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The creation of Tina Peskowitz of Sioux City, Iowa, a thirteen-year-old girl who rose to prominence during a legendary stint at FanFiction.Net and joined Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers as a writer and producer midway through its first season. Peskowitz found favor with the audience for her light-hearted plotting and whimsical production touches (Asmodeus' pink armor, a perennial cosplay favorite, was her idea), but her distaste for violence and blatant Fanservice put her at odds with TVn network executives. Disheartened by a conflict that no amount of The Power of Friendship could resolve, Peskowitz finally left Avatar after directing the Poorly Disguised Pilot for My Little Rainbow Princess, a show of her own about love, companionship, deep character development, and pretty animals.

The series follows the gently comedic adventures of Christina L. Ponycrown, an ordinary seventh-grader who discovers that she's the secret heir to the ancient Pony Empire. With the position comes any number of cool prerogatives and magic powers - but also the burden of defending the Empire from those would do it harm. With the help of her friends— including Belle Minyoneydu and Rod, the Hugs Robot, can Christina turn aside the forces of impoliteness, save Christmas, reunite her estranged parents, and win the student council election? Yup. Except the reuniting thing. That happens in the musical, but it ain't canon.

The first three episodes aired on the Happy Otaku Fun Channel, but when that folded (and a good thing it did too-all it aired was badly-dubbed anime so bowdlerized you couldn't recognize it, So Cool, It's Awesome anime you'd love to watch but can't because it's not subbed or dubbed, reruns of mindless sitcoms, and this) it aired on the Sugar Vision Network (SVn), a sister channel to TVn that's much more family friendly in a Doctor Who way, as opposed to a bad way.

Also see the polar opposite, The Punisher's Song of Evangelion and I Must Scream. Oh, and there's a crossover planned. May God have mercy on our souls.

Season One