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Time to get it back.

Devilman Lady (also called The Devil Lady in the United States) is an anime and manga by Go Nagai. Published from 1997 to 2000, it is both a reimagining and a Stealth Sequel of sorts to the Devilman series, only with a female protagonist rather than a male one. It also has connections with an alternate version of Mao Dante, the unfinished manga that led Nagai to create Devilman in the first place.

Jun Fudo is a physical education teacher and former athlete living a happy life in Japan. One day, the usually shy and kind Jun starts sensing animalistic urges, which end up in a bestial transformation when she and her students are attacked by demonic mutants. Turned into a Devilman, a demoness with superhuman strength and abilities, Jun butchers the monsters to protect the girls. She is later contacted by a psychic named Lan Asuka, who reveals Jun the truth: the world is being threatened by the Devil Beast Syndrome, a phenomenon that turns selected humans into evil monsters, and only those who can control their transformation, the Devilmen, can help the human alliance (conveniently led by Jun's father) to avoid more crimes.


Set to become the heroine the world needs, Jun joins the alliance and becomes a hunter of Devil Beasts with the help of Lan, Professor Fudo and their coworkers. It's only after tracking a particularly difficult case to the sinister Grumech embassy, however, that she discovers the first hint there is much more behind this seemingly (un)natural phenomenon: a secret leading to the very gates of Hell, where hidden powers await to make an appearance from beyond time and space...

The series is known within the yuri fandom for the heavily subtexted relationships between the protagonist and several female characters.

It received an anime adaptation in 1998. It deviated greatly from the manga, although not as much as the old Devilman anime from its own source material.


Examples of:

  • The Alliance: The Human Alliance.
  • All Myths Are True: Stories of demons, monsters, ogres, and the like were probably Devil Men or Beasts who existed in the past.
    • In one arc, an entire village is made of Our Vampires Are Different Devil Beasts who are all descended from the same couple. Though these D.B. resemble insects with their compound eyes and armored bodies. The entire village is wiped out (women and children included) when an investigative trip by Jun and Asuka reveals the villagers want to expand out and give into their needs more.
    • Vlava reveals Devil Beasts eventually turn into demons. Human to Beast to Demon is the cycle that repeats itself throughout history. The cycle is starting up again when the story begins, though is happening faster than anticipated thanks to Satan's human incarnations living on earth.
    • All beings from Greek myth existed in a previous cycle before the demons of Devilman and likewise all other pantheons also existed in previous cycles. The ones specifically in Dante's Inferno appear in Hell. From Cerberus to Titans, Centaurs, Geryon, and even King Minos to judge the dead. Some do appear in the Divine Comedy, others have been thrown in to hell with the rest as God hates all demons.
  • All Therapists Are Muggles: Averted, as Jun talks to one in the employ of the Human Alliance and he does diagnose her fear of being seen in her devil form. Unfortunately he was completely wrong about there not being someone watching Jun.
  • Amazon Chaser: Aoi Kurosaki and Seiji Hayami for Jun.
  • Anyone Can Die: If you're a part of the main cast but aren't Jun, chances are you're dead.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Evolution does NOT work that way.
  • Asshole Victim:
    • When Vlava's followers fall to Hell with him, they are eaten by Cerberus or have some other cruel fate awaiting them. All the prominent members, who either lured the sacrifices or prepared them for Vlava, get it the worst.
    • Any of the evil Devil Beasts or humans who get killed off or meet their end at the conclusion of their arc.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Kind of. Women have nipples, but their crotches are either covered in hair or shadowed. Devil Beast woman will have nipples as well, but again, only their upper body is shown nude. Male genitals are shown shadowed or whited out, but won't necessarily be shown attached to the character, for censorship reasons. This is usually done to show the men are about to 'get down to business'.
  • Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me: What Vlava's followers do to his sacrifices before presenting them to him.
  • Battle Strip: Jun often strips down before turning into Lady in order not to damage her clothing, which once almost gets Hayami in trouble when he's spotted by some people while carrying her clothes, making them think he's a pervert.
  • Belated Happy Ending: To some extent, the finale of Devilman Lady (after revealed to be part of a Time Loop with the original manga) improves things for the main characters in contrast to Devilman. The latter was a Downer Ending, while this is a hopeful Bolivian Army Ending. The same applies to the finale of Violence Jack under the interpretation that they all happen in the same time loop.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Everything is revealed and Akira and Satan join forces to oppose God and his army of angels, ending in a Bolivian Army Ending against the host of Heaven. The outcome of their battle is not shown, so it's admittedly possible they will be defeated and the cycle will continue, but the new alliance between the leads makes this already a more fortunate occasion than the first time it happened in Devilman. Also, the last pages talking about the return of myths imply that, whatever of the outcome, this time around the world will not be destroyed.
    Satan: Now, let's go, Akira! This is the first battle in our war against God! The true world that we call hope lies on the other side of this battle!
  • Beneath the Mask:
    • Devil Beasts may continue to act like they did before their transformation, but they now secretly enjoy killing, eating, and raping people.
    • One of Jun's fellow teachers uses his students as part of a prostitute ring and helps himself to the girls when he is in the mood. When he is revealed to be a Devil Beast, Jun is shocked that such a 'nice' teacher could be one. Asuka knows better thanks to her mind reading ability and points out he has always been evil. He rapes Asuka while Jun is in shock over his reveal, though she does eventually drive him away. He ends up stabbed and killed by one of his students while he is in human form and off guard.
  • Break the Cutie: Jun being raped and sent to hell by a cult comes to mind.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: The manga ends just as Akira and Satan join forces and go to fight Michael and his angels. The victor is unaccounted for, but the last pages commenting on the return of myths suggest they perhaps win, or at least the world continued on even after the war is fought.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Jun and Asuka are half-sisters, and have sex in the final chapter of volume 16. Then it's revealed they are actually the same being.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Jun is half Japanese and half American. Asuka is American, but takes a Japanese name while in Japan. She's also Jun's half-sister. Ryo Utsugi is the reincarnation of Dante Alighieri.
  • Cartwright Curse: Unfortunately for Jun, the several women interested in her tend to either be cannibalistic Devil Beasts, manipulative extremists or just plain die. Jun attracts several male coworkers as well, with just as high a death rate among them.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: Jinmen devours people whole and gains power from how many people are in his body. When they are freed, he loses his accumulated power and shrinks to the size of a regular snapping turtle.
  • Canon Welding: The story welds in a version of the Mao Dante storyline modified so it fits with the Devilman universe.
  • The Chain of Harm: Aoi Kurosaki Mother marries a younger man who regularly sexually abuses Aoi since she was at least 7. It eventually leads to her rape by him when she is around 12. Her mother at first protects her but then resents her daughter getting the attention of her second husband and then allows the abuse to take place. Aoi's Devil Beast powers eventually awaken and she murders her stepfather at the beach, making it look like his death was a shark attack. When Aoi returns to the story after Jun defeats her evil Split Personality, Aoi reveals to Jun she has always been secretly attracted to Jun since they were teenagers and just didn't know how to express her feelings. Jun, remembering Aoi's bullying and antagonist personality once they became rivals as teenagers, rejects Aoi. Mirroring her stepfather's refusal to take no for an answer, Aoi eventually rapes Jun towards the end of the manga. Asuka and Jun are forced to kill her, with Aoi pleading her love for Jun as Jun lets her fall to her death while flying.
  • Clothing Damage: Jun's clothes do not agree with her transformations into Lady - pretty much every change leaves her in the nude and her clothing in shreds. She usually resorts to stripping down before going Devilman. Though the manga tries to avert this concept later by having the Human Alliance give their Devil Men soldiers special suits that stretch or grow with their transformation, though the suit only appears in two story arcs. And then this trope is played straight in the second arc by having Jun grow larger than the suit can handle.
  • Contagious Powers: Quite literally!
  • Continuity Snarl: This series is a sequel to Devilman, but so is Violence Jack, making it a complicated matter. Fans have been discussing it for years, noting that Lady has much more solid connections to the original than Jack, but without having an official answer to which is supposed to be the true sequel. At the end, Nagai stated that Violence Jack should be treated as its own universe, which implies Lady is meant to be Devilman's true continuation. However, considering that the franchise's s world is on a constant loop thanks to God's continuous punishment against Satan, it is also possible to believe that both Jack and Lady are simply separate iterations of the cycle.
  • Cosmic Retcon: After Devilman Lady revealed the universe is held in a time loop by God, it's implied that Violence Jack was part of it and that a Cosmic Retcon erased it to turn the series into Lady.
  • Creepy Child: A few. One in particular is a student at Jun's school who uses her hypnosis to control the men in the school and have them ravish her nude body until she starts strangling them with her tentacles. Jun, and the readers, find out about this when the girl greets Jun nude in the pool room and engages in her usual 'fun'.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Jun is horrified of her badass Devil Beast form.
  • Cyborg: The Human Alliance turns captured and killed Devil Beasts into cyborgs to act as protectors for the remaining humans.
  • Demonic Possession:
    • The demon Vlava possesses the ambassador and other members of his cult allowing him to rape and devour women regularly, so he can create a portal to Hell. Later this happens to the surviving human sacrifices once the portal to Hell reopens in Japan. They are most likely the first of many. This trope is a throw back to the original series.
    • Akira is able to do this for benign reasons. He possesses a faculty member to help Jun control of herself when she grows frustrated.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Jun is this for the original Devilman Akira.
  • Does Not Like Men: Aoi Kurosaki. After being raped for years by her step-father, she only finds women attractive.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Ogawa's student Kimishima stabs him in revenge for his sexual abuse of her.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: Played out. Jun is feeling tense, but she can't relieve the built up stress at a gym and Asuka is away so she has no one to talk to about it, so she takes a walk at night, looking for trouble. She finds it in the form of a Devil Beast who has been stalking her, so finally getting what she was looking for, she fights him and knocks him out on his back. However, while looking over at his still form, she notices he has a noticeable erection. Jun's face changes from being red due to anger to lust, and after some hesitation, she walks over and, ahem, helps herself so to speak. However, Jun doesn't seem to enjoy much the experience and the guy wakes back up (who wouldn't?) while she is still on top of him, so she has to kill him before he can do anything to her. He was probably going to rape and eat her if he could, most Devil Beasts outright admit this, but she is not proud of herself and doesn't do this again in the story.
  • Enemy Within
  • Enemy Without: Aoi Kurosaki separates into a human and a shark Devil Beast. Though Aoi is rendered unconscious and is taken away after Jun kills the shark, so the 'two Aois' never battle. They separated because the Beast kept wanting to kill people and Aoi was against it. Jun was the final straw, so they split.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: As detailed in Chick Magnet above, Jun is very popular with the ladies.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: The hunter mentioned below owns one. It helps him find disguised Devil Beasts, observes fights, and shows him he is a Devil Beast himself.
  • Evilutionary Biologist
  • Evolutionary Levels
  • Eye Scream: One of the monsters of the week is made of them.
  • Extreme Doormat: Jun, through most of the series, due to her horrible self-esteem.
  • Face–Heel Turn:
    • Any Devil Beast could be considered as making one, due to their beliefs and actions.
    • When the Human Alliance confronts the Dante Cult, several Devil Men do this due to the incredible power of the cult leaders.
  • Face–Monster Turn: Most of the Devil Beast, who used to be normal human beings before transforming into monsters.
  • Facial Markings
  • Fantastic Drug: Two unrelated arcs deal with this trope. One is about a man producing a drug to trigger Devil Beast transformations. It is for people who can't consciously transform yet. He sells it to rival gangs and watches the results from the sidelines. Turns out not everyone who ingests the pills will transform. The other arc deals with jewel thieves who trigger a transformation in a school girl so she can break into buildings and steal for them. She gets her drug via injection.
  • Fantastic Racism: Devil Beasts (and some Devilmen) think they are superior to humans, are the next inheritors of the Earth, and have a right to eat humans freely as well as engage in their hedonistic lifestyle. The humans who are aware of the Devil Beasts , like the Human Alliance, aren't as out spoken about it. They employ Devil Men as operatives use defeated Devil Beasts as cyborg soldiers, and are genetically creating Devil Men as young children. They will however deem Devil Beasts who eat humans as evil and brand them for death.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Both the Devilmen and most Devil Beasts, although Jun occasionally dons a special suit made for a Devilman.
  • Gender Bender: Asuka as male to female and Aoi Kurosaki in the manga after her return.
  • Good People Have Good Sex: Despite with all the rape in the series, Jun and Akira's sex scene is the most tender moment despite being in Hell, and Akira is helping her ease her pain from being raped by the Cult of Dante. And they're doing it by flying and transformed.
  • Harping on About Harpies: Nami Kayama's devilbeast form resembles one in the manga, although she prefers to compare herself to a siren.
  • Hide Your Lesbians
  • History Repeats: The human race is once again extinct from nuclear weaponry, with a difference this time: Satan and Devilman join forces to face Archangel Michael.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Jun seems to avert this trope. She is picky about who she faces and wants to be certain that the Devil Beasts she fights are in fact evil or beyond redemption. Other Devil Men the Human Alliance employ are eager to fight and kill their opponents. They have no second thoughts like Jun and just kill anyone deemed an enemy. Jun and Aoi get into argument about this issue at one point. Jun let a Merman beast escape because they weren't sure it was a threat yet. Aoi killed it in front of Jun and tells her that they have to follow orders.
  • Horned Humanoid: Akemi's devilbeast form.
  • Horny Devils: The devilbeasts are noted as having particularly active sex drives, and a number of them take to raping their victims in addition to the usual killing and eating.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: The Devilman who work for the Human Alliance, Jim Langer. Jun gets called out on this fact to her face a few times. Though Devil Beasts retain their memories and form as humans, so the argument can go both ways if you think about it.
  • I am a Humanitarian: Devil Beasts, who were human, eat humans. They are alternately called a new species or the next stage in human evolution.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Taken literally. One of the Devil Beasts Jun fights has her breasts 'open' to reveal eyes that generate a hypnotic light. The girl uses it to have 'fun' with the boys in school and later to get Jun to reveal her secret before she resigns, though the latter plan fails.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Jun
  • Important Haircut: Jun gets one before the climax.
  • Irony:
    • One of the Devil Beasts is a school girl who turns into an octopus monster. She is the one who has the naughty tentacles!
    • Aoi's new powers give her a penis due to her desire for a physical relationship with Jun. Seems like Body Horror, but she doesn't seem to mind, even though she hates men. See You Are What You Hate below.
    • All of Akira's musings on Satan are all the more ironic when you consider that he's sharing them with Jun, a split personality of Satan. All of his Was It All a Lie? questions, wondering if Ryo's friendship and affection for him was real if Satan was capable of doing so much bad, are answered subconsciously by Jun — it was real, as she is obsessed with him purely based on Satan's instincts working through her.
  • Lady Macbeth: The ambassador's wife in the Cult of Vlava. She even finds her husband's possessed form more appealing than his weak, human form. However, she simply wanted to revive their god. She ends up falling to Hell with her 'husband' and things do not end well for her.
  • Light Is Not Good: The Forces of Heaven are not much better than the demons and act as the final antagonist.
  • Literal Split Personality: Jun is the missing half of Satan, Asuka being the other half. They merge and become Satan, and offers Akira Fudo to fight alongside him/her to face Archangel Michael.
  • Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter: Jun. Her father studies and researches the Devil Beasts.
  • Magic Pants:
    • Totally averted. Jun needs new clothes every time she turns back to human; Asuka remarks that she's going to have to remember to pack some in future missions. She once wears a cape and nothing underneath it during a mission, opening it when she transforms and covering herself again once she changes back to a human after defeating the enemy.
    • Jun will undress herself before a mission or a fight that is about to happen to have clothes to change into later. Though Jun isn't caught off guard or in the middle of fighting at these moments. She also does have clothes handy at school since there are locker rooms.
    • Played straight in Hell. People are nude there. They can avert that though, if they have can concentrate hard enough, they can form anything from swim suits to plain clothes. Jun is the poster girl for this trope while in Hell, as her clothes disappear a few times when she forgets to focus on them.
  • Monster of the Week
  • My Greatest Failure: Akira grows to love Jun, but he is still heavily affected by Miki's death.
  • Mythology Gag: An alternate version of Demon Lord Dante appears in the series.
  • Naked on Revival: In Hell, since you are dead already, if your body is destroyed, it will regenerate. When the Vlava Cult members fall to Hell, they have their robes on. If they are eaten or killed, they will regenerate from the corpse or the 'mud' they turn into within a monster's body. In Hell, your punishment is to be brutally killed and revived, over and over (unless you get assimilated, frozen, or turn into a demon).
  • Noodle Incident: Jun and Aoi only discuss the event that made them rivals, how Aoi surpassed the older Jun in swimming ability on their team. Aoi wasn't forced to quit from an injury (like in the anime) and is most likely retired or just working at the pool as a side job. We see flashbacks from Aoi's perspective on they first met, how she developed her attraction to Jun, and their friendly introductions to each other but that's it.
  • Older Alter Ego: One Devil Beast, Akemi, is a high school girl. She's easily Devilman Lady's size as a beast, but as a human, she's very small. Any Devil Beast really that is a child or teenager doesn't look their age while they are transformed.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting
  • One Myth to Explain Them All: Even more so than the original Devilman: All myths are memories of earlier creations (demons or otherwise) of God being remembered through Carl Jung's collective subconscious. The Divine Comedy is also canon (in Broad Strokes at least), and, if Asuka is to be believed, so is the Book of Genesis and certain tenets of American creationism.
  • One-Winged Angel: It would be easier to list the characters who don't go through this!
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: The two leaders of the Cult of Dante both transform into giant centaurs. The man has the horse lower body, but has a demonic upper body. The woman's lower body is a giant panther and her torso sits behind the panther's head. In Hell, a more traditional looking centaur appears in one of the lower layers.
  • People Puppets:
  • Psycho Lesbian: Aoi and Lan Asuka
  • Rage Against the Mentor: A few Devil Beasts have turned out to be students in Jun's school. One is a boy in her class and another is a girl on the swim team. The latter plays this straight, as she feels Jun should be self-loathing like herself and should act like a Beast since she looks like one.
  • Rape as Drama: All the frigging time. Every woman in this world should carry a backpack-mounted canister of pepper spray and a rape whistle that's keyed into local air-raid sirens. (It still might not be enough.)
  • Really 700 Years Old: The leader of the aforementioned village is a nun who was the woman from legend of how the vampires came to be in the area.
  • Recursive Canon: In the first volume Asuka mentions that there's a manga very similar to what's going on. After Jun is dragged to hell she meets Ryo and learns that the events of his series were an alternate timeline that was erased but someone somehow learned of it and made into a manga.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: Aoi Kurosaki. After meeting again when Aoi becomes fellow agent Devilman Noir, Jun agrees to listen to Aoi's backstory and how she fell in love with Jun when they met as teenagers. While Jun is glad that Aoi has made a recovery, she can't forget the arrogant and bullying nature Aoi gave her when they became rivals and is not interested in Aoi's declaration of love.
  • Regularly Scheduled Evil: According to Vlava, Devil Beasts and Demons are part of cycle that reoccurs throughout history.
  • Red Herring: One of the teachers at Jun's school, Mr. Nejima, is always hitting on her or making creepy faces at her or other women. A few times it has been hinted at him being a Devil Beast. So far it was either a different teacher or a Devil Beast shape-shifter using Nejima as a disguise to get into the school.
  • Religion of Evil: The Cult/Religion of Vlava for the Republic of Grumech and the Cult of Dante in Japan.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent:
    • There is at least a snake, a turtle, a crocodilian, and an amphibian (yes, that's not really a reptile, but he never transforms all the way and has traits of both animals).
    • Jinmen is a bastard who likes to taunt opponents if they have loved ones trapped in his shell. He has no problems using them as a shield (obviously) or manipulating his victims into saying hateful words at his foes/their loved ones. The crocodilian is a girl who needs to constantly eat fresh meat, be it human or animal. She decides to eat her mother (who was sheltering her, making excuses for her change, and new eating habits) because she can't wait between meals. She shows no remorse to her father when he comes home.
  • Repower: Aoi Kurosaki returns as Devilman Noir. Her form is similar to Jun's, though hairier, with bull horns and armor on some parts of her body. Considering Aoi's feelings towards Jun, this may not be a coincidence. Imitation is a form of flattery after all and Aoi adores Jun A LOT.
  • Retcon: Akemi, the teenaged Devil Beast used by the Yakuza and killed by Jason/Liger appears in Hell in Devilman In The Dark. After meeting Akira and having her soul sent back in time before she took the Devil Beast drug from the Yakuza, she turns it down, saving her from death. (Rather unfortunately, the Yakuza then decide to use another kid for their robberies instead.)
  • Ret-Gone: An entire nation of demon worshipers and, as it turns out, everything from the Devilman series.
  • The Rival: Aoi Kurosaki for Jun in the manga and anime. In the manga Jun even dreams about Aoi besting her and outright refers to Aoi as her rival when discussing their relationship to Asuka. Though Aoi is the rival that Jun wants to surpass. Aoi returns the animosity that Jun gives her, but she would like to change their relationship from rivals to lovers.
  • Rival Turned Evil: Aoi Kurosaki could be considered a member of this trope. She is Jun's swim rival from her Olympic training days. She comes off as arrogant due to being triumphant the last time they met. She is revealed to be a Devil Beast who eats other swimmers.
  • Screw Yourself: Jun and Asuka, who are two halves of Satan and have sex once the latter returns to being a male.
  • Second Love: Jun to Akira, who lost Miki before his death. He wants to save her, but couldn't as he is a spirit. It does not last long.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Asuka kills her mother because she knows too much (that Jun and Asuka are half-sisters). It seemed like she was going to avert this when she teleported her mother on a plane, but then her mother tried calling Jun, with Devil Beasts on the plane...
  • Sirens Are Mermaids: Discussed and averted. In the manga, there is a discussion between a home-schooled idol and her teacher on The Odyssey. They are talking about the sirens in the epic poem and how sirens were originally bird themed and then became popularized as fish themed, becoming related to mermaids in modern fiction. The idol expresses her like for the bird themed sirens more, as she adores birds. She later becomes a bird themed Devil Beast alongside her Gonk mom.
  • Sizeshifter: In Hell, if you possess a strong will power, you can use it for a variety of abilities, like force fields or growing in size. Later in the manga, witnessing/travelling to Hell is a requirement to gain the size shifting power on Earth, at least according to Dante's Cult leaders.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Jun and Jim Langer are at each other's throats after Langer kills a teenaged Devil Beast. At a later meeting, Jun and Jason are in human form, with Jason saying he is not himself as Liger. He helps himself to an abrupt kiss to Jun before leaving the room. He's later revealed to be a part of Xenon, who has had an interest in Satan as his symbolic and literal other half.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil:
    • The Devil Beasts start out as humans who transform into mindless monsters. While some are intelligent in both forms, it's outright stated that instincts and strong emotions can dominate their monster form, limiting or removing their reasoning.
    • After a while, some Devil Beasts appear who can maintain control in both forms, though there are still plenty of mindless ones. Then Jun ends up in Hell, thanks to Vlava, who was thought to be a Devil Beast, but is actually a Demon (there's a difference). Jun goes from one Curb-Stomp Battle after another in Hell, where Akira does most of the fighting. To be fair to Jun, all the foes in Hell are demons AND old foes of Akira. She's more unprepared than useless in this arc.
    • When Jun returns, we learn that all the mindless and instinct controlled Devil Beasts have dwindled to a small number. The Human Alliance has redefined "Devil Beast" to mean a Devil Man who opposes humanity or is seen as outright evil. Therefore, the only difference between "Beast" and "Man" is whether that person is evil, wants to rule the world, etc., or if they retain a conscience, wanting to protect the weak and defenseless, rather than being driven by instinct.
    • Which brings us to the Cult of Dante, the newly defined Devil Beasts. They are organized and have a goal: open a portal to Hell and allow the Demon Lord to return. In the latest arc, the portal has been opened, everyone trapped in Hell has been freed, and the Demon Lord is leading everyone who can leave out to the real world. The worst part? Apart from the Demon Lord, everyone else is probably invisible until they possess someone.
  • Split Personality: Some Devil Beasts and Devilmen seem to act like this, acting almost like a different person in human or D.B. form. Aoi Kurosaki plays this trope straight.
  • Stealth Pun: The female centaur in the Cult of Dante looks like a woman's torso sitting on a panther's body. The cat's face is located right where her crotch should be...
  • Stealth Sequel: Initially looks like simply an Alternate Universe where the main characters are female, but it turns to be much more complicated than that, and at the end it is revealed to be effectively a sequel to Devilman.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Jun, in her Devil Beast form.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Aoi Kurosaki and her Devil Beast are separate personalities.
  • Taken for Granite: Silene asks Medusa to turn her to stone. In Hell, as long as you have a strong will power, you will be constantly revived unless assimilated by another being. By turning to stone, she won't revive anymore. She gets better later.
  • Talking to Themself: Aoi Kurosaki with her shark devil beast. They talk via the mouth that forms on her upper chest. Jun walks in on their last conversation, just before the Enemy Without.
  • Temporary Love Interest: Occasionally combined with Monster of the Week.
  • Their First Time: Jun had a meaningful sex scene with Akira, and is more consensual than being raped. It applies to Akira as well, since his relationship with Miki never went anywhere. Even before her death.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: In one arc, a hunter begins hunting Devil Beasts after killing one, thinking she is a wild animal. He soon gains the ability to detect Devil Beasts and is revealed to be one as well. His actions soon attract the attention of the Human Alliance. They set a trap for him, but he sees through it and battles Jun after eliminating everyone else. As they battle, he transforms into his D.B. form, but doesn't understand why he is suddenly stronger or faster in the fight. When H.A. soldiers arrive and start shooting at him, he is surprised at how he is also bulletproof. At most, he thinks he's psychic or has been 'chosen' to hunt the D.B. After getting Jun on the ropes, they fight outside a shop and break its window. His dog, who has been barking at him since his transformation, finally gets him to look at his reflection in the broken glass. Horrified, he places his gun in his mouth and commits suicide at the revelation that he is also a Devil Beast.
  • Too Dumb to Live
  • Unexplained Recovery: Aoi Kurosaki She is last seen having physically separated from her Shark Devil Beast Half and taken away in an ambulance. Asuka remarks on the loss of body mass and how she will hopefully be okay. She appears many chapters later as a new Devilman Agent, Devilman Noir. Aoi has returned to her original large size and now has a form similar to Jun's. Jun meets Aoi at the Human Alliance gym and sees her swimming.
  • Unwanted Harem: Jun is very popular with both men and women.
  • Vagina Dentata
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Asuka remarks that it's the spark in Jun's eyes when she's being photographed that hints at her having the devil gene.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Aoi Kurosaki. She survives, one of the few Devil Beasts to do so early in the story. She is seen being literally Put on a Bus when she is taken away. She returns as Devilman Noir, a member of the Human Alliance.
  • When Trees Attack: A male Devil Beast gives women plants he produces from his body so he can paralyze them and use them to create a race of tree people.
  • Winged Humanoid
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
  • Would Hurt a Child: Jun doesn't like it, but she has been forced to attack and even kill teenage Devil Beasts. As mentioned earlier, a few turn out to be students at her school. While she feels horrible about it and may apologize to her opponent, she knows she has to do the deed to protect others and stop the rampaging Beast. The other Devil Men aren't as nice as Jun and have no qualms against killing any target they have, including children or teenagers, like Devilman Noir and Devilman Kids. Jim Langer/ Devilman Liger kills a young girl Devil Beast that Jun was hoping she could save or reason with.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: What Jun wants to be and look like. Unfortunately, she never gets her wish.
  • You Are What You Hate:
    • Aoi Kurosaki, once she returns, aggressively chases Jun and tries to have a physical relationship with her. These actions mirror how her step-father treated her, making unwanted sexual passes and eventually raping her. Aoi developed both her split personality and powers shortly before she killed him.
    • Aoi later finds she now has/can now grow a penis, "to make Jun [her's.]" Aoi swore off men after what her step-father did to her. Now she aggressively pursues Jun to be her lover, ironic.
  • You Need to Get Laid:
    • Jun goes through this trope twice. Once to relieve some stress, so to speak. The other is during Hell. She asks Akira to help her forget the rape and torture she suffered from Vlava and his cult, by making love to her as they fly down into a deeper layer of Hell. She says she feels better afterwards.
    • Jun doesn't seem attracted to anyone in particular and she refuses most people's advances. Part of her issues is not giving into her Beast desires/instincts and that competitive sports can only satisfy some of her urges. This reasoning does make her one of the more moral Devil Men, but she ends up bottling her instincts to the point that she appears as a different person when she becomes Devilman Lady: enjoying battle, calling foes 'her prey', and becoming one Horny Devil, excuse the pun.
  • Yuri Genre: Moves into this genre in the later episodes.

Alternative Title(s): The Devil Lady