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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 1. Pilot episode, followed by Flying Up The Slippery Slope.

The episode starts off with a custom-made theme song sung by the voices of the main characters. The song is smooth and swinging, but otherwise indescribable. Viewers have found that they can put it to almost any tune with the same effect (mental pain, followed by numbness).

Whenever youuu are feeling dowwwn
And nothing seeems to go riiight
Remember there's someeething you can doooo
That will make everything more briiight!

Call upon... My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake! Yay!(sung quickly)
She'll save you from any danger, help you with any problem!
With help from her friends and the ponies!
The wonderful Rainbow Princess, Pretty Moon Shortcake!

While the song is playing, the audience is introduced to seventh-grader Christina L. Ponycrown, her friend, Belle Minyoneydu, and a host of colorful ponies, none named. Christina is surrounded by a crowd of dark, angry figures. Suddenly, she raises her hands in the air and is surrounded by a near-blinding white light. When it clears, she has transformed into a Magical Girl. With a wave of her sparkly baton, all the figures turn into cute, happy, brightly-colored animals: Ponies, butterflies, bunnies, etc. The credits all appear in flowery text replete with flowers.

The episode opens in a crowded middle school hallway. Some students rush purposefully down the hallway, but the majority stand by their lockers and talk. The camera zooms in on two girls. Christina has long, chestnut hair, average height, and is dressed entirely in pink. Dark-haired Belle, by contrast, dresses normally. The definition of normal changes constantly, though, and she wears a different outfit in every scene of the episode.

Belle: So, what'll you be doing over the weekend?
Christina: I'm heading over to visit my dad. We're going to go shopping.
Belle: You're dad's willing to go shopping with you? That's totally radical!
Christina: Yeah, it's funny since my mom is more into rock climbing and outoor stuff.
Belle' (as both walk down the hallway): Yeah, it's too bad they live so far apart...
The girls walk into a classroom, where they are greeted by their stereotypical chemistry teacher, Mr. Deton Ater. He's a classic Mad Scientist.

Mr. Ater: Take a seat everyone! (students sit) It's time for... a demonstration! Muahaha! (class stares blankly) Anyway, we're covering practical substance separation today. I'll start by taking this regular table salt and heating it to 3000 degrees to separate the sodium from the chloride. (places a large pile of table salt in a special oven) Now, we separate the two elements. I'll just take the sodium from the top (opens a pipe out of one side of the oven, and allows a liquid to pour into the cup). Now we allow it to cool down and freeze... Excellent. Now we'll accelerate the cooling with some cold water.

A small explosion follows. Then, a cloud of purple smoke appears and begins to expand.

Mr. Ater': It's the chlorine! Everyone evacuate the room! People at the front go first!

The room literally empties in seconds, as students go through various acrobatics. Christina and Bell find themselves alone in the room. The cloud of purple smoke stretches from floor to ceiling and several meters across. Even though nothing can be seen through it, it has stopped expanding.

Belle: Weird cloud... and it's between us and the door...

Suddenly, a light blue pony walks out of the smoke.

Pony (in a voice distinguishing him as a male): Princess? Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake?
Belle (to Christina, after a moment): Are you seeing a blue talking pony?
Christina: Yep. What's with the Princess spiel?
Pony: Princess? Do you hear me? (He walks up to the two)
Belle: Who's the princess? This feels like a dream!
Pony: Umm... The one on the right.
Belle: Who's right?
Pony: Mine. In other words, not you. (Belle lets out a sigh of relief)
Christina: So you think I'm a princess?
Christina: Are you sure you haven't got me confused with someone else?
Pony: No, we've been watching you for years, Ms. Ponycrown.
Christina: Wait do you even know my first name? (the pony looks down at his feet, shuffles) Well, I'm Christina. Chrissy for short. What's your name?
Pony (now appearing somewhat bashful): Sunbow, princess. By "watching", I mean we forgot you were still alive. Sorry. But we're in trouble now. The Empire's been corrupted, and mean, scary things have taken over. Will you help us, Prin- Chrissy?
"Chrissy" (turns to Belle): Will you come with me? (Belle nods uncertainly) Okay, we're in.
Sunbow: Great! Jump on my back. We need to get there fast!

The girls jump onto the pony, who gallops back into the smoke. The purple cloud dissipates behind them.

The trio emerges in a green meadow. Flowers of all colors grow in the long grass, and butterflies flutter among them. Bunnies hop around. Nothing bad is present.

Christina (as she and Belle step down): I don't get it. This place looks perfect. What do you need me for?
Sunbow: This is the last good place. Look behind you.

They look, and the camera zooms out. The colorful flowers, grass, and cute animals can be seen for about 30 meters around. Beyond, there is less colorful. About 10 meters past the edge of the perfect meadow, the land starts to look gray and dead.

Sunbow: That's where the "perfect" ends, Chrissy. The Pony Empire stretches for thousands of kilometers around. And this is all that's left.
Chrissy: Pony Empire? So where are the other ponies?
Sunbow: They've... been changed. Now they all look scary, and act really mean... (he starts to cry; Chrissy gives him a hug) Still, now that you're here, we can fix that.
Sunbow: Well, you're the Princess. There's certain abilities that come with the bloodline.
Belle: So she's like a superhero?
Sunbow: Umm... sure... Assuming by "superhero" you mean "transforming enchantress". There's a lot of power, but it takes time to unlock. (he turns to Christina) This is a little hard to explain. You can unlock your powers by transforming into the... magical form It's a temporary thing, and you can change back whenever you want. But the first transformation binds you to your kingdom. If you take the first step, you'll have to save the kingdom, or else lose everything you've ever known. In short: we need you to save these lands, but we can't force people to do things. Right now, you can accept the responsibilities of the Rainbow Princess, or I can take you back to your world.
Christina: So if I accept, I can help make the whole world like this meadow? (Sunbow nods, Christina turns to Belle) You're my friend. Should I take him up on it?
Belle: Well, look at it like this. We've gone to another world with a blue, talking pony. You have the chance to get weird powers and help spread cuteness. What's the worst that could happen?
Christina (considers for a moment, then hugs Belle: Thanks, Belle. You're the best. (she turns to Sunbow) Okay, so how do I do this transformation thing?
Sunbow: It's simple. All you have to do is shout your special name and wave your hands in the air. (He whispers in Christina's ear) Okay, step back and give it a try, Chrissy.
Christina (standing a few meters away and waving her arms self-consciously): Rainbow Princess Pretty-Moon Shortcake!!!

With that, Christina is surrounded by a blinding, white light. Belle and Sunbow turn their heads away from the brightness. After a few seconds, the flash clears. Christina is standing there, stunned. She's now dressed in a rainbow outfit: Red, slipper-like shoes, tight-fitting, lime green leggings leading up to a blue, knee-length skirt. The upper clothing is a mix of pink and purple. In her hand is a 60-centimeter-long baton, colored pink and white. At its head is a sparkly orb, about five centimeters in diameter. No one laughs at the color scheme.

Rainbow Princess/Christina: Wow, it worked. Let's see...

She walks over to the edge of the meadow and waves the baton at the dead land. The color spreads outwards, and soon, the land for a dozen meters in front of them is alive with bunnies, butterflies, and flowers.

Rainbow Princess: Now let's fix this place up.

Continued in Flying Up The Slippery Slope!

  • A fan criticized the poorly written theme song, one-dimensional school setting, and the color scheme of the Princess' outfit. The writer responded that Christina is a Rainbow Princess. Others soon discovered that the whiner actually watched a rival show.
    • An incident was reported to the authorities, but luckily, no one was injured.
    • The network made an official statement complimenting the quality of both spinoffs. Everybody got a hug. :)


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