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Fizz Sound Creation Co., Ltd. is a sound effects company working in the entertainment industry in Japan, primarily animation.

The company was founded in 1971 by Hidenori Ishida as Ishida Sound Production, Inc, but, the company later changed its name Fizz Sound Creation in 1980.

They're pretty much responsible for the majority of the stock sound effects that you hear in many, many anime (especially mecha) and early tokusatsu to the point where their sound effects have (and still are) been used in shows they or their employees didn't provide sound effects for note 


Series and movies that Fizz Sound or their employees have participated in:

Tropes associated with Fizz Sound:

  • Stock Sound Effects: Is this for Japanese media, and interestingly from the late 90's to present day they started incorporating Hanna-Barbera sound effects into some of their shows, though Time Bokan and several other Tatsunoko shows did the same thing decades earlier
    • The Super Robot Wars series uses the Fizz Sound library A LOT for obvious reasons including the ones stated above, they even use 'em for Gunbuster despite Fizz's sound library not even being utilized once for the actual series


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