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myco (lowercase intended, real name Maiko) (born February 27, 1979) is a Japanese song writer and a former band member of Changin' my life before going solo, and after a few years of hiatus, went to join another band named Quintillion Quiz, and remains active to this day.

Like most of her fellow singers in the likes of Rie Tanaka, Hitomi Nabatame, and Rica Matsumoto, she had a memorable, but brief, stint as a seiyu, voicing as Mitsuki Koyama of Full Moon. In fact, she's a literal case of ""Do It Yourself" Theme Tune" where all of her songs (minus opening songs) are by her when she was with Changin' my life.

During Full Moon's run in the anime and manga, Arina Tanemura had drawn myco herself, which can be seen here.



  • Singles (Changin' my life):
    • Eternal Snow
    • Luv. Remix
    • Love Chronicle
    • Stardust
    • Myself
    • Smile
    • In Future
  • Albums:
    • Caravan

  • Singles (Solo)
    • My-Collage
    • Hibari
  • Albums:
    • Mata Koi Shiyō


  • All Love Is Unrequited: Myself, Eternal Snow, and Love Chronicle. And that's just the Changin' my life examples. In her solo side, there's Lily, Christmas Kiss, etc.
  • Can't Live Without You: Her song Smile nearly has the verbatim in its lyrics.
  • Do It Your Self Theme Tune: Minus the opening credits songs, which are performed by TheScanty, every other song, along the three listed above and Smile, are by her. NAS TV totally cheated on their part.
  • Darker and Edgier: She has written lyrics with a darker turn with Quintillion Quiz than her usual love songs in her solo outing and Changin' my life.
  • Gratuitous English: Her lyrics tend to have English words in them, but in different lines within a song.
    Lyrics for Smile: I cannot live without you forever.
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  • Love Makes You Crazy: Luv. Remix. Emphasized with the opening lyrics "It's too late. Crazy for you".
  • Older Than They Look: Would you believe she's 41?
  • Seiyuu: She had a brief stint in this, but quite memorable. Unlike her contemporaries mentioned above who have taken their careers being a singer and seiyuu, myco only has one role: The Ill Girl/Littlest Cancer Patient who transforms into a 16-year old healthy singer protagonist of Full Moon. She also played the role of Shasha in Get Ride! Amdriver and the video game version of Reira Serizawa from Nana.
  • Singing Voice Dissonance: She has a deep voice in which she can pitch to certain octaves. Contrast her actual singing with her acting.

"Hold me tight. I love you."