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Takahashi Production (高橋プロダクション; currently known as "T2 Studio")note  is a Photography and support firm in Japan established in 1977 by Hirokata Takahashi, a former Toei Animation alumni. The company has seen the most use from, among others, TMS Entertainment, P. A. Works, White Fox, Studio Pierrot, A-1 Pictures, Tezuka Productions, Studio Ghibli, Satelight, Studio Bones, Studio Trigger, and Walt Disney Animation Japan.

They have a sister studio, Team Taniguchi (チーム・タニグチ), whose credits, which often overlap with that of T2, can be found here.

More credits from the company can be found on Anime News Network.

Takahashi/T2's credits include:

Photography/Composite only

Photography/Composite with Paint/CGI/Other Tasks

Other work only


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