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The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, or MBC for short, is a South Korean television and radio company which was founded in 1961, when they launched the first radio broadcast signal from Seoul. They began transmission of their first television station, simply called MBC TV, in 1969. The company eventually grew to be such a large conglomerate that they created several specialized subsidiaries to deal with specific types of media they produce (MBC C&I [originally two companies, MBC Production and MBC Media Tech], MBC Broadcast Culture Center, MBC Arts Company, and MBC Arts Center). The company operates eleven TV stations (one terrestrial channel, five satellite channels, and five cable channels), three radio stations, and four digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) channels.

In 2003, MBC's main TV station began to air Dae Jang Geum, which would prove to be one of their most popular shows and ended up being one of the main proponents of the spread of Korean culture worldwide (also known as the "Korean Wave"). It got to the point that the set where the show was filmed got renovated into a tourist attraction known as the Dae Jang Geum Theme Park.

Shows which have been aired by MBC's television stations: