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Trivia / Sayuri Tatsuyama

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  • Reclusive Artist: She has a very brief section at the end of each volume of the Happy Happy Clover manga that gives a short history behind her manga career. While it does mention that Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice won the Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga in 2002. The Happy Happy Clover manga started getting popular around 2005 as well as getting an animated series in 2007 along with tons of merchandise in Japan. The author made a post on the Shogakukan official website about some information for the upcoming volume for the manga at the time. A year after the manga was finished, she later went on to make a one-shot manga based on Sanrio's Jewelpet franchise in 2009. As of 2014, not much information is known about her and she hasn't made a new manga since 2009.
  • No Export for You: While the Happy Happy Clover manga series got released in the US and Canada in 2009 by Viz Media, the anime hasn't gotten an English dub yet. Happy Happy Clover has also gotten an official French translation in 2016 by Nobi-Nobi.
    • Pukupuku Circular Notice also hasn't gotten an official English translation yet despite getting mentioned in the Happy Happy Clover manga. It did get translated in Thailand in 2013.

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