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"Mmmmmh, donut!"

Philippe Peythieu (born 25 September 1950 in Paris) is a French voice, stage and screen actor.

He is a well known voice artist, most famous for providing the French voice of Homer Simpson, dubbing most incarnations of the Batman villain The Penguin since Batman Returns, and for dubbing Danny DeVito in most of his roles since that film. He is also a recurring voice for actors such as Stephen Rea, Richard Schiff, David Morse or Joe Pantoliano.

Furthermore, if you take any big Western Animation franchise from before The New '10s, you can be sure he dubbed someone in it.

Philippe Peythieu is married to fellow voice artist Véronique Augereau, the French voice of Marge Simpson (they met while working on the series' dub). Both appeared as themselves in a short film, Being Homer Simpson.

His brother, Christian Peythieu, is also a professional voice actor.

His dubs include:

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Tropes in his works:

  • As Himself: Again, he played himself in the short film Being Homer Simpson.
  • Catchphrase: Quite a few as Homer Simpson, some are unique to the French version.
    • Dan Castellaneta's iconic "D'oh!" sounds more like "T'oh!" when pronounced by him.
    • "Wouh pinaise!"
    • "Ma bibiche"
  • I Am Not Spock: He will forever be known as the "French voice of Homer Simpson", not that it didn't stop him from having a career outside this series.
  • Real-Life Relative: With Véronique Augereau, they play the married couple of Homer and Marge Simpson and are married in Real Life.
  • Vocal Evolution: His early voice for Homer Simpson was a lot different and sounded closer to what would later become his voice for Abraham in the same series, while Homer would be more akin to Dan Castellaneta's performance.