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The second of Toho and Konami's ChouSeiShin trilogy, Gen Sei Shin Justiriser debuted in 2004.

Years ago, the evil Kaiser Hades was defeated and sealed away by a champion of justice named Noulan and her mystical "Justipower". Her mission complete, Noulan entrusted her Justipower to a future generation in case evil ever arose to threaten the Earth once again.

Now in the modern age, the evil alien Doctor Zola sets in motion a plan to free Kaiser Hades from his bindings. In response, the Justipower chooses three champions to defend the planet and gives the power to transform into Justiriser: Shouta Date (Riser Glen), an underachieving high-school student who finds purpose in his new role; Yuka Sanada (Riser Kagari), a popular high-school student who feels conflicted between her newfound responsibility and desire to lead a normal school life; and Shinya Hiraga (Riser Gant), a straight-faced college student who dislikes fighting and questions whether humanity is worthy of protecting. Together they are the Justiriser, the chosen champions of Earth with gaining the ability to generate powerful armour and summon Humongous Mecha known as Phantom Star Gods.


    List of Characters 

The Justirisers:


  • Demon Knight: The Sixth Ranger, who first fights for Kaiser Hades and then realizes that he should fight on the Riser's side

  • Mio Tendou: Heir to the family that possessed the Justi Crystal. She is able to summon Riser Shirogane by combining the powers of the other three.

  • Reika Motomiya: Mio's bodyguard. She cares about Mio's wellbeing, and sometimes clashes with her when she wants to do dangerous things. Reika is also more than able to fight the enemy mooks.

  • Gentarou Date: Shouta's strict, but well meaning father. First totally oblivious to his son being a hero, he later discovers this during a monster attack. Later Gentarou tries to help the Risers by offering his fatherly wisdom.


  • Kaiser Hadess: An Evil Overlord who got imprisoned by Nolun. When he is freed, he seemingly only sits on his throne leaving the dirty work to his generals. After one failure to take over earth too many, he decides to blast the planet into pieces. This plan is foiled by Riser Shirogane, who kills him with his mecha.

  • Dr Zora: A subordinate of Hades who released him from his prison. She is a mad scientist, who is able to create Cyber Knights. These are bio-mechanical creatures that serve as monsters of the week.

  • General Bachuss: The Dragon of Kaiser Hadess. He is the leader of the Death Commando, Hadess bodyguards. He was killed by Shirogane.

  • Majin Daruga: Hadess Brother. He decides to take revenge upon the earth because Hadess was killed there. When he takes matters into his own hand, he absorbs Demon Knights latent powers and turns into Riser Kurogane, an evil version of Shirogane. He was killed by a greatly powered giant up Shirogane.

  • Adorocs: Daruga's extremely vain general. Adorocs likes to use deception rather than force. Whenever he is cornered, he tries to run away. When he attempts this for one time too many, Daruga blocks his escape route, forcing him to fight the risers. This fight causes his death.

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