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Melodia is Sagi and Milly's daughter

And because of his loneliness, Calbren adopted her, or one or both of her parents, as his heir to the Duchy of Mira.

The baby at the end of Origins is Kalas

Since in a side mission in the desert, you can find Georg and he gives you a blue container for what basically amounts as naturally wasted magna essence (mana, if you will) from experiencing emotions, you can conclude that he was gathering human feelings to make a fake human, Kalas, who can be seen floating in a blue void at the end of Origins as a recently formed baby. In other words, the baby is not Melodia, as some parts of the fanon say.


Mizuti and Kee's parents agreed on an Arranged Marriage, as per Duhr traditions

In Origins, you can see Kai preparing her part of the communal house for when her new neighbors, namely Koh and his parents, move in. Then, in EWLO, you have Mizuti living in the same communal house as Kee. It's vaguely there, but it seems to be a Duhr custom to marry off a girl to a boy by having him move right next to her living place in the communal house.

Corellia is, indeed, a fairy

It has become a meme that Corellia is immortal, and has been around since the age of the dinosaurs or even earlier, but no one seems to care about why she'd be so, so let's point at her title in Anuenue, the Fairy Guide, and at her insanely close ties to the Celestial Tree, including the sheer skins she left behind at the roots in Origins, to point her out as a potential member of The Fair Folk (albeit most possibly as a dryad than as a fairy)


Xelha gave up her crown at the end of EWLO

It's pretty evident she elopes with Kalas to the Celestial Alps, which leaves open the mystery of what will happen to Wazn now...

The real Lord of Sadal Suud is Palolo I

But Rodolfo is a dick, and he'll keep his descendants on the streets.

When Peachy says Melodia is the true heir of Mira...

Melodia was having her first period, hence the blood; she was not raped. This comes from the fact that Melodia is basically a zombie until rescued from her fusion with Malpercio, so her period would signify she was alive and well. At least, superficially...

  • Or just the fact that a girl's first period is often traditionally viewed as the start of adulthood, so Melodia's first period would mean she is now considered an adult and thus eligible for the title of Grand Duchess.

Cebalrai is fucked
Salt rain on farmland? No way that's going to end well. This will show up as a plot point in a third game.
  • That also applies for the rest of the land, so everyone should be starving now, except if they eat fish...

Kalas's spirit is the same as Sagi's
Given the first WMG and how Melodia is present in the "summoning", which the GS came to Kalas. The spirit doesn't remember Origins because the memory loss spell works on Exact Words, erasing their memory of the world before it was cast. How it works when Sagi's GS is really part of Malpercio I haven't figured out yet.
  • Actually, Baelheit's Daimon might be the same spirit that served Kalas and Xelha, and several fans have expressed they believe it is so since back in 2006 and 2007, BKO's peak time. Sagi is just experiencing manifestations of Marno's voice, is just a maledeiter, and therefore, he is not a spiriter in any way, and cannot have anything in common with real spiriters, such as Kalas, Xelha and Baelheit. It also makes sense, as Daimon could have forgotten all about the past thanks to Melodia's spell, keeping Daimon from interfering when she obviously would have, like she did when she abandoned Baelheit in order to express her support for Sagi and Milly's cause. Additionally, Daimon is obviously bad judging her spiriters, so choosing Baelheit then Kalas would make an impressive pattern of stupidity that cannot be easily imitated, considering all other guardian spirits have picked better spiriters, such as the Children of the Earth that sealed Malpercio away. Which of course means, in BK 3, the spiriter she chooses will be a traitor at best.

The ruins of Tarazed will be visited in a third game
I'd say Scavenger Town.

The reason Wiseman comes back if you kill him in the past is because the Children of the Earth were meant to slay and seal him.
Wiseman does not end up as the final boss of Origins unless you go back in time to kill him, meaning that killing him in the past has to have a correlation with him coming back. Wacho mentions that the accepted knowledge is that he died in the War, and given how we never see him in anything ever again implies that this is correct. After killing Malpercio, the Children of the Earth went back to regain some power (two of their Godcraft had been slain and probably many more soldiers) to take on Wiseman, and given that they are prime wizards they likely knew how to kill him more permanently or seal his chance of ever truly coming back to the real world. If Sagi and co. go back to the past and kill him, he is not properly disposed of, which is why he takes the form of the final boss in the present day. Either way he corrupts Verus, but in the latter scenario he's able to give one last stand before being eradicated for good.

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