the story, as her lack of confidence after Issun leaves causes her to cut off mid-howl after beating Yami's first form—the first clue that we're not quite done.
    • The tune that plays when you successfully purify a region by reviving a Guardian Tree is absolutely perfect at making you feel as triumphant as you rightfully should.
    • And of course, there's every time you find a clover. Praise please!
    • The 'Stray Bead' fanfare.
    • That "oh!" sound Waka makes when he gets hit.
    • After you've been toiling on a puzzle for a while, the little harp melody that plays makes you want to raise a clenched fist in triumph.
    • Same with the little "donk-donk" that plays after you defeat a tough boss.
  • The Particle Projector Cannon's firing sound from MechWarrior 4. Also, the LBX Autocannons (especially the LB 20-X that lets out a thunderous K-ploooom!!!)... as long as you're not on the receiving end.
    • (Beep, beep, beep, bzzzzzzzzz) (Fwofwofwofwofwooooosh!)
    • Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal.
    • Also from a previous generation, anything that the computer says in MechWarrior 2 is also incredibly soothing Especially the combination of sound effects during the bootup sequence.
    • Many of the auto-cannon weapons in Online sound increasingly beefy as you go up in caliber. Clan weapons have their own unique sound, the machine gun is beefier and the lasers sound drastically different. The gauss rifle has a rather realistic "KA-PING" sound whenever they're fired with the barrel emitting electrical sparks compared to the sci-fi laser sound and swirling trail of previous games.
    • Rotary Autocannons from Living Legends, the RAC 2 has a nice GAU-8 buzz when firing while the sound of an RAC 5 is just thunderous boom after thunderous boom. Whirr—- POWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOWPOW!!!
    • Specific weapons in Living Legends have a hit confirmation beep for heavier weapons that travel such as PPCs, missiles, Autocannon 10 and 20s. It's especially good when you fire off a Macross Missile Massacre from, say, a Catapult CPLT-C1 or Vulture C (also called the Yeoman for being the equivalent of that 'Mech) and then seconds later... Thipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthipthip!!!
    • Shivaxi provides sound mods based on MechWarrior 2 and MechWarrior 3 to use in MechWarrior Online for those who liked the classic sounds.
    • Reactor startup/Shutdown sounds throughout the entire series. Particularly if you're coming back online from a heat shutdown.
      • MechWarrior 2: Pchssshhhmmmmm kathunk, kathunk... Bzzzzzt! Beep! [Doom Doors Sound]
      • MechWarrior 3: Beepbeepbeep! VwwwooommMMMM!
      • MechWarrior 4: Chwwwoooooooom! (which uses the same sound when the Chronosphere warms up).
  • The sound of the ship taking off in Dark Forces.
    • The ambient loop when Force Sense is active has a rather eerie tone to it.
  • "Welcome (back) the Stage of History!"
  • "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-*BOOM*"
  • TICK-tick. TICK-tick. TICK-tick ding ding ding ding ding ding...
    • Frog's Theme and Robo's Theme.
    • The sound effect of Luminaire.
    • Lucca's Theme. Even the remixes in Chrono Cross are made of absolute epic. Especially when you beat a difficult boss and hear THIS
    • The PWING! of Robo's Infinity Plus One Arm scoring a deadly crit.
    • Nothing beats starting up Chrono Cross and waiting a minute or two at the title screen, just to hear this. Aaaahhh...memories.
  • Ketsui and Ketsui: Death Label: "Approach your target and attack! The mission starts now! Are you ready?" *cue boss theme*
  • Skies of Arcadia:
    • Moonstone Cannon, FIRE!
    • Chu? Chu? Kyoo! Kyoo! KYOO KYOO KYOO KYOO Brring! (You got Cham (1)!)
  • Descent: The "Doink!" sound the game makes in multiplayer when an opponent dies.
    • Invulnerability time: "Mmmmnnnnnnnwheeeeee!"
    • Or cloaking time: "Hshow-who-wheee!"
  • The chime for earning a trophy on the PS3.
  • Ray Force: "This is the control tower. Make a left turn, over.
  • The PING-WHOOOOSH! sound after hitting a ball with Aluminum Power in Backyard Baseball, leading to some Awesome Music.
  • Portal:
    • Any time you fire a portal. Thwomp. There's just something incredibly satisfying about the sound your portal gun makes.
    • The sound of going through a portal, "psh-eek". It sounds better than it looks on text.
    • And, needless to say, just about anything GLaDOS says.
    • Five words: "It's been a looong time..."
    • "So. You found me. Was it worth it?" Yes, GlaDOS. Yes it was.
    • Once you master the fine art of taking down turrets with portals, the sound of a dying turret (a melodic scream, accompanied by a machine gun spraying wildly) suddenly becomes awesome.
    • Whatever your chosen character says before the match.
    • DOWN!
      • AIR COMBO!
      • And that little opening jingle just before the match.
    • Also, the sound that many fighting games have whenever you do a super.
  • The sound of a K.O. in any fighting game.
  • The "ding-a-doo" chime in Sierra adventure games (such as Space Quest) telling you you've done something right. In Space Quest V: The Next Mutation, it's a short jingle of the series' theme.
    • Laura Bow has the "BLING!" when collecting a piece of evidence or other item, followed by the dramatic ditty when you discover one of the four secret passages in the plantation house.
  • The sounds in SaGa Frontier that play when you learn a new attack (accompanied by an Idea Bulb) and when 2 or more of your characters have just started up a Combination Attack. Sadly, the latter sound is ruined a bit by the fact that your ENEMIES can do it too (with the exact same sound, naturally), and when they do it, it usually means you're screwed.
  • The sound of the H-weapon in Contra III.
  • Knights in the Nightmare: The short music that plays just before a round starts.
    • ENGAGE!
      • "YEEEAAAAH!"
  • Agents are... GO!
    • Are you ready? 3, 2, 1, GO!
      • Are you ready? "YEAH!!" 3, 2, 1, GO!
    • ...YEAH!!!*clang**clang**clang* Mission Complete!
    • And of course, OUEN! DAI SEIKOU! It's even better in the sequel, where you even get a catchy tune whenever you pass all the cutscenes.
  • An inversion: In the Extreme-G games, breaking the sound barrier mutes the sound, leaving only a faint whooshing.
    • The Railgun in 3. Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-PYOW.
  • Armed Police Batrider: "WELCOME TO VIOLENT CITY."
  • The gentle clunk of a keyhole being locked in Kingdom Hearts I game (especially at the end of a long or tricky stage.)
    • Every single time Axel says "Got it memorized?" or summons his chakrams. Or whenever "The Thirteenth Struggle" is playing. Basically, every time Axel is on screen, expect lots of these.
    • The vaguely squeaky toy-like sound that a lot of Heartless make when being hit.
    • The noises when you press A/X between the text boxes can only be described as "twit!"
    • Plus the menu noises. CLINK! binkbink... dwoo-oop.
    • "Light, give me power!"
    • The sound of a Cure spell being cast, which can best be discribed as a "woosh-shing". Especially when Donald casts it while you're critical and unable to heal yourself.
    • Firing up a new Kingdom Hearts game and hearing its rendition of Dearly Beloved for the first time.
    • In Birth By Sleep, the sound of a full-level shotlock rapidly locking on. At low levels, you hear each locking "click" individually before the "ding" of max locks, due to the slow lock speed. But a fully leveled Shotlock sounds something more like "CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCLICK-DING!"
    • Vanitas's shotlocks (from the same game) also sound kickass.
    • Also in Birth By Sleep, the very satisfying noise that plays when you beat a boss/important fight, which sounds a bit like "Sk-oooossshhhh" while the battle music plays, and showing you the finishing blow in slow motion.
  • Warhammer: Dark Omen "CUT THEM DOWN!" (which means you just broke an enemy regiment's morale) or "CRUSH THEM!" also the "Fsssshh" sound of the "Blast" spell.
  • Civilization 2 used a lot of stock sounds, some of which were awesome.
    • The "Swordfight" sound ("Huhu hu hu hu, ha!..."
    • The Dragoon fanfare "Ta da da da da ta da ta da!"
    • Artillery: "FIRE! *boom* *boom* *boom*"
    • The Ode to Joy which plays for "We love the Ruler day"
  • From Civilization IV:
    • The sound of a city going up a culture level. *BOOM*wwwwyyyyoooooooonnnn...
    • Discovering a new technology, complete with sage narration by Leonard Nimoy.
    • Building the Oracle. (piano piece)
    • Founding Hinduism, or by extension, having it spread to other cities.
  • From Civilization Revolution:
    • The sound of one of the player's units upgrading. (Especially if it was useful to that unit's purpose.)
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri
    • "Drone riots have ended"
    • "Please don't go. The drones need you. They look up to you."
    • "Turducken complete." Err, that is, "Production complete."
      • On a related note, "Project complete."
  • In Psychonauts, the music when you connect the tags to the emotional baggage.
  • Left 4 Dead 2: Ellis' "WUBUBUBUBUBBUBUUBUBUBU"
    • Nick declaring "JOCKEY ON ME!""
    • The brief music that plays when you slam the safehouse door shut.
    • The klaxon that heralds the start of a finale.
    • Skin On Our Teeth, AKA the track that plays at the end of the finale when rescue arrives, especially after a long and tedious finale.
    • The end of Dark Carnival. Holy shit. Hoooooooly shit.
    • The 'dingdingding' that happens when a survivor is standing in your Spitter goo for an extended period.
    • The slurping noise when you hit someone as a Smoker.
  • Feel the pain...of those "inferior beings" you burn in Hell. Best. Line. Ever.
    • Also a lot of the end-of-battle quotes. Makes grinding that much less monotonous, and some of the less common ones are hilarious.
    • Presea's voice. Especially after she gets her personality/emotions back (although they're still a bit subdued). It's just so soft and sweet and girlish and adorable.
    • Any of the characters' 'learned a new move' or 'going into overlimit' quotes. And sometimes the 'found an elemental weakness' ones as well.
  • "Here comes... HOUNDBREAK!" "Rock BOTTOM!" "This is IT!" "The ultimate hero! DANZAIVER!!"
  • "The last in captivity. The at peace."
  • The sounds of Beyond the Grave's "Ceruberus O.D." demolition shot in Gungrave Overdose in which he combines his Really Big Handguns and his coffin to form an Electromagnetic Cannon.
    "pshh!" "pa-CHUNG!" "shinnng eeeerrr wappuft!" "thunk!" "whirrrrrrrrr..." *Triple take of firing a Giant Energy Sphere Bullet of Doom*
  • Byoom BOOM BOOM
    • When the opening bars of "B.G." (The Theme of Grave) or "Gunlock Overdrive" (the Main Theme of the games) start to play, shit is about to get REAL.
    • (ba-dum-dum-tonk!) KICK THEIR ASS!
    • "Great! You've got a new Demolition Shot!"
    • "Been savin' this just for you!" (cue Billy's guitar morphing into a Wave Motion Gun)
  • From Syndicate, The persuadatron's "cha-sha-sha-sha" sound when claiming another victim.
    • Even if you're on the wrong end of it, (blee-bip) the Satellite Rain Kill Sat from Syndicate Wars sounds awesome. zzz-zzzz-zzZZZZ [beat] THOOM! THOOM! THOOM!
  • "I've got a fever, and the only cure is more dead angels!"
    • Witch Time. Its activation is accompanied with a slowing WHOOSH, followed by distinct ticking sounds for the duration. With all the hell that enemies can give you in real time, you look forward to these noises letting you know that you've earned the right to go to town on them.
    • The three camera sounds and the accompanying short jingle that plays when the last enemy in a Verse is defeated.
    • Pow pow pow pow "Yah!" Pow POW POW "I've HAD ENOUGH!!" (Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs ending with a Giant Fist Made Of Hair erupting from the ground to deliver a Megaton Punch)
    • "You've been NAUGHTY!~"
    • Each and every time a demon is summoned.
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story has this whenever Bowser enters a battle. "SHOW-TIIIIIIIIME" indeed.
  • The phrases your party members say after scoring a critical hit or hits the weak point of an enemy in Persona 3 and Persona 4.
  • The Sims 3 plays a wonderful jingle when you fulfill a promised wish to your sim.
  • In Super Paper Mario, if you jump from Flipside Tower, you get to hear a neat falling sound followed by a fantastic ground-meeting "Dsh!" This serves no real purpose, other than being a faster way to get to the third floor, but the sound is simple yet awesome!
    • Also, the sound when you flip to the third dimension.
  • Everything in Patapon, but especially when you hear "FEEEEEVVEEEERR!!", you instantly know your loyal troops are ready to start kicking ass.
    • In Patapon 2, there's also "oooOOOOO" followed by hero mode chanting.
  • DAAAAAAAA-DADADA-DAAAAAA-DA-DADA-DA-DA-DAAAAAAAAA! By this point the Dragon Quest overture may as well be Japan's national anthem, and finally hearing it in one of the games in all its beautiful orchestrated glory in Dragon Quest VIII was goddamn amazing.
  • Mass Effect:
    • "The commanding officer is ashore. XO Pressly has the deck." Not for any particular in-game reason. The Normandy announcer just has a really sexy voice.
    • Also the computer voice that guides you through the character creation
    • The "ding" sound when selecting menu items.
    • ...a slightly more related example: In the sequel, your squadmates congratulate you if you kill an enemy with a headshot. Hearing Garrus compliment your sniping skills is ridiculously satisfying.
    • The sexy voices we get from Jennifer Hale as Female Shepard, Brandon Keener as Garrus, Liz Sroka as Tali, etc.
    • The immense explosion created by the Cain firing in the sequel.
    • The equally immense explosion created by killing a YMIR mech with a headshot.
      • As well as the little 'plink' after the charge-up, just before the Cain actually fires. It is a powerful Harbinger of Asskicking.
    • Geth pulse rifles, so long as they aren't aimed at you, have a really awesome firing noise.
    • The Kassa Fabrications M-12 Locust SMG that sounds a suppressed version of the usual Mass Effect weapon noises.
    • The sound of a biotic explosion going off. Enemies never use them, so you can rest assured that whenever you hear it, it's the other side's day that just got ruined.
    • The sh-WA sound of unleashing a biotic throw in Mass Effect 3.
    • Pretty much any battle taunts can go here, but Jack and Grunt probably have the best.
      • I can take you ALL!
      • An incredibly rare bug where Grunt says "I AM- Worthless"
    • From Mass Effect 3, there's 'Reapers evaded', which plays when you escape from a pursuing Reaper.
      • Speaking of Reapers, the 'dededededededededededededededededededededededededededededede click-beeeeBOOOOM' from the Reaper fight on Rannoch definitely fits here.
      • Any time any Reaper starts talking. The impossibly deep reverberating voice showing up completely out of nowhere (especially the first time you hear it in ME1 when you aren't expecting it) is simply stunning.
    • The gurgling cry of a dying Banshee, as well as the distorted scream of a dying Nemesis.
    • The sound of the Geth Plasma SMG firing. Chib-chib-chibchibchibchibchechechecheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    • The 'crunch' you hear when a Krogan character's heavy melee attack connects. It's so visceral and satisfying.
    • In 2 the sound of the Widow sniper rifle firing echoes like it's shooting from the bowels of hell. The reverse-engineered Black Widow in 3 has a similar sound, with the added effect of causing enemies to violently explode upon impact. If playing a Paragon Shepard, you know you should not love this, but the feeling you get from this gun is simply too damn awesome!
    • All the menu sounds in 2. That little beep sound the Widow makes in 3 when you draw it is also pretty cool.
    • Also in 2, the sound of one of the resources bars during planet scanning filling up like crazy. "Chck-chck-chck-oouuueeeeeoouuueee!"
    • The M-5 Phalanx in Mass Effect 2 had a really cool laser charging sound effect whenever you aimed it.
    • The charge-up shot for the Quarian arc pistol is brief and understated but as you get used to it you start to relish the little rising hummm-click that comes before every one-shot kill.
    • The Reaper Horn. VRWUHMMMMMMMMMM. In-Universe, it's explained that it's designed to void the bowels of any who oppose the Reapers. It's just such an awesome sound effect.
    • The sound of a ship traveling via the Mass Relays. Like a sonic boom IN SPACE. Or of a whole fleet of ships using a Relay.
      • Especially the entire military might of the galaxy jumping in at the end of 3.
    • In 2 and 3, if you're running out of ammo during an extended fight, the sound of Shepard finding fresh ammo clips is wonderful.
    • In 3, the sound of the Omni-blade unfurling, particularly when used to gut Kai Leng.
      • If using the Renegade interrupt, the sound of Shepard breaking Kai Leng's sword with their bare hands, shortly before this.
    • "That's it!?" - As sometimes said by Common human men after completing a wave. Especially after soloing Platinum wave 10. And Cerberus thought Shepard was bad news...
    • The Reegar Carbine letting loose an electrical flamethrower *tchwhirrrrrrrrrrr* with incendiary rounds, and then a perfect reload cancel for a *kshhhhhh* without the *tchk-tchk* - especially accompanied by the volus' Shield Boost ability *ptchewwa* - before you know it, they'll be "one more..." left to kill.
    • The pained warbling noises *a-a-a-a-a* of a Nemesis or Phantom, especially accompanied by the Geth Juggernaut's healing heavy melee. *achhc-cheew-cheew-cheew...*
    • The badass boasting of Shepard's crew members and Wrex in the Citadel DLC - on low difficulty levels, at least. On higher difficulty levels, they become idle boasts in the face of a mercenary group that way outmatch them. Especially Wrex.
    • The K-CHOW K-CHOW sound of the M-6 Carnifex.
    • Cerberus Mooks shouting "TAKING CASUALTIES" after you've wiped most of them out.
    • The geth Javelin sniper rifle. A payload of magnetically accelerated ferrofluid poised to cleave straight through cover and your cowering target's head - *vwwip-BLATT*.
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Valkyria Chronicles III:
    • chring! chring! chring! chring! chring! That's the sound of bullets hitting Riela's Valkyria forcefield, and they can't hurt her in any way. ZZZAAA... FHJZZZ!! KABLARR! And that is the sound of the shock strike from her Valkyria lance. And the theme music.
    • thang! thang! thang! When you successfully do 3 headshots to a Darcsen Knight, killing him in one go. You'll need to be able to do it consistently.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 keeps up the tradition with its Potential quotes:
    Kai: One shot's all I need.note 
    Raz: You ain't goin' nowhere!
    Riley: Angie, I'll do everything I can.note 
    Vancey: Time to get serious.note 
    Nico: Eheeheehee!note 
    Connor: Inspiration strikes!note 
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
    • "Emerald Splash!"
    • "MUDA-DA! MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAAA~! ZA WARUDO!" *Shiiwunk* "Toki wo tomare!" *Shink, shink-shink!* "Soshite toki wa ugokidasu..." *Shunk* "...ROAD-O ROLLER-DA!! WRYYYYYYYYYYYY!"
  • Digital Devil Saga: On occasion one of the characters will have an opening quote. Heat's 'your ass is MINE' is extremely satisfying. And the satisfying thud of Agidyne, or the Finger Poke of Doom equivalent, Prana Beam.
    • Serph's victory roar when in demon form. Also nearly anything that Roland says.
    • Each game's death scream from their respective Bonus Boss. The Demi-fiend screams (AAAAAAHHHHHH! - though, given who it is, this is the only time it's a good sound) and Satan screams (OOOOOOHHHHHH!) before a very, very long explosion animation (BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG WHOOOOOOOOSH!).
  • Sugoi! Perufekute dai yo! Factor in the hard effort to get this on Disappearance. On Hard. If it's possible.
  • Rock Band: Whenever the crowd sings along to the song when you're doing really well.
  • Monster Rancher: The music that happens as your monster materializes from the disc you just put in the console. What's it gonna be? What'sitgonnabe!?
  • MISSION COMPLETE!! *fistpump*
  • Devil Survivor's intro music, as well as the bad ending/evil ending... for some strange reason
    • The sound of Holy Dance hiting an enemy.
  • "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens command thee, To open the gates of hell! Come forth, divine lightning! This ends now! INDIGNATION!!! *BLAMMM*"
    • Rest in a merciless silver embrace! Absolute!
    • O light that rains down on heaven and earth...send my enemies to their total annihilation...FORTUNE'S ARC! And grant us the protection of thy brilliance!
    • "If there is evil in this lurks in the hearts of men".
    • "Prepare yourself! Dance with the damned...INSTANT BALLS!" Badass, effective, and worth a chuckle every time...
    • [2] "Oh brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite darkness, and crush my enemies to nothing! SAVAGE... WOLF FURY!"
      • "Blah blah blah... TIDAL WAVE!" / "Oh resplendent mystery! "Mystic Drive!" / Oh power that lies at the root of all creation! Oh memory inscribed in ages past! Hear my call, and arise before me! ANCIENT CATASTROPHE! ...This is the fruit of my research."
  • Tales of Vesperia. There's something so viscerally satisfying about the shhk-shhk-bam shk-a-shk-a-shk-BAM at the beginning of Fury Sparks, especially since it kicks off one of the most highly anticipated and badass Duel Bosses in Tales history. For exactly the same reason, the timpani roll and dramatic bell chime at the beginning of Meaning of Birth in Tales of the Abyss
  • The Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos "your character has leveled up in some skill!" tag - DA-da-daaaaa! Given how goddamn long it takes to level up, those three little chords sound like a heavenly choir.
    • "Boop, boop, boop....BEEEP!"
    • "Double Kill...Triple Kill!...OVERKILL...Extermination."
    • "Killing Spree! ...Killing Frenzy"
    • "Killimanjaro!"
    • "Bro-sei-don!"
    • "As/Air/Flagsassination!"
    • "KFSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!" You have picked up an Energy Sword
    • The sound of your Spartan Laser charging...
    • The brief, high-pitched whine that accompanies a stuck plasma grenade. Unless it's stuck to you.
    • The WHOOM sound of a Gravity Hammer striking. Unless you're the thing being struck.
  • S4 League's victory jingle.
    • "You have won the match!"
    • "What a nice situation! Get the ball!"
      • "TOUCHDOWN!! WHO'S THAT MAN? WHO'S THAT MAN?" (followed by goal-scoring teammate knocking out opponents)
    • "CRITICAL!"
    • "You're the Chaser. Bring it!"
  • In the first Destroy All Humans!, the sound of firing your saucer's Quantum Deconstructor, sort of a "BYOOOOOoooooooo ASPLODE!!!"
  • The sound of the karma meter going up after a battle in Digital Devil Saga.
  • ALL RIGHT, FIRST PLACE! The music helps.
    • Also from F-Zero X: YOU GOT BOOST POWER! And then the sound of boosting itself: "KRSH-SSSHHHH!"
      • Each machine and custom booster part in GX/AX has their own unique boosting sound from the fittingly loud Wild Boar to the Hyper Speeder sounding like a rifle shot.
    • Blast turning in any of the Mode-7 style games, especially the thumping of the accelerator in Maximum Velocity.
      • On the note of Maximum Velocity, the jet-like screech when you activate a stored boost.
      • Each lap in that game is denoted by a "Blip blip blip blip blip!" But the final lap is denoted with a more urgent "Blipblip blipblip blipblip blipblip blipblip!", it let's you know you've made it to the final stretch and you can't choke the race now.
    • Land mines might be annoying in normal circumstances but the explosions become music to the ears when performing or watching a Speedrun and they're used as a form of Rocket Jump in order to reach higher speed, either by exploiting air physics in 3D games or simply catapulting you faster in the right direction in the 2D games. Particularly Maximum Velocity's harsh "PRFMRPH!!!".
  • From Viewtiful Joe: "JUST GO FOR IT!" and "FINISH!"
    • The sounds of your grades slamming across the screen as your stage ranking tallies up.
    *pong pong pong pong...* You Are *kssht-slam~* Viewtiful!! (audience cheers)
    • The glorious sound of a boss exploding in the background. Those slow-motion explosions put the perfect cap on a hard-fought victory.
    • "COME ON! ALL RIGHT! AWWWWWWWW YEAH! YAAAAAAAAAAAHOO! RED-HOT BABY, YEAH!" The sounds of the player racking up an epic slow-motion combo.
  • The critical hit quotes from Killer7.
    • (BANG!) Yeah, you're FUCKED!
    • "This is too easy"
    • "Hurts doesn't it?"
    • "Fuck you!"
    • "Son of a bitch."
    • "Nos Vemos"
    • *loud humming noise* COLLATERAL SHOT!
    • The Down Attack quotes too
    • The laugh of a Heaven Smile when it's killed.
  • The Fruit Bonus from Bejeweled Twist. If the cheerful tune and the ridiculously cute "dancing fruit" animation don't bring a smile to your face, it is quite possible that you have no soul.
  • "Let the rage of the Titans fuel your blades, Kratos."
  • "RRRRRRRRRRRAOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRR! SHHIIIING! -Thwack-" Narga. It's only on your side and it defines "Game-Breaker", it's still creepy as hell. Alternatively if you don't mind a little Brother–Sister Incest, "RRRRRRRRRRRAOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRR! SHHIIIING! -Thwunk- Tsssheeew." is much better.
    • Also from Fire Emblem, the sounds when a critical or skill activates (provided it's for your character...)
      Robin: Checkmate!
      Frederick: Pick a god and pray!
      Corrin: This ends NOW!
      • Related to above is the equally satisfying Lethality that guarantees a One-Hit KO. Alongside the critical sound, you get a bloodsplatter sound as you gut your enemy in an instant.
    • The Miss and No Damage sound effects are also nice to hear when enemies are attacking. If it's coming from your units, though...
  • The high-pitched whine of Civil Protection radio chatter flatlining is pretty damn satisifying. Almost as wonderful is the cry of the last Combine soldier in the squad yelling "OUTBREAK OUTBREAK OUTBREAK!"
    • Taken to its illogical extension
    • The sound of your HEV suit saying 'Power level hundred percent'.
    • The sound of the Gluon Gun winding up and down in the original.
  • PTDWOOM! The sound the Type 7 particle weapon makes in FEAR. It means whatever it just hit got its ass seriously hurt.
  • Spyro the Dragon (Original Trilogy) is full of contenders:
    • The "Fwoofsh" of Spyro's flame breath.
    • The noise Sparx makes when he collects/eats something.
    • The noise you hear when you free a dragon in the first one.
    • The jingle that plays when you break open an Extra Life chest in the first game.
    • The sounds you get when you collect gems. In the first one they're a subtle little tinkling sound evocative of ice, and in the second, third, and fourth they're a much louder and warmer ringing sound. In the fifth they're a much shorter, happy-sounding note. In the first two The Legend of Spyro games the gems hit you with a quiet, soothing whispering sound, and in the third one the air is filled with tinkling like that of wind chimes, accompanied by a soft "Oii-oii-oii" sound. Really, any time you get a gem in any of the games expect to sigh in contentment as those lovely sounds hit your ear.
    • The tune that plays when you get a shiny butterfly.
    • The voice lines of a dragon you took a really long time to get in the first game.
    • Ripto's Big "WHAT?!" after you collect three orbs in the final boss of the second game. Prepare to get your ass torched, pal.
  • beatmania IIDX: The special song select themes earned by obtaining a game's respective extra stage song(s), such as the Cardinal Gate select theme, the IIDX RED extra stage select, based off of "Genocide", the LIMIT BURST theme from Tricoro, and the Spada✝Leggendaria theme from SPADA.
    • "You are now enterting completely darkness. Don't need to prepare for it. You just need to die. Welcome, as your experience, searching for your souls. We are...playing to die."
    • "Good evening, or die!"
    • "Miracle 5ympho X": Are you ready? MACHINEGUN. Cue machinegun barrage. Which is keysounded, especially on the Another chart.
  • Worms: "HAAAL-LELUJA! *boom*".
    • Even better when coupled with "HEE-HAW! HEE-HAW!"
    • The sounds of multiple explosions going off at the same time when you tuck a Cluster Bomb beneath an enemy worm, causing ridiculous damage. On a similar note, the Super Banana Bomb when you manually detonate all of the bomblets for maximum carnage, even if friendly fire occurs.
    • Nothing like the repeated pain noises of a worm being roasted by fire if you're the pryomaniac doing the damage. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!"
  • Monster Hunter
    • The quest complete jingle and subsequent music. Especially since most fights will take longer than 5, even 10 minutes.
    • The jingle that plays when you use your BBQ Spit, and the " tasty!" cheer for successfully cooking a Well-Done Steak.
    • The crunching sound of a monster's armor plating, horn, claws, tail, etc. breaking.
    • The "DING!" sound that signifies a head hit with an impact-based attack, especially if you're using the Hunting Horn or the Hammer.
    • So you walk into the next area after bringing the target monster down to critical health, but you don't hear the battle music. Instead, you hear snoring as the monster sleeps and tries to recover its health. And that's when you know you have the perfect chance to finish it off with a powerful Charged Attack or with Barrel Bombs.
  • The music at the end of every level in Sonic 2 & 3.
  • Whenever you pick a ring in Sonic or a coin in Super Mario.
  • The special jingle in Galaga's Challenging Stages that plays if you kill all 40 enemies.
  • Heroes of Newerth
    • Nothing is as satisfying as when you get Ten kills in a row and the Announcer barks out CHAMPION OF NEWERTH
    • Or when you kill someone so amazingly they disconnect and you are treated to R-R-R-R-RAGE QUIT!
    • Double Tap
    • Triple Kill
    • Annihilation
    • Start of the match hearing "Let's Get it on"
  • In the obscure PS1 game called Future Cop: L.A.P.D. one game mode lets you fight an annoying, smug bastard named Sky Captain who reguraly taunts you and talks crap and is pretty much a large ham. One of his deaths qoutes is "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". Narmy? Yes. Incredibly satisfying to hear everytime? YES.
    • Particulary if he's in the middle of talking crap; "Did you think you coul- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Oldie but a goodie: from Star Control II, when you're lucky while using a Pkunk Fury: "HAAAAA-LE-LU-JAH!"
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum:
    • "HEY! GET OFFA ME!!!!!"
    • Any dialogue that Kevin Conroy gets to say. The guy must need a bowling bag to carry 'em around.
    • Not to mention Mark Hamill's brilliant performances as the Joker!
    • Takedown moves involving a prisoner's arm or leg. Crunchy, and ouchy, but hey, it's not you who's on the receiving end.
    • The sounds of thunder crackling whenever you knock out an opponent in its sequel is just downright satisfying.
    • The solid, curiously satisfying THOCK! of the line-launcher in Origins.
    • Batman: Arkham Knight:
      • The boom sound that happens any time Batman and Catwoman/Robin/Nightwing perform a Dual Takedown.
      • Takedowns in general, in fact — most environmental takedowns are so painful-sounding that you'll be wincing through your laughter, and the exhilarating whooshing noises and muffled cries as you decimate a group of terrified goons with multiple fear takedowns just serve to show that once Batman gets the drop on a rank-and-file thug, there's no stopping him. (Doubly so if the goons in question are armed and firing blind, with Batman deftly dodging the shots.)
      • Also, the Batmobile's engine and growling sound any time the Afterburner lights up, and the click and rev motion when it comes to you.
  • UAV Online
    • The victory music for each faction after a game.
  • Homeworld:
  • In Homeworld 2, the sound of the Wave Motion Gun on the Dreadnought charging and firing: "rrrrrrRRRRRRRRMMMMMMM-POW!".
  • In Homeworld Cataclysm, anything the Beast says in its Voice of the Legion.
    • "WE WILL NOT BE BOUND!" (Bentusi Dying Moment of Awesome)
    • "Dreadnaught: Construction complete."
    • Shortly followed by "Bridge to gunners: Open...Fire."
    • "Open up our attack profile." Not that the Command Ship's weaponry is that powerful (until upgraded into Energy Cannons), but the cold, determined and merciless way the order is given is positively spine-chilling.
  • Ratchet & Clank:
    • A series-wide one is the jingling noises that Bolts make whenever they fly off the ground and into your wallet.
    • Clank's Scooby-Doo-esque laugh. It's freaking adorable!
    • The sound the Tesla Claw makes when you take it out in Ratchet & Clank (2002) and Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and the entire firing sequence of the Harbinger in Ratchet: Deadlocked.
    • The sounds of firing the Swingshot and hearing it connect to a Versa-Target (prior to Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One): "*NYEEEEOOMP* *ch-ch*".
    • The sound of the Bouncer's dozens of bomblets bouncing around after its initial shot explodes.
    • Getting one of the Gold, Platinum, or Titanium Bolts in the first, second or third game respectively; a minor "whoosh" as it zooms to Ratchet, a few flipping noises as it spins in midair, and then a "dee-doing" as it disappears into your inventory. There's also Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time's version, where it plays a short happy jingle as Bolts spray out around you and get sucked into your pockets.
    • The "weapon upgraded" sound. Particularly the Tools of Destruction version.
    • Your game's preferred sound for getting a Skill Point, from the "shimmering" of the first two games, to the "jackpot"-esque sound of Up Your Arsenal, to the single note that punctuates it in A Crack in Time.
    • The incredibly heavy "BLAO" sound of firing the RYNO II in Going Commando, which repeats multiple times a second due to the quick fire rate.
    • The anti-aircraft turrets from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, after activating the nodes to turn them on. Thump thump thu-thu-thu-thu-thu...
    • The "plumpom" of the Miniturret/Quasar Turret Launcher firing its namesake in Deadlocked, as well as the "CHYOOM" when a Quasar Turret shoots its giant laser.
    • The "doo-dee-dooooo~" jingle that plays in A Crack in Time when you activate all the necessary Tri-Pads to trigger something.
    • Pulling out the Mini-Mecha that is the RYNO VI in All 4 One plays a sick guitar riff.
    • All 4 One also has the Co-Op Overload, a digital whine that steadily increases in pitch as you and your teammates use the same weapons on one enemy, while your weapons fire faster and faster as you approach the threshold, culminating in a large effect on the enemy, ranging from explosions to freezing to transforming.
    • The music cue that accompanies getting a Holocard Park or RYNO Holocard in Ratchet & Clank (2016).
    • The normal Bolt collection sound is rivaled only by the sound of collecting "Rare Minerals", a cheat in RAC 2016 that replaces the normal Bolts with Rupees. Imagine the sound of getting money in that game, but on the level that you receive money in this game.
  • MediEvil
    • Crossbow's ricochet sound.
    • The Evil Laugh of the scarecrow enemies.
    • That train in the final levels; *cho-cho-choochoo* *cho-cho-choochoo*....
  • The random music presents in Mother 3.
    • Also that wonderful little chimey sound you get upon leveling up. Da-da-dee dee-da, da-da-dee dee-da...
    • "OK desu ka?"
  • "[Demon Name] became your demon."
    • The haunting scream you hear when a Mudo or Hama spell deletes your enemy from existence.
    • The moist "splrch" of your Rock Bullet petrifying an enemy.
    • The victory theme, "The End". Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you finish the Neutral route and find that this theme, indeed, plays in the Neutral ending, during the post-credits scene.
  • The sound in this Tetris game when you clear four rows at once.
  • The little piece of music that plays in BioShock when you rescue a Little Sister. It sounds so hopeful and cleansing.
  • The many forms of receiving supplies from Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite, as she tends to come up with them exactly when needed.
    "Booker, catch this!" "Thanks."
    • The sharp "battle over" sting.
  • "Enemy officer defeated!"
  • The lovely little "k-ponk" noise your Katamari makes when it picks something up...
    • The sound The Prince makes when he gets rolled up~
    • Roll up a cat. Any cat. Why is the meow so satisfying!?
    • ROYAL RAINBOW!! *glean* aaaaaaahhhhh... *chirp*
    • Also, the fanfare from finding a present or cousin.
  • Finally hearing Dr. Robotnik's scream of defeat in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine after many failed attempts at beating him is very, very rewarding.
  • Sacrifice:
    • "Enemy sighted".
    • "Sanktu, Klaatu, Domini, Mastadok, Culpa, Veratu, Nostro..."
      • Particularly if said by the Ragman for his soft, deep chanting or Acheron with his quick and to-the-point rapid throwing of one word after the other. And then of course there's the sound of whatever superspell you were casting activating. Hearing that mole in the ground stop, the skies light up in a blaze of glory, the sound of giant beanstalks growing out of the ground, that howling wind or that chuckle.
    • Pretty much anything a titan says:
    "I am here."
    "I am death incarnate."
    A Rhinok's chuckling.
    The Hellmouth's horrible, rasping hiss.
    "Is it time?"
    * The sound that your Tiger makes when you win a fight in Monster Rancher. "GrrrrrrrROOOOAAAAARR!"
  • The simple two words spoken in most Tom Clancy games upon eliminating an enemy, "Tango down", particularly in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with Hume (the team's sniper). *Boom* "Tango down."
  • The dialup-esque beeps and whirs you get in PlanetSide when hacking a door with an army of twitchy soldiers behind you seems almost musical once you associate it with the raw chaos of a base assault.
  • An old, old 8-bit version, from the Commodore 64 version of Elite: "RIGHT ON, COMMANDER!"
  • Coming across a cache of items in Marathon triggers a delightful pling for each one you pick up.
  • Assassin's Creed games: The "shing-doosh" of an Air Assassination and the chime of a Poison Blade use.
    • Ezio's bird whistle calling the assassins
    • In the first game, completing an investigation/finding a collectible yields a soothing digital chime (Doo-na-na-naaaaaa...).
    • The small schnick sound the Hidden Blade makes whenever you unsheathe it. One major complaint of later games was that you can't just flick it out whenever you like anymore.
  • The critical damage sound from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind can be immensely satisfying.
  • Anything Kirby ever says. Except in Avalanche.
  • Turok 2's Cerebral Bore makes a delightful metallic whine as it spirals through the air, and an equally delightful sound upon contact with an enemy cranium, roughly that of biting into a fresh apple.
  • The sound of an overloaded phaser bank firing in Star Trek Online.
    • If you're lucky enough to be flying an Armitage class and activate the Torpedo Point Defence System with multiple targets in range. And then the 48 torpedos hit their targets and quietly go boom.
  • "Here's my answer." Tick. Tick. Tick. Dun-dun-DUN-dun-DUN! "Critical thinking is the key to a success."
    • The man's right. Every puzzle does have an answer, and when he says it after an especially formidable puzzle - accompanied by the ticking sound of picarats being added to your score - it's true music to the ears.
  • Endless Ocean Blue World: The sound of a life form being added to your book.
    • The sound of unlocking the animal's trivia page.
  • Arming the Wookie Bowcaster in Jedi Outcast. Never a better cacophony of clatters, even if the weapon wasn't that good.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time:
    • "Pizza time!"
    • As always, the sounds of a boss dying. The increasing whine as the boss staggers around, followed immediately by several satisfying explosions, in this case.
  • That swoosh when a ghost gets sucked into the camera in Fatal Frame.
  • Drift city has 3, all of which relates to the bonuses you get at gates(think mariokart and boxes somewhat): the announcer shouting "BOOOOST", when you get a hyper boost(extra long lasting boost upgrade), "UNTOUCHABLE" When you get invincible rush, which makes you invulnerable and recharge boost faster, and of course, "HO-YEAAAH!" for the Drift City bonus, which is both of the above at once.
  • The victory theme from Heroes of Might and Magic and the sounds of moral and luck effects.
    • Most notable is the sound when you successfully defend your castle from an enemy siege, especially since the AI won't attack your castle unless it vastly outnumbers your defenders.
    • In Heroes 2, the crashing sound that cavaliers make when they die couldn't be more satisfying.
  • A little-known example is the shunk of an arrow hitting an enemy in Champions of Norrath/Return to Arms. Particularly if your enemy was well off-screen and you were able to shoot them completely blind, based solely on the direction they were shooting you from. On the first try. (Yes, this is possible, and indeed, the most satifying art to master)
  • The sounds of the Crest line of spells in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Bright Crest and Gale Crest in particular. Also the sounds of Johnny's "Ether Purge" special attack in New World.
  • Resident Evil 4 probably owes at least ten percent of its success to the wonderful, full-bodied splatter you get every time you blow off an enemy's head.
    • Especially if Leon suplexed the enemy.
    • The sound that the exposed Plaga make upon dying.
    • The sounds of the Riot Gun (*CHK-BOOSH!*) and the Chicago Typewriter.
    • One should not forget the most legendary merchant in video game history:
    "What are ya buyin'?"
    "What are ya selling?"
    "Ahh, I'll buy it at a high price!"
  • Resident Evil 5
    • Wesker's primal sounding grunt/yell when he cobra strikes an enemy.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory has "The player has... aaa full house!
    • A flush!
    • Four of a KIND???
    • A straight flush!
    • Also, any of the quotes your opponents have on a showdown when the wind suddenly turns in the player's favor. Special mention goes to Max's gleeful "Frustration!" and Tycho's "Heeell no".
  • Myth: You just fought a pretty hard battle, most of your troops are dead, and then...
    New units received.
  • The level-up sound in Runescape. It's so satisfying to hear those fireworks after all that training.
    • Whenever your Ring of Wealth affects a drop, a clinking coin sound is heard. It's extremely satisfying to hear.
  • The audio track "Blameless Thoughts" in Valkyrie Profile. It plays on your way out of any dungeon after you've beaten the boss and taken (or returned to Odin) the artifacts therein, and replaces the existing background music. It's the game's way of saying, "Yeah, Lenneth just made this place her bitch," and it's damn satisfying to walk out of the clear halls of a dungeon with it playing.
    • Leneth: It shall be engraved upon your soul! Divine assault! Nibelung Valesti!
  • League of Legends:
    • Legendary.
    • You have slain an enemy! Double kill! Triple kill! Quadra kill! PENTAKILL! Legendary kill! HEXAKILL!
      • ACED.
    • The LAN server's narrator which sounds a bit less like a videogame narrator and a bit more like a football commenter. ¡Has matado a un enemigo! ¡Asesinato doble! ¡¡Asesinato triple!! ¡¡¡ASESINATO CUÁDRRRRUPLEEEEEEE!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡P-P-P-P-PENTAKIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡EXTERMINIO!!!!!!
    • Absolutely everything Nasus says.
    • Gangplank's laughter
    • It might be something personal just to us Ezreal lovers, but seeing an enemy low all the way across the map and firing from base... "Hhhhh-Yaaah!... You have slain an enemy!"
    • For Singed, "BOINK!" is also known as "that sound you hear before getting a kill/assist".
    • The darkening of the screen and accompanying "DDDARRKKKNESSSSSSS!" means that all enemies are scattering in fear and either about to die or have stopped chasing your team... but only when the Nocturne is on your side.
    • The impact sound of Malphite's ultimate, Unstoppable Force. Especially if you hit multiple people with it.
    • The deep, scare chord of Sion's new ultimate, if he's on your side. And the warcry that comes with it, of course.
    "I'll CRUSH YOU ALL!"
    • Just about everything Twitch says, but if you need a hand in a pinch, his "I was hiding!" quote as he becomes visible again from ambush can be music to your ears.
  • ooooooh, banana...
    • Kong! Kong! Donkey Kong!
  • Wipeout:
    • Successfully eliminating an opponent at a distance using the Plasma Bolt is immensely satisfying.
    • The sound of a quake being launched.
    • Also, the beeping sound that plays when you unlock something in HD or Omega.
    • The turbo sound effect from Pure and HD: Fshh-woooooo!
      • In Omega, it's "chk-wooooo".
    • In each version the computer's flat "CONTENDER ELIMINATED" can be this when it's not applied to you.
    • 2048 and Omega have many voices that qualify. In the menus, selecting a ship plays a small voice clip announcing the name of the selected ship, encouraging just going around listening to "FEISAR Fighter. Auricom Prototype. Piranha Agility" (or "Qirex. Mirage. EG-X" for the HD ships), not to mention the same voice describing the 2048 ships. During events, picking up weapons not only has a voice announce the pickup, but it has an accent based on the ship (so AG-Systems has a female Moe voice, FEISAR has a male British voice, and Van-Uber has a deep male German-accented voice, etc). Just listening to these voices is a delight.
  • So much from Age of Empires:
    • Any of the 'advanced an age' sounds.
    • The little chimes that play when you recieve tribute.
  • The magnificent swelling of sound and the wind chime noises that follow in the Sierra logo. An entire generation of gamers feel an intense rush of nostalgia upon hearing the euphonic sequence.
  • Ya know, isn't it just pure bliss, that usually in crossover games or even in nostalgia levels in some games you can just hear those sounds, those lovely bleeps and bloops which you have always grown up with being used again in their respective places, referring on those times?
  • Dark Reign:
    • The sound of heavy defense turrets firing, whether they be Heavy Rail Platforms or Neutron Accelerators.
    • The sound the Rift Creator makes. (When you're using it, anyway...)
    • "Objective Complete. Mission Accomplished."
    • "New Technology Interfaced."
    • "Phasing Online/Phase Runner Available."
  • From the Fallout series:
  • Parasite Eve: Whenever Aya casts Energy Shot. *Rrrrrrrnnnnn...akashinnnnnnnngggg!* or Liberation.
  • Parasite Eve 2: The M249 has a most satisfying firing sound.
    • The "click" sound of a firearm being reloaded within the in-game menu is likewise satisfying in it's own way.
    • The "Healing" Mitochondria power has a very nice jingle to it.
  • Bug probably has only one, but it's probably the most remembered sound in the game- BUUUUUUUUG JUUUUUUUUUUUICE!!! (To explain, Bug Juice recovers all of Bug's five hitpoints)
  • When Max comes up with a new invention in Dark Chronicle, you get a cool fanfare and Max yells, "Yeah, it works!"
  • Sometime, in Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer you get beaten pretty hard. Then suddenly, Braveheart start to play. Someone learned the Holydramon Variable. Everyone get healed for free. Yay! And that is why bringing Tailmon can be a good idea.
  • Crimzon Clover:
    • The "BREAK STANDBY" beep. And of course, the BREAK MODE sound itself.
    • EXTEND!
    • The "game complete" jingle.
  • The sound of Cole's Lightning Storm touching down in inFAMOUS, carving a path of destruction across the city. The best part is when you can't hear the electricity anymore because its far away, all you can hear is the thundering rumbles from the sky reminding you that Cole is harnessing nature itself to annihilate his enemies. Seeing their still sparking corpses hanging lifeless for a few seconds before collapsing is just icing on the cake.
  • Child of Eden, when you defeat the Final Boss: "Let's get away flyyyyy awayyyyy / I found the path to paradise / Shining spiral of gold / Take my hand, fly away aaaand..."
  • Ship Computer Control Transferred. Basically translates to "Yay! New ship!". Good when it's a bigger ship than what you've got, or a transport ship when you're looking to get in on trading. Still good if it's smaller as you could always just sell it at the nearest shipyard.
  • The piano chord you get in L.A. Noire when picking the correct choice in an interrogation.
    • The incredibly suave saxophone riff that plays on the case result screen.
  • Any of the finisher taunts in Baten Kaitos. The voice acting is terrible, but that fails to make it any less satisfying.
  • "The enemy general is dead! A blackguard gone to his deserved grave!"
  • The sound of the Cyclone reloading from Perfect Dark.
    • The noise a cloak makes when being deployed.
    • The sound the Farsight makes when being fired, as well as reloaded.
    • The sound of a Mauler charging up (actually, let's just make it all of the futuristic weapons, shall we?).
  • In Professor Layton, that sweet sound of finally solving a puzzle... And the dialogue is pretty satisfying too!
  • Hearing the Desktop Dungeons victory fanfare. Every time.
  • The sound of a boss, or better yet, a FOE, dying in Etrian Odyssey. Which, by the way, is distinct from the normal "enemy defeated" sound.
  • Gears of War 3 gives us "Hammer strikes are a go!"
  • In the Castlevania: Chronicles of Sorrow series. The "Sssssssssss DING!" noise that signals a soul being released from a monster. It means that you can stop grinding that one monster over and over again, because you just got a new toy to play with.
  • From Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation: "Garuda Team, thought you could use some cover!" The sound that follows is your Allied Support meter rocketing up to the maximum level as whole swarms of planes move in to support your vastly-outnumbered squadron, allowing you to call in massive counter-strikes.
  • The constant tone changing to a rising beep of the variometer announcing a rising thermal when flying a glider in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    • The squeaking noise your planes landing gear makes during a smooth touchdown.
    • Many of the engine startup noises, particularly on vintage planes that use radial piston engines or the rapid ticking sound of a jet engine or gas turbine's exciters sparking before the engine ignites and the turbine starts spooling up into that piercing noise.
  • In Catherine, opening the Exit Door at the top of a boss stage treats you to a fanfare of Hallelujah as whatever freaky boss that chased Vincent dissolves from the door's purifying light.
  • Generally, most games that feature a pump-action shotgun have a sound for the reload animation that just feels... awesome. (Early) examples are the already mentioned Doom as well as Persian Gulf Inferno, among others.
  • Basically, anything a fighting game announcer says:
  • "Tell me where it hurts~..."
  • Anytime Green Heart says something in Neptunia.
    • The level up theme.
    • Any opening or ending theme.
    • The challenge complete jingle from Victory.
    • Neptune's version of the Final Fantasy level up theme.
  • In Dot A 2, whenever Doom Bringer kills Storm Spirit, he might say, "STORM SPIRIT, SHUT UP."
    • Had to suffer through a game with a Griefer? Drop a player report on them and enjoy the sound of them being branded.
    • (WHAM) I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR! after killing someone with Axe's ultimate skill, Culling Blade.
    • Sniper's ultimate is a slightly modified version of Counter Strike's AWP. Afterwards, he quotes Team Fortress 2's Sniper.
    • Any time any announcer shouts "RAMPAAAAGE!"
    • All of Invoker's lines. Too many to list here but his glouriously bombastic voice actor makes every single one fantastic. Among the best:
    "You die as you lived: INSIPID and IGNORANT!"
    "First blood! As I am, indeed, FIRST in EVERYTHING!"
  • Moonbase Alpha:
    • aeiou
    • John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden
      • Football~
    • Joses!
  • Bosconian: "BLAST. OFF!"
  • Spiral Knights:
    • The clicky-whirry voices of the Strangers.
    • The BONG of Crystal Energy being spent.
    • Certain weapons being used, like...
      • Divine Avenger's swing sounds are best described as "light in audio form."
      • The Troika line's excellently loud charge attack.
      • Lots of Pulsar shots going off. Unless they're coming from the other team in Lockdown.
      • The click-whoosh of a vaporizor bomb. Especially the Capacitor line, which has buzzing electricity on top.
      • The old-school ricochet noises that the Magnus and Antigua handgun lines make.
    • Snarbolax's howls never fail to send chills of anticipation down the spine.
    • Opening a ton of treasure boxes in rapid succession. Poppoppoppop!
    • Ghost blocks.
    • The bark of a friendly Love Puppy, or the cute little mew of a Mewkat.
    • The sound of that Silkwing finally biting it, or the Gremlin Mender eating the dust.
  • The roar of a chainsword. The loud, almost physical BANG of a Bolter. The satisfying squishiness as an Ork is blown, torn or smashed to pieces. The echoing warcry Captain Titus lets out as he enters Fury Mode. While it all was aided by improbably detailed visuals to make an incredibly visceral and chaotic combat system, the audiophiles among the Warhammer 40000 fanbase were nearly as joyous over how "right" everything sounded in Space Marine as they were over... Well, everything else.
  • From Dark Souls:
    • Any sound related to a bonfire is this, especially if you're far from your last one and have racked up a bunch of souls to cash in for a Level Up.
    • The hollow 'thoom' sound effect that plays when you successfully parry an enemy's attack, followed by the visceral sounds of a riposte.
    • The 'fwooosh' that plays when you dispel your Hollowing and become a human again.
    • The distinct 'ka-shk' of an enemy being slain, particularly if it was a though one you were struggling with.
    • In Dark Souls III - the impactful 'thump!' of an attack dealing extra damage to a staggered enemy.
  • In FTL: Faster Than Light, the 'dong!' effect of the FTL drive charging.
  • In Borderlands, hearing the sound the game makes when you are granted a second wind. It means you won't have to respawn and loose the progress you made against that one boss, and it's awesome!
    • The firing sounds of the Bloody Justice revolver and Whitting's Elephant Gun. Bloody Justice in particular has that skull-cracking bass note (which is absolutely true-to-life).
    • The sequel has the click-woosh of the Gunzerker going Guns Akimbo, often accompanied by some ridiculous shouting—it means that the already impressive firepower he brings to the team has literally doubled and there's More Dakka incoming.
      • Anything Krieg says upon starting a rampage, be it psychotic laughter or screaming his desire for meat at the top of his lungs.
  • Land a Critical Hit in Project X Zone and listen to the sound of the "POW!" while looking at the yellow numbers in the screen. Bonus points for giving you an extra 5% per execution of the attack with the Critical Hit.
  • In Spore, Sing as done by the high-end beaks. The basic cell mouth and insect mouth Sing, too.
  • While it could just as easily serve as Nightmare Fuel, the spellcasting chants in Eternal Darkness are wonderfully rhythmic and varied, especially Xel'lotath and Mantorok.
  • From Xenoblade, a great number of sounds in battle signify creat things.
    • The lovely little noise that signifies a completely filled Party meter, usually followed by a line like:
      Now! use a Chain Attack and finish this!
    • The broken-glass noise of a Vision Tag shattering outright, destroying the chance of a deadly attack even happening. The characters have some choice words whenever this happens, too.
      Shulk: The future is ours to decide!
      Fiora: Sorry. Not interested in that future.
      Reyn: Keep yer stinkin' future!
    • The best of these, however, comes from the Final Boss.
      Zanza: What? How can you still have visions!?
    • The quotes that accompany a filled Talent Gauge, and the accompanying Talent Art quotes, for those characters whose Talent Arts are extremely powerful.
      Shulk: We can definitely do this!
      Shulk: This is the Monado's power!
      Shulk: Behold, he power of the Monado!
      Dunban: The time is now!
      Dunban: Born in a world of strife! Against the odds! We choose to fight! BLOSSOM DANCE!
      Melia: The ether... is flowing through me!
      Melia: Behold my power!
      Melia: Return to chaos!
  • From jubeat: Normally, when you clear a song, you get a mildly-excited announcer telling you "Result: Cleared!" But if you get a perfect score...
    "Full Combo! Result: Your rating is...EXCELLENT!!"
    • Or in jubeat saucer: "Result..." *pause* *ching ching ching* *boom* "EXCELLENT!!"
  • World of Warcraft's achievement sound, "SCHWONK!"
    • Also in World of Warcraft, the sound of Heroism/Bloodlust. It's a powerful buff with a long cooldown, normally used only on the toughest enemies such as dungeon and raid bosses, so that sound, combined with the entire party growing in size, acts as an informal "go kick some ass, team" battlecry.
    • The thundering explosions that accompany many perishing enemies.
  • POOCH-CHI-CHU-chu-chu-ch-ch-ch...
  • From Super Hexagon:
    • "Hexagon!"
    • "Awesome!"
    • The ending theme, followed by "Wonderful!"
  • The 'ba-dum' noise that plays when you pick up an item in Silent Hill.
    • The sound of a shotgun or a machine gun firing.
    • The gurgling sounds of a pinned ghost in Silent Hill 4. When you first hear it it can be frightening, but afterwards you know that means there's one less ghost to deal with.
    • 'click' The door is now unlocked.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the announcer declaring "You have saved the Earth!" upon defeating the final boss.
    Phoenix Wright: "The one who actually committed the you! No alibi, no justice, no dream, no hope! It's time to pay for your crime: TAKE THIS!"
  • Omega Boost: "Activating Viper Boost."
  • In Tokyo Jungle if you are playing as a Kangaroo and sidestep repeatedly the noises it makes are almost therapeutic.
  • From Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne we have:
    • Metatron's evil laugh when he casts Fire of Sinai.
    • The sound Focus makes, particularly when followed by...
    • Freikugel
  • Minecraft:
    • The pickup sound, especially hearing it in rapid succession.
    • If you're hunting for food, the sound of a nearby chicken, or especially a cow or a pig, becomes this.
    • The sound of wolves barking, if you have bones to tame them with or they're tamed wolves that are yours.
    • The jingle that plays every five experience levels gained.
    • Many of the block-breaking sounds are oddly satisfying.
    • The sound of walking atop leaves/grass. Also, wooden blocks.
    • The sound of mobs burning in the sun. Especially if you've been hiding in a cave/your base from them all night.
    • The sound that plays when you deal the final blow to the ender dragon.
  • The flight attendant speaking in Midnight Landing and Top Landing from the Landing Series, which means you've landed successfully.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for flying with <Midnight Air/JT-2610>. We have just landed at <airport name>. Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete stop. Thank you!"
  • Divekick: FRAUD DETECTED, if you win 5-0. If you're the one losing, the trope is inverted.
    • Losing 0-4 and then making a 5-4 comeback results in CHOKE DETECTED.
  • Armored Core:
    • In the PS2 games, the Karasawa makes a very distinctive "KAROUM" sound, which fits nicely when you're using it to tear through enemy AC's like tissue paper (though not so much when the same rifle is pointed at you).
  • Dragon Age: Origins If you have the Feastday Gifts DLC, you can give Sten a book of Qunari prayers for the dead. He can read it at any time to bring everyone on the team instantly back to life. The Badass Baritone doesn't hurt either.
    • The electrical crackling of a Paradigm Shift, generally signaling both an emotional scene concluding happily and a new outfit for the girl.
    • "Synchronicity Chain!" when you synchronize harmonics.
    • METHOD_REPLEKIA, the music associated with supercharging your attack magic in the second game.
  • From Shin Megami Tensei IV:
    • The sound accompanied by a demon being swayed into doing a favor for you.
    • The sound accompanied by a Smirk, unless it's the enemy getting one.
    • Burroughs provides a lot, thanks to her pleasant voice:
      • When you finish a Main Quest:
        "Congratulations on completing the quest!"
      • During a hunt quest:
        "You're on a roll! Good luck with the rest of them!"
        "x targets left!"
        "Only one target left!"
      • Upon waking up in the barracks:
        "Good morning, Master."
      • After traveling from one Terminal to another, or before purchasing an App:
        "What should we do, Master?"
      • When providing you with crucial updates:
        "Hey, listen up!"
      • Upon getting the necessary items for a Fetch Quest:
        "That's it! You have all you need now. Just go deliver it and you're done!"
      • Her boss warnings:
        "I'm detecting a strong demon ahead. Do you want to go on?"
        "I'm detecting a very dangerous demon nearby. You should consider getting out of here." (Unless you aren't trying to trigger it, in which case it's Nightmare Fuel.)
    • The universal "quest complete" sound.
    • The sound of a boss demon exploding.
  • BlazBlue
    • The wheel of fate is turning!
    • REBEL 1...ACTION!
  • Elona: The sound that plays when one of your stats or skills level up. It's just a small chime, but it's extremely satisfying to hear.
  • From You Don't Know Jack:
    • From everything before 5th Dementia, there's the extremely satisfying guitar riff when you buzz in, especially if it's a Gibberish Question, Anagram Question, Impossible Question, or just a $3,000/$6,000 question you happen to know (and hopefully, get correct).
    • From 2011 and 2015, the chicken clucking after picking the Wrong Answer of the Game.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • The FUS RO DAH! shout.
    • Somewhat overlapping with awesome music, everytime you hear "One They Fear" kick in, expect an epic Dragon fight to follow.
    • When the barbarian choir starts singing, something awesome is always going to happen. For example, it's used when you near a new Word Wall.
    • The deep roaring wind whenever you absorb a Dragon Soul.
    • That "chunk!" when you successfully land a sneak attack.
    • The shimmery whistle that means Nirnroot is nearby. Invisibility potions for all!
    • The little jingle whenever you come across some serious Scenery Porn, followed shortly by your comrade reminding you that The World Is Just Awesome.
      Lydia: I've never seen anything quite like that.
      Farkas: Wow... that's... wow!
    • The full incantation for the Unrelenting Force shout: FUS RO DAH!
    • The level up jingle features the return of the barbarian choir.
    "Huh! HOOH! HYAAAAH!! *shing*"
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: The Westminster Chimes and the subsequent children cheering when you successfully make it to 6 AM and survive the night.*Bing Bong Bang Bong... Bong Bing Bang Bing* Children: "YAAAAAAAY!!"
  • In Adventure Time Battle Party, Lemongrab's voice tends to be very annoying due to him yelling many of his lines in a loud, shrill voice. However, it's definitely a great feeling when you use your ultimate skill and hear his famous quote "OOOONEEEE MILLLLLLION YEEEEAAARSSS! DUNGEON!", as your teammates are now free to wallop on the entire opposition for several seconds while your enemies rot in their cells.
  • The default hit noises in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f/F, as well as the selection noise for any menu option.
  • SA~! HAJIMARU-DON! Also every single Japanese voice clip for Don and Katsu in the entire series counts.
  • Just the sound of a PS1 starting up.
  • Diddy Kong Racing:
    • If you complete a level in first place, you get to hear this awesome jingle.
    • The epic "WHOOOSH!" that sounds when you activate a max-level speed boost.
    • TT saying "Power up!"
    • In Time Trial mode, TT's "LAP RECORD!" and "RACE RECORD!"
  • Five words from Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals:
    • Every single voiced line from Dekar counts. His last voice clip in the game is perhaps the best example: "Dekar, the world's strongest man, has returned!"
    • "Rrrraaaahhhh... BURN!"
    • "BOOM!"
    • The intro of the "Summer" theme in the Ancient Cave, because that means you've just walked into a room full of Cores.
    • In this game and the original, the intro to "The Strongest Man"/"Strongest", because you know Dekar is about to do something awesome and/or stupid.
  • In general, many old-school consoles' start-up jingles, which bring back so many good memories in the minds of players old enough to remember them. Most notably, the Playstation 1 and 2, Dreamcast and Gamecube.
  • Warframe:
    • Maybe you've farmed relics, maybe you've bought the blueprints off other players, but you finally have the full 3 parts and main blueprint of that prime warframe you've wanted. Now its time to start building, waiting 12 hours for the parts, and then 3 days for the warframe itself... when you collect it from the foundry, you're work is rewarded with a shiny new toy, and an echoing bwom wom wom wom.
    • There are several rarities and types of pickups in the game: credits, common/uncommon material, and blueprints/rare material (tellerium, orokin cell, argon crystal, etc.). Each of these groups have their own sound and notification (the first two appear in a ticker at the bottom of the screen, the last appears as their own notification at the bottom left), and while they may not all be the most satisfying sound (though they do sound pleasant), a player farming for a blueprint or rare material will certainly find some joy in the sound and assurance that they just found that much needed component. The sounds are as follows:

      • Credits (the standard currency) make an electronic and slightly jittery "vwreeep"

      • Normal crafting material makes a brief but still satisfying "click"

      • Higher grade crafting material and blueprints make a Audible Gleam-like "hwrmm-dic" as the notification pops up.

    • Void relic missions add two more sounds, they sound of collecting reactant (a sound that can only be described as half "collecting a gem" and half "electricity spike"), and the sound of you collecting 10 reactant, cracking open the relic, with a sound best described as a booming choir that somehow sings both heavenly and ominously in a single sound.
    • Collecting ayatan stars. Its almost like an exhalation of breath.
  • In Icewind Dale several of the acknowledgement sounds are dice rolls. This, combined with the wood-grain UI theme which suggests a kitchen table, make the game feel like a tabletop Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
  • Cytus has a distinct chime for achieving a perfect score, i.e. the Million Master rank.
  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, the Starite Get sound after completing a quest for a full Starite.
  • Overlord:
    • A lot of players get at least a little happy every time one of their minions says "For Da Overlord!", "For Da Master!", or just plain "For you!".
    • The "Recall Minions" sound is pretty satisfying too.
  • Destiny:
    • Lord Shaxx congratulating a team of fortunate Guardians on a job well done in the Crucible. Especially if the victory was hard-fought, or if you aren't especially good at PvP and managed to do well.
    "More efforts like that, and we might just win this!
    • More often in PvE than in PvP, the sound of a super (any super) going off. Means one of four things is about to happen- you and your fireteam suddenly have a chunk of ground all to yourselves (thank you, Defenders), your group just barely got saved from wiping at a crucial moment (Fireborn is amazing), a group of enemies is about to disappear (just about everyone else), or a boss about to take a ton of damage, if not die outright. Maybe even a combination of any number of those, especially if multiple people activate their supers. In the Crucible, however, this can either fill a player with excitement (in the case of a teammate using one) or dread (if an opponent has).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fill up the combo bar and the main theme will sound signalling your accomplishment.
  • Every single game in the Mario & Luigi subseries has when the bros go into their pseudo-Italian Simlish speak.
  • The first Rayman game had a big "YEAH!" open its level complete jingle. On earlier levels, it's a hilarious cry, and on later levels, it's an incredibly satisfying relief after completing a Nintendo Hard level.
    • In Origins and Legends, a distinctive "Oooh!" sound is heard when finding a hidden room containing an Electoon/Teensy cage.
    • And let's not forget the four-leaf clover tickets in Legends. "Lucky!"
  • Undertale:
    • Asriel's 'voice' sounds so soft and sweet to the ear. It makes any conversation with him all the more heartbreaking.
    • If we're talking voices, Asgore's as well.
    • The distinct "ping!" when you interact with a save fills you with determination.
  • The sound of an Angel or Devil Room opening up after you put down a boss in The Binding of Isaac.
  • The CRASH! when you get a clue in the first two Sly Cooper games, especially after a long time spent tracking it and hearing tink-tink-tink-tink in the background. Even better when followed by the PWANG! noise that indicates you've got the last clue and can open that level's vault for a new power-up.
    • The musical fanfare that plays when you get a key in the first game, as well as the ring of the key on Sly's cane.
    • There's another incredibly satisfying musical fanfare that plays when you crack open a safe in Sly 1. It's slightly more mystical sounding than the key fanfare which fits since you're uncovering history with each safe you open as they all contain notes left by Sly's ancestors. Made all the more satisfying when you finally get to open it after spending ages looking for that elusive last clue bottle.
    • The zapping sound of Carmelita's shock pistol, even if she's chasing you with it. The whack of Sly's cane taking out an enemy or a successful BOOM when Bentley kills a guard with his bombs as well, as far as weapons are concerned.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The quest complete sound.
  • The meowing of the cats in cat planet.
  • The flat "THUNK" sound the Ominous Owl makes when it collides with a closed vent in One Night at Flumpty's is always satisfying to hear.
  • LittleBigPlanet:
  • Groove Coaster:
    • "Stage cleared! Congrats!"
    • "You didn't make any mistakes! Amazing!"
    • "A Full Chain! Well done!"
    • "Perfect? That was incredible!" / "P-PERFECT?! Saikou no play deshita!" / "P-Perfect?! Yume mitai!"
  • maimai:
    • "Full Combo!"
    • "All Perfect!"
    • "100% synchronized!"
  • Overwatch:
  • In the Advance Wars series, signalling "that something really good is about to happen" is the point of the CO Power, Super Power, and Tag Power themes. The buildup is even roughly timed with the power animation and effect animation so you will usually start unleashing fury about when the main part of the theme starts.
  • Paladins:
    • The *ding!* sound that plays when you kill an enemy, especially when you hear it in quick succession.
    • The chime that tells you when your Ultimate is ready.
  • Bloodborne: Much like its predecessors, the "boss kill" sound effect. The splattering of a mighty foe's blood, the sudden swell of wind and noise, followed by complete silence. It reinforces the feeling of relief after killing a particularly difficult boss.
    • Again, The WHA-SHING of a successful parry can make one's heart skip.
    • The sound of switching weapon modes is particularly satisfying.
  • Danganronpa:
    • *bang* *BOOM!* "NO, THAT'S WRONG!" ("Sore wa chigau yo!" in Japanese). Basically the same as "OBJECTION!" above, and always used when you give the right answer in a Nonstop Debate.
    • When getting the Final Strike correct in a Bullet Time Battle/Panic Talk Action, it's punctuated with Makoto saying "This should prove it!" or Hajime saying "This is the end!". Take a deep breath, the intense part's done.
    • The metallic-sounding "Danganronpa" that plays upon completing each chapter and beginning an investigation in the first game, which gets higher pitched and louder each chapter.
  • The "Hallelujah" from Gruntz, denoting a secret way revealing itself, subverts it dramatically ! Because the game hates you, and the secret way is always temporary, reverting to its usually deadly tiles, resulting in many deaths and missed opportunities, either because the player wasn't efficient enough in her manual pathfinding or, most of the time, not knowing about where and when the secret pops out. So, an anti-miracle: that miraculous sound happens to be the sound of hope blossoming only to be mercilessly crushed unless you make it the miracle it should have been.
  • The Nintendo Switch click sound. It's strangely fascinating.
  • Most of the QSound Intros for Capcom's arcade games that used QSound technology are pretty easy on the ears - special mention goes to the ones for Vampire Savior, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.
  • The Neo Geo's startup jingle.
  • The clickity-clack sounds of the Neo Geo Pocket Color's joystick.
  • "The End of the Struggle" in Dragon's Dogma, which usually plays when you defeat a boss-type monster (chimeras, cyclopes, griffins, dragonkin, ect).
  • In The Grid, when someone deploys Da Bomb, not only does everyone else explode, but you then hear "DA BOMB!!" bass-boosted with a subwoofer that's in the cabinet just for this voice clip.
  • Due to a combination of the unique Simlish and catchy beats present in Splatoon you can count on a lot of these.
    • From the first game there's Callie and Marie's "Stay fresh!" with the audio sounding something like "Sen pwaa!". The second game has Pearl and Marina's "Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!" while the audio sounds like a distorted but recognizable version of their Japanese sign-off "Nuritakūru... Tentakuru!"
    • By far the most recognizable sound in the game is the Inkling girl's "Woomy!" while the boys have the less popular but still liked "Ngyes!"
    • "Weddy!" When your character busts out their special, especially if it's followed by any of the following:
      • The sound of a screaming guitar (Killer Wail, Splatoon)
      • The sound of your own Sub Weapon, over and over in rapid succession (Bomb Rush, Splatoon), possibly accompanied by a jingle of Bomb Rush Blush (Bomb Launcher, Splatoon 2)
      • A high-pitched "pyeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE!" (Stingray, Splatoon 2).
      • A heavy "PCHOOM, PCHOOM" (Inkjet, Splatoon 2)
      • Your entire team joining in cheering "Booyah!" (Booyah Bomb, Splatoon 2)
    • The chime that plays when a Boss Salmonid in Salmon Run drops their Golden Eggs.
    • The jingle and foghorn heard at the end of a successful Salmon Run shift, signaling that you've made it through all three waves and can finally return and collect your bonus. Given that this one mode alone has its own That One Level page, it's safe to say that hearing this sound is always a relief.
  • While Subnautica is better known for more infernal sounds, it certainly has its share of things you actually want to hear.
    • Peeper chirping, if only for ambience value, and because it means you have a potential meal upcoming.
    • Gasopods' laughter-like call can be amusing if you're not in range for their toxic pods (and it can still be good if you're collecting them for torpedo manufacture).
    • "Welcome aboard, Captain". From your Seamoth, PRAWN Suit and Cyclops when you're ready to go out on an adventure, and from your Habitat welcoming you back to safety.
    • Reefbacks. As soothing as actual whalesong.
  • Darius: Any time a Boss Warning Siren goes off, heralding the appearance of one of the series' signature marine life mecha.
  • Sunless Sea: "Wolfstack Lights", the leitmotif of London, the one universally safe harbour in a world where Everything Is Trying to Kill You, and where you inevitably return after every trek into the merciless Unterzee.
  • Enter the Gungeon knows its playerbase's love for guns, so its given that there are several.
    • The classic *PING* sound that the M1 rifle makes.
  • In Mutant League Football, the enthusiastic shouts of "First down!" and "Play dead!" when you get a first down or stop a play.
  • Zuma has every Gap Shot bonus accompanied by a distinctive "PYOOM" noise.
  • GranblueFantasy: The sound of a harp chord accompanying the appearance of a golden chest after you beat a raid boss. Hearing it means you got an SSR drop. It becomes even better if it was weapon or summon you really needed.
  • ''Sonic Adventure 2: the sound when you get an upgrade(it also plays in SA 1 when an item needed to unlock a level appears and when you unlock said level).

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