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Anime / Ange Vierge

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The mysterious "Halo" has opened, connecting five worlds together in the "World Connect".

  • The Black World, Darkness Embrace, a world of night and black magic.
  • The Red World, Terra Rubiri Aurora, a world of gods and angels.
  • The White World, System White Eguma, a world of science and technology.
  • The Green World, Grunewald Silt, a world under military rule.
  • And finally, the Blue World, Earth.

All five worlds now face impending destruction. Should the worlds merge completely, all will be destroyed in "World End".

The Progress, girls from all five worlds who have been given the power of Exceed, have assembled on Seiran Island on Earth to battle the otherworldly entities known as the Ouroboros, in order to prevent World End and protect the five worlds.

Ange Vierge is an anime adaptation of a trading card game produced by SILVER LINK. that began airing in July 2016. The series is streamed on Crunchyroll.

This anime provides examples of:

  • Achievements in Ignorance: The reason the girls weren't turned to darkness like all other active fighters was because of their shaky relationships with Amane resulted in a link too weak for it to happen. They were not happy when they figured that out.
  • Amazon Brigade: The Progress consist entirely of Action Girls.
  • Angels, Devils and Squid: Here we have Angels, Devils, Androids, and humans all fighting together against the Ouroboros.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Happens to all the active Progress except the main team in Episode 2.
  • Censor Steam: Ridiculously overused through the entire show.
  • Cyberspace: The White World of System White Eguma is said to be one of these.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Devils of Darkness Embrace aren't evil, since they too have a world to protect.
  • Faceā€“Heel Turn: Several girls have been mentioned as those "turning to the Dark Side".
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Amane does this to Stella in a flashback. Saya later does this to Stella in Episode 9.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Saya's motivation.
  • Improbably Female Cast: There is not a single male character in the show, and no explanation given as to why.
  • Incest Subtext: The interactions between the Sanagi sisters eventually step into this territory. The Stinger of episode 8 has a tongue-in-cheek case of Did They or Didn't They?.
    • As of episode 9, it looks like they did. Twice.
  • Irony: As pointed out, the only reason why the main five survived was because their bond with their alpha driver wasn't strong enough.
  • Logic Bomb: A discussion of Klein bottles and Mobius strips in Episode 8 turns into one of these.
  • Mass Super-Empowering Event: The World Connect led to humans from Earth, and possibly people from the other worlds, developing the power of Exceed.
  • Once per Episode: Following episodes 3 and 4, every episode seems to follow this trend:
    • The episode starts off with a protagonist's flashback involving Amane before going on to the opening sequence.
    • There may or may not be a bath scene.
    • A comedic skit involving Ageha and Mayuka, which has its own Stinger.
    • The team member faces off against the Brainwashed and Crazy villain. One battle ends with the villain escaping, the other ends with her defeat. For the latter, it ends with the other Brainwashed and Crazy antagonists lamenting the current villain's defeat and the end of the episode.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Angels in this setting come from Terra Rubiri Aurora. They do have wings and halos.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Devils come from Darkness Embrace. They're not evil here, and fight alongside the other Progress.
  • Power Floats: The Progress are often seen engaging combat in the air.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Red pupils are an indication that an individual has been brainwashed.
  • Red Is Heroic: The world of Angels is the Red World.
  • Robot Girl: The Androids from System White Eguma.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: How the fight between Hinata and Mikage ends in Episode 11. Hinata successfully manages to defeat Mikage, but not before Mikage brainwashes Hinata, turning Hinata against the protagonists.
  • The Stinger: A proper one occurs in the finale. Amane's picture gets a like
  • Synchronization: α drivers feel part of the damage inflicted on any member of their team.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 2. All the α drivers get frozen in crystal while all the non-main-character Progress get turned to the Dark Side. This basically sets the main plot in motion.
  • Winged Humanoid: The Angels from Terra Rubiri Aurora have wings on both their backs and heads.
  • World of Action Girls: Being female is apparently a requirement to become a Progress.