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Sound Box is a Japanese sound effects company founded in 1988 by former Toyo Sound Effects Group members Shizuo Kurahashi and Kenji Shibasaki.

Originally established as a limited company (now reorganized into a corporation), Sound Box is dedicated to creating and editing sound effects for anime, films and occasionally video games.

And while they have used sound effects from Fizz Sound Creation and Swara Productions in some of their projects, they're more well known for using stock sound effects from Western sound libraries.

For the sake of convenience, projects handled by Toyo Sound Effects Group and Otonarium will be listed here too.

Series and movies that Sound Box or their employees have participated in:

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    Toyo Sound Effects Group 

    Sound Box 


A sound effects company founded by former Sound Box employee Hiromune Kurahashi as CEO, on October 5, 2015.

Alternative Title(s): Toyo Sound Effects Group, Otonarium