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Red Entertainment Corporation is a Japanese video game and anime company founded by mangaka Teruhisa "Oji" Hiroi as Red Company in 1976 and currently headed by Shuji Oizumi. It is best known for producing video games such as the Agarest Senki and the Sakura Wars series.

Red first became involved with video games in 1987, when Hudson Soft offered to produce Tengai Makyou: Ziria to provide a Killer App for the PC Engine's forthcoming CD-ROM add-on. Red remained closely associated with Hudson throughout the PC Engine era, providing the console with its mascot.

Red Entertainment was controlled by Sega from 2002 until November 2005, and was later acquired by the Chinese video game company UltiZen Games in 2011. In 2014, Red became a subsidiary of Oizumi Corporation.

Red's games, shows and franchises include: