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Masahiko Ohta (born January 4th, 1967) is a Japanese anime director. He is closely associated with Doga Kobo, and his adaptation of YuruYuri cemented the studio's evolution from "video factory"note  into "Moe factory".

As his credits will attest, most of his directing gigs involve candyfloss-colored Moe Slice of Life. Although his works often feature risque humor and perversion, it's mainly used for Cringe Comedy. They rarely (if ever) degenerate into outright fanservice like panty shots, and in some cases (such as UzaMaid) the lewdness is toned down from the source material. He has a distinctive visual style involving very kinetic, fluid animation and surreal, absurdist humor. He usually creates a "showstopper" cut in the first episode involving a camera speeding through the environment to wow the audience.


He's been part of a Production Posse with screenwriter Takashi Aoshima and composer Yasuhiro Misawa for most of his career.

His directing credits include: