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Sometimes, a work has it all: great characters, fascinating plot, cool scenes, compelling mysteries, etc., etc. However, it fails to achieve any considerably high profile. Whatever the reason, it may have been overshadowed by another work at the time, its authors decided to cut on promotion and invest into production, it was promoted to the wrong audience, or it got Screwed by the Network, its fandom is nearly nonexistent. It can't even be considered a Cult Classic because, well, there aren't enough fans to even call them a "cult".


If you can think of an awesome work that just didn't get the love it deserved, here's the place to put it!

Do not confuse with Needs Wiki Magic Love.note 

Note: please put works that are generally considered to be obscure here. Works that have a lot of fans do not count. Remember to italicize titles of works and do not put this term on a work's pages.


    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes, a series about robot Kid Heroes from the same people who made Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, is genuinely enjoyable and is very popular in China. Outside of China, it only has a very small cult following and is rarely ever mentioned.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, about the various ways a wolf tries to catch and eat a group of goats, is a very popular show in its native China, but everywhere else... eehhhhhh. There are Western fans assuming you know where to look, but they're few and far between either way. There's a group of people dedicated to spreading the show, and awareness is slowly increasing as a result, but it's still a rather obscure show.
  • Simple Samosa is certainly not the best show to come out of India, but it has its fans. Thing is, none of the Indian fans ever took to making any full episode lists anywhere when the show originally premiered, which is especially odd for a series that premiered in 2018. Episodes also have a very hard time surfacing on YouTube, with only five English episodes and a few extra in Hindi being well-circulated at the time of this writing. It feels like one of those shows that would gain an ironic fanbase in the West by way of Memetic Mutation or something, like what happened to The Nutshack. At any rate, it's extremely obscure outside of India and could do with some kind of love from Western fans, big time.

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