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Hazard's Wake is a fantasy webcomic drawn in an Animesque style that takes place in an RPG / JRPG world with a hell of a lot of characters.

The series seems to jump back and forth from AffectionateParody to epic fantasy story. The story boils down to the individual adventures of the groups while parodying a lot of old RPGs (the old Final Fantasys seem to be the most frequent targets, including an obvious Tellah vs. Golbez expy) but seems to tie into a demon's plot to unlock the sealed northern continent of 'Hazard's Wake'.


The huge cast includes:

  • Fatima, a near peerless swords-woman with limited Light ETHER (aka Light Magic) who is ostensibly the main character.
  • Kevinsky, local meta-guy, a captain of the guards turned pirate turned mercenary.
  • Araceli, a Shy Blue-Haired Girl who has been locked in a tower with ghosts most of her life. She has dreams of monsters who refer to her as the "Eye of the Dark God."
  • Solaria, a Holy Knight who uses Sky ETHER to speed her movements. She seems to hide her emotions unless she becomes overly frustrated.
  • Milliene, a Psi Knight who lost her memories while overusing her powers. Seems rather attached to Solaria.
  • Cress, a Demon Hunter who can use fire elemental attacks but isn't quite able to understand his odd new companions.
  • Maple, a powerful healer thanks to her water ETHER, also seems to live in her own reality sometimes.

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