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Sayuri Tatsuyama with her characters from "Happy Happy Clover".note 
Sayuri Tatsuyama (竜山さゆり, born May 16, 1964) is a Shoujo Mangaka who is mostly known in Japan for doing animal themed manga such as Happy Happy Clover and Pukupuku Tennen Kairanban. She owns a pet dog and a pet parrot.

Here's a link to her Twitter Account where she posts updates and occasional sketches and illustrations of her animal characters.

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Her well-known works include:


Tropes found in Sayuri Tatsuyama's works include:

  • Animated Adaptation: So far only two of her mangas received an animated adaptation.
    • Happy Happy Clover (2007)
    • An OVA of the manga series called Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (One Day A Letter Arrives from the Dog Kingdom) (2015)
  • Author Avatar: She is portrayed as a monkey in the Happy Happy Clover series and in any of her illustrations on her Twitter account.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: Very common in her works.
  • Civilized Animal: The character in Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice can dress up in various outfits such as a space crew or as painters.
    • Happy Happy Clover also follows this trope where we see the animal characters in their daily lives.
  • Fanart: She made fanart of Judy and Nick from Zootopia which she posted on her official Twitter account.
  • Licensed Game: Pukupuku Circular Notice had three for the Gameboy Advance while Happy Happy Clover had one for the Nintendo DS.
  • Precious Puppy: The main protagonist named "Puku" along with other characters from Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice.
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  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Any animal characters that shows up in her mangas.
  • Talking Animal: Her earlier animal themed manga didn't feature talking animals. This started with Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice back in 1999.
  • Slice of Life: She loves this genre as seen in Pukupuku and Happy Happy Clover.


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