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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake, Season 1, Episode 8. Preceded by Recycling In Space, followed by I Have A Mouth And I Must Sing.

Continued from the previous episode Recycling In Space.

Then the camera lifts to show everyone looking up. Sitting on the throne is...Anika! She's holding a remote control in her hoof, to show that the Trick Boss was actually nonsentient and totally under her control. The camera pans out so you can also see everyone else's back.

Sunbow: Anika! How could you?
Sparkstrike This is blasphemous!
Anika: I simply do what I wish. My only alignment is my own.

At this, Rainbow Princess fires a blast of neon green light from the baton at Anika, but it simply makes her cackle menacingly.

Anika: You think you can defeat me? Hah! I am Anika! Daughter of... THE EMPRESS!
Sunbow: No!
Sparkstrike: It cannot be!
Anika: It is.

Anika then gets a Game Face, with Glowing Eyes of Doom, ultra-sharp fangs, and Spikes of Villainy on her back. Her eyes are red as well, plus her body is black and her back is hunched. With a hiss, she launches herself off the throne towards Rainbow Princess, with the camera switching into medium closeup mode. Her teeth snap at Christina's neck, and Christina jumps out the way, and out of frame too, causing the camera to move back, which keeps happening every time she jumps. Eventually, she points her baton to the floor, creating a blast of pink light that propels her upwards. It shows her POV as she goes up. Then, as she double jumps in midair onto the balcony, it switches to a medium closeup of that. Once she's on the balcony, it goes into a long shot. Rainbow Princess looks down, to see her friends shuddering away in a heap from a growling evil Anika.

Rainbow Princess: C'mon, people! Let's get out of here!

She jumps through the window and grows wings. Angel ones, to boot. Everyone else runs out, and they all run/fly back to the Palace of Unending Bliss.

Rainbow Princess: Phew! We're back.
Belle: Yeah! That was hard work!