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The entirety of both games are a pair of crowning soundtracks of awesome. Even the worst songs are simply above average, and if a song is even average compared to the rest of the soundtrack, it still sounds amazing compared to other games. There's a reason the soundtracks are collectively considered Motoi Sakuraba's best work.

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    The first game 
  • Vitrolic a Stroke. A fantastic guitar piece, topped only by the aforementioned True Mirror guitar version. Very much worth a listen.
  • Between The Winds is hauntingly beautiful, and it's only overworld music.
  • House of Cards / Castle in the Sand, which plays on the Mira overworld and in Azha. It's eerie, but epically so, and manages to perfectly capture the haunting otherworldliness of both locations, especially Mira.
  • To the End of the Journey of Glittering Stars is quite possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Ever.
  • Soft Labyrinth, played on the Cloud Passage on Diadem. For one of the easiest areas of the game, it has one of the most powerful and awesome songs in the whole game.
  • Bellflower, an awesomely catchy town theme.
  • Glowing Cloud, while it gets used a lot, is a fantastic boss theme thanks to its strong rhythm backing an intense organ-and-guitar-based melody.

    The second game 
  • Floating Pebbles, which plays in the Nekkar Quietlands, is a beautifully melancholy piece. Why is it that the most irritating levels in this game always seem to have the best music?
  • The Shadow of the Moon on the Water, which plays over the end credits and is stunningly beautiful.


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