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HARELUYA II BØY is a manga created by Haruto Umezawa serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from 1992 to 1999.

The series begins with Kiyoshiro Okamoto, a student at Rakuen High School whose dream is to go to France to be an artist and even works a part-time job to raise money for the trip, though the school forbids students from working. One night Kiyoshiro meets our protagonist, the titualar Hareluya Hibino, a mysterious punk on a "quest" for world domination.

Along with Michiru Yamane, a girl who makes & sells charms on the street, & Makoto Ichijou, a boy who wants to be a rock star, Hareluya & Kiyoshiro will experience an interesting high school life...

And if anyone messes with Hareluya or his friends then they will be in for a painful experience.

The series would later receive an anime adaptation in 1997 produced by King Records, animated by Triangle Staff and broadcast on TV Tokyo.

The anime was recently licensed by Sentai Filmworks for streaming and home video.

This manga provides examples of:

  • Baseball Episode: Actually, baseball arc. starts with an overdose of Unnecessary Roughness...and then they pull out the sniper rifle.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Number 5 of millions.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Anytime Hibino and Ichijou get into a "fight" it dissolves into this, since neither of them are seriously fighting each other.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Momiyama has this. It's even enough to let him land a punch on Hibino.
    • Hibino himself has this. He refers to the other three/four/five members of the team as servants, but his general attitude of teasing, supporting, and protecting them is just like an older brother.
    Hibino: What Kiyoushiro tries to what I try to protect.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Hibino most of the time.
  • Blackmail: The "I got naked photos" variant.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Naomi tries to sell her panties to the readers. The writer jumps in and scolds her over it.
  • Cat Fight: There is a chapter named this. And while the outfits, setting, and combatants play the trope straight, it still manages to be subverted through sheer brutality and the fact that both women are skilled, dangerous fighters.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Usually averted, but this happens to Ibu Reiko, who fell in love with Ichijou after she was defeated.
  • Defiant Captive: Yamana, when she's kidnapped by Reiji Maroka. What does she do when he gloats over her friends being beaten? KICK THE BASTARD IN THE FACE WHILST TIED UP AND GAGGED.
  • Determinator: Kyoshiro proves himself to be this one once per arc, including clinging from a driving bike for 300 meters?
    • His true Determinator moments are when he fights; he makes a habit out of lifting people several times his size.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Hibino and Ichijou joke at each other's expense all the time, but when one is in danger, the other will come running (mostly Ichijou falling and Hibino running).
  • Five-Man Band: Interestingly played with in that the main character doesn't always take up either of the roles you'd expect him to.
    • The Leader: Okamoto Kiyoushiro. Okamoto consistently displays the attitude, and is usually the first of the group to jump to a stranger's aid, drawing in the others out of loyalty.
    • The Lancer: Makoto Ichijou to Okamoto (being more quick-tempered and willing to start a brawl).
    • The Big Guy: Hibino's main role, as he's easily the strongest among the group. He's of the Genius Bruiser variety—he's not terribly bright in other areas, but his tactics and foresight in combat are second to none in the series.
    • The Smart Guy: Momiyama Shouzou, as he tends to have the most information regarding the delinquents of the city, which are the group's main opponents. Tends to be a Non-Action Guy since he's weaker than Hibino and Ichijo and tries to keep out of the way of the villains, but he's a good enough fighter to be the head of a school, and it occasionally shows.
    • The Heart: Yamana Michiru. She borders on Action Girl a few times, such as during the Live House Eden arc when she knocks down at least one of the Ashido High gang, and gets to be a Defiant Captive once or twice. Her main role is as Team Mom, though, as she's able to rein in Hibino and Makoto at times.
  • Fun Size: Happens often when the comedy kicks in.
  • Hidden Weapons: BB gun in cast, knife in a shoe.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Baseball bats and frying pans mostly; Hibino gets called on it every time, and gets compared to Doraemon.
    • Lampshaded once. When Hibino seems to be in an impossible situation, he slides his bat behind his back (the door to his Hammerspace). The current Jerkass tells him it's good he gave up. Cue Hibino moving, revealing that he slid the bat into the chains keeping a door locked, and not back into his shirt as per usual.
    • Lampshaded at least one other time, when Ichijou starts digging around in the back of Hibino's shirt to get his frying pan. He succeeds, and Hibino gets pissed off about it.
  • Invincible Hero: Hibino, and he is aware of this, and it is spectacular.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Most of the series antagonists, and depending on your mileage, possibly Hibino.
  • Jerkass: Most people see Hibino as this. Not even his Love Interest is safe...
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Though still clearly a good guy, Hibino emphasizes the jerk side, while Ichijou emphasizes the heart of gold side.
  • Made of Iron: Hibino. No matter what pain the story dishes out at him, he takes it.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Ibu Reiko, all of her followers, and most of her opponents. She's basically a fanservice magnet.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: A weird example. Hibino is mean and shallow, there's no question of that, but his loud attitude still manages to mask just how quick-witted he is and how much thought he puts into things.
  • Old Master: Bob for Kyoshiro; also gets to be a Cool Old Guy.
    • There are a few hints that Hibino's father is one of these. He allows his son to tie him up because he was planning to go get into a fight, but after Hibino leaves, he father wishes him luck and gets up, effortlessly tearing his restraints.
      • In a prototype manga, Hibino was a fallen angel, and his father is God. Yes, that God.
  • Opposites Attract: Hibino and Haruka are complete opposites of each other. The former is often considered as a demon even by his friends while the latter is pretty much an angel in white.
  • Psycho Serum: Kanzaki takes one. and then another. He proves to be a more competent fighter when not using the drugs, giving Hibino a good fight.
  • Rollerblade Good: Or rollerblade evil. The 'killer' hockey punks team who chose the wrong battle.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: Hibino may be shallow and easily bribed with food when he wants to be, but don't think for an instant you can buy him off from protecting something that someone else truly cares about. He's gone out of his way on more than one occasion to honor the wishes of others rather than make a fortune for himself. The biggest example: he had agreed to play bodyguard for a kid for a share of treasure that the kid was looking for, but when the kid got ahold of the money, he ended up donating all of his to charity, so that he could pursue his own dreams without being blinded by wealth. When he tried to pay Hibino what he had promised, Hibino donated his share as well.
    Hibino: YOU FOOL! Do you think money is enough to make Ore-sama move?!
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: As the prince of the local yakuza/Corrupt Corporate Executive this is Reiji Maroka second choice of action. his first choice? unleashing his fearsome Battle Butler.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Among all the crazy strong guys, Yamana falls for Kyoshiro.
  • The Sixth Ranger: Ibu Reiko. She's a major Action Girl, joining The Team for fights in a few arcs, but never hangs around enough that Hibino starts calling her one of his servants.
  • Storming the Castle: Reiji Maroka's mansion - Guard dogs? check. Falling Chandelier of Doom on top of Mooks? check. slaying the dragon? check. Did I mention it was all to save the girl?
  • Use Your Head: Fairly often, whenever Hibino wants to make a point. Kyoshiro also combines this trope and his construction helmet to deliver a glorious Groin Attack
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Hibino and Ichijou are so vitriolic towards each other that they literally breathe fire at one another at least once a chapter. But it practically qualifies as a sibling rivalry, because they make a spectacular team and both of them will come running to save the other without hesitation.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Hibino doesn't care who he beats up, although he does go for indirect hits.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Ichijou tries to be this.