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Silver Link (シルバーリンク) is a saner, more grounded counterpart to SHAFT, founded in December 2007 by former Frontline animation producer Hayato Kaneko after he left the company to become an independent producer.

Shin Ōnuma, originally an assistant director from SHAFT, directs most of the studio's shows, and this shows in Silver Link's animation style. Techniques such as sudden changes in the screen's aspect ratio or cuts featuring characters on a patterned background (similar to the use of screentones in manga) are prevalent in works from both studios, and add an element of style that is a signature of both studios. Silver Link's animation, however, is considerably less deranged compared to that of SHAFT, and the characters are generally drawn in traditional anime style as opposed to, say, Koji Kumeta's works animated by SHAFT such as Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei or Katte Ni Kaizo.

Officially spelled as SILVER LINK. (with the dot). More works from the company can be found here.

Anime series by Silver Link:

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