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Established in 2008 by Nobuki Ogasawara, Kinema Citrus (キネマシトラス) is a Japanese animation studio.

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Tropes Associated with Kinema Citrus:

  • Animation Bump: Quite often, in particular Made in Abyss and Revue Starlight.
  • Logo Joke: Their logo has been shown with three different expressions (the default as seen at the top, smiling and worried) on their website.
    • This also happens whenever the logo shows up in their anime:
      • Made In Abyss has the outline done in a rope-like fashion.
      • Scorching Ping Pong Girls has a ping pong paddle on the lower right side of the logo.
      • Revue Starlight has the logo smiling and gives it a crown, located on the upper right.
      • Under The Dog and Barakamon also have the logo smiling.
      • Code:Breaker just removes the face entirely.
      • Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!! gives it animal ears and a tail with a guitar on its lower right side in reference to lead character Howan. Stars!! adds one based on Cyan with both logos smiling.
      • The Rising of the Shield Hero has the logo in its default, neutral expression, and gives it a shield, similar to the one the main protagonist, Naofumi uses.
      • Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress has the logo smiling with a small sprout of hair over its head, while "holding" a hand of cards.
  • Production Posse: with T2 Studio as their full-time photography contractor. Orange also pops up from time to time.