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P.A. Works (or Progressive Animation Works) is a Japanese studio established in 2000 by Tatsunoko Production and Production I.G alumnus Kenji Horikawa. After Horikawa left Production I.G for his native Toyama to fulfill a promise he made to his family, he discovered that there were no animation studios in his home town. So, he formed his own animation studio. While P.A. Works was initially a support studio, it later went on to do some full series like Hanasaku Iroha and Canaan.

Starting in the 2011, the studio created a Thematic Series about young women starting out in the workplace, at a hot springs inn, an animation studio, a rural town tourism board, an aquarium, and a maid cafe. Referred to by fans as the "Girls Working" series.

The company's full list of projects is here. See also ufotable, GONZO, Rough Draft Studios, Digital eMation and Toon City, other major 2D/CGI companies.

The Canipa Effect has produced an Anime Studio Spotlight about P.A. Works. Watch it here.

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