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Ken Akamatsu's hot wife. Also, Ken Akamatsu.

Ken Akamatsu (born July 5, 1968) is a mangaka best known for his works Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima!.

He's also known for his full espousement of the moe aesthetic and loads of cute girls following the lead, and enormous size of cast. While he did do earlier doujin work, try not to be confused with his assistant MAGI - who did several doujins under the circle name of Culittle - which are sometimes confused with Ken Akamatsu. As of late, though, he seems to be breaking out of this mold, as his latest series seems to contain far less of these elements.

Has a hot wife who cosplays, which some of his lead female characters (prominently, Love Hina's Naru and Negima's Chisame) are apparently inspired by.

Before becoming a mangaka, he wrote The Paladin, a simple Action RPG for the PC-88.

More recently, he's been working on the J-Comi project, working to make currently out-of-print manga available online at no charge, as well as finding ways to allow mangakas to actually make money off of fan translations, again at no cost to the reader.

He's also created a new series, UQ Holder! which seems to be a Stealth Sequel to Negima, picking up on what Evangeline is up to eighty years after the events of his previous manga.

Notable Works:

  • Hito Natsu No Kids Game: His debut manga
  • Itsudatte My Santa!
  • A.I. Love You: The first of his manga to be (extremely tenuously) connected to one of his other series.
  • Love Hina: Arguably his best known work, being the Trope Codifier (or at least the most popular example) of the modern Unwanted Harem genre. It pigeonholed him as "a romantic comedy guy", a tendency he began to shift away from in subsequent series. Also known for having lots of Fanservice.
  • Mao-chan: The beginning of his shift away from romantic comedy, though it was obscure enough that he was still pigeonholed when his next work came about.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Arguably his other best known work, notable for codifying that it, A.I. Love You, and Love Hina all take place in the same universe, as well as taking a hard Genre Shift into shonen territory while still retaining a lot of Moe, Unwanted Harem elements, and Fanservice.
  • UQ Holder!: His latest manga, a Sequel Series to Negima, picking up roughly 80 years after Negima's epilogue. It's Akamatsu's first straight Shōnen series, and appears to have jettisoned most (though not all) of the Fanservice and Unwanted Harem material he's most well known for.

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