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Takahashi Production (高橋プロダクション; currently known as "T2 Studio")note  is a Photography and support firm in Japan established in 1977 by Hirokata Takahashi, a former Toei Animation alumni. The company has seen the most use from, among others, TMS Entertainment, P. A. Works, White Fox, Studio Pierrot, A-1 Pictures, Tezuka Productions, Studio Ghibli, Satelight, Studio Bones, Studio TRIGGER, Bridge, and Walt Disney Animation Japan.

They have a sister studio, Team Taniguchi (チーム・タニグチ). Whose credits, often overlapping with that of T2, can be found here.

More credits from the company can be found on Anime News Network.

Takahashi/T2's credits include:

Photography/Composite only

Photography/Composite with Paint/CGI/Other Tasks

Other work only