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OOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!! Very well, Troper! Describe Maria Kawamura here!

GAH! Not the laugh, not the laugh! All right, I'll start describing so will you just shut up already!?

Born Shigeyo Kawamura, her roles seem to be the candidate for The Scrappy like Quess, or a Ms. Fanservice woman with a Noblewoman's Laugh like Naga in Slayers. She can play Ax-Crazy people, too, like Asuka's mom Kyoko in Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Married to Mamoru Nagano, the author of The Five Star Stories. There's a persistent rumor that Yoshiyuki Tomino became infatuated with her during the production of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam which (alongside huge Creative Differences between them) led a rift between he and Nagano that lasted for over a decade.

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