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Headscratchers / Baten Kaitos

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  • I could swear I've heard the music "Deterioration" (the theme that plays in the Ancient Library of Magic) in other places. For example, the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show and some TV commercial. Can anyone help me with this?
    • Likely pure coincidence. Many songs sound alike and have similar sounding melodies.
      • Actually, it turns out that Namco Music gave the rights to "Deterioration" to quite a few television programs in the United States, as it can be heard in an episode of the animated version of Wayside and a fast food commercial.
  • Larikush speaks of blue blood as hypothetical... while Kalas is carrying around half a dozen lobsters...
    • What do lobsters have to do with anything?
      • Lobsters have copper-based blood, not iron, resulting in non-red blood; blue blood.
  • What the heck happened to magic in the twenty year time span between the two games? In Origins, there's five different elements - fire, ice, light, dark, and lightning. Twenty years later, lighting has been replaced with two completely different elements - time and wind. What kind of world-altering event happened in between those two games that would change the world's magic system so suddenly, and why has nobody mentioned it?
    • It could be that over time, as more spells were discovered for the lightning element, mages found that they had a lower damage output when mixing them together. This would have caused a need to split up lightning spells in order to prevent that problem, thus it was split from lightning to wind (the more contemporary lightning spells) and time (the more modern lightning spells)

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